Chapter 266 heaven-shaking information, encampment lost Zhao Hai regarding the understanding of Beastman Prairie was too few, his don’t know, actually Beastman Prairie area, not Human Race the place was smaller, here can be called is really boundless Prairie. The Wales look at northeast direction, sighed said : our Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, constructed in there already nearly millenniums, before there was called Umesato, but the people had forgotten now this name, the people only remember that there was our Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, therefore was called Ox Wangying.” The Wales present feeling is very complex, to be honest, Hercules Tauren Clan was more formidable than the present in the past, even if on Prairie most formidable Tiger Race does not dare offending Hercules Tauren Clan easily. However now Hercules Tauren Clan has been not as before, own little brother Bull clan now dares to challenge the Hercules Tauren Clan dignity, this makes Wales at heart really very sad. Now Gasol such does, is makes Hercules Tauren Clan have one misfortune after another, how Wales real don’t know must say Gasol to be good, idiot who too said that the matter that sometimes he handles is very intelligent, but said that he is intelligent, looked matter that he handles now, he is really intelligent does not arrive at that to go. To be honest, Zhao Hai likes this piece of big Prairie really very much, in these Beastman Race that on Prairie lives, happiness that their life and might as well imagine, they throughout the year in busy, does not have the people imagine to be so romantic, but regarding Zhao Hai, all these is not the issue, he has Space, in the evening rests time can arrive in Space, daytime can have a look at the blue sky, the white clouds, the boundless green grass, that feeling was really too happy. In this time, sky has been transmitting Hawk Cry, Zhao Hai and in the Wales bygone days forgets, is Zhao Hai gives Wales one in five Blood Hawk. Wales learn looked at the Blood Hawk flight trajectory now, Blood Hawk regarding him was really too important, Wales wishes one could to sleep now is hugging. Looked at several Blood Hawk, Wales then feel relieved, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : 50 people, it seems like it was well-informed in ancient learning they to come back, don’t know now in clan how.” Zhao Hai nodded said : „should not to have any matter, when they came back to know.”

Was saying that the distant place has heard a hoofbeat, 50 ride toward their here dashes to come, Wales sends in the Tauren Clan domain to inquire information ahead of time that 50 ride. Lead(er) that well-informed in ancient learning this 50 ride, he is also in Tauren Clan the rare smart person , because of this, therefore Wales makes him lead a group. When is well-informed in ancient learning they approach, Wales actually stares, to did not say that is well-informed in ancient learning they distressedly, in fact they do not have a point to receive the attack appearance, but makes Wales feel what truly is strange, is well-informed in ancient learning on their faces the expressions, the expressions on their face, died probably the biological mother same ugliness. Sees to be well-informed in ancient learning they the expression, Wales at heart thump, he knows that in the clan certainly was the important matter, otherwise was well-informed in ancient learning they possibly is not such expression. Is quickly well-informed in ancient learning they arrived at Wales, arrived at Wales with a top ten meter far place, the vast learning carries on the back get lost from own cow, truly was get lost, he lay in underground cries, a character could not say, carried on the back to jump down from the cow with his these Knight, kneels howls in there. Wales carries on the back to jump down from own cow, arrives wellly-informed in ancient learning side, a foot kicks to turn wellly-informed in ancient learning in the place, cursed said : what cries, said that had an accident?” Lies on the ground wellly-informed in ancient learning, some little time crawls, held Wales bigfoot said : lord, Hercules Tauren Clan was not having, encampment also lost, did not have, did not have!” Wales felt that own head buzz, probably in pounding was the same by Mace of Bull clan, but his immediately has stabilized the mood, look at well-informed in ancient learning said : what's the matter? Said quickly?” At this time Mendez and Yale they also walked, complexion ugly was staring wellly-informed in ancient learning, they also want to know this what's the matter, why in such short time actually lived such matter. Then cried to say their hearing information wellly-informed in ancient learning, originally when Gasol came out to chase down them, Bull clan Patriarch suddenly led army attack Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, at that time in Paul that encampment remained behind, was the Wales Second Brother, cannot defend their encampment, died in battle at the scene, but Wales Eighth Younger Brother, nine younger brothers died in the chaotic armed forces, finally the Bull clan has seized Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, but Hercules Tauren Clan person, then has fled to the Prairie deep place. When said wellly-informed in ancient learning the time, Wales they have tarried, they have not thought that the show of matter will turn into this appearance unexpectedly, this stemmed from their anticipation.

Mendez suddenly said : is not right, Supreme Elder in clan? Some Supreme Elder, how the people of Bull clan can break through encampment.” Well-informed in ancient learning said : heard that two Supreme Elder, had been killed by Supreme Elder of Bull clan, another made into the severe wound, in the attack of this Bull clan, appears Human Race Magician, injured Supreme Elder had been wounded by Human Race 9th level Expert probably.” Wales they have gawked, they have not thought really this matter really also has the Human Race participation, this stemmed from their anticipation. Human Race does not dare to participate in the struggle of Beastman Race generally, because one, but they participated, on equal to with Beastman for the enemy, these big War Clan will not let off their, do not say 9th level Expert, one, but Human Race 9th level Expert goes into the Beastman Race domain to come up to make wind and rain, that will certainly be struck to kill by Beastman Race 9th level Expert. Wales frowns said : wellly-informed in ancient learning, information that you inquired real? Had Human Race Expert to participate really? They depending on daring what?” Shook the head wellly-informed in ancient learning, these information he listens, moreover now rumor run all over the place, all these is true or false, their also don’t know. Wales knit the brows said : „, no matter this matter has the participation of Human Race, what we definitely know is that encampment there has certainly had an accident, will otherwise not have such rumor, teacher, now what to do you look must.” Wales restored now calmly, he just heard this information time, truly is very surprised, but he already knows that the Bull clan cherishes illegally to them, but has not thought that the Bull clan such will quickly begin. Yale also calm, nearest/recent Hercules Tauren Clan lived too many matters, each is world-shaking, but does not have that to compare favorably with this astonishingly. If Royal Family cannot preserve including own encampment, he did not match is called Royal Family, can say that now Hercules Tauren Clan could not be Royal Family in Tauren Clan, conversely, the Bull clan now is Royal Family, naturally, the Bull clan has also needed to obtain on Prairie other races recognize to be good. The struggle of Beastman Race is reality such, they only respect Expert, only respects the victor, but if in this matter has the participation of Human Race, then the Bull clan feared that cannot obtain good going.

Yale thinks now said : we must do is first pitches camp in here, tomorrow withdraws from the Tauren Clan domain, bypasses the Tauren Clan domain, toward Prairie deep place advancing, simultaneously immediately/on horseback sends out the person to relate West King, inquired clearly what's the matter.” Wales knit the brows said : this to fear that is unlikely, if said like the rumor, that present Hercules Tauren Clan appears in the Tauren Clan domain, certainly was very paid attention, feared that is simply does not relate West King.” Yale also nodded, Beastman Race has such characteristics, the different races, they do not even need to look at War flag, only looked that the person can look, now can say that Hercules Tauren Clan is on the crest of wave crest, person who if at this time had Hercules Tauren Clan moved in the Tauren Clan domain, certainly will attract all branch races the vision, they feared that was anything does not do. This enters the Zhao Hai sound to transmit said : I to look that hits to attract the information matter to give me, I am the Human Race Merchant status, on Prairie can free taking a walk, moreover Bull clan there currently will not have possibly my information, Big Brother do you look?” Wales has gawked, then nodded, truly, on Prairie, only then Human Race Merchant can move freely, they can arrive at Prairie any corner, but not presently. Zhao Hai although is his Brother Blood Oath, moreover Gasol also knows some people in helping Zhao Hai, but person don’t know of Bull clan, because Gasol, when they fights with Zhao Hai, the people of Bull clan Hercules Tauren Clan Lair copying, Gasol naturally not possibly to go to returned to encampment there, but that 1500 Patriarch that the Bull clan sends, all made Zhao Hai turn into Undead Creature, simply was impossible to go back to notify, therefore the people of Bull clan should now also don’t know Zhao Hai and Wales relationship. Yale also nodded said : this idea to be good, can make Little Hai act to inquire information, can relate West King, now his day does not certainly feel better, happen, you also gave Little Hai to work as the gift God Bullwhip, so long as Little Hai found West King, put out God Bullwhip to show that own status, that West King can believe him.” Wales nodded said : this actually is also opportunity, because of Gasol all sorts of achievement, Hercules Tauren Clan had been expelled encampment by the Bull clan, but I think that the Hercules Tauren Clan majority of strengths should be able to preserve, we must do now, is the Hercules Tauren Clan person who found these to escape, now their sets again, needs a leader the time, but is very obvious, now Gasol had found escaping clansman, impossible from new became Patriarch, these clansman will perhaps kill him, this our good opportunity.” Yale and Mendez nodded, this truly is good opportunity, all these matters come from Gasol, how now the Hercules Tauren Clan person can not hate him, if he in appears in the front of Hercules Tauren Clan person, certainly by angry clansman ripping fragment, but at this time in clan reputation continuously very good Wales, if can stand, his natural can become Patriarch.