Chapter 255 plans Zhao Hai looked at Wales one, nodded said : „, otherwise Big Brother thinks why I must trade that many Magic Beast and Argali, these thing only need spend a lot of time toward the back haul.” Wales nodded said : Brother fantastic, had this skill, later I did not need to be the provisions matter have worried, walked, Brother, we exited to drink sheep soup.” Wales happy, he has not thought really very much, the brothers who oneself recognize, will really have such skill, this skill may really be very good. In fact, Wales must carry on Beheading Blood Oath with Zhao Hai, has the selfishness most from the beginning, he settled on Zhao Hai grain at heart, wants to tie up own War Chariot/Tank with this method Zhao Hai. However has to recognize, his underestimated fierce of Beheading Blood Oath, this Beheading Blood Oath almost be able after being established, immediately changes an idea and emotion of person, this is very fearful. On Prairie very long nobody has used Beheading Blood Oath , because of this, therefore Wales will underestimate that the Beheading Blood Oath fierce place, in his opinion, can betray itself including own one's own brothers, what doing a pledge can play to use. However he has not thought that this pledge is very useful, if not doing of pledge uses, he impossible to give Zhao Hai that horsewhip, must know that horsewhip can explain a Hercules Tauren Clan inheritance treasure, is his father passes to him. Also because saw that Wales has given Zhao Hai that horsewhip, therefore Yale will give Zhao Hai the fluid of life, otherwise Yale will not deliver, must know treasure that the fluid of life is very difficult to obtain. Used to make sheep soup that only Argali is that Wales massacres, this is also a Beheading Blood Oath custom, that only Argali that is used to take an oath, needed eat on the same day. Now the Zhao Hai status may be different, he is Wales Brother Blood Oath, therefore they, as soon as comes out, these guard immediately salute to Zhao Hai, among facial expressions very respectful.

Zhao Hai also nodded to them, outside prepared was similar, in the camp middle, supported large pan, in the pot has been boiling sheep soup. Today with former that difference, Wales let people several small tables pendulum near of, they can sit in there chat, the body can also nearly leave. Laura they were arranged several other small tables, now Laura their status are different, regarding these guards, Laura they was also half lord. Laura they carry on Blood Oath to not to oppose with Wales regarding Zhao Hai that this matter Zhao Hai will not eat anything to owe in any case, moreover obtained Wales this strong help, so long as this time matter has succeeded, after that nobody dares to move them on Beastman Prairie. After Wales their several people sit down, these guard immediately have delivered Milk Wine to Wales, these guard although know in the tribe the accident sentiment, but actually nobody betrays Wales, regarding the Beastman Race person, they, so long as thinks that you are one person who is worth following, they at will not betray, that fears own family member now also in the tribe. Wales has carried Milk Wine, has drunk one, to be honest, he to the present mouth smell of blood, this flavor he has not liked, but is very exciting, making him have the feeling of one type of burning with passion, but he must consider the matter now, cannot impulse, must make own mood calm get down as soon as possible. After having drunk one glass of liquor, Wales felt that he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, this time you must help me try to find the solution well, I want to lag behind Ox Bei Gasol, what means can use? Must know that he now already control Hercules Tauren Clan, this regarding me is very disadvantageous.” Zhao Hai did not have that many scruples now, no matter what, he is Wales Blood Oath brother disciple, is not considered as that the bystander, helping Wales should be. Zhao Hai thinks that said : Big Brother, I did not know about the Hercules Tauren Clan situation very much, the matter of this offering advice I feared cannot add on too big busy, but must think you.” Wales nodded said : present this clan already by Gasol control, we in going back to court death, therefore pressed reached an agreement before, first looked for some branch races, had their support, then, me prepared to look for Water Buffalo Clan and Bull that clan teacher was , these two races' status in branch race was very high, the influence to be very big.”

Yale also agrees with this procedure, but Zhao Hai actually knit the brows said : Big Brother, I looked that this is not good, you know that Water Buffalo Clan and Bull race's effects on these branch races is very big, Gasol on don’t know? If there is not had the support of branch race, Gasol feared that does not dare to move the rebellion, other first did not say that Yale teacher is your teacher this point Gasol is clear, the Sixth Brother had not been killed, Gasol thinks certainly that he had possibly found you, what matter you knew in the tribe to live, he also thinks that he will certainly look for Water Buffalo Clan, because Yale teacher comes Water Buffalo Clan, Water Buffalo Clan is the Prophet race, the influence to be huge, in this case, his possible measure to adopt? I looked now no matter goes to the Battle Qi cow to go to Water Buffalo Clan, feared that will be will not have the good result, Gasol might very much in halfway high grade you, direct rob and kill.” Wales they have gawked, they to have not thought of this point, exactly said that now Wales although has put down to show, however his is very at heart hot in a big way, this Gasol does was excessive, has murdered his father unexpectedly, the procedure of this refusing to acknowledge family, is really makes Wales from get angry at heart outward. Because of this, therefore he wants to give to chase off the stage Gasol in the shortest time, but he has actually forgotten, Gasol has such big movement, only depends on his in hand person can? Must know his father, but Patriarch, one in the clan has been the influence is biggest, now is plotted unexpectedly, if the Gasol back nobody supports is impossible to achieve. The Zhao Hai words make their true calm, Wales is in Beastman Race the unusual smart person, he was hated to the fainted brains, now was much better. Wales take deep breaths, has closed the eye, some little time opens, he nodded said : brothers, right that you said that I underestimated Gasol, this time we had suffered a loss before, but I feel somewhat strangely, Gasol this time motion style, does not look like with his beforehand working style, the here surface has certainly the strangeness.” Mendez suddenly said : has a matter my don’t know to be related with this time matter, has not moved the beforehand some time in Gasol, he with one group of Human Race Merchant communication intimate, you also has known, in the tribe Merchant with the matter that meets, is my work, but that several Human Race Merchant, this several times comes actually is Gasol personally receives, moreover each time they are round trip in a hurry, mysterious appearance.” Wales stares, then complexion changed said : „you are said that Gasol possibly did collude with these Human Race Merchant? Intoxicates to kill the father? Does he have that courage?” Mendez forced smile said : small seven, you have not found out the situation, since the father passes to you God Bullwhip, Gasol crazy, must know that God Bullwhip will pass generally only to the Patriarch successor, the father gives you God Bullwhip, had recognized on equal to you are the successor, Gasol know one did not have to hope, was he possibly resigned to be defeated? In this case, he does to have an accident not to be strange.” Wales complexion changes, then facial expression one gloomy, sighed, has not been saying anything. Yale said : has this possibility, if the Gasol back has Human Race really in the agitation, after he has the possibility really already has arranged, it seems like we cannot relate Water Buffalo Clan and Bull clan, do not forget, Grand Duke advocates peace four princesses also in the Bull clan, we must relate the Bull clan, that Gasol ahead of time has not arranged, immediately knows.” Yale said that also reasonable, Wales four Elder Sister married the Bull clan to go, but his Big Sister one did not like him with his sister likely, to with is very instead near, but his sister and his sister who Gasol followed were very good to him, if this time related the Bull clan, his Big Sister definitely knows that will tell when the time comes certainly Gasol, his plan was impossible to carry on.

Before Wales let out a long breath said : looks like me, was too simple, but fortunately, the plan that the matter thinks has not been conducted, like this was good, I thought that we look for some small tribes first, then in slowly carries on, I think that Gasol impossible to monitor all tribes?” Mendez and Yale have smiled, Gasol is not certainly fierce, no matter in fact Royal Family of that tribe, impossible to monitor all branch races, they do not have that many people, does not have that necessity. Zhao Hai smiles said : this to be also good, but Big Brother, do you have the person who can trust in the tribe, you best are relate these person, then makes them look up that several Human Race Merchant status, having a look at this matter to be related with that Human Race Merchant, if really related with that Human Race Merchant, can perhaps become your weapon, I think that they were impossible also to tie Beheading Blood Oath?” The Wales chuckle, nodded said : this I to arrange, but my under the hand/subordinate these person of Gasol knew that sending them to go back to court death, it seems like after can, looks for opportunity to be good, was right, Little Hai, you looked that we lead you to the domain of Bull clan, then you trade with the Bull clan, we mix, I want to see the sister, told certainly her the matter, perhaps she can help.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this not to have issue, so long as you not by person presently on line, but I think that following will not be peaceful these days, the Sixth Brother runs up to here to come, Gasol impossible sound of the wind/rumor unable to receive, I thought that you should early prepare.” Wales nodded, in saying anything, but has taken up Milk Wine on table, did!