Chapter 264 two blades Gasol is dashing about wildly, in his side, only with dozens guards, is the Hercules Tauren Clan person, besides these guards, his side was not having other person, did not have. 2000 cavalries, are annihilated! Gasol felt probably are also having a dream one to the present, a nightmare, why did his 2000 cavalries, put in an appearance by 4000 Undead Creature routing? Leads is not 2000 cavalries, but is 2000 Argali? At the final moment, if not his guards leads him to break through at risk of life, he possibly died in the chaotic armed forces, these Undead Creature attack, Gasol thinks that now also some dozens tremble. Gasol also has thought simultaneously another point, this time he had defeated by Wales, after that? What motion will Wales have? Can he lead these Undead Creature to kill in the returned to tribe? Thinks that here Gasol restless, meanwhile the matter makes him very worried, is the loss of that 1500 people of Bull clan soldiers, these 1500 people of he is borrows, now actually all dies in here, what response will the people of that Bull clan have? What most important is, these time with these 500 Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers who he comes out, is he most loyal under the hand/subordinate, is he most powerful weapon, these time has almost been annihilated, not having such one to be able absolutely the feel relieved strength, later his day only sad. Thought of here, Gasol has impulsed, his loss that had to cry was too big, big to his some situations of not being able to withstand. To Gasol, Zhao Hai this harvest is actually very big, the soldiers of 1500 Bull clans, had not run, all has become Zhao Hai new under the hand/subordinate, the remaining these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, Zhao Hai have not moved, he must give a Wales face, whose under the hand/subordinate no matter these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers are, but they are always the Hercules Tauren Clan people, Zhao Hai undoable went too far. Regarding Zhao Hai such procedure, Wales also feels very happy, in his opinion, these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, should earn the proper respect.

Therefore Wales has buried these Hercules Tauren Clan soldiers, together with their Mount, their weapon was actually received, because on Beastman Prairie lacks the iron, they cannot waste. Those who disappoint Zhao Hai is a little, this time attack has not left behind live Mount, no matter Hercules Tauren Clan of Bull clan does not have, this made Zhao Hai lose one time in join new animal opportunity toward Space. However thinks that the soldier of that 1500 Bull clans, Zhao Hai feels happy, presently in his hand Undead Creature received 7000, these Undead Creature enough he has used, he can take these Magic Beast Undead Creature to put Iron Mountain Fort there as the guard, even if such words, his in hand manpower also enough used. Actually if Zhao Hai wants, by his present strength, even if had revealed he is the status of Buda Family person, some people will not move him easily, even if he has Radiant Church this enemy he not to need to fear that has Space, he does not need to worry that completely own security, he should also like going to war is right, so long as because will go to war he to receive new under the hand/subordinate, new Undead Creature army, so long as he is willing, quantity growth of undead army continuously, when the time comes he on not to need to fear anybody. However he does not want such to do, regarding massive use Undead Creature, to be honest Zhao Hai somewhat is at heart restless, Chinese exquisite is buried for secure, if not for oneself and safety of personal maidservant, Zhao Hai is not even willing to use Undead Creature, especially human-shape Undead Creature. Moreover he does not like the war, he knows, if wants his status present, that will certainly lead to a war, one in view of his war, when the time comes certainly dying many people, he does not want to become the criminal on Continent. Now on Continent only then these Noble in feeling embarrassed him, but this regarding him, does not have anything at the worst, I do not want to hit, hid, but if moved words of war because of him, that disliked his not only these Noble, these commoner will have disliked him, he does not want like this. After one wins, Wales has not been thinking immediately/on horseback goes back to cope with Gasol, Wales wants according to the original plan, first periphery goes to these tribes, has the support of branch tribe, is tidying up Gasol. Wales such does also has consideration, just as is such that Yale said that the Bull clan and Gasol contact, itself has not settled the good intention, their not look at Gasol now but actually, now if Gasol but actually, that has come to power will be Wales, but Wales did not cope with their Bull clan, if Wales has come to power, certainly will suppress the Bull clan, Patriarch of this point Bull clan will not look does not come out, if at this time, Wales army threatened the border, that only by Bull clan completely standing in Gasol one side, as the matter stands the matter on was noisy. even bigger. If gets so far as that situation, did not do well is in the entire Tauren Clan clan fights, that situation was not Wales wants to see that absolutely, now therefore he must do first had the support of these small branch races, then chased off the stage Gasol, was tidying up the Bull clan.

Now what Gasol and Bull clan don’t know is, the Wales in hand biggest trump card, his in hand grain, was right, is his in hand has the grain. The Bull clan and Gasol think certainly that Wales now biggest taking advantage is the Zhao Hai undead regiment, but they are completely mistaken, the undead regiment is only a Wales in hand blade, but Wales in hand one is quicker, more ruthless blade, grain. In Beastman Race here, the grain is best weapon, because Beastman Race here lacks the grain year after year, especially some small tribes, they, not only lacks the grain in the winter, they year to year lack the grain, they struggle these big tribes, these grain merchant also non- little while to the small tribe, they want to buy the grain are very difficult. Now Wales in hand has the grain, so long as he with grain, when weapon, before adding on him in the Tauren Clan reputation, can definitely have the support of these branch races, when the time comes he can launch most fatally to Gasol struck. After defeating Gasol, Wales they in same place recuperation two days, they did not have what good recuperation actually, fight is these Undead Creature, their recuperation anything vigor. However Wales or the recuperation two days, the two days time he has processed the corpses of Gasol these guards, has buried them well, has rested well, then leave. Said strictly that now Wales their Prairie, were not the Ox clansman domain, although said on Beastman Prairie everyone/Great Clan was living the life of move about, but all people know that each race actually had own domain, was the formidable race, on their Ranch grass long was better, the rivers were many, the place that they winterred in the winter was warmer, more easily did not receive the wind and snow surprise attack. Otherwise, is small and weak race, the pasture that they obtain is not good, the pasture is not good, Magic Beast impossible long stout and strong that they raise, Magic Beast is not stout and strong, they do not have the means to trade more grain, does not have more grain, they can only eat Magic Beast, as the matter stands their loss even bigger, strength small and weak, this is a malignant circulation. Wales they position, is the Beastman Prairie surrounding generation now, the here pasture is not very good, the here pasture is also the nationality, but belongs to pig Human Race , because of this, therefore Zhao Hai meets Big bellied Pig Race Spier in here they, must know that them the small tribe like Spier, does not dare to run up to other races domain coming up. The Pig Race person in Beastman Race is lower than status of Tauren Clan, because fighting strength of Pig Race person does not have Tauren Clan to be so strong, their Royal Family are sword tooth Pig Race fighting strength can't compare with Hercules Tauren Clan, this also affected status of entire pig Human Race in Beastman Race.

The battlefield there recuperation two days later, Wales they left, toward the Tauren Clan domain, but they have not walked toward the Tauren Clan domain in directly, but has circled a circle. To did not say that Wales feared Gasol will mobilize soldiers to cope with him, Wales very clear, if Gasol obtained in the clan really all people's support, his previous time only will not bring to select the person to cope with him . Moreover the majority is also the person of Bull clan, the Hercules Tauren Clan person is few. Intelligent Wales guesses correctly from this point, in Hercules Tauren Clan, is not all people takes Gasol, Gasol could not have achieved cover the sky with one hand, therefore he must look like the people of Bull clan to borrow the soldier, matter that not only this exposed him to have colluding with the Bull clan, similarly has also exposed him now the status in Hercules Tauren Clan! Beastman Race is a very direct race, they advocate the strength, if your is powerful, then they obey you willingly, the Gasol strength is very formidable, he fights for many years for Hercules Tauren Clan, wins defeats few, the human spirit in clan is very high , because of this, therefore lets his wild impatient inflation. If Gasol anything does not do, he has opportunity to win the position of Patriarch, after all clan the position of Patriarch, possibly is not calculation that an old Patriarch person said that he must consider the aspects. However Gasol has actually gotten down blunder, he should not kill by poison old Patriarch, should not send for chasing down Mendez and Wales, this made him the human spirit in clan drop the freezing point. Because Beastman Race the disposition is too straight, when has to do with Human Race, they always suffer a loss, this also made Beastman Race form the one type of habit, they disliked these to use the plots and schemes person. But Gasol kills by poison old Patriarch, chases down Mendez and Wales, lets the Hercules Tauren Clan person to his impression by an original formidable soldier, will turn into one to use the plots and schemes villain, these made him lose the massive human spirits in the clan, was because of this, he did not have the means to transfer the Hercules Tauren Clan military strength to chase down Wales they.