Chapter 251 momentarily Wales has not thought with Yale that Mendez they have rested to get up next morning, among this they probably lost consciousness vegetative state to be the same, all people were motionless, even turning over did not have. But Wales and Yale are one night have not closed the eyes, Mendez they display like this, can only explain that they were too tired, more is this represents the matter is serious. Next day sooner or later, when Sun rises, in the tent has broadcast the sound, defends Wales and Yale that one has not rested in the evening by the camp bonfire stares, then they fiercely have crashed in the Wales tent, Mendez inside rest. Mendez just woke, is sitting in the tent, he is sizing up all around, at this time Wales and Yale suddenly flushed from outside, Mendez actually instinct has shown the posture of defense, what sees is Wales and Yale, Mendez stares, then complexion happy said : small seven, I found you finally.” Then his complexion gloomy said : small seven, walks quickly, the farther the better to the clan , the Fifth Brother died, the father also died, now in the clan is Gasol, when Patriarch, he must also chase down you.” although has thought of this result, when hears Mendez to say personally, Wales felt that own head buzz, at present one black, the body in a flash, Yale held his hastily. Was good had a psychology to prepare because of Wales, he deeply has attracted several tones, recover, look at Mendez said : what's the matter the Sixth Brother, you said well.” The Mendez tears flowed, he nodded said : shortly after you walked, because of the arrivals of ten thousand beast festivals, two Supreme Elder went to Beast God City, they just walked not long after, father actually suddenly got sick, do not have several days dead, Gasol immediately announced that father before dying, has passed to him the position of Patriarch, but I did not believe with the Fifth Brother, because the father passed away, we in the side, Gasol did not send for sphering father's big tent, did not make us go.” Wales complexion is pale, his understand, his father is 8th level Expert . Moreover the body one is very likely good, to get how possibly sick, moreover got sick not to have several days to pass away, this simply was impossible. Mendez then said : „, when buries the father, the Fifth Brother present the incorrect place, Fifth Brother was not healthy, all the year round taking a drug, therefore he to medicine completely understand, he looked at father's complexion to know that the father did not get sick, moreover was poisoned dies.” A Boom! Wales fist has broken a nearby small table, two blood red eyes, the looks like bellower of asthma. Mendez only Chang looked at his one eyes, then after said : Fifth Brother present this situation, has not disclosed that that night he had found me, told me this situation, making my immediately/on horseback come out to look for you, but at this moment, Gasol suddenly announced that I have the Fifth Brother with you am the Hercules Tauren Clan rebel, has issued the chasing down command, the Fifth Brother gets 50 guards to bring up the rear, I got my under the hand/subordinate 200 years of guard to kill the tight encirclement, kept was chased down by Gasol, we circled many roads to find in here your, if were not had found you, We possibly danger, now Gasol certainly full Prairie looks for us.” Wales puffs said : this bastard, starting today, he was my personal enemy, I will revenge, certainly will.” Mendez looked at Wales said : Wales, now Gasol control the tribe, you were impossible to revenge, useless, believes me, is far away from the tribe, goes certainly to make piece of Heaven and Earth to other place to come, minimum your side has 300 guards, must add on my 100 guards, our 400 soldiers, we can in other place, establish our tribe.” Are many in Prairie such example, a tribe was extinguished, but some soldiers in their tribe actually ran away, they rushes to other place at the matter, goes to some conquer small tribes, strength slowly, finally becomes a big tribe, such example almost will live on Prairie every year.

However similarly, destroyed completely are more, but the Mendez present said also right, their under the hand/subordinate have 400 fighting strength formidable Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, this is the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, such strength to there, has been able to make a day, they have this confidence. Wales actually shook the head said : not, I must go back, I must relate all branch races, making their alliance get up, chases off the stage Gasol.” Mendez stares, then said loudly: „It is not good, small seven, this is not good, was too dangerous, said it, these branch tribes not necessarily will also buy your account, has overthrown Gasol, does not have to their advantage, why do they want to do?” Wales actually shows a faint smile said : I naturally to them the advantage, walks, the Sixth Brother, I get you to see a person.” Said that pulls up Mendez walk outside tent. Mendez is perplexed had pulled out the tent by Wales, regarding the yesterday matter, he could not record, he saw that Wales has forgotten, otherwise not when Wales and Yale will enter the tent also will exhibit the defense the appearance. In fact yesterday their although carries on the back to sit in the cow, but actually arrived at the brink of collapse, at that time they were at the one type of half unconscious condition, therefore after stopped, although was given the treatment of Meg, has actually rested the half-day 1 evening's time. Mendez came out to see not far away Zhao Hai from the tent their camp, Zhao Hai their camp are different from Wales their camp, because not only in Zhao Hai their camp has the grain, the style of tent is different, the Human Race tent with the Beastman Race tent is two concepts. Then Mendez saw on the Zhao Hai tent is inserting Friendship flag, Big bellied Pig Race in Beastman is not considered as that the small clan, they have the medium grade strength in the nationality. However although Big bellied Pig Race all branch tribes can use the Big bellied pig flag, but this flag also has some slight changes, some big tribes have some different mark with the flag of small tribe on, can say that on the flag of each tribe, has to be the unique cipher of that tribe, but is not Beastman is very difficult to distinguish. although is only Big bellied Pig Race Friendship flag of branch small tribe, but this is not small regarding the Mendez shock, Mendez is ten clarity, may not obtain Beastman Race Friendship flag to present these Human Race Merchant, because looks like in Beastman, they and between Human Race do not have the true friendship. Mendez look at Zhao Hai camp, don’t know must say any good at once unexpectedly, at this time Wales had also let loose him, „the person who deep voice said : I said is he.” Said that he has referred to Zhao Hai camp, then said him with the process that Zhao Hai knew. After Mendez listens, actually frowned, look at Wales said : small seven, I listen to this saying to feel that probably deceived people? In the world does that have such good deed? 50% prices? Optimal and other Bamboo rice? That many? Is this unlikely?” said : that Wales two eyes cold light sparkles this our final opportunity, rushes to other place to establish a small tribe with it, might as well bet using the Zhao Hai in hand grain, so long as has the support of these branch tribes, the Gasol this Patriarch position cannot hold on to your hat.” The Mendez brow has not launched, but said : I am to fear them now am deceiving our, such as is they are is deceiving our, we ended, opportunity did not have, small seven, I do not hope that you have an accident.” In the Wales eye flashes through one to be moved, but is firm said : Sixth Brother feel relieved, a while we see them, when sees Zhao Hai, perhaps you will change the view, right Sixth Brother, drinks one bowl of sheep soup quickly, has boiled an evening.”

One hear of Wales said that Mendez felt the unprecedented hunger, his stomach turned into black hole probably, can install the next cow. But at this time among campsite was supporting big iron pan, the open fight between factions under pot has not been extinguishing, sheep soup in pot has boiled the white, looked like looks like the sheep's milk is the same. In the side then small table of pot, on the table put several bowls, Mendez had not been saying that arrived by the pot directly, has taken up a bowl, has installed one bowl of sheep soup, slowly has drunk. Mendez had not felt that sheep soup unexpectedly such tasty, although his clearly know this is one bowl of most common thing, actually the feeling probably is have had the most beautiful delicacy. One bowl of sheep soup get into the stomach, Mendez actually felt one were hungrier, but he also knows one cannot eat thing now, he has drunk one bowl of sheep soup. Because boils long time, mutton has all boiled till mushy, in the pot has several Bone, the sheep soup flavor was actually better. Drank three bowls of sheep soup continually, Mendez has put down the bowl, felt that own fully recovered, he also felt very strange, because of his clear remembering, oneself was injured probably, so quickly to be how good? In this time, in other tents some people were also drilling, these people are Mendez these guards, they see Mendez, immediately salute to Mendez, Mendez beckoned with the hand said : to be good, drinks several bowls of sheep soup quickly, this was small seven has boiled an evening.” Who these people know certainly Dao Sect results in mouth slightly seven are, their immediately/on horseback to standing salutes in nearby Wales, this runs up to pot nearby big mouth drank sheep soup, they were awfully hungry. At this time Mendez also noted, his these under the hand/subordinate, wound was all good, even if the wound is quite big, was completely good, has only left behind a scar. Wales also noted the Mendez expression, he showed a faint smile said : not to need to look, was the Zhao Hai fiancee helps you cure with Magic, walked the Sixth Brother, saw Zhao Hai with me.” Mendez immediately/on horseback nodded, walks toward Zhao Hai campsite in Wales, now he to Zhao Hai is really very curious. Quick they arrived at outside Zhao Hai camp, in Zhao Hai also immediately/on horseback person tent walked out, now also early, but Zhao Hai they get up is not late, has had the breakfast. Sees Zhao Hai to come out, Wales immediately/on horseback moved forward to meet somebody, good held chest ritual said : to Zhao Hai Brother Zhao Hai, I must the help thank you.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, returned the salute said : Brother Wales, you were too polite, can add on your busy, is my being honored.” At this time Mendez also walked, Mendez has seen Brother Zhao Hai to Zhao Hai gave a salute said :, the help thank you, we were otherwise impossible quickly to be so good.”

Zhao Hai smiles said : Mendez Brother, you were too polite.” Wales looked at Zhao Hai behind Laura three people of one, this turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, goes in my tent to sit with me, my some words want to tell you.” Zhao Hai nodded, is leading Laura their three, with Wales to his tent. After several people sit down, some immediately people delivered one bowl of steaming hot sheep soup to several people of one person, Wales had beckoned with the hand, all people have drawn back, in the account has only left behind Wales, Mendez, Yale and Zhao Hai their several people. After waiting for all people to exit, Wales look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, you certainly also present? In my family had an accident.” Zhao Hai nodded, this does not have what strange, if this presently, he were an idiot. Wales then said : my Big Brother moved the rebellion, he has killed by poison my father, has killed my Fifth Brother, sends for chasing down me and my Sixth Brother, and oneself have become Patriarch.” Said this saying time, on the Wales face is having the hatred, however his eye actually continuously look at Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai performance also calculates calm, but the knitting the brows head of slightly, look at Wales said : „do Brother Wales, what you want to make me help busily your? To be honest, by my status, if helps you, you will possibly leave that position to be getting more and more far.” Wales knows why Zhao Hai said that because Zhao Hai is Human Race, if makes the people in tribe know that Human Race is helping seizing power, he will only leave the position of Patriarch to be getting more and more far. Wales has not thought makes Zhao Hai direct make a move help him fight, that is impossible, but helps him with the grain to yes, therefore he nodded said : my understand Brother Zhao Hai, but this time I need your help, I want the grain, many grain, moreover that price that you said that my Brother Zhao Hai, can you tell you, how much grain you presently some in hand?” Zhao Hai has calculated next step: About 200 million jin (0.5 kg), are I to you have looked at that tens of thousands jin (0.5 kg) vegetables, has looked at to you that freshest vegetables.” Wales look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, you must know that these grain regarding me how important, I pressed my net worth disposition on this, my brother, your can how long transport these grain to Prairie comes up?” Zhao Hai looked at Wales one, faint said : momentarily!” Momentarily!” Wales puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, were you say momentarily? Now is also good?” Zhao Hai waving of gently, his front on appears one pile of vegetables, he has then been waving, these vegetables vanished, then he is waving, his front appears pile of grain, have been waving, the grain also vanished.