Chapter 252 three profession Zhao Hai performance some meanings of showing off, he to did not fear that Wales will have anything to suspect to him, he wants to make Wales they know that he has Space equipment. Space equipment this thing, regarding Beastman Race extremely in mysterious, did not have Space equipment Beastman Race to the present, because does not have, therefore they pass on Space equipment wonderful, probably that Space in Space equipment, can install entire Continent. After knowing these, Zhao Hai decided that in front of them displays this ability in Wales, can say that Zhao Hai hopes they cooperates with Wales, because of no matter what, if Wales has become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, has helped his person regarding this, he will certainly repay, Zhao Hai does not need to obtain too many advantage from Wales there, so long as can become the friend with Wales, he in Beastman Prairie here little lots of troubles. No matter other Human Race have how conceited in Beastman Prairie here, Beastman Race that calculation that Beastman Prairie here said that only then has done well relationship with Beastman Race, can base on Beastman Prairie. Status of Hercules Tauren Clan on Prairie does not compare general War Clan to be low, such status, does not allow to look down upon absolutely, later some small tribes want to look for their troubles, must think over own strength, Beastman although on Prairie is militant, but is not Jackal Race these Lunatic. said it, his in hand has the grain, must sell, whom sold to not to sell, even if were Wales were defeated, then also had any relationship with him, he just sold the grain to Wales, moreover others came his here to buy the grain, he was also the same price, was not because Wales fell the grain price. Naturally, Zhao Hai dares in front of them such to do in Wales, because the most important reason Wales needs his in hand grain now, Wales needs his in hand grain, will not have the Space equipment matter to say him that he does not have what to be good to fear. Wales the performance of their look at Zhao Hai, each and every one stays sitting in there, their real don’t know must say that any was good, the performance of Zhao Hai was really too astonishing. Some little time Wales rises with a spring, to Zhao Hai said : day that Brother Zhao Hai, your unexpectedly really have Space equipment, moreover you give up with him unexpectedly put the dish, your crazy?” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Wales said : Space equipment is not used to install thing? What issue has?”

What issue has? This issue to Wales stumping, yes, Space equipment is not used to install thing? That attire what thing, doesn't this have what issue? Wales felt one a little are probably dizzy, he said : issue was some little time big, you know don’t know Space equipment to have how preciously, links Space equipment not to have our Beastman Race to the present, do you give up with Space equipment unexpectedly install the grain? Too wasted?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my Brother Wales, regarding me, these grain is representing money, my entire fortune, I do not need Space equipment to install, but can also be used to install, said it, I, only then installs with Space equipment, can with quickest transports these grain to Prairie comes up, can escape these hateful frontier forces.” Wales has not made noise, some little time, he let out a long breath, look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : my Brother Zhao Hai, I must thank you, if were not you have used Space equipment, transported these grain to Prairie comes up, I really ended, my brother, do your in hand all grain bring now on the body?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „the entire belt on the body, so long as you want, I can at any time is shipping in the grain from my territory, I want I also to get so far as more than 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain after a period of time.” Wales puzzled look at Zhao Hai does said : momentarily ship from the territory? You your territory belt on body?” Zhao Hai and Laura they have smiled, they smile are because Wales has guessed right, but Wales actually thinks that Zhao Hai is because his joke is smiling, has not cared. Zhao Hai smiles said : naturally not to be impossible, but my Magic Beast hawk, I can give the hawk my Space equipment, then makes the hawk fly returned to my territory, transports my grain to here comes, this will save a lot of time, not?” Wales stares, then looks at eyes of the madman look at Zhao Hai said : with one type of your crazy? Do you abandon Space equipment give Magic Beast?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not insanely, this is the best means that said it, my Magic Beast is not general Magic Beast, exactly said that he cannot be Magic Beast, but is Phantasmal Beast.”

Wales has certainly heard Phantasmal Beast, he is only has not thought that Zhao Hai will really have Phantasmal Beast, he nodded said : Phantasmal Beast truly compared with Magic Beast insurance, but my brother, can Phantasmal Beast fly to be so far?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : energy, therefore I said that I can provide the massive grain to you, is not cracks a joke, I have the grain, my Brother Wales, you have any matter to go about something with a free hand, other I cannot add on you, but the grain, I can help you solve, I even can harvest the grain to help you from Human Race there, so long as you need, naturally, these grain I will not have given in vain to you, I am not qualified Merchant, but I am Merchant, therefore you must take thing to trade the grain, Argali, sheepskin product, slave., Magic Beast, you even can on unique strange plants with some Prairie trade, naturally, this plants could not be dies, can only be live plants or seed.” Wales has not thought that Zhao Hai will say, his puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, you didn't suffer a loss like this? Right, what do you want these plants to make? Is that useful?” Zhao Hai smiles said : my brother, I do not suffer a loss, perhaps you and don’t know, in my family have a Alchemy Master elder, he needs all strange plants, uncommon plants, he wants himself to establish in a world most entire plants garden.” Wales they have felt relaxed, in this world has two person most mysterious, one type is Alchemy Master, one type is Alchemist, not only Human Race there has Alchemy Master with Alchemist, Beastman here also has, but the name is not quite same, in Beastman here, Alchemy Master was called Witch Doctor, but Alchemist was called Shaman generally. In Beastman Race here, three profession most were respected, first naturally is Prophet, they are considered as the most full of wisdom people, second is Shaman, because Beastman Race here lacks the iron hardware, but Shaman has been able to let the iron hardware long time use in research, can let a weapon harder method, they are considered as most have the exploration energetic person, but third is Witch Doctor, Witch Doctor is considered as most mysterious person, they need various herbal medicine are Beastman treat an illness, these three people in Beastman here was very respected. But Beastman here Witch Doctor, sometimes will also ask some tribe help to collect some plants, therefore one hear of Zhao Hai said that in his family some people are Alchemy Master, they to Zhao Hai the procedure were not feeling that felt strange. Wales light tone, look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, knew that you are my this luckiest matter, HaHaHa, Beast God are helping me for a lifetime, otherwise was impossible to make me run into you, you have saved me on own initiative.” Zhao Hai smiles said : not necessarily, I to thought that was Beast God helps me run into you, if did not run into you, I also real don’t know my these grain must sell that year, must know the time that the grain left was too long, turned into the sinking rice, but is not valuable.” Wales they actually laugh, in Beastman here, even if the sinking rice can also sell a good price, obviously Zhao Hai must crack a joke. However Zhao Hai the joke, opens actually just right, the meaning of Wales understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not want to let his reporter these anything benevolence, this conforms to the Wales appetite.

Mendez look at Zhao Hai, his present understand Wales said that he sees Zhao Hai time, possibly knows that what person Zhao Hai was, truly, on the body of Zhao Hai, he saw one type of very unusual temperament, this temperament he has not seen on other Human Race. Mendez has seen many Human Race Merchant, in fact he is also different type in Beastman Race, he does not have the ambition like Gasol, he not like Paul can hit, he always does not fall ill like Hales, he not intelligence like Wales, but he actually regarding commercial being interested, because, therefore Hercules Tauren Clan every time contacts with Human Race Merchant, generally is he acts, but he is truly stronger than other people in this aspect, acts and these Human Race by him contacts, what no matter buys, he can buy many thing compared with other person many, this is he is most unusual. Place. Mendez has wanted to become Merchant, this is he with other Beastman different places, other Beastman do not want to become Merchant, they think that Merchant is vampire, is the coward, but Mendez actually does not think that he has wanted to become Merchant, best Merchant. For these reasons, he can be said as in Hercules Tauren Clan has seen Human Race most people, especially these Human Race Merchant. These Human Race Merchant when meet with him, although has been exhibiting one to respect his appearance, but Mendez can look, these people look down upon him, he from these Human Race Merchant eyes, saw contemptuous, Mendez understand, these Human Race looks down upon Beastman, they think that Beastman is a barbarian, is the savageness race, even they think that Beastman is wild beast. Not only a Human Race Merchant this, almost he has contacted all Human Race Merchant are this, Mendez from most indignation from the beginning, to did not have the means to be angry finally, because that will only irritate him. However Mendez has not seen that look in the eye of Zhao Hai, the eye of Zhao Hai very limpidly, very sincere, this is Mendez has not thought. Mendez believes that Zhao Hai is not installs, that contemptuous look he has seen too multiple, therefore very sensitive, even if in the good camouflage he can also presently, but he does not have presently such look from the Zhao Hai eye, he presently Zhao Hai looks at their looks not contemptuously, has not despised, some, only then sincere.