The strength of Chapter 258 war Zhao Hai and Laura their appears in the tent, immediately walked from the tent, airborne Blood Hawk is really circling. The movement of Zhao Hai careful look at hawk, some little time he said : some people came to the side, the population 2000, mostly are Tauren Clan Cavalry, oh, do they have Space Scouts probably?” Laura they stare, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turns the head to smile said : Blood Hawk to have two flight hawk beasts to help that team of Cavalry probably, it seems like these time comes to us, I inform Big Brother, you also make to prepare.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai actually half step walks toward Wales camp. Wales they are also resting, now the day soon was black, they impossible to hurry along in dark sky/Hei Tian, therefore drinks up the liquor after Zhao Hai, their returned to in the tent has rested. Today although they drink are not many, but they had some feeling of being drunk, because of their is sad, person when sad, drinking is very easy to be drunk. Wales now is not a little sober, although these days he does not have any fight, but he actually felt that he is very probably tired, is the heart is tired, he felt really tired, therefore lay on the bed, was adding on the stimulation of spirit, before long he fell asleep. However fell asleep equal to not to rest soundly, Wales was having a dream, was the nightmare, his dream to own father, his father has made Wales revenge for him, before long the dream to Gasol, Gasol has been chasing down him, therefore he rested was not good. But person who at this time Zhao Hai actually arrived at camp outside, camp outside although had Hercules Tauren Clan is defending, but these people saw Zhao Hai time has not stopped, but in abundance salutes to Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai present status changed, he is Wales Brother Blood Oath. Quick Zhao Hai arrived at outside the Wales tent, outside the Wales tent only then a person is defending, this person is actually not guard Wales, but supplies Wales to direct when necessary. That person looked at Zhao Hai to come, saluted to Zhao Hai hastily, Zhao Hai nodded, but he has not entered the tent, but was look at that person of said : Big Brother is doing?” That guard quickly said: Young Lord is resting.” Zhao Hai nod said : goes to call Big Brother, I had the important matter to say that was quick, in any event must call Big Brother.” That person looks at the Zhao Hai serious appearance, does not dare to neglect, ran in the tent hastily.

At this time Mendez and Yale also heard the Zhao Hai words, walked out from their tents, they may not have to fall asleep like Wales, they have not rested. They come out to look standing that a Zhao Hai face worries in Wales in front of the door, they cannot help but stares, then Yale complexion changes, nearby arriving Zhao Hai of half step said : Little Hai, did What happened? have an accident? Was the grain has an accident?” Now Yale most cares is the grain question, therefore looks at Zhao Hai complexion, he thinks that was the grain has an accident. He such asked that also made Mendez anxious, his very clear, now Zhao Hai in hand grain for them how important, therefore one hear of Yale said that he was also anxious. Zhao Hai shook the head said : is not, is other matter.” He just said that listens to Little Hai of Wales said : in the tent, any matter, comes in quickly.” Zhao Hai they nodded to Yale, entered the tent, they hastily in behind. Wales just got up, is drinking water, he felt that his head is somewhat painful, Zhao Hai half step arrives around him said : Big Brother, having the enemy must come, the population 2000, are Tauren Clan Cavalry.” Wales they stare, then puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looks at their appearances, knows that they want to know his information came from there, Zhao Hai quickly said: Big Brother, how you have forgotten, I have Imaginary Beast Hawk, he can carry on Space scout, was just information that hawk passed on, the opposite party not, only then 2000 people, two flight Magic Beast carried on Space scout to them, if were not high, possibly by their flight Magic Beast that my Imaginary Beast Hawk flew present.” One hear of Zhao Hai said that Wales cannot help but complexion did change said : you says opposite party two flight Magic Beast?” Zhao Hai nodded. Wales complexion sank said : they to come, it seems like came with the Sixth Brother.” Mendez was also calm the face to nod said : I to underestimate Gasol, it seems like his back had the person of high skill , will otherwise not find out such full intent.” Zhao Hai puzzled look at they, Yale saw the doubts on Zhao Hai face, his calm said : Gasol has raised two flight Magic Beast, this is on Prairie everybody knows that he has carried on the training of long time to that two Magic Beast, that two Magic Beast can for his scout, trace the enemy with him, Gasol relying on these two Magic Beast, was Hercules Tauren Clan has contributed to many meritorious military service.” Zhao Hai nodded, he turns the head Big Brother not to need to be worried to Wales said : that my this made my Phantasmal Beast abandoning his two Magic Beast.” Wales stares, then shook the head said : not to want, Little Hai, your Phantasmal Beast will not be his Magic Beast match, his two Magic Beast will be the heterogeneous Magic Beast roaring flame bird, the strength can compare with 5th level Magic Beast fully.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turn around walked tent, the tent, Zhao Hai has hit to howl, before long in sky flew five Blood Hawk, these five Blood Hawk were Zhao Hai release of secretly from Space comes actually, he just did just puts on an act, did not make Wales they get suspicious. Blood Hawk of Zhao Hai to sky has gesticulated, that five Blood Hawk immediately keenly blowing, fly toward the distant place, among in the blink of an eye vanished in sky. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at one Wales their said : Big Brother feel relieved, a while they will come back, moreover I gave their order am, must live.” Wales stares, then face shocking look at Zhao Hai said : I said the brothers, you actually said that can live? Do you know don’t know that difficultly? That is 5th level Magic Beast.” Zhao Hai smiles said : just right, I am the first time meet the flame bird, grasps to give my family's elder research, hey, or do we roast what kind of?” Wales smiles, then shook the head, looks at Zhao Hai said : I to say the brothers, I really more and more cannot understand you now, you really such confident?” Mendez and Yale also look at Zhao Hai, their very clear, on Continent regarding the appraisal of Phantasmal Beast, universal is inferior to Magic Beast to be high, Phantasmal Beast does not hit Magic Beast, this on Continent is the general knowledge, Zhao Hai copes with two Magic Beast with five Phantasmal Beast, such big confidence, this really a little leaves their imagination. Zhao Hai looked at several people of one, showed a faint smile said : not to need to be worried, how we think to deal with that 2000 people, they in having about two hours can arrive at our here, we were walk or fight with them.” Wales has gawked, then said : two hours, now runs, feared that is presently is also given to overtake by them, it seems like can only fight, but we will have 400 people.” Mendez calm face said : this, small seven, you lead 100 guards to walk first, I keep here to constrain them, can drag how long to tow how long, your immediately you go to the domain of other clan to hide some time first, waits for after a period of time you, relates these branch races, finding the way to cope with Gasol.” Wales look at Mendez, he knows that Mendez such does, was wants to sacrifice itself, helped him, regarding Mendez this procedure, he was very affected, but he actually cannot make Mendez such do. Yale to is results in procedure with Desire Sect, the Mendez prestige and call in Hercules Tauren Clan does not have Wales to be so high, Wales can cope with Gasol, because before him, is the Patriarch candidate, but Mendez is actually not.

The present situation, making Wales walk first, has left behind a hope of revenging on equal to, if Wales also remains, they could die to want here, anything hoped not to have. Appearance that Zhao Hai looks at three people of parting forever, was really don’t know must say any good, he had flexure to scratch the head said : my although not to sabotage this atmosphere, but I have saying that probably the strength of our war.” The Wales three people stare, look at Zhao Hai that then turns the head to decide, Zhao Hai has said : I to mean that we have strength of the war, now our in camp has 400 guards, is adding on my in hand Undead Creature, we should be able to deal with Gasol carries on is right.” Wales stares with Yale, then their immediately has thought Zhao Hai these Undead Creature, Zhao Hai these Undead Creature are very strong, is strong, tidies up these Jackal Race people to resemble chop vegetables cut melon same easy. Zhao Hai look at several people of said : I presently in hand has various Undead Creature about 4000, if adding on your in hand these guards, the self-preservation should not have the issue.” Zhao Hai presently in hand actually more than 5000 Undead Creature, originally in these Magic Beast Undead Creature that Black Wasteland there receives, afterward these human-shape Undead Creature, adding on Prairie here on these Jackal Race Undead Creature that received, in addition crosses 5000. Wales one hear of Zhao Hai said that also has gawked, then his two eyes flashes said : brothers, do you really have 4000 Undead Creature? Their are fighting strength what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : also becomes, about equivalent to humanity the level of 6th level soldier.” His such saying, Wales they cannot help but have held breath a cold air, Undead Creature of 4000 equivalent to humanity 6th level soldier levels, what concept is that? That is must be more difficult than to deal with the true 4000 human 6th level soldiers, because Undead Creature does not fear the pain, does not fear death, the don’t know fear, forever will not flinch. Wales suddenly laughed, goes forward to grasp Zhao Hai said : HaHaHa, my good brothers, not to have thought really that your strength so will be unexpectedly strong, good, fantastic, we in here , etc. they, I to have a look, this did Gasol meet after the wedding from coming.”