Chapter 254 gift On Earth, the people vowed look like drink the cold water, did not have a point sincerity, especially regarding certain people, the oath was they the method that was used to deceive people. However is different in Ark Continent here, in Ark Continent here, nobody has to dare to vow at will, especially Faith Deity to them. Zhao Hai don’t know Ark Continent here has Deity, but a little can affirm that truly cannot be chaotic in the oath of here, because of him presently, so long as you oath, your will have the one type of special feeling at heart, looks like Xu Wanying looks like their Blood Oath, after he presently Xu Wanying ends Blood Oath, really cannot in betraying him, like the present, after Wales ended the oath, he felt and between Wales had the one type of marvelous relation, that was the one type of bloodline connected feeling, this feeling was too clear, he may not think that was the illusion. In read the similar words after Wales, Wales has carried his front liquor bowl, drank half bowl of sheep's blood, then he raised one's wine cup the bowl to give Zhao Hai, sheep's blood in Zhao Hai look at bowl, some did not adapt, but actually came under the influence of that pledge, he feels own present burning with passion, has not thought that drank the belly sheep's blood! Rank, difficult word with smell of blood is flooding his oral cavity, this flavor almost makes Zhao Hai spit, but he closed one's eyes these half bowl of sheep's blood drinks up. Has slipped into own sliding to last drop of sheep's blood, Zhao Hai then puts down the bowl, but actually tight shutting up, he feared that he will open mouth to spit. The feeling of Wales is not quite good, but most at least was much better compared with Zhao Hai, he turned the head to look at Zhao Hai one: Starting today, we are brother disciple.” Said to turn the head, numerous kowtowing, Zhao Hai , after three do obeisance, they then set out. When they, as soon as stands, Wales then laughs said : my brother, from now on, you will be my biological brother disciple, come, will see my Sixth Brother, was right, my brother, you today how many years?” Zhao Hai has gawked, the swallowing saliva that he makes an effort, dilutes smell of blood in a lower jaw, this said : I today 18 -year-old, you?” Wales laughs said : looks like I wants, when Elder Brother, I today am 20 years old.” Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Big Brother.” Wales laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, at this time Mendez also walked, Mendez in hand is taking a small dagger, this compared with Spier gave Zhao Hai that wants much better the dagger, the sheath and was the gold, above was also inlaying gemstone, appeared noble has been very full of the foreign land character and style. Mendez arrives at the Zhao Hai front, gives Zhao Hai said : the in hand dagger Little Hai, this is I gives your gift.” Zhao Hai noted Mendez changed to his name, it seems like Mendez regarded the person on one's own side him, Zhao Hai not polite, put out a hand to receive that the dagger that golden light sparkled, thanked the Sixth Brother to Mendez ritual said :.” Mendez must smile said : not to be impolite, you now are my Younger Brother, small seven, your gift?” Wales shows a faint smile said : in the tent.” Said that then Zhao Hai walks toward the tent , after entering the tent, Wales from the wall of own tent takes a horsewhip, has handed over in the hand of Zhao Hai said : brothers, this is I gives your gift.”

Zhao Hai is sizing up this horsewhip, first Zhao Hai what can affirm, this horsewhip is probably old, because he looks like very plain, although handled is very clean, what however is undeniable, his above tribe the trace of years. This whip is not long, only then less than one meter, the thumb is thick, is one makes with don’t know anything Magic Beast beast bone, the black, is similar to ink jade is ordinary, but you will trace not to feel ice-cold, counter- will feel that warming up, above will also be carving some complex pattern, these patterns will look like not only probably will be used for decorative or ornamental purpos. The whip body forms with some careful small silk threads, that is not the ordinary silk thread, Zhao Hai presently that silk thread is divided into several types, has the golden color, has the silver, some are other black and colors, one thick one thick, from inside to outside, interweaves in together, this makes the component of this whip very heavy, Zhao Hai with in hand felt that this whip minimum must have several jin (0.5 kg), almost can bring directly, when weapon. Takes union place in whip body and whip, has the small rawhide as the hand guard, this rawhide don’t know becomes with any Magic Beast leather, is not long, only then about ten centimeters, moreover probably was also the has plenty year, the cerebral cortex looked like was somewhat black, but was very strong/sturdy. Zhao Hai when is sizing up this whip, Mendez and Yale in look at this whip, in their looks are also bringing envying. Zhao Hai gained ground saw their look, he felt that a little did not suit, his puzzled look at Wales said : Big Brother, special what this whip had?” Wales shows a faint smile said : this whip is the symbol of one type of status, is a treasure that our Hercules Tauren Clan obtains, but actually nobody knows how he should use, finally this whip by handing down from generation to generation of generation to generation, each generation of this whips will be passed to the Patriarch successor, so long as is taking the person of this whip, regarding the Tauren Clan branch race, has certain rallying point, is taking this whip, can the command(er) 5000 Tauren Clan people.” Zhao Hai then understand, originally this whip, not only a whip, he is more like Military Tally, is taking this whip, can command(er) Beastman, Wales the gift be possible to be heavy unexpectedly. However Zhao Hai has not thought must give back to Wales this whip, before likely is not Laura them, said that now he in Beastman Prairie, what they face is Beastman, Beastman does not need the smalltalk, they give your gift, you accepted by all means are good. This entered Yale also to put out same thing from own baggage, this was a silver jar, jar above is carving the pattern, very beautiful, but the jar was in itself not big, had the less than palm of the hand size, this in Beastman Race, was really too small. Yale attained the Zhao Hai surface to have said : this jar Little Hai, this was I gives to you, I was young time, went to Elf Forest fortunately, obtained this jar in there, did not want underestimated this jar, what in this jar attire was the fluid of life, was the Elven Race unique treasure.” Zhao Hai surprised look at this silver small jar, did not mean that he had not heard the fluid of life, the polarity, he has heard, moreover not only one time, because the fluid of life was too famous on Continent. The fluid of life, the Elven Race special product, is the one type of liquid that is secreted by Elven Race the tree of Divine object life, the output of this type of liquid is not high, but does with is very big. The fluid of life can recover the energy of person, Battle Qi, Magic, but can also Detoxification, be the treasure that one type of results in certainly, becoming famous very on Continent. The fluid of life does not have the city in a Human Race there looks like also priceless, only exists in the legend, nobody has seen, nobody has bought, if did not see that some people have used, certainly thinks that is makes out of whole cloth.

Zhao Hai has not thought that Yale will give him fluids of one bottle of life, this bottle of thing regarding him, were really precious, Zhao Hai to Yale gave a salute said : thank you Yale mister.” Yale shows a faint smile has not made noise, Zhao Hai feels somewhat embarrassed, Mendez thing did not say first that is only Yale and Wales gives his thing, is very precious, if he does not deliver some returning a courtesy, really somewhat cannot be justified. Thinks of here, Zhao Hai suddenly shows a faint smile, the hand turns, they gave his three types of thing to throw into Space that Mendez, simultaneously had present three Space Bag. Three ordinary cloth sack appears in the hand of Zhao Hai, he looked at three people of one, shows a faint smile, put in three small cloth sacks three people of hands said : this is I gives your gift, hopes that do not shut out.” Three people looked at a that cloth sack, has not opened the cloth sack, does not have any expression, but careful received the cloth sack. Zhao Hai looks at three people of appearances, somewhat cannot help but embarrassed, he gives three people of Space Bag, had not explained that wants to experiment a next three people of response, if three people thing that shuts out him to deliver, he has carried on Beheading Blood Oath with Wales, will not regard the brothers them. However is very obvious, he has considered thoroughly, Beastman Race such pure, even if the Wales mind are many, but compares with Human Race, he also can only be a pure person. In Beastman Race here, the sentiment between brothers does not weigh with the gift, that feared that is you give your brothers 12,000 gold, but your brothers only give to give you a grass, you cannot be angry, because you are the brothers. Zhao Hai looked at three people of expression one, has to flexure scratching the head, embarrassed said : Big Brother, you be possible to give your thing to receive me, that is not can small bag, that is Space Bag, in each bag, ten cubic volumes, can install next ten cubic thing, moreover does not need any energy, so long as you open rope of bag mouth on to use.” Wales they stare, then mutually looked at one, by, quick also took that Space Bag that Zhao Hai cannot imagine, turned on the bag impatiently. mirage Magic Formation appears in the above of bag, Zhao Hai looked, quickly said: „ Copes with any thing Magic Formation, is thinking receiving, can instead such thing take in the bag, wants to take, turns on the bag, is thinking puts out such thing, can take. Three people experimented, then small bag on one face wild with joy look at hand, then cautiously, precious extremely received this small bag, looks at their appearances, carving flower of simply on the egg is more careful. The Zhao Hai look at three people of appearances, cannot help but smiled said : I to say Big Brother, the Sixth Brother, Yale mister, you did not use that carefully, that Space Bag quality, depended on you not to make broken.” Wales to arriving at the small bag received, white Zhao Hai said : what you knew, what to do if spoiled?” Zhao Hai smiled said : to spoil did not have relationship, I was giving you several to be good.”

His this saying exit / to speak, three people stopped the in hand movement, look at Zhao Hai that decides, makes the Zhao Hai at heart infant, his puzzled look at three people of said : What happened? what matter?” Wales cries out strangely to throw to Zhao Hai, with has Mendez and Yale who his together throws, the Yale movement is just slow, looked that Mendez and Wales threw, he stopped, stood in one side look at with a laugh. Wales one presses Zhao Hai on the body, pats his head said : you to ask that with the hand my What happened? your this smelly youngster, you can ask such words unexpectedly? Your don’t know What happened? your has plenty Space Bag? Delivers not to be grieved?” Mendez naturally has not let off Zhao Hai, he with Wales together, regards the rubber ball same racket the head of Zhao Hai, made that the Zhao Hai dizziness brain rises. Some little time two talented people get up, Zhao Hai confused rising brain crawled from the ground, some little time crawled from the ground, despises looked at their said : „your two fellows, is really, when I had said I was Magician? You have remembered, I am Divergent Warlock , does Divergent Warlock understand?” Wales stares, look at Zhao Hai said : Divergent Warlock ? I said the brothers, you said that you are Divergent Warlock ?” Zhao Hai nodded. said : that Wales two eyes shines I said the brothers, your Divergent Technique makes this Space Bag? What grain do you also sell? Sold Space Bag to be good directly.” Zhao Hai ill-humored white his said : few talk nonsense, I said that I am Divergent Warlock , said that I can manufacture Space Bag? This Space Bag is I from cavern presently, only then several, after giving Laura their three, remained these three, I told you and I am Divergent Technique am, wants to tell the you and I ability, I can turn into Undead Creature the corpse, then saved them to my Space, otherwise you thought Space Bag, where did these grain from take?” Wales they, as soon as listens to Zhao Hai such to speak of nodded, their although has not used Space equipment, has not seen, however wants to come in them, this Space equipment will not arrive at that to go, if Space equipment is really very big, good beforehand Human Race with Beastman Race makes war, does not need horse carriage to transport the grain, with that Space equipment, one time transported the grain to Iron Wall Fortress there, such Beastman Race on do not want to break through Iron Wall Fortress. Now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they to have understood, Divergent Warlock does not divide the race, the Human Race person, Beastman Race also has, Divergent Warlock in Beastman Race are many, similarly, in Beastman Race, Divergent Warlock is also very respected one group of people, because their abilities are special, can better help Beastman Race. look at Zhao Hai said : that Wales two eyes shines brothers, you have such ability are really fantastic, was right, said that what your can Space install Argali?” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought that really Wales unexpectedly such intelligent, has thought of this point through his a few words, this arrives stems from his unexpected.