Chapter 263 Gasol worry With Wales compared with them, Gasol now was unhappy, Gasol very clear, although he has become Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch now, but the people in clan refuse to accept him, first has Mendez their rebel, why Mendez they escapes, his father why suddenly passed away, the people in clan had some veiled criticism, if he cannot as soon as possible stills this matter, his situation can very difficult. In order to as soon as possible eliminates this hidden danger, Gasol looks like Bull clansman to seek help, asking them to send out the military strength, is coordinating own guard to chase down Mendez, from Mendez present presently Wales trail, then two person together elimination. However Gasol has not thought that Zhao Hai appears , he has not thought that oneself arrived at the darkness time, will meet Undead Creature army unexpectedly. When Gasol don’t know Wales really had the relation with Human Race Dark Magician, must know that can transfer 4000 Undead Creature Dark Magician, either is formidable Dark Magician, either is a Dark Magician team, no matter in this difference that is the same, is very dangerous. Gasol somewhat regretted now that he felt one pursue really non- time, if he can meet Wales in the daytime, moving attack that he can not have having scruples, but now is not good, now darkness, darkness time and Undead Creature to war, then with courting death not to have what difference. Undead Creature most lets the head pain place \; first, they are good at the night fighting, two are they do not fear death, these simply do not have Undead Creature of thought that what their simply don’t know death was, they only knew attack, regarding dying not to have the concept, such enemy was most fearful. Most makes Gasol feel what headache is, two airborne Scouts that he raises by other Magic Beast attack, were seized unexpectedly, this is the Gasol most grieved matter. Such that just like Wales they said that the Gasol meritorious military service, has a large part to give credit to airborne Scouts that these two he raises, has these two airborne Scouts, he can a step present enemy, he be able to make the arrangement first ahead of time, like this he naturally was in the upper hand in the fight. However today in his at present, his two airborne Scouts, received five flight Magic Beast attack, his look at helplessly spent two roaring flame birds that the innumerable sincerity have fostered seizing by that fiery-red hawk shape Magic Beast. Thinks of here, Gasol cannot help but in time frowning, he felt that nearest/recent makes anything not to be smooth probably, besides he has regarded Patriarch, other all conceive with him is different.

Before has not become Patriarch, the matter that he must handle are not many, is mostly related with the military, other matters are handled by his father, when he has become Patriarch, true start processing clan service time present, manages a clan is really not that easy. In the winter now soon to the winter, the grass that in the sheep must eat, the grain that the person must eat, warms up with the firewood, all thing want equipment to be good, all these matters let the Gasol headache extremely. The lead(er) in Patriarch also starts to comply in public but oppose in private to his order, Bull clan although is working with him, but now was impolite before the looks like, is adding on Wales and Mendez to the present also outside free and unfettered, this is he biggest a piece worry. The although has plenty matter must process, but Gasol has believed that what threatens to oneself is biggest is Wales, because human spirit very person of high skill of Wales in clan, he in these elders to the clan and each every leads very much to respect, the starting matter comes the although low key, but each matter is done is very good, what most important is, his father has passed to Wales God Bullwhip. God Bullwhip is almost generations of passes to the Patriarch successor by Patriarch, in other words , he when the father God Bullwhip passes to Wales, in these eyes of elder and lead(er), on equal to is his father had recognized that Wales became a successor. For this reason, therefore he in killing by poison his father, and saying his father made him become, when Patriarch, these people were not convinced very much. In order to let these person losing heart of as soon as possible, recognize this Patriarch, he can only in the shortest time, eliminate Wales they, only then such these elders and all levels of collars have to recognize his status. Because Wales and Mendez is Prince relationship, he cannot transfer the military strength in too many clan to cope with them, he can only bring his 500 Personal Guard, from Bull clan there taking advantage of the soldier 1500, 2000 rides to chase down Wales. The soldiers of these 1500 Bull clans, are not Bai Jie, Wales borrowed this 1500 has ridden, actually must to Bull clan 10,000 Argali, give to the Bull clan 1000 slaves. This is the place that Gasol is angry, before he has not become Patriarch, the Bull clan to him is very polite, what help no matter he needs, the Bull clan is almost without demur, immediately complies, when he became Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, the Bull clan was helping him actually start to help the condition, this let Gasol not being feeling well.

However he does not have other means that now Hercules Tauren Clan is not steady, his present although is also suppressing these elders and all levels of collars, but thinks that is handling the matter that oneself want to handle truly, issues an order like his father, the entire clan moves, simply cannot achieve, he can only look like the Bull clan to seek help. Now his just overtaking Wales, actually presently Wales not like he imagines, immediately turn around ran, but led Battalion Undead Creature army to confront with him, but what most made his depressed was, because of the darkness, he also has to draw back, but cannot go to attack Wales they. look at most can threaten own person, actually cannot begin, Gasol felt that own chest feels suffocated, looks like the polar bear, swallowed the ice lump, spits and cannot put out, swallows and cannot swallow( please sing with the Tianjin allegro, original text stems from Feng Gong sketch). However now Gasol actually does not dare to relax, because of his very clear, Wales is not the fool, his in hand so many Undead Creature, if did not carry on attack that to be fishy to him using the evening, therefore Gasol, when established campsite, prepared for must guard against Wales they to come night assault. He has selected many bonfires in campsite all around, was only the sentry post rides has sent out 500, the remaining people just constructed in camp, immediately was ordered to sleep by him, they must grasp the time rest, war that prepared momentarily to arrive. However Gasol had underestimated Zhao Hai these Undead Creature fighting strength, although said Gasol has thought Wales will certainly make these Undead Creature come attack he, but in his opinion, he can defeat these Undead Creature, because the Undead Creature attack strength is not very strong, but has taken the advantage of dark night. When Zhao Hai orders these Undead Creature to start to Gasol camp launches attack, Gasol on present incorrect place, these Undead Creature fighting strength were too strong. He is 8th level Expert, when he facing these Magic Beast Undead Creature, what advantage cannot take unexpectedly, what concept is this? This showed that these Undead Creature minimum have the 6th level above strength, is this possible? Gasol really cannot believe that but the fact on the pendulum in his at present, Zhao Hai command(er) these Undead Creature is throwing toward their camp from three directions, undead Magic Beast army from frontage strong attack camp, Jackal Race Undead Cavalry alternates toward the camp middle from about two wings, Human Race Undead Creature mercenary, follows after undead Magic Beast army, fiercely attacks toward camp, at once offensive like fire, one Gasol his camp firing ash. although said that Hercules Tauren Clan and Bull clan is the force race in Tauren Clan, they become famous by the strength greatly cleverly in fighting, when they are higher than them facing the height, the build is older than them, when the strength is older than them, defends the match who they are stronger, present that they not bear, oneself all superiority unexpectedly all are not the superiority.

Positive undead Magic Beast army they cannot block, Jackal Race Cavalry of two wings they cannot block, most from the beginning, Gasol presently these Cavalry have not been Jackal Race, his although has given the Jackal Race money, making Jackal Race kill Wales, finally did not have information, he knows that his motion failed, but he has not thought that these Jackal Race Cavalry turned into Undead Creature unexpectedly. When these Jackal Race Cavalry start to charge, Gasol presently, this team of stature do not calculate finally high Cavalry unexpectedly is Jackal Race Cavalry, they not only turned into Undead Creature, but also became stronger. Jackal Race Cavalry is very famous on Prairie, is not because they strong, because their is quick, they have the patience very much, they can entangle the enemy, until entangles the collapse the enemy, but the people on Prairie know that Jackal Cavalry does not have the ability of force charge, their stature short and small, their strengths are too too small, their defense capabilities are too low, all these let them only to become Light Cavalry. However this situation was actually changed in Zhao Hai in hand, these Jackal Race Cavalry, after passing through enhancement of Space, became was more formidable, the strength was big, was quicker, they currently completely have the ability become a charge cavalry of force. Gasol that regarding this underestimates, has only put 600 people on two wings, at the same time 300, time that but his Jackal Race Cavalry clash, Gasol present, he has made a mistake, moreover is a blunder, Cavalry and a Jackal Race of 600 Bull clans Cavalry hedge, by Jackal Race Undead Cavalry routing. Jackal Race Cavalry mainly by Scimitar give priority to, but Cavalry of Bull clan, is actually many by Mace give priority to, Mace is the one type of heavy weapon, the non- strength big person is unusable, heavy Cavalry takes Mace to charge is very fearful. However Jackal Race Undead Cavalry lets person understand of Bull clan, what is not firm does not urge, only quickly broken! Heavy Cavalry of Bull clan charges looks like a tank, but the Cavalry charge of Jackal Race, brings the knife edge wind, the wind to blow likely, the tank turned into the scrap iron.