Change of Chapter 257 Iron Mountain Fort The fluid of life is very famous on Continent, if makes the person know that Zhao Hai here has the fluid of inexhaustible life, that was certainly envied. However most makes Zhao Hai feel what is puzzled, what plants he has not heard on Continent some people's with the fluid of life to reactivate, was Space makes the fluid of life live variation? Zhao Hai looked at Yale to his person of small jar, this small jar be only the palm of the hand size, is a Little Bian bottle of square shape, looks like Zhao Hai on Earth has seen that Bian Bian small liquor pot, but on this small pot the face has filled the pattern, very beautiful. Laura look at this small pot said : this small pot looks like probably is a Elf clan does, a Elf clan deeply loves the nature, they have the extremely high request regarding the art, each does must achieve the essence also refinement, moreover many by some natural pattern give priority to, you look at the pattern on this small pot, is likely is some vines, moreover each leaf does very fine, the leaf vein is clearly discernible, moreover on this small pot, but also has Elf clan unique one type of Magic Formation, but why this Magic Formation is uses, I now. Returns don’t know.” Zhao Hai carefully looked at pattern on a small pot, truly very special, but had Magic Formation really his don’t know, Space these time has not transmitted the prompt sound, it seems like like did not have the Magic Formation appearance. However this non- pot to is really very fine, Zhao Hai likes very much, he shook the small pot gently, presently in small pot probably only then the fluid of half pot life, now the fluid of life regarding Zhao Hai, was not strange, therefore he turned on the small pot, drank the mouth the fluid of inside life, then mouth. The fluid of this life a flavor like ordinary clear water does not have, in this water includes the one type of very special flavor, said? That flavor a little looked like spring you to stand was just growing in forest of leaf, was very fresh, was very natural. Zhao Hai nodded said : this flavor really to be good, Laura, you also taste, was right, drank Space spring water to be OK directly.” Laura they with a smile have also complied with one, tastes this spring water, the flavor is really good, this light taste very suitable girl. Processed the fluid of life, Zhao Hai immediately brought Laura they to go to Ranch there, because Cai'er was Plant Sprite, therefore cannot manage Ranch there, Ranch there a lot must Zhao Hai process, now was good, had Mu'er join, Zhao Hai can Ranch there feel relieved made Mu'er manage. Several people arrive at Ranch there, Zhao Hai let the Mu'er familiar environment, then starts to manage Ranch, actually Zhao Hai such does is unnecessary, reason that his don’t know, Mu'er meets appears , because his material is special. Those who manufacture the God Bullwhip whip body is by Gold Essence, Mithril, with several muscles of Advanced level Magic Beast, but the whip is actually a soul bone. Soul bone thing is very rare on Continent, can say that the person on Continent to him did not have what understanding, initially to manufacture the person of this whip, the soul bone that also obtains, his don’t know this Bone is useful, but he this Bone is very presently special, is very hard, therefore he brought to make whip this soul bone.

However what his don’t know is, the soul bone also has the one type of special ability, can be used for the seal soul, the seal soul is, one by the soul of dead person, the seal in the soul bone, the soul of such this person will not vanish, in appropriate opportunity, found an appropriate status, in extracts the soul, puts in the new body, this person resurrected on equal to. However has not existed in Ark Continent here this Magic, because Ark Continent here that one type of Magic Beast cannot produce the living souls bone, therefore the people do not have regarding a soul bone cognition. Actually the soul bone also has another one type of ability, is he can have the a little bit intelligence slowly, but that cannot be called the soul, because was too small and weak. However regarding Space, soul bone looks like blank computer, now is unusable, so long as he toward some inside join procedures, this computer can operate normally, because of the modification of Space, therefore Mu'er appears . Because Mu'er equal to is Space makes, Space thought that he suits manages Ranch, naturally the Ranch there form one and input gives Mu'er, now understanding of Mu'er Ranch, crosses Zhao Hai, simply has not needed to be familiar with any environment. although said Cai'er, no matter Ranch here matter, Mu'er cannot control the Farm matter, Zhao Wen cannot control the matters of these two places, however their three can come and go out in these two places freely, especially lively Cai'er, is continuously with the place Mu'er side, teases him, looked like had found a child of new toy. explain/transfer ended the Ranch matter, Zhao Hai their returned to Iron Mountain Fort, now Green they in Iron Mountain Fort there, without matter time, Green they did not like in Space, Karen has set up Laboratory in Iron Mountain Fort there. The people live in groups animal after all, they need to carry on communicate with other people, but Green and Kun age is similar, the experience is also similar, therefore their getting along well, now Zhao Hai they in Beastman Prairie there also nothing, therefore they basically are the nest in Iron Mountain Fort here, carries on a better understanding to Iron Mountain Fort, to help them be possible better turns into them Iron Mountain Fort here importantly is also the stablest base. These two brilliant old person very clear, no matter Zhao Hai they arrive at there, Black Wasteland here is their roots, here is also the Buda Family show basic is. Space can provide the help for them, but, if Zhao Hai not, that Buda Family by what? Must depend on Black Wasteland here, only then understood here every bit of property, can better was used. Zhao Hai their returned to Iron Mountain Fort time, Green they are not, is not at Merine, asked Blockhead, Blockhead said that their three old person looked at tarn. Zhao Hai and Laura they also went to tarn there, has not actually seen Merine they, Zhao Hai has not worried, now Black Wasteland here very safe, Merine they will not have an accident, possibly went to other place. Zhao Hai they returned to Iron Mountain Fort here, in all directions looked, but also becomes, hits the rice mill normal operation, the oil pressing plant in the normal operation , is also very good, that two Argali that Blue Eye Rabbit there raises also raised very lively, does not have an appearance of falling ill, all are very normal.

Outside castle weather although somewhat changed cold, but in the castle does not have a point to change the cold meaning, because there is rainbow colored existence, now the temperature in castle is very high. Because the weather changes cold, the lands of outside these improvements have not been able in planting, even if were the canyon is good the corn also to receive, but Zhao Hai to had a new idea, he made Cai'er divide a branching toward canyon there, such canyon there temperature was high, the there land can plant again. Must say that now Iron Mountain Fort here also is really very busy, besides that two gathering places, Iron Mountain Fort here several pairs of new people have married, naturally, according to the convention, Zhao Hai has held the wedding to these pairs of new people, marriage certificate, restored their commoner status. Zhao Hai does not want to make these slaves for a lifetime maintain the status of slave, an influence only depends on slave cannot support, therefore Zhao Hai did not mind that makes these slaves restore the commoner status. Zhao Hai was not worried to restore their commoner status, these slaves met leave here, they cannot walk, moreover on them had the mark of slave, leave Black Wasteland here, nobody has met recognize their commoner status, they will be regarded the slave to grasp. These slaves are also very satisfied, because Zhao Hai not only restored their commoner status, but also apportions their land, helping them settle down, but also helps Zhao Hai work, currently also has money to spend, naturally, they have the foodgrain and dish now, needs to spend, but the price is very low, they can definitely save to be up money to come, buys thing that some daily necessities and some they like. Now Iron Mountain Fort here has established the first store, the Bana free market, has person look at in here, this person is the chrysanthemum. This market is city style design of Zhao Hai on according to Earth, every day Blockhead with Stone, will make some slaves make up the goods to city here, but when draw time, only then a chrysanthemum person looks at the shop in here, no matter the slave or commoner, can buy thing to here, naturally, the charge is also same, the chrysanthemum is only the in front of the door there charge of store, therefore buys the thing person, is taking liking thing by oneself, then to chrysanthemum there payment. Regarding such store, Laura has not heard, she thinks that this loses thing opportunity to the person completely, but Zhao Hai such did. But makes Laura be what is surprised, the store from opening the door to the present, has not lost same thing, that feared that is a needle has not lost. Not only this makes Laura be surprised, makes Zhao Hai be surprised, he has not thought , the person who these slaves and just restored the commoner status, will really have such high consciousness. What Zhao Hai don’t know is, because he has given these slaves money, restored their commoner status, therefore they will not steal thing, regarding these slaves, can like the normal person buys thing, is one type of is happy, before they want to buy did not have opportunity, now had opportunity, they will certainly not miss. Zhao Hai constructs this store to not to make money, he hopes commoner in his territory, can on the life of normal person, buy thing, sells thing, these are the matters that a normal person can handle, he does not hope these people in own territory, although is going against the commoner status, day still likely slave who crosses. Currently Iron Mountain Fort here also really had an appearance of castle, some slave who after hitting the rice mill and oil pressing plant goes to work gets off work, will arrive at various places of castle to stroll, or several people sit in together chat, the day passes is very comfortable.

In present the situation regarding the castle, Zhao Hai is very satisfied, he knows the change must bit by bit comes, if he just came to the castle time, wants to achieve this degree that is impossible, but does now actually successes when conditions are ripe. Zhao Hai and Laura they sit in the living room in castle, Laura looked at all around one, smiles said : to speak the truth, I like here, because here makes me have the feeling of one type of.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to be natural, here all thing, are you arranges, you will certainly have this type to feel, he he, don’t know Grandfather Kun did they do.” Laura smiles said : to be all right, Grandfather Kun they said that looked tarn certainly was looks at tarn, I thought how long they possibly were look at this tarn, the origin in there, they want to understand Black Wasteland here as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : I to hear that they good to want in the picture map, must here mountain range direction, what terrain on the mountain be, around this all, want the detailed picture to come out, he he, here is our families, we should understand well.” In this time, outside is broadcasting the Kun sound, Zhao Hai they have stood hastily, Kun, Green, Merine from outside straight, sees Zhao Hai, three people stare, then Green shows a faint smile said : today to come back is so early? What matter lived?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to have, nothing, but the matter early had finished up, therefore we came back.” After several people sit down, Laura they the fresh matter told Green them these two days, Green their static is listening, they have not thought really that this such two days, Prairie there unexpectedly had these many matters. When continuously Laura they said that Green frowns said : Young Master, have you carried on Beheading Blood Oath with these Wales really? Was this too crude?” Zhao Hai forced smile said : this does not have the matter of means that if at that time I did not comply, then has also malingered with the cooperation of Wales, currently the Prairie there big tribe, has almost oneself long-term collaboration Merchant, we could not meddle, if gave up this opportunity, we in the Prairie there business, when don’t know can succeed, therefore I want to bet.” Kun to is agreed that Zhao Hai such procedure, he nodded said : I to think right that Little Hai makes, status of Hercules Tauren Clan on Prairie is not low, general War Clan does not dare to be unreasonable to them, even if these Advanced level War Clan, to a Hercules Tauren Clan several points of face, if we can draw in relationship with them, this very much has the advantage to us in the Prairie there business, moreover before this Beheading Blood Oath me, has heard, that is one of pledges Beastman most regards as important, Wales dares under pledge like this, on explaining him to evil intention, this on was enough.” Zhao Hai nodded, was saying anything, suddenly complexion changed said : we must go back, just Undead Creature saw Blood Hawk came back the signalling, possibly had any matter to live, we must go back to have a look.” Said that he after Green they said goodbye, is leading Laura their returned to camp on Prairie.