Chapter 250 was determined How Meg regarding processes the wound not to be an expert, she is Wind element Magician, but she presently in hand has to seal|confer Motie to curl, was naturally more relaxed. Meg walked, opened to seal|confer Motie to curl, uses Holy Light Descent, a white light from opening to fall, illuminated the original several hundred meters in well-illuminated. Along with white light descend, Mendez their complexion were better, weary look on face vanished, person who the body has the wound, wound also heal/fuse fast. Before long, white light diverges, ground person although also lies down on the ground, but complexion is more attractive, wound also vanished, but actually nobody wakes, they breathe steadily, looked like falls asleep probably. Sees this situation, Wales does not have to call Mendez, but is immediately/on horseback makes person to settle down set up camp, and starts to prepare things to eat. These people looked like were exhausted, how was Wales these guards to move them, lifted them, did not have a point response, Wales these guards, has used for two hours, has forced in them the tent. But these person of in hand weapon, make Wales they feel to be startled, these people are the Hercules Tauren Clan person, the Hercules Tauren Clan person, generally uses the double-edge heavy axe, these axes are fine iron hit the system including the axe belt axe pole completely, status the person like Wales, their heavy axes is actually the fine steel hits the system, this in Beastman is very rare. Like this heavy axe lethality is very big . Moreover the axe is thick, not easy damaged, most to suit Hercules Tauren Clan weapon. On Beastman Prairie, not only Hercules Tauren Clan, the has plenty vigorous race, their weapon are this type of double-edge heavy axe. However now these Hercules Tauren Clan person weapon actually all damaged, some axe poles already serious was curving, on some axe edges appears the giant opening, was very obvious, they experienced a very brutal war. But on Mount of these people are also wounded, must know that Earth Cow defense although is inferior to Stoneskin Cow, but that on the other hand, the defense of Stoneskin Cow is very abnormal, the defense of Earth Cow compares with other Magic Beast, is high, such defense capability, has made all Earth Cow be wounded, this itself explained the great strength of their match. But Yale in Earth Cow side, careful look at Earth Cow scar, although was saying that Holy Light Descent has cured Earth Cow wound, but some wounds is too heavy, on them will leave behind the scar. This is a very big scar, has delimited after the back of Earth Cow buttocks, fully about one meters, Yale looks is very careful, probably that scar grew the flower.

Some little time Yale has stood, Wales look at Yale gloomy complexion said : how teacher? After is what, soldier?” Yale turned the head to look at Wales one, deep voice said : was the flying axe!” The flying axe, heavy throws kind of long-distance attack weapon, is big axe to be much smaller than the double knife-edge, each also only then about ten jin (0.5 kg), but after this type of flying axe loses, the lethality that creates is actually very big, even if the common iron shield, can be crushed by this type of flying axe axe, the attention, is crushing, is not the puncture. This flying axe ordinary person has more than enough, because was too heavy, cannot lose far, is adding on the special shape of axe, the accuracy of this type of flying axe is not quite good to grasp, therefore some people will use little this type of flying axe as long-distance attack weapon. However the race, they inborn with the flying axe, their super strong, they to flying together the axe, have one type of to master the ability probably inborn, flying axe god who they throw, is on Continent one of the most famous long-distance attack weapon, this race is Hercules Tauren Clan. Hears that Earth Cow injured by the flying axe, Wales complexion changes, although that is only a wound, but actually looked like Wales to disclose an information, injured Mendez their people, was very likely the Hercules Tauren Clan person! Mendez was they injured by the person on one's own side? This on behalf of what? This on behalf of Hercules Tauren Clan interior appears accident, one type of does not favor the Wales accident. Wales complexion is cloudy, look at Yale said : teacher, do you watch this matter?” Yale also gloomy face said : in tribe certainly lived anything, Mendez is best with your relationship, moreover he also knows that you must toward here come, to look at his appearance, is looks your, these time fears is in the tribe had an accident, is the extraordinary important matter, may be related with Gasol very much.” Wales gloomy face color said : this is impossible, has the father and Supreme Elder assumes personal command, what storm can Gasol start to come?” Yale look at Wales said : do not forget, ten thousand beast festivals came, Supreme Elder possibly went to Beast God City, if two Supreme Elder both walked, that Gasol had opportunity.”

Wales shook the head said : also to have father......” he to anchor, his father although is Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, but the strength is also 8th level Expert, 8th level does not have the means to compare with 9th level, 9th level represents invincibly, but 8th level represents the enemy. 9th level Expert, you are almost impossible to cope with them with any a move of technique of plotting, even if with poisonous is very difficult, only if like Carrion Swamp full is being the toxic gas place, otherwise poisonous regarding 9th level Expert, without any minacity. However 8th level is not good, 8th level can also be called Expert, however 8th level Expert, regarding is poisonous they not to have the good means that historically killed by poison 8th level Expert is not infrequent. Thinks of here, Wales complexion cannot help but changes, then his two eyes is staring at Yale said : teacher, is your meaning?” Yale nodded said : to have possibility Gasol they to use to not exposed to the light very much the method plan old Patriarch, then suddenly moved, has captured the position of Patriarch, created a fait accomplice, this was Supreme Elder comes back not to have the means that after all he has become Patriarch.” Wales pair of ox's eye stared, but also flood red, two hands tight making a fist head , the breath also became loud. Yale look at Wales said : all these present is also only our guesses, after must waited for six Prince to awake, be able to know, now but Wales, you must do, not only looked after six Prince, knows the truth of matter, you must do also had him.” Said that Yale has referred to the Zhao Hai direction. Zhao Hai they now have settled also camp, they have not arrived at Wales camp to come, Zhao Hai knows that Wales is very certainly busy, they can be busy has been busy, remaining can only look at Wales they. Wales turned the head to look at Zhao Hai camp one, then puzzled look at Yale said : teacher, was your meaning?” Yale deep voice said : present Gasol, if has become Patriarch, that is also illegal, we can relate the Tauren Clan branch race, overthrows the rule of Gasol, wants to overthrow the rule of Gasol, considered says with the mouth is incorrect, but must have the benefit, enough big benefit, but if Zhao Hai has not deceived us, he was an enough big benefit.” Wales understand the meaning of Yale, is Gasol works as Patriarch to be also what kind of now, he with Patriarch that this being probable not exposed to light method becomes, he uses such method, feared that will be Supreme Elder will be discontented with him, this will be his opportunity. So long as his alliance enough many branch races, have been able to look like Supreme Elder to apply, abolishes Gasol the position of Patriarch, even if Gasol in how fierce, he does not dare to defy the meaning of Supreme Elder.

However the just by lobby is insufficient, the just by lobby is impossible to make these branch races support his, he needs to touch these people with the benefit, but the Zhao Hai in hand grain, most can move thing of these people. The grain was too important regarding Beastman, if the Zhao Hai in hand grain are many enough, he may seize from Gasol in hand the position of Patriarch. After Wales nodded said : and other brothers awoke, clarifies has had an accident, I in look for Zhao Hai, now looks for his anything to use not to have, in our simply don’t know clan had an accident.” Yale nodded said : „, what matter first determines, strange, listening to these Human Race Merchant saying that Human Race there Light Magician with Dark Magician wasn't hostile relationship? Why does the Zhao Hai fiancee meet Light Magic unexpectedly? Was this too unreasonable?” How many truth Wales snort|hum said : „the mouths of these Human Race swindlers could have, said it, I always thought that the Zhao Hai status is not ordinary, teacher you still remember that he spoke on that day, he must not exposed to the light in the Human Race there status probably, possibly was annoys troublesome, otherwise he as impossible to come as Beastman Prairie, you also saw his these grain, such as has annoyed really troublesome, will he be bringing that good grain Prairie? That is I have seen the best grain, Lion Race and Tiger Race there, I have not seen that good Bamboo rice.” Yale nodded said : „, no matter he in Human Race is any status, so long as his in hand has the grain, can help us, this was enough.” Wales nodded, looked at Prairie one of the distant place, deep voice said : „, no matter had an accident, I certainly become the Hercules Tauren Clan King, if Gasol wants to plot to murder the father, I personally have certainly killed him!” Yale has not made noise, is only static look at Wales, to be honest, he has this worry, but more is actually happy, Wales beforehand although a little ambition, but he too does not want with the Gasol struggle, otherwise with his father to his favorable impression, his influence absolutely not to be smaller than Gasol. Beforehand Wales although looks like also in the struggle, but Yale always thought that he has been short of anything, now he knew, Wales few is a determination, now he had the determination. At this time a strong fragrance transmitted, Wales looked at one, his under the hand/subordinate was boiling sheep soup, these sheep soup they prepared to Mendez, looked at Mendez their appearance, probably had for a long time not to eat to have a good sleep, after the intense fight, they can very arrive at here, is miracle.