Chapter 249 changes suddenly To noon time, Zhao Hai is knows why morning time Wales appears does not worry, their noon times, has not stopped unexpectedly, but sat in the cow carries on the back to eat a dried meat, drank several water, the process of hurrying along had not actually stopped. The dried meat that naturally, Wales they existing have eaten is not that rations, this type of dried meat is food that one type of Beastman often eats, especially in hurrying along, herds, will prepare some, then places in the pocket, momentarily takes to eat. This type of dried meat has certain moisture, the time of preservation cannot be too long, the manufacture of this thing is very convenient, general Beastman will do, is the Beastman Race dry rations. Zhao Hai sees this situation, naturally cannot stop, said, if really compared with sprint, Earth Cow possible can't compare with Wind-Chasing Horse, but compared with the endurance, Wind-Chasing Horse miss far, Zhao Hai they also exempt now can follow Wales they, if were stopping to eat meal at this time, that will certainly affect them to hurry along. However this arrives cannot baffle Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked for a time, entered Space, then made Merine help them make a food, then brought in horse carriage, they have eaten one in horse carriage with Laura simply. Laura horse carriage is not small, Zhao Hai their several sit in the car(riage) eats thing not to be a problem, to evening's time, they started to pitch camp. At this time Zhao Hai has to admire Beastman to establish the camp skill, short some time, their camp constructed, from all sides was about one hour, such was really very astonishing. However is good because of Zhao Hai they do not need to prepare too many thing, built a tent to be good, moreover this tent was also used for the doing year ornaments. In the evening Zhao Hai with the food that Wales together has, the hand that today is to eat digs up the meat, in this aspect Wales is very natural, this is the big tribe with the small tribe different places, regarding the people of small tribe, each sheep is their property, such ate has been a pity, but regarding Wales, these Argali was only their grain. After having had the dinner, Zhao Hai then has not chatted in Wales that he thought that he with Wales is not a kind of person, Wales also has the ambition intelligently, but Zhao Hai, to put it bluntly is one average person, for own easy life has been fighting for diligently. Original Zhao Hai thinks their such average faint has arrived at Beast God City, then opens a shop in there, show slowly, all are how smooth. However he has forgotten a few words, calling the plan forever not to change quickly, in Zhao Hai and Wales their together motion third day, sudden change appears . On this day they hurrying along like proceeding, Beastman Prairie here was too big, they want to bump into a small tribe in several days, is not the easy matter, Zhao Hai this several days will make Blood Hawk go to scout to sky , the scout range was smaller.

Third day noon time, Zhao Hai their hurrying along as usual, have not rested, to guarantee own can follow Wales, Zhao Hai Wind-Chasing Horse that in first night returned to Space, being used to meet a train turned into Undead Creature, what there are these undead wearily is Undead Creature meets a train, they can follow Wales with ease they. Zhao Hai they just finished eating the food, is sitting in the Laura car(riage) is drinking sub, has to recognize, the design of Laura this car(riage) too be really user-friendly, if not Space is limited, Zhao Hai their can sleep in the car(riage). In this time, the hawk in sky is calling to attract Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks up, has Blood Hawk to circle in Space, Zhao Hai carefully looked at Blood Hawk, complexion cannot help but changes. Laura they have not cared, this several days once for a while will have Blood Hawk to fly back to notify, is presently this nearby has Magic Beast probably or has some small tribes, Wales possibly is thinks that the grain the issue was too important, therefore he like before, has not gone to these small tribe there to transfer the extension, but has been facing forward, this although disappoints Zhao Hai somewhat, however for arrival Beast God City as soon as possible, he moved with Wales together. Zhao Hai looked at a while that hawk, turns the head to prepare to Laura said :, there is squad Tauren Cavalry to come toward our here, population approximately in more than 100.” Laura stares, does complexion change said : that must remind Wales?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : first not to want, Wales is capable of that to protect itself good, his these guard not to be trifled with, but why Tauren can Cavalry appears in here? This nearby does not have the existing big tribe, one sets out 100 Cavalry, this tribe strength was not too bad, how can appears in here?” Laura also knit the brows said : do not think that many, now or Prairie border land generation, in the here activity is some small tribes, the medium large-scale tribe in Prairie, the opposite party is Cavalry, more than 100 the quantities of riding are also not many, what what a pity is, our don’t know opposite party is that race in Tauren.” Zhao Hai nodded said : quickly to know, after one hour, the opposite party almost can see us, our careful point and that's the end.” Laura nodded, regarding their securities, Laura was not worried that but does not want to expose too many. Several people of although have been careful, does not have extremely in the worry, now they follow in the Wales side, has any matter Wales to solve, this is under the big tree is good to remain the cool truth. Really, after one hour, distant place has heard a very enormous hoofbeat, this hoofbeat is similar to the stuffy thunder, one listens to know the thing body weight of running may be heavy, Wales their immediately/on horseback has alerted. With this hoofbeat, Zhao Hai they can see, in their left front not far away, black line slowly clashes toward their here, that black line behind is bringing one layer green thing, when nearer time, Zhao Hai they present, breaking grass that green thing was raised unexpectedly.

Quick, that team of people were nearer, Zhao Hai slowly they have been able to see clearly these people, when sees clearly these people, Zhao Hai was actually startled, because that team of people unexpectedly are also Hercules Tauren Clan. However what they are different from Wales, this team of Hercules Tauren Clan person has not hit War flag, on them is also wounded, some is a blood stain, looked that passed through the appearance of war, but in this squad person, is protecting a person. This person is also Hercules Tauren Clan, his body wears a bright yellow cotton robe, but is very obvious, he also passed through a war, on his cotton robe also completely from dirt. These 100 in hand are taking weapon, two blood red eyes, exhausted of face, but actually killing aura soars to the heavens, probably rushes ahead is the same. Zhao Hai they looked that this team of people stare, but their immediately understand, this team of person that person of leads, certainly is also Hercules Tauren Clan Prince, will otherwise not wear the cotton robe, is only they so is why distressed? But at this time Wales was more surprised than Zhao Hai, because he recognizes these people, in these people that wears the cotton robe, is his Sixth Brother Mendez! Who must say in Hercules Tauren Clan is best to Wales, naturally is Mendez, Wales father although also is very good to him, but more is the one type of appreciation, but Mendez actually loves. Now looked that Mendez is so distressed, Wales first is one startled, then at heart sinks, he knows that Mendez is so distressed, certainly was in the clan has an accident. Was associating to these Jackal Race people to his attack, Wales raised at heart an unlucky premonition. Thinks of here, Wales immediately moved forward to meet somebody, Yale they also recognize the person, all people stopped, face shocking look at Mendes they. Mendez also saw Wales, saw Wales, killing aura on Mendez face one vanished, then he unexpectedly closed the eye, the body shook shaking, one has planted from carrying on the back of his Mount. Wales saw that this situation immediately jumped down from own Mount, but his nobody thinks that Mendez falls from his Mount, this is only a start, these with Mendez Hercules Tauren Clan Knight, saw that Mendez has fallen down, they also then fell down from own Mount. That scene looks like under the Chinese mistake stuffed dumpling, only the flash, all people fell from Mount, these may they give to scare Wales, all people jumped down from Mount, runs toward these people.

Zhao Hai they also look at all these, how his real don’t know road was, was always why big by the strength, can endure hardship Hercules Tauren Clan that was celebrated worldwide to have such performance. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback went by car to jump, walked toward these people, walked while to Meg said : Meg, helped.” Meg has complied with one, put out own to seal|confer Motie to curl. to seal|confer Motie curls on has five Magic, protecting of Angel/Emperor's Emissary, this is one type of single Hu protects Magic, 6th level, the blade edge of trial, this is one type of single body attack Magic, 7th level, Holy Light Descent, community Healing Magic, to Darkness life form is also one type of crowd-attack Magic, 6th level, the Saint light escapes, the kind of Teleportation type single body runs away Magic, 6th level, Holy Bible recites, single body or community Spiritual Attack Magic, 7th level. These Light Element Magic although highest has 7th level, but actually includes to attack, guards, runs away, three aspects, are very it can be said that practical, in Light Element Magician, this was also an extraordinary treasure. Zhao Hai half step walks toward that crowd of person there, but at this time Wales was holding Mendes, was summoning his name loud, but evidently Mendez they probably were much more tired, all people lost the consciousness. Zhao Hai arrives at Wales side said : my brother, making my fiancee come to see, she can some Healing Magic.” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that gained ground hastily, looks at one to follow in Zhao Hai Laura and Meg, Laura and Meg is a very ordinary home clothing/taking, he really cannot look at two person that meeting Magic. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head to Meg said : Meg , helping to have a look.” Meg has complied with one, walked.