Chapter 253 Beheading Blood Oath Zhao Hai such performance, making Mendez to his impression better much, Zhao Hai before adding on has rescued Wales, but also has helped him, therefore he impression ratio to Zhao Hai to other Human Race Merchant much better. The people also chatted a while, Zhao Hai gains ground look at Wales deep voice said : my Brother Wales, now what to do do you prepare? The grain is not a problem, but you want to overthrow Gasol, must the regulation be good, braves going rashly is incorrect.” Wales has gawked, said, he to the plan of present anything too specific, only has not been thinking really must include other branch races with the grain, did not have the plan of detailed. Zhao Hai looked at Wales said : my Brother Wales, I think that you should have a plan of detailed, but this matter I actually cannot add on any busy, you also know that I am Human Race, did not know about your Hercules Tauren Clan, if I help you be too many, that will possibly play the counter-effect, therefore this matter must think you, but after you plan, how can tell me to walk, if not want to be remarkable, we can separate to walk, you only need to tell me to transport the grain to there on can..” Wales looked at Zhao Hai said : my brother, your reminder was really too prompt, now I have a matter to want with you to discuss that hopes you can comply.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at Wales said : „do Brother Wales, what matter have? So long as I can achieve, I certainly help as far as possible.” Wales serious look at Zhao Hai said : my Brother Zhao Hai, I want to carry on Beheading Blood Oath with you!” Zhao Hai has gawked, puzzled look at Wales, Laura they somewhat are also puzzled, Mendez, Yale is actually face shocking look at Wales. Beheading Blood Oath, in Beastman the one type of very special pledge, this pledge is not a person vows, but is pledges under two person, if with Earth on, called to swear brotherhood! But Beastman settles on this pledge, one, but two people made this pledge, they are the one's own brothers, no one can betray anyone, will otherwise receive despising of all Beastman Race, serious may be chased down. Beheading Blood Oath, does not need your blood, but said that wants the Blood Oath two people, must simultaneously chop the head of next Argali, then meets one bowl of sheep's blood, their common drinks this bowl of sheep's blood, from now in did not permit the betrayal opposite party, when the opposite party had the difficulty, another side must help as far as possible, that feared loses everything, meets a cruel death can not renege on a promise. Do not think this Blood Oath is only optional, according to Beastman Race, this Blood Oath completed under the verification of Beast God, some people have violated, will be fought the penalty of Beast God.

Regarding Beheading Blood Oath Beastman Race attach great importance to, since they are used for Blood Oath Magic Beast to look, Argali although is only 1st level Magic, but he to Beastman, is actually most important Magic Beast, therefore they not easily has Beheading Blood Oath with the person, even if the same race person is not good, do not explain other families. On Beastman Prairie, Beheading Blood Oath had good long time not to hear some people have used, do not say that with Human Race with Beheading Blood Oath, had not heard that Beastman can have Beheading Blood Oath with Human Race. Because of this, therefore Human Race there simply has not heard Beastman Beheading Blood Oath, even if had heard is also not necessarily able to write down, because this Blood Oath regarding Human Race, a significance does not have, Laura they had not heard what is Beheading Blood Oath. Wales looks at Zhao Hai their appearance, knows that Zhao Hai understand what is not Beheading Blood Oath, his complexion Righteous Path: My brother, Beheading Blood Oath is the pledge that our Beastman most regards as important, has had Beheading Blood Oath, we were genuine brother disciple......” then he they said the Beheading Blood Oath significance to Zhao Hai and Laura. Zhao Hai and Laura their static is listening to the Wales words, Beheading Blood Oath, a bloody pledge, but in fact, the component possibly ratio of this pledge beheads is heavy. Beheads very easily, a fight, don’t know has many people beheaded, when the friend has difficultly, even if builds actually few, can look at this Beheading Blood Oath component from this point that own life helps. Said to Wales, Zhao Hai for a very long time has not made noise, he listened to understand from the Wales words, swearing brotherhood of Beheading Blood Oath in equivalent to Earth, on the equivalent to Taoyuan Sanjieyi! If on Earth this matter of that national regarding becoming sworn brothers most regards as important, that certainly is China, but I think that is not the present China, was ancient times China. Taoyuan Sanjieyi, the past and present spreads, has the his Dao principle, perhaps only then Taoyuan Sanjieyi can compare with the Beastman beheading pledge. Beastman so settles on this pledge, this makes Zhao Hai at once very awkward, how his don’t know must handle, because he does not want to participate in the struggle between Beastman, but if he really has become Wales Brother Blood Oath, he inevitable participation, this has gone against his original intention. Laura they have not made noise, exactly said that now this situation makes them very awkward, if Zhao Hai does not comply with Wales, they and cooperation between Wales feared that is also difficult to carry on, but complied, they must participate in this time struggle using temporarily as, this regarding them, is not the good deed. Zhao Hai gains ground look at Wales, look at that Wales now decided he, his look very sincere, this makes Zhao Hai awkward.

To be honest, Zhao Hai and Wales present friendship, simply has not gone to the vertical Blood Oath situation, but Wales raised, if he did not agree, that some offended somebody. The Wales disposition is different from him, he does not have the too big ambition, but Wales has, his not arrogance, but the Wales arrogance, they do not have too many common grounds probably, but fate actually two relations in together. The look at Wales appearance, Zhao Hai does suddenly want to smile, swears brotherhood? Such matter he has not thought that even if on Earth, he has not thought that does not have to think one run up to the different world, was grown the person request of Ox-head to swear brotherhood by one unexpectedly, this was really too interesting. Thought of here, Zhao Hai mood suddenly well, if, he did not have what loss, he has sworn brotherhood with Wales, must help Wales become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch fully, even if were he does not swear brotherhood, he wasn't is helping Wales become Patriarch? What difference does that swear brotherhood to follow not to swear brotherhood to have? Possibly what difference is only a form. Zhao Hai suddenly laughs, one that he shouted stood got up said : that also to wait for anything, my Brother Wales!” Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that let out a long breath, has then stood, laughs said : well, my brother, my wait for you these words, the Sixth Brother, teacher, prepares!” Mendez and Yale complied with one, turn around went out of the tent, they were some do not understand the Wales procedure, but they had not opposed. This ceremony actually anything do not prepare, Beastman like Human Race so many courtesies, regarding Beastman, that many courtesies was not troublesome, they do not need. After Mendez and Yale went out of tent, Wales also pulling Zhao Hai walks toward the tent outside, when they go out of the tent time, Mendez they have prepared. Actually does not have what good preparation, Yale took a bowl, Mendez has pulled Argali, but a guard, took a flying axe. Flying axe although in Beastman is small hatchet, but do not forget, this small hatchet also ten jin (0.5 kg), regarding strength big Beastman, an axe get down, cut off the head of next Argali not to be a problem. These three types of thing take, then carried on all thing of ceremony to be uneven on equal to, Zhao Hai and Wales they arrived at that only Argali side, this Argali was very only big, Argali that was growing up, is being pressed by two Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers now kneels on the ground. Wales has arrived at that only Argali side, then turned the head to look at Zhao Hai said : my brother, in the middle of Beheading Blood Oath regulation, took under two person common chopping of the head of Argali, but I thought that your body did fear with the motionless axe?”

Zhao Hai smiles bitterly next step: My brother, I not only takes the motionless axe, cannot chop the sheep's head, I looked that chops duty of sheep's head to hand over give you, do I meet sheep's blood to be what kind of?” Wales laughs said : well, my brother, we do.” Said that he has taken up hatchet, but Zhao Hai has taken up that big liquor bowl, stood Argali side under Mendez command(er). Zhao Hai may not have violence such has taken a life, how therefore his don’t know must meet sheep's blood, Mendez actually sees the person to do, but is not when sets up Beheading Blood Oath. The quick several people prepared, Wales looked at Zhao Hai to stand, his immediately/on horseback bellowed, under one axe round, this axe such as a lightning has delimited Argali neck generally, this flying axe was too sharp, has been adding on the Wales strange strength, this axe has not received impediment of duty probably, an axe gave neatly to cut off the head of Argali. The head of Argali flies far away, a blood taking advantage of blood pressure, such as fountain same has spurted, but Mendez has experienced worthily, he to a Zhao Hai finger of that position is really good, the blood has spurted from the Zhao Hai front, does not have one drop to splash to his body. Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to meet blood, he waited, to was not so fierce, he who sheep's blood spurts then extends the bowl in make a move, full has met one bowl of sheep's blood. At this time Wales had also given under the hand/subordinate the in hand axe, that two were pressing the Argali person, has carried off Argali, they want immediately/on horseback processing, a while they to eat this only Argali. At this time Wales Zhao Hai had then arrived in nearby open area, their front suspended that bowl of sheep's blood, Wales Zhao Hai have then been kneeling, then Wales loudly read: Great Beast God, under your testimony, I and Zhao Hai has Beheading Blood Oath, starting today, we already are the bloodline connected brothers, such as disobeys this oath, ten thousand beasts step on the body, changes into meat paste.”