Chapter 246 I want War flag Wales dull is listening to the Zhao Hai words, 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, although said that insufficiently entire Tauren Clan uses, but if the light is Hercules Tauren Clan, more than 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain can use for a long time. But at this time Yale also stayed, but his immediately has made the response, he called two Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, went to the Zhao Hai vehicle to take the grain, he wants to have a look at grain is good or bad that Zhao Hai brought. Beastman Race takes seriously the grain , because of their attach great importance to grain, therefore regarding the quality of grain, their request strict, many Beastman although does not know the character, but the good rice and bad rice they do not even need to look, only then with the hand said that the weight almost can distinguish, such mysterious. Wales was made by moving of Yale making to recover, he looked at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, do you have 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain really?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to continue, truly said that I can get so far as 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain once in a while, my territory is very big, therefore I all Bamboo rice planting in turn, once in a while can receive one time, he he.” Wales was shocked, said : that then his complexion changes Brother Zhao Hai, when I you are brothers, do not deceive me? although I will not farm, but I know that can harvest 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain is the need is very big lands? In your land can harvest 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain really in a short time? Your territory big?” Zhao Hai look at Wales, some suddenly one type of sad feelings, he knows the Beastman here grain at heart very preciously, but is these Merchant has not spoken the truth with Wales evidently. The Bamboo rice output was very high, even if outside Space, the Bamboo rice output will not compare in Space to lower many, so long as does not meet the artificial destruction, the Bamboo rice output will not come under the too tremendous influence, Bamboo rice that on Continent produces, can support all races on main road fully, including Beastman Race, Elven Race, Dwarf Race, even includes Magic Beast. If Human Race is willing to make the transaction with Beastman Race, that Beastman Race can definitely not need to be worried that any food crisis, grain price not high is so odd. However Beastman Race not farming, therefore these Human Race Merchant, when with the Beastman transaction, talked certainly into the planter grain is a very difficult matter, toward lowly said the output of grain, was very difficult to the Beastman one type of grain the type, the output not high misconception, like this they can not need to cut the grain price, can say that they such did, was attracting the blood of Beastman Race. Zhao Hai has put down oneself in hand sheep angular cutter, turns the head my Brother Wales to Wales said :, I have told you, I am not legitimate Merchant, my grain is produces, I regarding grain output very clear, you by these sly Merchant not deceiving, took Bamboo rice, Bamboo rice wants 10,000 mu place, his output fully can be 100 million jin (0.5 kg), moreover three months can mature one time, if the climate is good, in the winter can also plant, one year 10,000 mu, can receive three times, so long as does not come across the disaster, Perhaps the artificial destruction, my brother, I puts out 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain not to be a problem in the short period.”

These they also real don’t know that Wales and Yale dull look at Zhao Hai, to be honest, Zhao Hai said that Beastman farming, will not herd like Human Race, regarding Human Race, herded was too difficult, why these do Magic Beast always get sick? Relative, regarding Beastman, farming was too difficult, will these crops always die why? This is a non-solution issue. Because of so, the world treasure that probably therefore these Human Race Merchant said the grain is the same, the Beastman Race person has also believed that because in their opinion, farming truly is very difficult matter. Can today's Zhao Hai tell them, in Human Race, the output of grain is very high, Wales and Yale somewhat could not at once have accepted this view. They dull look at Zhao Hai, they hope what really Zhao Hai said is fake, these data that because Zhao Hai said that to the difference that these Human Race Merchant said too far. said : that some little time Wales stutters you, what you said is real?” Zhao Hai nodded said : naturally real, Beastman does not have the means to go to the Human Race big grain-producing region to have a look generally, so long as the big grain-producing region, they should know that these are real, but Human Race big grain-producing region, generally type is the wheat, will not plant Bamboo rice.” In this time, that two was coming back by the guard who Yale sent, under each of them's arm was clamping four rice, must know that each bag rice was 100 jin (0.5 kg), their person was taking 400 jin (0.5 kg) thing, moreover was running, Hercules Tauren Clan really lived up to reputation. Two guards have put nearby eight grain bags Wales, Wales and Yale have almost simultaneously stood, has arrived around the grain bag, everyone turned on a grain bag. In the bag is Bamboo rice, somewhat yellow, probably was smeared the one layer oil to be the same, looks like the oil is luminous, is most high grade Bamboo rice. The Yale almost instinct, a bag rice, underground has piled up with the grain of rice directly but actually. Zhao Hai has not been angry, he knows why Yale such does, certainly has Human Race Merchant, has deceived them, installs some good Bamboo rice in the above of rice, under the rice, installs some mildew the sinking rice, therefore Yale such will do. The rice of Yale look at ground, has worked with the hand gently, puts in front of the nose to smell, put the mouth to chew, this slowly has stood the body, transferred to look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, was your rice such quality?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : completely is so, you can spot-check at will.” Wales anything had not said that but walked returned to by the table, to oneself big cup Milk Wine, then has drunk but actually, then he put down wine glass, look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, I want to you to talk well.” Zhao Hai looks at the Wales appearance, knows the matter that this Wales must say is the key, he nodded said : „, Brother Wales, these three of my side, are absolutely impossible to betray my, your person?” Wales looked at these guard one of his side, deep voice said : „they have also been able complete trust.” The personnel does not doubt, doubts the person not to use, Wales already preliminary performance own King style, but reason that he will have such big assurance these people not to betray him, because of the family members of these people in in his hand control, if these people dare to betray him, he all ended with his family member. Since childhood what Wales receives is King's education, therefore his very clear, as superior, the light has sunlight side to be insufficient, your under the hand/subordinate is impossible is a gentleman, regarding the gentleman, you can use the method of gentleman, deals with the villain, if you also use the method of gentleman, will suffer a loss. Wales these guards, nobody make noise, but all people looked that the Wales look changed, that is the one type of grateful look, can say that Wales a few words, received the hearts of these 300 guards. Beastman is very pure, their thought do not have Human Race to be so complex, to their sincerity grateful person, they can pay with the life, even cannot vacillate them in the big benefit. But if makes these Beastman know that Wales in secret control their family members, they will directly look for Wales to go all out, that feared that and life of whole family makes contact with oneself, their retreat one step, this will not be Beastman, direct, brave, in the eye will not rub the sand absolutely. Because of this, therefore Wales only dares control their family members in secret, actually not to dare to make them know, if makes these people know, his side does not have an available person. This is a superior contradictory place, how control their under the hand/subordinate they know, how the heart of oneself under the hand/subordinate, but they always believe that the light is obtains the heart of under the hand/subordinate to be insufficient, they must add in this heart insure together. Zhao Hai looked at looks of these guards, he knows that Wales this saying is any meaning, but he does not have what saying that but shows a faint smile said : „that my Brother Wales, you still in anything, said.” Wales look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, you also know that I am Hercules Tauren Clan Seventh Prince, but in fact, after I am Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, chooses one of the people, now my main competitor, is my Big Brother Gasol, meritorious military service of my Big Brother in Hercules Tauren Clan are most, most has the human spirit, my qualifications are insufficient, therefore I want to work with you.”

Zhao Hai static is listening to the Wales words, to be honest, he felt these really very dog blood that Wales said that probably is these big races, the big kingdom will come across such matter, the brothers contend, this is all lives in the situation that the top digit Clan could not avoid probably. Wales looked that Zhao Hai has not made noise, his then said : „, if your in hand has that many grain, I want to work with you, solves our Hercules Tauren Clan grain question with your grain, like this I can receive to be popular, no matter what perhaps one by one Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch were I, so long as I have worked as Patriarch, you were our Hercules Tauren Clan sole grain merchant!” This attraction is very big, a sole grain merchant of race, this regarding any Merchant, is the enticement of impossible rejection. How much grain does one race one year need? Nobody has calculated earnestly, but what we definitely know is that can be astronomical figures, especially the race like Beastman Race, all Beastman almost can eat compared with Human Race, the grain that the similar population, they need is Human Race several times, if really became race sole grain, that Merchant almost can instantaneously become on Continent one of the maximum Merchant. However was a pity that Zhao Hai cannot be proper Merchant, but Zhao Hai will reach should the request of Wales, his look at Wales does said : become the Hercules Tauren Clan sole grain merchant, I do not care, these grain are I plant, in Beastman Prairie here, so long as I have the grain, I do not worry to sell, Brother Wales, I can work with you, but I want to manage you to want same thing!” Wales puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what do you want?” I want Hercules Tauren Clan friendship War flag!”