Chapter 248 wound treatment is very expensive Zhao Hai has not drunk today many, he with Wales although was also a friend, but this friend may not have the means to compare with Spier, with Spier, Zhao Hai that completely because of them to the temperament, was the friend of sincerity intersection, but with Wales, the meaning of many a little using each other. In the evening Zhao Hai their returned to in Space, they also looked for in Green Space, then Zhao Hai wants to be the rations matter they to say to Green him. Green and Kun young time outside to gain experience, has worked as after a period of time mercenary, regarding the life of mercenary, they very found that therefore the matter about rations, they have the word power. Waited for Zhao Hai saying that Green nodded said : this foot intent to be good, regarding these mercenary, currently on although Continent has some business to attach great importance to very much, but about this rations, I have not actually heard, many mercenary sought vengeance saying that large flatbread was unpalatable, but actually has to eat, because mercenary any made them have to prepare some to be able food of long time preservation, to be honest, I had also eaten that large flatbread in the past, truly was very unpalatable.” Kun nodded said : this is also the business of one type of low-end, actually the business of this low-end is easier to make money, I thought that we can also make this rations the Blue Eye Rabbit meat, such words price will be cheaper, if processes this, too has wasted, I think us to have the time, can purchase meat produce Processing Factory, later no matter the long live hog, Blue Eye Rabbit or Argali, had the place to digest.” Laura nodded said : purchase factory not to be difficult, makes product not to be difficult, but this sale is an issue, if we are attaining Purcell Duchy to sell, is not good, Purcell Duchy was too small did not say that we were also too big in the there crest of wave, therefore this time we must change a place.” Zhao Hai nodded said : we prepares Rosen Empire in any case, the matter on commercial, is give you, has your lovable girl of this day, I to did not worry that thing cannot sell, he he.” Laura white Zhao Hai said : this time we have drawn in relationship with Wales, to us, advantage has plenty, but troubles will have a big pile, therefore we must be careful are good, I thought that we must take root in Beast God City there first, is thinking other.” Zhao Hai nodded said : today we to rest well, yesterday we must start to hurry along, first took root in Beast God City there, then we are carrying on our plans.”

Laura they nodded, plan that Zhao Hai said that is actually collection special Magic Beast and special plants, but now they regarding the understanding of Beastman Prairie are too few, collection these thing that therefore Zhao Hai has not worried. Green suddenly to Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you thought that Wales this person is what kind of? Trustworthy?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : he is in Beastman the rare smart person, I think him am more like Human Race, I cannot entirely believe him, but works with him yes.” Green nodded said : „, since you said at these matters that Wales handles, can look, he is one has the ambition , very intelligent person, with such person cooperation is very dangerous, but we work with them fortunately, no matter what, Hercules Tauren Clan, is on Beastman Prairie the one type of fighting strength formidable race, works we to obtain many advantage with them.” Kun look at Zhao Hai said : you decide to want their friendship War flag, but should not be when their race sole grain merchant is also right, if we do, will make other Beastman Race think that we want to come control Hercules Tauren Clan through the grain, such business on Beastman Prairie does not have what advantage to us, in Beastman some although also contradictions, however is hostile to Human Race this aspect is actually consistent, what if we have made, by these Beastman was felt the danger, all Beastman will resist us, when the time comes Hercules Tauren Clan can also renege on a promise, and its gets so far as a that situation, Might as well wants their friendship War flag really to come.” To be honest, Zhao Hai has not thought of these many, but he has to recognize, the matter probably turn into an appearance, Beastman Race itself has very strong vigilance to Human Race, if they really have become the Hercules Tauren Clan grain merchant, Beastman deceived the matter before adding on, does not do well them to be hostile by all Beastman, it seems like he chose at that time also real is right. Also discussed the matter that gets down Beast God City there to open a shop, Zhao Hai they have rested, but Zhao Hai before rest, these Jackal Race people who receives him turned into Undead Creature, that leads turned into Advanced level Undead Creature, he wants to know that these time is who makes the Jackal Race person come attack Wales. But finally does not have the anticipation of Zhao Hai, is Gasol, Zhao Hai after knowing Gasol and Wales matter, had almost affirmed copes with Wales certainly was Gasol, but these reasons that Wales said that Zhao Hai don’t know, he after all was not the Hercules Tauren Clan person. These Jackal Race people not from a tribe, but comprised of many Jackal Race tribes, before they move, Gasol has given them tribe many Argali, therefore these talented people can cope with Wales. Can say on Beastman Prairie, Jackal Race looks like Human Race mercenary, through inquiring Zhao Hai knows that Gasol is not first time asks them to do the person of this matter, matter last every year looks for Jackal Race, making them help to cope with the hostile race Beastman to be many, Jackal Race is mercenary and Assassin that character Beastman Prairie here acts.

However these are not, from the body of this Jackal Race person Zhao Hai cares, he had not asked that too many thing, Zhao Hai threw in him Warehouse, then release that two were also living, was only injury Brilliant Wolf . Wound that these two Brilliant Wolf receive is heavy, was broken front legs, the remaining skins are also only linking, but was actually broken the vertebra to break including one, the air vent enters the air/Qi to be few much, feared that could not live how much time. Zhao Hai look at these two Brilliant Wolf , are really don’t know must handle, do their this appearances, bring to go also to Ranch to live? Does Ranch meet recognize? Smiled bitterly, Zhao Hai has decided to try, a personal appearance revolution, Brilliant Wolf appears that he was bringing these two injuries in Ranch. Just arrived at Ranch, prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmits said : presently new animal, examined animal, animal was kind of wolf variation animal, animal injured, wound treatment must spend ten thousand gold coins, the level evaluation after curing the wound carries on.” Zhao Hai cannot help but criticized a system to be too black, this did not compel him to give these two Brilliant Wolf wound treatment, wound treatment did not have the means to evaluate level, that did not have the means to raise, was really black enough, that was ten thousand gold coins, he must sell many vegetables to gain. However changes mind thinks that this is also the good deed, later met had injured Magic Beast, he can get so far as in Space, let Space wound treatment, this will be unremarkable, gold coins spent to gain in any case, compares, was system Level Up important. Zhao Hai immediately has chosen to these two Brilliant Wolf wound treatment, fortunately, two altogether need ten thousand gold coins, otherwise Zhao Hai heart pain. a white light flashes through, that two Brilliant Wolf on bursting with energy Zhao Hai, from their bodies, a point could not look at the injured appearance. At this time the Space prompt sound also transmitted said : to evaluate animal, animal is two ten 5th level animal, the mature time is 16 hours, may produce the son six times, time produced son six, ate the feed each hour is three points, animal digitization, may purchase in the store.”

Zhao Hai nodded, regarding this result he is also very satisfied, but Zhao Hai may not have immediately to raise Brilliant Wolf , now he cannot use, later had a look to need saying that needed, he for a lifetime possibly will not raise. Handled the Ranch here matter, Zhao Hai on returned to own room, he prepared sleeping well, yesterday drinks, today drank, his head quick pain died, just was also makes strenuous efforts to handle the Brilliant Wolf matter, now the matter processed, he felt that he soon the powder has put up probably equally uncomfortably. A night does not have the words, next morning, Zhao Hai they will come out from Space, Wales sent for asking Zhao Hai to have the breakfast in the past, Zhao Hai they have not actually gone, but has had the breakfast in Space, then tidied up the emperor to prepare to set out. Wales is in Beastman is quite truly intelligent, but was held since childhood in him who in the control grows up, is some Noble problems, is likes keeping up appearances, if not this, his impossible belt that good tent, will not bring that many useless thing. Waits for Zhao Hai here to prepare the good time, Wales just finished eating the food, in there leisure tidies up thing, Zhao Hai is looking at his appearance cannot help but forced smile, by Wales such, feared is quickly to noon time can tidy up, real don’t know he can have how much time on this day to be used to hurry along. However does not have the means that he complied to Wales together follow, now can only wait, is good tidies up thing to be not slow because of these Hercules Tauren Clan guards, approximately when around 9 : 00 am, have tidied up, they can start off finally. Wales they are used to pull a cart is one type of bull shape Magic Beast, this bull shape Magic Beast is the same with the cow that they ride, is Earth Cow, advancing of this stud bull is not slow many, actually compared the common horse to have the strength to be many, this point can look from their vehicles. Ox cart that Wales they use, is very big that a car(riage) can compare favorably with Zhao Hai their four car(riage)s to be big fully, this arrives is makes Zhao Hai envying, look at these Earth Cow two eyes shine, is thinking when can make one. Wales has not gone by car, rides in own Mount carries on the back, although Wales is Prince, but Beastman carries on the back to grow up in their Mount since childhood, regarding Beastman, rides in carrying on the back of Mount, compared with sitting on vehicle also comfortable.