Chapter 259 forwards, is forwarding Yale and on the Mendez face has also shown the smiling face, they thought the Brother Blood Oath who now Wales recognizes were really too cost-effective, not only in hand had large quantities of grain, such strong fighting strength, this really left their imagination. Wales lets loose Zhao Hai said : brothers, you now are my Blood Oath brother disciple , helping me, other people could not say anything to come, HaHaHa, your feel relieved gang Elder Brother I snatched the Patriarch position.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I to hope not to hit, now hits to live to kill, finally death Hercules Tauren Clan person, if the Hercules Tauren Clan person casualty are too many, to other races with may the opportunity of name.” The smiling face on Wales face vanished, he nodded said : because has this worry, therefore I had not spelled with Gasol hardly, has not actually thought that he such will do unexpectedly, he was too ruthless.” Nod of Zhao Hai not bears, this Gasol does suffices really certainly, killed own father unexpectedly, although said that this matter Zhao Hai heard, but has not actually thought the one day of this matter to live in own side, this feeling said, very held the egg. Mendez patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : to be good, do not think that many, if Gasol colluded to plot to murder the father with these Human Race Merchant, he did not match, when Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, we must prepare, I think that my Blood Hawk also soon came back.” He just said that in sky transmitted two Hawk Cry, Zhao Hai they have looked up, sky fair and honest had five Blood Hawk slowly flew, four Blood Hawk were divided into two groups, on the claw of every two Blood Hawk the claw flight Magic Beast, that two flight Magic Beast obviously have not been dying, sometimes will also struggle, actually could not work loose the claw of Blood Hawk. Wales has not thought that Zhao Hai Phantasmal Beast such quickly that two Magic Beast grasping, Zhao Hai did not have what accident, must know that just minimum had 50 Blood Hawk in attack that two roaring flame birds, if could not have grabbed the opposite party, that Zhao Hai surely gave to cook all Blood Hawk. Zhao Hai beckoned with the hand, that five Blood Hawk immediately come down from the sky, these five Blood Hawk fall, Wales they felt place that does not suit. These five Blood Hawk are height more than 2 meters, god handsome overwhelming powers, look around in blaze, there likely is Phantasmal Beast, returns Magic Beast compared with Magic Beast simply.

The under feet of four Blood Hawk, are stepping on two big birds, the builds of these two big birds do not have Blood Hawk to be so huge, but is not small, the height looks like more than one meter, the wing has opened, almost about five meters, what most important is their tail, their tail horses are very long, particularly three tail plumes, each almost more than three meters are long, fiery-red, is very attractive. The feathers of these two birds are not the red, but is the pale blue, the head one like the imperial crown same small thin feather, the body was not having Blood Hawk to be so strong steadily, but the line is smooth, if his flying in the sky, looks certainly like the advantage arrow that flies to the feeling of person. On these two flamingos was injured, the feather was grasped scattered about, the wing also hidden sees the bloodstain, is very obvious, Blood Hawk will be impolite, Zhao Hai gives their order is grasps lives, did not say that cannot injure them. Zhao Hai looked at these two small bird curiously, he from Blood Hawk there knows that these two small bird is quick, fighting strength is greatly strengthened, not only they Fire element Magic Beast, but is Magic Beast of wind fire two departments, is quick, the attack strength is fierce, if Zhao Hai to not have sent 50 Blood Hawk safely, but also cannot grasp them. Zhao Hai carefully looked at that two flamingo one, this turns the head look at Wales said : Big Brother, is these two?” Wales knows the meaning of Zhao Hai, but he now look at that five hawks, too the god was handsome, this there likely is Phantasmal Beast, if Phantasmal Beast so is strong, that Magic Beast already should leave the stage. Now one hear of Zhao Hai such asked that Wales cannot help but looked down that two roaring flame bird one, not wrong, that two that Gasol raised, Gasol to these two roaring flame birds, but serious of treasure, personal feeding, never made others meddle every day, if anybody dares to touch these two birds, his immediately will get angry, but he often put up these two birds to show off in others' front, hating the person tooth to be itchy. Now look at these two lie down on the ground, is similar to acute communicable disease chicken same small bird, Wales really has the feeling that one type of wants to laugh, these two birds can be said as Gasol establish the huge meritorious military service most important helper, now Zhao Hai one these two birds abandoning, him compared with everyone happy. Wales nodded said : right, is these two birds, good youngster, you to give to capture alive them unexpectedly, I said the brothers, won't you plan to roast one really?” Zhao Hai and Mendez they laughs, Zhao Hai look at his said : „my gives up, later, when I raise several, when the time comes we roast ten, eats five, throws five, HaHaHa.”

Wales they have also smiled, Zhao Hai actually received that two roaring flame birds, then turned the head to look at that five Blood Hawk, nodded, to Wales said : Big Brother, these five Blood Hawk delivered give you, later they were your airborne Scouts.” Wales stares, he to these five Blood Hawk is envying, but he has not wanted, in his opinion these five Blood Hawk fighting strength are so strong, to Zhao Hai help even bigger. Wales quickly said: No the brothers, these Blood Hawk are remaining to you, you remain are being more useful.” Zhao Hai smiles said : feel relieved Big Brother, these Blood Hawk I can also raise, moreover my Phantasmal Beast is different from other Phantasmal Beast, my Phantasmal Beast can like Magic Beast, oneself hunt, you can also feed their some mutton or the beef, looks like feeds Magic Beast to be the same, does not use you too many hearts.” Wales stares, then how many only Blood Hawk said : looked at that I to say the brothers, was your this Magic Beast or Phantasmal Beast? How can also such feed? No wonder their long is so strong.” Zhao Hai one hear of Wales said that cannot help but laughs, Beastman sometimes is very strange, they looked the person must first have a look at this person long is strong, a stronger person they more thinks you to be fierce, looks at Magic Beast is also same. Zhao Hai turns the head to see your Master to that five Blood Hawk said :, that is my Big Brother, is obedient.” That five Blood Hawk nodded, has arrived at Wales gradually behind, first time saw that this scene Wales they give to be startled one. Wales look at that five stand in his behind Blood Hawk, muttered said : this is Phantasmal Beast, Phantasmal Beast such intelligent?” Mendez and Yale do not speak, to be honest, they have not seen that person to use Phantasmal Beast to the present. Zhao Hai smiled said : to result in Big Brother, let alone these useless, has a bit faster prepared, these people may soon come, what to do do you plan? Directly with them face-to-face?” Wales must recover by Zhao Hai words certain, he looks at right that Zhao Hai said : you said that Brother, I must with them face-to-face, Brother, Beastman Race is different from Human Race, Beastman Race despises the coward, if I do not dare to face Gasol today, I lost with the qualifications that he compares.” Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, since he must fight, we fight with them, I call now all Undead Creature, gives you strong momentum, this time war, should better do not hit, otherwise the loss of Hercules Tauren Clan was too big.” The meaning of Wales understand Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai wants to frighten Gasol in this way, making Gasol not dare to move heedlessly, otherwise they will be impolite.

Wales does not think that these time hits, hits the loss is the Hercules Tauren Clan strengths, this is Wales most does not like seeing. Wales nodded said : my brother, you are right, good, release your Undead Creature army, making Elder Brother I also experience.” Zhao Hai laughs, meets to begin to wield, large quantities of Undead Creature have braved baseless, but Zhao Hai has not shone all Undead Creature, he had revealed these Jackal Race people, Drunk they, in adding on Zhao Ga their attack his these mercenary and their these Carlos under the hand/subordinate, is these Magic Beast that grasps from Black Wasteland, like this on 4000 numbers, the Radiant Church that time attack their people, Zhao Hai simply had not moved likely. However this lineup has sufficed scary, the middle is a batch Magic Beast Undead Creature army, two wings are Jackal Race Undead Creature Light Cavalry, latter is the Human Race Undead Creature army, these army toward a there station, but also very throws a bluff on. For does not make these Beastman misunderstand, Zhao Hai has not let these Undead Creature by Zombie image appears , but stands by the appearance of skeleton in there, this big piece of skeleton suddenly has emitted the ground, that scene also is really very terrifying. Wales look at these skeleton army, happy by, him has not thought at heart really that their Brother Blood Oath can oneself such big help, have this Brother Blood Oath join unexpectedly, his strength increases, look at these skeleton army, Wales complete trust, even if meets the tough head-on with toughness he not to fear with Gasol. Wales arrives at the Zhao Hai side, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, anything had not said that Zhao Hai understand, Wales has actually borne in mind his benevolence, great kindness did not say thanks, Wales now is this. Looked that Zhao Hai here prepared, Wales did not have to say anything, he called all guards, 400 Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, stood in the Wales opposite, look at that decided he, Wales was their kings, they were waiting for the order. They can guess, who this time enemy is, but they did not regret that regarding Beastman, has not regretted a saying, regrets to represent the betrayal, they will only listen to the order, takes up weapon, follows in their kings behind, forwards, is forwarding!