Chapter 262 drinks up the liquor to tidy up him Ten thousand characters deliver, everyone/Great Clan support. Yale looked that the performance of Wales and Gasol knows, has broken off conversation, he turned the head to Zhao Hai said : looks like has broken off conversation, the preparation began.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this also no big deal, with person who in Gasol comes, majority is the people of Bull clan, this is better, I can let loose trick/hand and foot, to be honest, I too have not been willing to begin to the Hercules Tauren Clan person.” Yale look at Zhao Hai, shows a faint smile said : I more to look now more thought that you were people of Ox-head clan, on Beastman Prairie, a race formidable or not, not only need think that their Royal Family were not strong, what were more was must look, this race overall strength, no matter the Bull clan was also good, was Hercules Tauren Clan is also good, they slightly this issue, our Water Buffalo Clan although understand this point, because of our Prophet, although will earn others' respect probably, however in true relationship to a race benefit, they actually few listened our, therefore was. We urged to be also useless, but you can see clearly this point, you did not like beginning to Hercules Tauren Clan, but actually wants to probably cope with the Bull clan, although this looked like also in eliminating the effective strength on Prairie, but from another perspective, actually was also the good deed, the Bull clan was extremely formidable, they can dispute with Hercules Tauren Clan, but the Bull clan and Hercules Tauren Clan were in Tauren Clan the fighting strength strongest two races, such as wanted them to dispute, that Tauren Clan great strength, wants by them to be disputed, only then means that a side completely strong in addition. The person who a side, lets another side does not dare to struggle.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I not to think that many, I in am Big Brother consider, Tauren Clan is a large clan, only depends on Hercules Tauren Clan definitely is incorrect, their branch races are also formidable, entire niu and dou constellations Human Race formidable, but the Prairie here situation is, that clan is formidable, can the Commander entire race, a race dispute unceasingly, how possibly formidable to result.” Zhao Hai spoke of here silent, his suddenly has thought beforehand China, in the Sino-Japanese War beforehand China because of the warlord tangled warfare, the industry was backward, does not have a unified management, will fall behind world that many, finally paid the incomparably deeply grieved price to drive away the invader, Tauren Clan, if old such fought, the final result feared that is good not to go to that. Wish makes Tauren Clan true is formidable, only then means that let Tauren Clan king, only then a king, a nobody can regret, must therefore attack the Bull clan! Zhao Hai such does naturally not all for Wales, his although is Wales Brother Blood Oath, but does not have to probably clear away all barriers for Wales selflessly the situations. He such does actually also for himself, now he is best with their relationship in Prairie here, one is Wales, another is Spier, Spier was needless saying that his tribe was too small, such tribe might anytime be given to destroy completely, their help to the Zhao Hai sole, possibly was that Friendship flag. But Wales is different, Wales is Royal Family, now is struggling the position of Patriarch, so long as he has regarded Patriarch, so long as he can clear away all barriers, becomes formidable Tauren Clan Patriarch, the advantage that Zhao Hai obtains is the difficult imagination. although Zhao Hai and Yale chat in Alien within the body, but they also in paying attention to the situation in field, the weather getting darker and darker, have been able saying that now this black war and not suitable live on Prairie, Zhao Hai don’t know can Gasol move attack tonight, but he has not been worried about anything, the dark night regarding him, affects not in a big way. His under the hand/subordinate is Undead Creature, but Undead Creature is the King in Darkness, regarding them, there are up indifferently, has the light to might as well not have up well, they are the best night fighting regiments. How now Zhao Hai wants to have a look at Wales to do, if Wales thinks now on attack, he will be impolite, immediately begins, if Wales does not think that attack, his also will not take the initiative goes to attack.

In Beastman Prairie here, he does not want to snatch the Wales crest of wave, although he with Wales is Brother Blood Oath, when facing the authority, the one's own brothers will quarrel to become enemies, do not say Blood Oath brother disciple, even if will be Wales will not be what kind to him, so long as will not support him, then regarding Zhao Hai also will be a big loss, he will help Wales to have the support of Wales. After Wales returned to this, Mendez looked at opposite Gasol army said : small seven, we now on attack? Was black on the weather at the evening, we look to disappear.” Wales shows a faint smile said : not to worry, we first slowly toward retreat, it is getting dark, we cannot see clearly them, they cannot see clearly us same, but do not forget, behind us, but the Little Hai Undead Creature regiment, when you had heard Undead Creature fears excessively black.” A Wales such saying, Mendez has remembered, at their back is also standing 4000 Undead Creature, will increase in nighttime Undead Creature fighting strength, this has the advantage regarding them. Since saw that Gasol brings that many Bull clansman to come, Mendez thought that this weaponry must hit, they worried in any case truly did not have, if were letting off this time opportunity, that a little could not really be justified. Wales drew out inserted in the big axe of ground, waved, was getting 400 guards slowly toward retreat goes, Zhao Hai let these Undead Creature army pressures slowly at this time, his although has not discussed anything with Wales, but has made the most correct decision. Alien mixes in these Undead Creature army, looks like common, Gasol their don’t know in these Undead Creature army, unexpectedly is even mixing the person. here Wales they have fallen back on behind of undead regiment, had been protected by the undead regiment firmly, even if Gasol they start to charge now, first they must face is also the tall Magic Beast undead regiment. However is very obvious, Gasol is not absolute beginners in battlefield, the soldier who he has fought many battles, to become famous in Hercules Tauren Clan cleverly in fighting, his impossible don’t know present to be facing anything. Now Sun just set, but moon has not raised, is most Darkness time, at this time with the undead regiment war, attacked other long by oneself obviously short, he will not do, therefore he also waved, was leading two thousand Cavalry retreat slowly, obviously he does not want to fight the night fighting. Wales look at Gasol retreat slowly, lineup not chaotic, cannot help but nodded, to Mendez said : Sixth Brother, must mention to go to war, Gasol also is really a skilled person, what a pity, if he to authority that is such craving, that this good, depending on our brothers several abilities, we can certainly make Tauren Clan more and more formidable.” The Mendez present sighed said : is because he can go to war, he lost himself, now he colludes with the Bull clan, possibly also colluded with Human Race, kills the father, only to obtain that position, but he has not thought that was that position so really important? He cooperates with the Bull clan, simplicity rests with the wolf in together.” Wales cold sound said : „the Bull clan was already waiting for this day, has not thought that Gasol has made such matter personally, it seems like we must look for the sister and sister say well, so long as has solved the Gasol matter, next step we must cope with the Bull clan, now Patriarch of Bull clan is dishonest, perhaps we should give them a lesson.”

Mendez cold sound said : war, only then the war can make them honest, I looked that makes West King come, when Patriarch of Bull clan is also good.” Wales cold sound said : „the present is also not the time, moreover do you think West King reliable really? If he does not have the ambition, impossible to be separated from the Bull clan with father's support, if his strength were some day formidable enough, can also be separated from Hercules Tauren Clan, such person, can use, but must suppress, cannot make them extremely in wild.” Mendez nodded, then he smiles said : slightly seven, knows that I such have supported why you? Because you are very intelligent, intelligent likely is not Beastman, the smart person in Beastman were too few, when has to do with Human Race has suffered a loss very much, moreover your luck is very good, made you meet Little Hai unexpectedly, I believe that Little Hai can certainly become helps us, making Hercules Tauren Clan on Continent the most famous race.” Mentioned Zhao Hai, on the face of Wales cannot help but has also shown the smiling face, he smiles said : „to say that feel relieved words, I were many to West King feel relieved to the Little Hai ratio, West King was the person of Bull clan, his competent words, will possibly threaten our big Strength God cow race's control to a Tauren Clan, but Little Hai, he is not Human Race, he was impossible to threaten us, therefore I rather believed Little Hai.” Mendez nodded said : „, comes compared with West King, I rather believe Little Hai, but small seven, you must pay attention, we cannot depend entirely on Little Hai, such is very dangerous, do not forget the lesson of Black Bear Clan.” Wales nodded said : I naturally not to forget, but you do not use for this worry, I just saw Little Hai time, has told him, so long as he helps me, he can become the Hercules Tauren Clan sole grain merchant, you guess that he said anything.” This to had the Mendez interest, this matter he also real don’t know, therefore his curious said : what he did say?” Wales smiles said : he saying that he can help me, but he does not want to become the Hercules Tauren Clan sole grain merchant, he only wants our Hercules Tauren Clan Friendship flag.” Mendez has gawked, then sighed said : he to be really different from other Human Race Merchant, if you with this issue asked that other Human Race Merchant, I thought their 100% meetings to want in into the Hercules Tauren Clan sole grain merchant, because such his equal to seized a life of big Strength God cow clan.” Wales nodded said : this is I regards as important the Little Hai place, he knows that he is making anything, should make anything, how should do, what a pity, such person is not our Beastman Race, if he is our Beastman Race, that certainly is a great character.” Mendez smiles said : I to think is now good, although don’t know Little Hai braves from there, but minimum now looks like, he does not have evil intention to us, moreover very much respects to your this Big Brother, this was enough.” Wales shows a faint smile said : „, was enough, walks, we go to Little Hai there to drink two cups, I heard that his there has the nice wine that brings from Human Race there, waits to meet us to look for the trouble of Gasol, doesn't he want to hit in the evening does not hit in the evening? Now is not calculation that he said.” Said that they have arranged these guards, then rode the cow to go toward Zhao Hai there, Undead Creature in although field were many, but they can recognize Alien to come.

Because Zhao Hai don’t know Wales is any meaning, therefore he has not made these Undead Creature pursue, after Gasol they retreat, he also stopped, these Undead Creature static standing in there. Zhao Hai looked that Wales and Mendez came, immediately made Alien open the big mouth, Wales and Mendez walked, Laura they also prepared sub at this time. Enters to Alien body internal space, Wales sits down without enough time to Zhao Hai said : brothers, prepares, a while we go to attack Gasol, I think that he will not construct camp is too far.” Zhao Hai nodded said : not to have the issue, but the night fighting the Undead Creature adept good play, your feel relieved, today cannot keep here Gasol, must keep here the people of these Bull clans.” Wales laughed said : looks like does not need me saying that you already understand, good, this our main target was the people of these Bull clans, did not use politely, projected on them honestly till.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to Wales and Mendez one cup of sub, Wales has drunk one but actually, puts next step: I thought that our Beastman Race tea with milk is much tastier than this, right Little Hai, drinks with two bottles of your Human Race nice wine.” Zhao Hai smiles said : well, that makes you taste our Human Race nice wine, Laura, you also make a fruit tray, is making a snack to come out, we drank the liquor, in tidied up Gasol.” Laura they have complied with one with a smile, has prepared, actually these thing mostly in Zhao Hai Space, liquor Zhao Hai have put out three bottles, remaining fruit tray anything made Laura they make. Before long several small side dish have done well, in these small side dish may not only have the fruit tray, on some Human Race Continent the quite famous snack, these snacks were Zhao Hai they already bought to place in Space, places in Space not to change flavor in any case, Laura her also very much liked regarding between -meal snack to eat, therefore Zhao Hai they have also prepared much. These thing on Continent and common, however in Beastman Race here is actually extraordinary good thing, has plenty thing Wales they have not seen, these time to have eaten satisfying.