Chapter 245 status not simple swindler Wales understand this point, Beastman are too been also many by the number of times that Human Race deceived, as many does not come as some of their points, therefore they have very strong vigilance regarding Human Race, why this also little had Human Race Merchant to obtain the Beastman Friendship flag reason. Beastman will not give the person who Friendship flag they do not trust, they think that is to Friendship flag biggest blaspheming, but in fact these many years, besides Zhao Hai, did not have that Human Race Merchant to obtain Beastman Friendship flag, that fears Friendship flag of small tribe like Sheep-headed Hammer Tribe. It can be said that Friendship flag on Zhao Hai vehicle, making impression of Wales to Zhao Hai better, because of that flag, therefore he will want to cooperate with Zhao Hai. Wales let out a long breath said : really hopes that Zhao Hai is good Merchant, if he has really greatly grain, is willing to sell to our Beastman, I am willing to give him Hercules Tauren Clan Friendship flag.” Yale look at Wales, the meaning of his understand Wales these words, Beastman most lacks is the grain, if Wales can solve the Tauren Clan grain question through Zhao Hai, he left that Patriarch position to be nearer. The Yale also hope is this, but his same is holding the high vigilance to Zhao Hai Bao, the life of long time in the big race, moreover Yale that for a while they are encountering with Gasol in secret, at heart is very dark. In the tent a silence, some little time Yale said : we have a look, I to was now wonderful to this Zhao Hai getting better and better, if this Zhao Hai were really a swindler, his status certainly was not simple, in hand had the Space equipment swindler, he he, believes that won't be an average person?” Wales has also smiled, truly, in hand of swindler, if Space equipment, he is also a great swindler. Looked at the time, Wales has smiled said : teacher, we exited, I complied with Zhao Hai, must ask him to drink one well.” Yale he he smiles, since their second time walked out from the tent, outside of tent, has selected the bonfire, Argali is put in the fire to roast. Beastman Race is so, regarding them, entertains you with the roast lamb, even if were the highest courteous reception, although this Wales they were come out to gain experience, but Beastman Race, no matter arrived at there, will be bringing their flock of sheep, herded, while to gain experience, this was the life of Beastman Race. In fact these Argali are also their grain, no matter they will arrive at there to bring, original today their these sheep are impossible protect, even if were they have repelled the attack of Jackal Race, the sheep will also be robbed by the Jackal Race person.

However today their luck is good, has met Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai all extinguished the Jackal Race person, runs away without one, therefore these sheep have also preserved, Wales cannot certainly stingy several sheep. although these time with the people who Wales comes out is some soldiers, but these soldiers are most Elite soldiers, they year to year follow to be the guard side Hercules Tauren Clan High level, thing of their meeting does not compare ordinary Beastman to be few, moreover they do also compares ordinary Beastman to be better, because follows in these High level sides, how you want learn serves the person. On several piles of bonfires has roasted Argali, what is rare, has also displayed the table in side of bonfire, this is rarely seen, side of each table suspended Milk Wine, on the table has been suspending two tray wine glass, what is worth mentioning is, no matter the tray, wine glass, was a wine pot, all thing were silver becomes. All these demonstrated that the uncommonness of Master status, the common small tribe, is impossible to have such equipment, Beastman occupies by the water plant, if these thing the vehicle attire, will take several car(riage)s, this will bring very big inconvenient to their migration. However some big races, to demonstrate their status, these thing they will prepare, Wales is the Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch powerful competitor, the status is not naturally ordinary, can bring these thing, insufficient to be naturally uneven. After many years of show, although Beastman Race High level young man maintains is exiting now the to gain experience tradition, because there is a protection of guard, is adding on being filial piety of some small tribes, now their to gain experience complete changing flavor, with coming out to travel unable to miss many. Looked preparation was similar, Wales turned the head to look at Yale said : teacher, you sat in here, I invited Zhao Hai.” Yale to had not opposed, in their opinion, did not say first Zhao Hai is the issue of swindler, first he is strength strong Magician, this point can make him earn the corresponding respect, but Wales invited Zhao Hai personally, fully explained him the respect to Zhao Hai. Wales walks toward Zhao Hai camp, two guards follow in his, these two guard in hand have not taken weapon, regarding Beastman, in hand takes weapon to see own friend, that is not a very polite behavior. Zhao Hai camp to Wales their camp distance, but Wales has not ridden own Mount, but was walking outside Zhao Hai campsite. Because of the beforehand fight, a laager that therefore outside Zhao Hai today's campsite encircles with the grain car(riage), in laager inside, each and every one Undead Creature is similar to statue same standing in there. Most from the beginning Wales also thinks these Undead Creature are the ordinary Human Race cart drivers, when he arrives at these Undead Creature, he has presently made a mistake, that simply is not a person, no matter the how outstanding soldier, impossible motionless station long time, does not wink the eye, even does not have including the breath.

If facing the Human Race soldier, Wales will not feel irritable, but faces these Undead Creature, Wales feels uneasy, he has not seen several times human-shape Undead Creature after all. In Wales don’t know, if loud calling Zhao Hai, when corpse speech that but must be able to take a walk with these, Zhao Hai has been leading Laura they walked out from the tent. Zhao Hai already from these Undead Creature there knows that Wales came, he will not certainly keep up appearances, after all the opposite party is also Prince, words that keeps up appearances really a little installs the big suspicion. Zhao Hai one comes out from the tent, smiles said : to Wales Brother Wales, has roasted the mutton I? HaHaHa, I was awfully hungry.” Wales likes the Zhao Hai this Beastman Race speech way obviously very much, he also smiles said : Brother Zhao Hai, the mutton has roasted, Milk Wine has filled to the brim, waited for us to drink up it.” Zhao Hai laughed was entering his tent with Wales, saw the arrangement in camp, Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, he has not thought really that Wales was away from home unexpectedly also such completeness of preparation. If not see the camp surrounding has plenty large cart, he also thinks that Wales also brought Space equipment. Yale is sitting in table there is waiting for Zhao Hai they, is placed many small tables in side of bonfire, behind each table can only sit a person, but what is worth mentioning is, these tables are not big, in behind of table is spreading small carpet, the person must sit on carpet directly. Saw that Zhao Hai they came, Yale also stands to greet them, Zhao Hai they give Yale to salute hastily, after all status of Prophet on Beastman Prairie was too special, they do not dare neglecting a little. Has a few words on Beastman Prairie, called to offend Prophet, offended all Beastman on equal to, naturally, these words were only suitable to use on the body of Human Race, has not used regarding Beastman Race itself too big doing, but was Patriarch of Beastman large clan, will not offend Prophet easily. After seeing exchanging greetings, several people took a seat, then naturally some people they have carried the roasted lamb meat to Zhao Hai, according to the Beastman convention, they must eat mutton first, then can drink, this expressed them regarding attaching great importance to of food. After having eaten a roasted lamb meat, Wales has carried own silver cup, to Zhao Hai distant one, but, because of the table great distance that they leave, currently their distance also has more than 2 meters. Wales raises glass said : to Zhao Hai Brother Zhao Hai, thanked you to my help, please drink this cup to represent my sense of gratitude liquor.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has held up wine glass said : Brother Wales, you were too polite, we are the friends , helping busy of friend, does not need too many thanks.” Wales grateful nodded to Zhao Hai, sweeps wine glass said : please! Zhao Hai also to say at one fell swoop requested verbally that they toss down Milk Wine in cup. After having drunk one cup of Milk Wine, Wales starts to talk about some ordinary topic with Zhao Hai, they chatted first successive to eat the roasted lamb meat at the same time, was drinking Milk Wine. However Zhao Hai actually felt today eats is unhappy in Spier there, is not food is not good, but is the atmosphere is not good. In Spier there, they are only the happy food and drinks, will not have anything to plan, however in here, Zhao Hai felt that Wales and Yale have been observing him, this makes him feel that is very uncomfortable. After continuously third cup of Milk Wine drink, can Wales to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, your in hand real has plenty grain sell?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, has plenty, I want to trade some special points Magic Beast, Argali is also good, naturally, wool product.” Wales look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, are not I do not trust you, but is the grain regarding our Beastman, was really too important, I want to know really that some of your how much grain, certainly how then can decide with you cooperate, I also want to know, your grain quality how.” What Zhao Hai smiles said : this not to have, I can tell you, I presently in hand has the Bamboo rice more than 100 million jin (0.5 kg), in the future will be more, quality? Like this, you can make your guard go to my grain car(riage) to take the grain, casual with that bag of that car(riage), you can many with several bags, then attains here to come, your careful look.” When Zhao Hai mentioned he has more than 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, Wales has held breath a cold air, this is he has heard, biggest grain, if can make really these grain, Hercules Tauren Clan can for a long time not use in worries for the grain. More than 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain are what by the concept, that suffices big tribe three days of amounts used of thousands of person, naturally, this is relationship that because Beastman Race be able to eat compared with Human Race, if places Human Race, this figure will also be rising several to turn.