Chapter 247 rations Has stemmed from Wales and answer of Yale anticipation, although friendship War flag is very important regarding Beastman, will not give to others easily, but compared with a race sole grain merchant, believes that all people will choose, when sole grain merchant, but will not go to at the same time War flag. However Wales and Yale are smart people, they changed mind one to want on understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai this was in telling them, between he and them, he rather elected , then friendship, did not want the benefit! Wales look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai also calm look at Wales, some little time, Wales held up wine glass said : such as you to hope to Zhao Hai, Brother Zhao Hai.” Zhao Hai also showed a faint smile, has held up in hand wine glass said : thank you, Brother Wales.” They show a faint smile, did liquor one in cup. Friendship sometimes of man is very strange, was needless to say anything, did not need to do too, perhaps drank liquor, they will become the good friends, but sometimes, this friendship needs to undergo the test. Then they continually have drunk two glasses of liquor, Zhao Hai then open the mouth and said: Brother Wales, do you want to go to there now? If you must walk toward front, may meet Iron Wall Fortress Cavalry, does not do well to have the conflict.” Reason that Wales shows a faint smile said : I comes to here, but wants to have a look at Iron Wall Fortress, any special point, I have not run into you now, was naturally impossible to go to Iron Wall Fortress, the grain may looking at the scenery is more important.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : looks like you will not let off us, to be honest, I also want to go to Beast God City there to open a shop, he he, must know that my in hand did not have the grain, but also the has plenty vegetables, were fresh, you looked in a Beast God City there food shop, can some people buy?” Wales look at Zhao Hai forced smile said : my Brother Zhao Hai, are you are joking with me? Do I know expensively in the Beastman here vegetables? You with the vegetables of same level weight, can trade the same level weight Argali, moreover this has the city priceless, you said that will have the person to buy your dish?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : looks like is really the good matter, was right, Brother Wales, your Beastman like eating the mutton so much, regarding makes the mutton food also very has research? Can make the mutton canned food?” Wales has gawked, then shook the head said : „unable, my brother, you knows that canned food that thing although can put very long time, however may not have that many jars on Prairie, therefore we do not have the means manufacture canned food, in fact made the canned food extremely in troubling, moreover to be honest, the canned food flavor did not suit our tastes.” Zhao Hai he he smiles said : that your here to have something to manufacture, and method of long-term preserved mutton? Naturally, the flavor must also well.” Wales puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : „does my brother, you want to do? Why can ask these questions?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : my brother, my territory was too big, but my under the hand/subordinate manpower are not many, I need the manpower, many manpower, therefore I want to buy some slaves to go back from your here, but my grain can trade many Argali from your here, but these Argali to the Human Race domain, on can not live on much longer, but I have not done on Continent with the Argali related business, in this case, these Argali I, if brings on returned to Continent, can only die, therefore I want to look for the one type of method, after can Argali massacres, their meat after processing, by being advantageous. Long-term existence, I can think the means to buy like this slowly these Argali meat, do you look?” Zhao Hai has not certainly spoken the truth, he is throwing toward Space in the plate, many can install many, but a little Zhao Hai actually must become, no matter what, he wants to make more money, if he can enter mutton deep Processing Field, he will make more money. Now he has the a piece very big territory, but if light also farms with this territory, that is impossible to make too much money, if no Space to make shortcoming, Zhao Hai presently the in hand simply impossible so many funds, think to make money, must have the factory, has the industry, this can gain to more money. Moreover Zhao Hai was a little also worried that he buys the slave in Beastman here yes, however the Beastman slave will not farm, although can study, but that need very long time, is adding on to the winter, these slaves almost nothing may do, might as well makes a side occupation. Wales to agreed the view of Zhao Hai, in fact with Beastman and Merchant of cooperation business, they have meat produce Processing Factory or the tannery in Human Race there, these Beastman Race High level also know. Merchant is who, they the person of maximum benefit, they must bring on returned to Continent the cattle on Prairie, besides part of direct sales, a large part they must add the merit after the depth. The sheepskin can the clothing, the shoemaking, other cowhides and Magic Beast skins, can make leather armor or other leather products, how these Merchant give up such big a piece cake to others, therefore besides does not have small Merchant of too strong strength, with big Merchant that Beastman does business, has own factory on Continent, their wealth also very astonishing. However on Continent the so-called meat produce deeply adds the merit, is really very disappointing, besides the canned meat, is the ham and so on, in not other any way. Moreover passes through their such lane, on Continent the beef and lamb price has also stayed at a high level, many commoner simply cannot eat. Zhao Hai has not thought must change this situation, because of such one, the benefit chain that he touched is really too big, he may unable to withstand. However he can open some new food, for example looks like on Prairie some unique eats, therefore he will ask Wales, mutton product of Prairie here having something long-term preservation. Wales thinks that said : to has these conditions that the one type of mutton facture was very suitable you just to say, but had one, this facture your Human Race possibly will not like.” Zhao Hai smiles said : „saying that looks, always compared with wasting.”

Wales smiles said : rations, is the Beastman wartime most commonly used one type of grain, this type of grain to put it bluntly is actually the dried meat, we massacre Magic Beast, then boils thoroughly, air seasoning, after the processing of several times, beast meat will turn into the dried meat, the volume of this type of dried meat is very small, a Argali meat, even can load into a grain bag finally, but does not want not to look at these meat, the small size also he biggest merit, Beastman in the fight, everyone will take such one bag of dried meat, eating meal the time, so long as there are to take to come out a piece, the water used one boils., Meat increasing again, a scrap meat will suffice grown Beastman to eat one, is best rations.” Zhao Hai nodded, this method he to has heard, is Zhao Hai that a puppet army confuses, before on Earth, has seen card at a forum, on that has the Chinggis Khan time Mongolia army provisions method of manufacturing, to similar that Wales said that although Zhao Hai don’t know that card is true or false, that but Wales said should real. Dried meat recipe, does not have what to use to Zhao Hai probably greatly, because manufactures troublesome, even if were makes, feared that could not sell, could eat the person of mutton, will not buy this type of dried meat, wanted to sell to the Human Race army on Continent not to be impossible, because the Human Race army had own supply system, to this dried meat uncertain cold. Cannot eat the person of mutton, feared that cannot eat this type of dried meat, because dried meat after processing, feared that is more expensive than the ordinary mutton. However changes mind thinks, this type of dried meat is not complete does not have the market, conversely, the market of this type of dried meat is not small, Zhao Hai has almost forgotten, on this Continent also has special profession community, mercenary! On Earth, mercenary only exists in the legend, Zhao Hai this nerd is impossible to see that moreover mercenary on Earth will not eat this type of dried meat, these mercenary have their line of supply. However is different in Ark Continent here, these mercenary almost to live to be rushing about, their sometimes will meet some quite special duty, duty time will be very long, as the matter stands they need to prepare many things to eat, sometimes must by hunting and killing some Magic Beast solve the grain question. However has plenty special duty, they do not have the means to obtain the extra supplies, only gives solves by oneself, before on Continent the mercenary main grain, generally was one type of hard surface large flatbread, this large flatbread was very hard, ate must result in the blister has been good, this flatbread can also preserve for a long time, the price was not cheap, flavor? Do not count on. If Zhao Hai makes this type of dried meat, then regarding these mercenary, absolutely is the gospel, this type of dried meat not only can guarantee the taste, but also carries the convenience, nutrition rich, this absolutely is the grain that mercenary chooses. Laura has not thought of these obviously, Wales has not thought that exactly said this rations flavors, can only be general, such as was the wartime need, Beastman Race will not have made this type of dried meat. Has thought the after use of dried meat, Zhao Hai cannot help but smiling said : thank you, my brother, your proposal was really too wonderful.” Wales look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, you may probably know that the dried meat flavor is not quite good, our Beastman little manufactures, only if in going to war, moreover is that type must hit very for a long time, walks very far weaponry time will make this type of dried meat.” Zhao Hai smiles said : my brother, this I know certainly, but this type of dried meat regarding a kind of person is actually very suitable, is mercenary, Beastman here does not have mercenary, but Human Race there has plenty mercenary, my brother, mercenary every time is actually fighting, such rations regarding them, should better good food.” Wales and Laura stare, they have not thought toward this aspect, mercenary that Laura contacted before are not many, business that she does mainly facing these ordinary common people, but mercenary and ordinary common people are also missing one layer, can say that completely is the people of two world.

However you have to recognize, on Continent, the mercenary quantity be many, that is the strength how a gang of nobody pays attention, but he truly exists. Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that the eye one has shone, the commercial sense of smell of her average man, making her one on present opportunity, but she thinks all these must well inspected. Wales look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, you are really a smart person, such idea you can think, I am very really curious, your territory in there.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Brother Wales, my status in Human Race there is not very popular, he he, therefore nobody knows that my territory in there, was good, did not say these, I want to make a shop front in Beast God City there, this must need your help.” Wales smiles said : my brother, you also open a shop, you had how much grain I to want, you had many vegetables I also to want, but also opened a shop to do.” Zhao Hai smiles said : my brother, believes me, my in hand thing, you cannot eat up, is only the dish feared that is you cannot eat up, he he, my in hand all thing, have certainly been able first supplies to Hercules Tauren Clan, was selling to others, Ok?” Wales smiles said : my brother, I and others is your words, the matter of shop you do not need to be worried that I can help you solve, but the brothers, the grain you are prepared to me, this time we go to Water Buffalo Clan and Bull clan there first have a look, Water Buffalo Clan is my teacher race, but Bull clan there also has relative relationship with me, my four Elder Sister married there, therefore I want to solve their grain questions first.” although said that Wales and Zhao Hai said own situation, thinks and Zhao Hai cooperates, but he cannot trust Zhao Hai completely, said it, he told Zhao Hai these thing before, looks for a tribe to inquire in Prairie here casually that he and struggle between Gasol, already has become on Prairie the known to all matter, no big deal. However the grain regarding Wales was really too important, if the Zhao Hai in hand real has plenty grain, he hopefully defeated Gasol, but the premise was, Zhao Hai real has plenty grain. Zhao Hai to had not opposed that regarding him, cooperates with Wales, but to obtain Hercules Tauren Clan friendship War flag, like Zhao Hai said that his in hand has the grain, does not worry to sell in Beastman Prairie here, but can obtain Hercules Tauren Clan friendship War flag, regarding later he in the Beastman Prairie here business, actually has plenty advantage. Will he only sells the grain, Wales do with these grain, uses, then with his it doesn't matter, to be honest, Zhao Hai really has not wanted to be involved in Wales and in the Gasol battle. The Beastman here situation has very big difference with Human Race, originally of Human Race on Beastman Prairie is hostile to by Beastman, if he in braving involve rashly to the internal struggle of this Beastman, will not have the good fruit to eat, this matter he is not dry.