Chapter 260 Hercules Tauren Clan situation Following that Wales look at these have no complain and regret in his soldier, at heart very excited, on Beastman Prairie, if you are not a qualified leader, that is nobody is willing to follow your, ordinary Beastman also has to choose the authority of king. appears on Prairie such situation, Patriarch of tribe has been incompetent, therefore the people in his tribe go to him in abundance, finally this tribe vanished on Prairie. Now his situation is not quite good, Gasol already control entire Hercules Tauren Clan, his these under the hand/subordinate family members in Gasol in hand, if his these under the hand/subordinate are not the sincerity follows him, had the possibility to him very much. Now these people remained, Wales is very affected, his calm look at these people, then deep voice said : brothers, in the clan lived anything, everyone/Great Clan knew, your family members still in the clan, you can also keep my side, my happy, the enemy came very much now, in one hour, their appears in our front, our retreat, the Hercules Tauren Clan soldier never will not have met retreat, now, the brothers, ride your cow, takes up your axes, follows in my behind, is known by our enemies, We are the Hercules Tauren Clan strongest soldiers!” The Wales words not shouting oneself hoarse like others, conversely, calm that very he said that seemed like sinking to state a fact, but these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers were very excited, they have complied with one loudly, ran to take up own weapon, pulled own Mount. Wales has not managed these people, but turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : brothers, do you also want to go with our together? Are you ride a horse or go by car?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, shook the head said : not, Big Brother, I am better.” Said that his hand moves, Alien appears in his nearby. The appearance of look at Alien overwhelming power, Wales somewhat is also curious, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, before arriving at the mouth of Alien, to Wales said : comes Big Brother, drinks two cups of sub with me.” Said that walked from the mouth of Alien.

Wales they also very curious followed Zhao Hai, before long several people arrived at that Space of Alien within the body, now the Space of Alien within the body changed greatly, Laura has carried on some transform to this Space, entire Space made that is the same with Laura that horse carriage, inside is putting several boxes, these boxes can also regard the stool to use similarly, in the box is putting some quilts and so on thing, the middle position is also putting a box, this box is divided into two lowly, bottommost one layer is a cold-storageroom, can be used for frozen thing, above. In one layer thinks of some to be possible sub and so on thing, is placed one tea set in the above of box, most is one with the Magic furnace that Magic Crystal drives, can boil water. Wales they look at all these, they really have not thought that in this Undead Creature within the body, unexpectedly is different. Zhao Hai look at their several people show a faint smile said : to sit Big Brother, can drink one cup?” Wales sat, has sized up all around one, two eyes said : here is really then good, can see outside unexpectedly, is really a good place, teacher, I looked that a while you were good because of here with Little Hai, outside matter I solve.” Yale to had not opposed that he smiled said : also well, sits is also good in here, you also exit to prepare, I think that Gasol they also soon came.” Wales nodded, looked at Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, one if hits, your also non- important passenger moves, begins directly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Big Brother feel relieved, I will be impolite, you go quickly, perhaps they now soon have traced.” Wales nodded, turn around walked from Alien within the body, Mendez also followed, Zhao Hai and Yale stayed in Alien within the body, Laura they kept the Zhao Hai side, these grain car(riage)s also stop outside have not moved.

Zhao Hai to Yale one cup of sub, this said : Yale mister, you have thought but actually this time can hit? Gasol sees our such weaponry, should not begin?” Yale actually shook the head said : not necessarily, Gasol is a very extremely arrogant person, he easily will not give up, now he biggest a piece worry was Wales, so long as can kill Wales, he can complete control Hercules Tauren Clan, although say so many Undead Creature, but Undead Creature did not place in the Beastman Race eye generally, because in the Beastman Race eye, Undead Creature fighting strength was not strong, they do not think that your Undead Creature will have is so strong, therefore this time Gasol will begin possibly.” Zhao Hai nodded, to be honest, he does not want to begin, he does not fear the murder, from him to Ark Continent to the present, the person of homicide also had been many, but the person of this homicide is actually the Hercules Tauren Clan person. If the person loss of Hercules Tauren Clan is too big, the status on Beastman Prairie will reduce, this may not have what advantage regarding him. Beastman Prairie here does not look other, only looks at the strength, your strength suffices, you can be respected, your strength is not strong, that sorry, even if before you, is very useless, the people will not give you face. However no matter what, came under attack must hit back, does not hit back is not the Zhao Hai style, moreover Wales they have decided such to do, he also has anything to say. Did Zhao Hai sigh said : „I am some understand, Gasol that does not want to obtain that Patriarch position? If he spells with Big Brother really hardly, finally died many people, that Hercules Tauren Clan status will reduce, what advantage does this have to him? Moreover that position that this time he after harming his father obtained, he now the reputation on Prairie is not certainly good, this to him is very disadvantageous, hasn't these he considered?” Yale sighed said : you not to understand Gasol, Gasol was a very arrogant person, his being proud, thinks that own ability was very strong, he was a war hysteria, can say, if were not his such temperament, Wales will not struggle the position of this Patriarch with him, because of me with Wales very clear, one, but made Gasol become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, that war will be inevitable.” Speaking of here, Yale also sighs said : not to look that now Hercules Tauren Clan is very probably formidable, but some people are provoking now Hercules Tauren Clan, did not say others, was only the Bull clan is unbearable.”

Zhao Hai stares, he knows that the Bull clan is the large clan in Tauren Clan, moreover with relationship of Hercules Tauren Clan or relations by marriage, Yale also says the Bull clan now in provocative Hercules Tauren Clan? Yale look at Zhao Hai said : in Beastman Race, each Royal Family position of large clan is not fixed, if your strength suffices, you are Royal Family, conversely, if your strength is weak, you do not match are Royal Family, Hercules Tauren Clan these years under the leadership of old Patriarch, the eastern expedition west fights, the although victory is very good, however the Hercules Tauren Clan strength also lost much, now should rest and build up strength, if at this time in having a warhawk, when Patriarch, that Hercules Tauren Clan will be will not stop the war, when the time comes feared that will be the loss can even bigger.” Speaking of here, Yale stopped, has drunk a sub, this then said : „, but the Bull clan force War Clan in Tauren Clan, their was also strong, super strong, especially their charges, even if did not drop the wind with the Hercules Tauren Clan positive hedge, was a very fearful race, the Bull clan by top ten minute of combative, therefore their strengths were not very strong, but the Patriarch of their present is different from other's Bull clan, now this Patriarch of Bull clan, is not a very combative person, these year they have rested and built up strength., Under the strength compared with former much better, this has disappeared other rises, now the Hercules Tauren Clan this Royal Family position was not a little steady, old Patriarch saw this point, therefore he his four daughters, married the Bull clan, was thinks the way that grounded married made the Bull clan honest, but was very obvious, the effect of such making was not very good, was for this reason, therefore the Hercules Tauren Clan war recent reduced slowly, entered the recreation time, but Gasol actually thinks this was old Patriarch was old, lost the ambition, therefore to old Patriarch was. Has discontented, old Patriarch to Gasol such idea felt that very disappointed, can Patriarch of big race, how regard not to see to own threat? For this reason, therefore old Patriarch wants to pass to Wales the Patriarch position, Wales is not a militant person, moreover his very intelligent, hands over in his hand Hercules Tauren Clan, old Patriarch can feel relieved.” Zhao Hai has not thought really that the struggle of this time Patriarch, inside actually is also containing these many thing, unexpectedly also relationship to the entire Hercules Tauren Clan future. Yale sighs said : today's this weaponry, if hits, Hercules Tauren Clan also don’t know must die many people, the person who dying are more, the loss of Hercules Tauren Clan is bigger, this Royal Family position sits is not steady, what a pity, Gasol cannot see this point, the conceited fellow, has thought Hercules Tauren Clan is invincible, he has also regarded the Bull clan is a good person, had not actually seen the good person who his eyes listen to is saving the strength, prepares to knock down him.” Speaking of on the face of here Yale to reveal color of the taunt, the person who he taunted naturally was Gasol, depending on Gasol such person, how can lead Hercules Tauren Clan direction to be bright, this was Yale fully supports the Wales reason. Zhao Hai in time sighing, what he knows about the Hercules Tauren Clan matter was too few, but regarding Gasol such person, he could not have gotten used to seeing, to reach the point resorted to all means that he to had has worked as the method of superior, has not actually worked as the vision of superior, finally can only be a tragedy.