Chapter 261 with other [say / way], but also body The hōng lóng lóng hoofbeat, broke the peace on Prairie, lets the setting sun on Prairie, quickened the whereabouts step, he possibly does not want to see this brothers remnant. Wales static sitting on own Mount, he has not put on leather armor, only wears a cotton robe, the big axe inserts on his nearby meadow. Mendez also with the Wales similar appearance, his big axe takes in hand, 400 Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, dispel certainly, stand at their back, in hand of all people are taking weapon, their are Zhao Hai Undead Creature army. In the horizon of distant place appears black line, has been similar to the tide general wells up toward their here, Wales narrowed the eye gently, quick returned to normal, but Mendez they actually made an effort has gotten hold of own weapon. Quick, hoofbeat even bigger, the earth was shivering because of this hoofbeat probably, but this they any influence regarding Wales, they static standing in there, Wales even gently has not closed the eye. Some little time hoofbeat getting closer and closer, slowly also slow, Wales knows that Gasol is not far from them, his then calm has opened the eye. Now the setting sun has soon set, although to leaving them is too not far, but he cannot see clearly the appearance of opposite party, along with opposite party getting closer and closer, Wales also gradually saw clearly the opposite party, not wrong, is Gasol. However makes Wales be what is surprised, with person who in Gasol comes, the Hercules Tauren Clan person are not many, has about 500 people, but the remaining people unexpectedly all are the people of Bull clan. Wales making to be shocked by at present this strange phenomenon, why came the people of these many Bull clans? What's all this about? In this time, Mendez light snort|hum said : „, Little Hai has not spoken incorrectly, Gasol had the support of Bull clan, no wonder he has such big courage, this idiot.” Wales understand Mendez this saying is any meaning, regarding the Bull clan, in Hercules Tauren Clan two manner, the one type is very pro- secret, another one type of is actually secret guarding, the former is Gasol their manner, the latter is Wales and his father's manner.

A Wales very clear Bull clan to their threats, looked that now Gasol gets the people of these many Bull clans to cope with him, is air/Qi really clenches teeth, now reason that he suspects Gasol dares such tackled his father, the back possibly is the idea that the people of Bull clan give. Deeply has attracted several tones, Wales calm slowly, but at this time Gasol they also went to Wales front about 100 meters places, stopped slowly. although Gasol they have 2000 people, but these 2000 people may all be tall Beastman Race, therefore distant seems, a dense big piece, does not have the boundary to be the same probably. Zhao Hai also saw Gasol they, but he has not noted Gasol they, but noted to follow in Gasol these people of their side. With side these people in Gasol is also Tauren Clan one type of, this point can look from their heads, they are also growing big Ox-head, what is different from Hercules Tauren Clan that smooth skin, this Tauren Clan, on their faces has been covered with the black short wool, two ox horn and Hercules Tauren Clan, Hercules Tauren Clan ox horn general is not straight, but this Tauren race, their ox horn are actually curved, moreover is not long, looks like looks like two dagger. Is sizing up that he has not seen Tauren in Zhao Hai, Yale coldly snorted said : „the good Bull clan, is really they are actually supporting Gasol.” Zhao Hai immediately understand, these he had not seen Tauren, unexpectedly is the Bull clans, Zhao Hai puzzled look at Yale said : Yale mister, before Big Brother, is not also wants to have the support of Bull clan, then chases off the stage Gasol? Now looks like probably is the Bull clan to be how better with Gasol relationship a little?” Yale sighed said : actually the Bull clan also to be divided into two schools, one school is that school of present Bull clan Patriarch leadership, they with are very near, but this school of also Grand Duke that Gasol walked advocated peace the place that four princesses married, but another school was actually by one school of Bull clan West King leadership, their this school with is nearer, Second princesses and Third Princess that old Patriarch and Wales Young Master walked married to this send, before , Young Master wants to look on was of West King leadership sends.” Zhao Hai nodded said : person of Bull clan not to unify, how can threaten the Hercules Tauren Clan Royal Family status?” Yale sighed said : actually Bull clan originally to be unified, at that time they formidable, has been able to threaten the Hercules Tauren Clan Royal Family status fully, old Patriarch present this point, therefore he has supported specially with West King that Bull clan Patriarch did not gather, to achieve balance point, this plan was very successful, under the back support of Hercules Tauren Clan, the Bull clan has been divided into two schools, West King strength, Patriarch of although can't compare with Bull clan, but is not weak, but in recent years, Patriarch and Gasol of Bull clan walked was very near, Gasol to have the support of branch tribe, he on starting to support Bull Patriarch of clan, the Bull clan Patriarch strength has compared now original was more formidable, West King now completely has been at the inferiority.” Yale sighed said : this is also the Bull clan from the Hercules Tauren Clan here study method, Hercules Tauren Clan supported West King, making the fighting year split, shook their Royal Family status without the means that the Bull clan in turn supports Gasol to struggle the Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch position, as the matter stands Hercules Tauren Clan also split, moreover they also obtained many advantage, if Gasol has become Patriarch, he will certainly move the war, Hercules Tauren Clan large quantities of youngster will die when the time comes, the strength reduced greatly, when the time comes they were coming out to struggle the Royal Family throne, nobody can block them.”

With other [say / way], but also body! In the head of Zhao Hai suddenly on appears these characters, he has not thought really that superficially simple and honest honest, a Beastman clan that will not make a turn, so many curved circles unexpectedly, it seems like any intelligent race in this world does not accommodate underestimated. Yale also sighed is very ruthless, made the Bull clan that said : past Hercules Tauren Clan did split directly, now the Bull clan does was more ruthless, they want to give directly the Hercules Tauren Clan root, will not have the root forage grass, sooner or later will lose plant.” The people of Zhao Hai look at these Bull clans, he have not thought really that Patriarch of Bull clan unexpectedly such fierce, gave to plan this degree Hercules Tauren Clan, even possibly had relationship including the Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch death with them, was really a fierce character. At this time Wales also saw Gasol, he stood in same place has not moved, was only the gaze of calm high-spirited Gasol, Gasol complexion now is not quite good, especially saw Wales behind these Undead Creature time. Looked that Wales has not moved, Gasol raises reins walked out gently, in his side with two people, one is the Hercules Tauren Clan guard, another is actually the person of Bull clan, muscle of drum drum, on the face is also having together the fierce scar, understood at a glance that is not an affable person. Wales also gently raises reins, proceeds to walk, Mendez takes weapon is following in Wales, several people of proximity slowly, both sides on between two teams of troops, are distanced ten meters to be distant and vertical very much very much. Gasol coldly look at Wales said : Wales, you really colluded with Human Race, you were really the Hercules Tauren Clan rebel.” Wales look at Gasol, coldly said : Gasol, who has colluded with Human Race who is clear, the fool like you, only rations others being used as a tool.” Gasol sneered said : „the present to say these to be useful, I was Patriarch, but you were the rebel, Wales, got down the cow surrender, looked in brothers' share, I can not kill you.” Wales coldly look at Gasol said : your fathers dare to kill, the brothers who gets sick all the year round do not let off, can I also believe you? I suspected really very much that what your body flows is the blood of Hercules Tauren Clan? I think simply that in your body flows am not the blood, but is the filthy good urine.” look at Wales that Gasol two eyes gets angry, although homicide own father, but he never makes the person mention, said to the outside his father is gets sick dead, now Wales this was clarifies has hit his face, his there could bear.

Gasol ruthless sound said : who said that was I have killed the father? I added that the father is you kill, you collude with Human Race Dark Magician unexpectedly, on Continent whose don’t know, Dark Magician is worst, they most are good at using the toxin.” Wales sneered said : you not saying that the father was gets sick dead? what? now recognize father killed by poison? Dark Magician poison is poisonous, does not have your vicious, Gasol, your heart betrayed Beast God completely, you can locate to the penalty of Beast God.” Gasol complexion changes, then coldly snorted said : „, let alone rubbish, your this rebel, what even if is saying, could not escape the life of death to be far, you think that with your person, with these Bone stance/framework/shelf, you can win us? Do not have a dream, obedient lead(er).” Wales coldly said : Gasol, I must make you know today that you are not invincible, I do not want to begin today, I think that you will lead the soldier of this clan to come, but you led the people of Bull clan to come, this just right, I did not need under the hand/subordinate to be forgiving, Gasol, you suffered to death!” Gasol coldly snorted said : ignorant, can Undead Creature compare with our Beastman soldier? Wales, you were unfair to the given name of person that smart person, I thought you am a fool.” Wales coldly smiles said : Gasol, your idle talk were too many, this long time has not gone to war, did you turn into the waste that can only talk?” Gasol coldly snorted, he knows that talks is never the Wales match, therefore he in saying anything, but is revolution of Ox-head, walks toward the team, Wales also returned to in their teams.