Chapter 265 enters the Tauren Clan domain Wales their advancing are not quick, now they still in the pig clansman domain, although said that Ox-head clansman does not have no grievances with pig clansman, but is all right in others domains moves from side to side to no purpose is not quite always good, therefore Wales their this walking was very careful, has met the small tribes of some Pig Race people, their also will take the initiative greeted, if they did not greet, likely will cause the misunderstanding. Beastman is this, if you do not have no evil intention to others, meets the opposite party wanted actively greets, if you do not hit to incur two possibilities \; first, you have evil intention to others, two are you looks down upon others, but in these two regardless of that sufficiently let the opposite party and your meet in battle. Beastman likes entertaining the friend, if you arrive at his main house gate, must go to his home to eat greatly, otherwise looks down upon them, they not only will not regard the friend you, will also regard the enemy you. But pig clansman with Ox-head clansman did not have no grievances, Wales they to pass by, so long as has met the small tribe of Pig Race person, they will go to there to have a look, lives in the last evening in there, Zhao Hai will also carry out some transactions with them, naturally, has traded their Magic Beast with the grain. Many that however they contact are some small tribes, therefore they have not traded any too strong Magic Beast, many by Argali give priority to, but unique Magic Beast in some tribes, they will not trade to Zhao Hai. Their unique Magic Beast of Beastman Race to is very heavy, their unique Magic Beast that look generally are their Mount, is their beast relative. Beastman Race regarding is very heavy, initially Zhao Hai that own beast relative looks if with Spier to the temperament, is not adding on that many grain, Spier will not give Zhao Hai Water-spraying Pig, because of beast relative of Water-spraying Pig also equivalent to Big bellied Pig Race person. Zhao Hai is also very satisfied, he traded many Argali, besides Argali, was the massive wool products, must know that these Beastman Race small tribes were also very natural, they could not meet Human Race Merchant all year round, currently finally has Human Race Merchant to be willing with them to carry on to trade, their naturally very happy. Because of these suddenly appears accidents, Laura they do not have the means as scheduled, went to converge with Ah Tai, but Laura sent out Blood Hawk to deliver a letter to Ah Tai, making Ah Tai go to Beast God City there to act as advance party first, carried on to understand to the there situation. Regarding this mysterious Ah Tai, Zhao Hai somewhat is a little curious, this is Laura places on Beastman Prairie sole under the hand/subordinate, obviously Laura to his trust degree. Zhao Hai also knows from Laura there that these year of Ah Tai in Beastman Prairie here for money that she makes may really be many, if, can account for her total assets about really one third, this is a very big digit.

All people know that does business in Beastman Prairie here makes money very much, however general big Merchant does business with some War Clan, with is some small Merchant that the nationality does business, money that these small Merchant can make after all limited, moreover often also will be robbed by Beastman, money that therefore they make compared with few that the people imagine. In this case, Ah Tai can be Laura gains to that much money, must explain that his ability, this also makes Zhao Hai feel very curious to him. Now Zhao Hai and Laura under the hand/subordinate available person are not many, Ah Tai is one, Xu Wanying is one, Sergio is one, one is. Ah Tai Zhao Hai had not seen, but Laura trusts him, Xu Wanying is helping Green they work in Iron Mountain Fort there now, Sergio is also same, but although is Undead Creature, but he can become Steward in Carlos under the hand/subordinate, the ability is not naturally low, now is also kept Iron Mountain Fort there to handle the oil pressing plant by Zhao Hai and hits the matter of rice field, he starts to arrive is in good order. But Blockhead and Stone, in miss, but they who this aspect displayed liked practicing, their present strengths arrived at the level of 6th level soldier, although this seemed like not probably high, but unified their ages to look, on Continent was also the person of talent rank. These people now were Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate management crew, was in his hand available person, were not really many, Zhao Hai did not have the means that their background were too thin. Let Ah Tai go to Beast God City there to act as advance party, wants to make Ah Tai help them find out the Beast God City there situation, Beast God City there although by Beastman Race control, because there is a massive Human Race Merchant accumulation, if an understanding situation not well, they will possibly suffer a loss. Wales they have not worried, but he has sent out a 50 people of squad, in advance goes to the Tauren Clan domain to inquire information, what response having a look at currently Tauren Clan there to the Hercules Tauren Clan fresh matter. The Hercules Tauren Clan fresh matter, not to the entire Tauren Clan impossible influence, after all Hercules Tauren Clan is Royal Family of Tauren clan. Now Wales wants to know that Tauren Clan these branch races, how see regarding this matter, Gasol after returned to the tribe, next step will have anything to move, naturally, if possible, he also has wanted to relate West King. Water Buffalo Clan there Wales does not want to relate temporarily, his very clear, because of the Yale reason, Gasol they will not relax regarding the surveillance of Water Buffalo Clan there.

Because Wales must wait for information, therefore he in advancing toward the Tauren Clan domain, they have not been knowing anxiously that entered the Tauren Clan domain, might be able very much by Gasol they present. Now Wales they like the traveling, advancing slowly, simultaneously Wales are also familiar with Zhao Hai to give his five Blood Hawk. Wales fully realized that Blood Hawk regarding his importance, had these five airborne Scouts, regarding him was really too important, must know that in Beastman Prairie here, had the airborne Scouts race, was really too few. Beastman Prairie here can be used to make airborne Scouts Magic Beast to be many, but these Magic Beast mostly control in in hand of day birds and beasts clan, the Beastman race like them are impossible to obtain to be airborne Scouts Magic Beast, Gasol also because of a fortuitous encounter, made him obtain that two roaring flame birds in the past. Now that two roaring flame birds took in Space by Zhao Hai, but the appraisal of Space to that two roaring flame birds has achieved astonishing three ten 5th level unexpectedly, moreover helped Ranch Space in one time rise 1st level, Ranch currently has 6th level, but was a pity that must be able to raise 100 Magic Beast to 7th level. But makes Zhao Hai feel what happy is, Space in one time strengthened the Blood Hawk ability, now Blood Hawk can also use simple Fire element and Wind element Magic, but the roaring flame bird also increased some Blood Hawk abilities, this arrives stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai. However this regarding Zhao Hai, is good information, the Blood Hawk ability is truly strong, but they are not invincible, the Blood Hawk strength is very big, the body is also very big, they fly is very high, flight is not slow, this made them become airborne hunting and killing. However their also shortcoming, is they, when airborne turn around, not very flexible, they need very big Space to come by their turn around, but the roaring flame bird does not need, they can Wind element Magic, this make their changes flexible, they can dodge the extension to organize in a small area, looks like martial arts world Expert is the same, dodges live Body-maneuvering Technique to avoid attack of enemy with oneself. On fighting strength, the roaring flame bird does not lose in Blood Hawk, even in quantity equal situation, being in the upper hand possibly can also be the roaring flame bird. However Zhao Hai has not prepared to raise the roaring flame bird, even if were he has now raised the roaring flame bird, cannot take to use, can only place in Space, if he one put out too much roaring flame birds, that will make Wales get suspicious. Wales look at he takes in Space the roaring flame bird, Wales knows that in Zhao Hai Space can put the living creature, Zhao Hai also tells him, that is one type of Divergent Technique, this lets Wales envying, but if Zhao Hai puts out the massive roaring flame birds to come in suddenly, that Wales thinks that Zhao Hai Space can raise Magic Beast.

It looks like in Continent all people, Space can save the living creature to be very great, if Space can also raise Magic Beast, that has gone against heaven's will, Zhao Hai will not tell people this secret easily. although Wales their advancing is not quick, but after passing through seven days have been similar to the traveling same distances, they enter the niu and dou constellations Human Race surrounding domain, they could not see the small tribe of Pig Race person in here. Zhao Hai sits in horse carriage, look at is riding in side in Wales that the cow carries on the back, curious said : Big Brother, I am very curious, do you differentiate the domain? This Prairie seems is the same, how do you divide the domain?” Wales smiles said : this you not to understand, although Prairie seems like in your eyes same, however in our Beastman eye, Prairie is different, a creek, hill, or withered river channel, these can be the standard of division domain, that hill that we just passed by, is we and Pig Race people differentiates one of the domain symbols, the general Pig Race people cross that hill.” Zhao Hai turns the head the place that look at them just to pass through, to be honest, that also was really only hill, if you to far looked, that was point fluctuating on Prairie slightly, this can also be called the mountain, really pressed them. Zhao Hai turns the head to Wales said : Big Brother, can walk several days from here to Hercules Tauren Clan?” Wales looked at said : in the northeast direction from here to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, with our present, must walk for about one month.” Zhao Hai to has gawked, he has not thought really that so is unexpectedly far, no wonder Wales must enter the Tauren Clan domain from here, here was far from Hercules Tauren Clan encampment too, Gasol wants to ask them to be also difficult.