Chapter 267 Who is? However Wales also knows that now this Patriarch is not good to work as, at that time Hercules Tauren Clan person by the people of Bull clan catching up, therefore they certainly lack food and clothing now, in this case, he becomes this Patriarch, but must shoulder vigorously the hatred of God Race, it can be imagined he faces will be the how major difficulty. However Wales has not thought wants retreat, he does not have means retreat, he is the Hercules Tauren Clan person, is Prince, his root is Hercules Tauren Clan, Hercules Tauren Clan is good, he also will naturally earn others' respect, Hercules Tauren Clan is not good, his also anything is not. Zhao Hai nodded said : I also to think that this is good opportunity, the difficult problem that but when the time comes Big Brother you come across are certainly many, I do not have anything to help your, this, Laura, you give me Space Bag, Big Brother, you also give me Space Bag.” Wales they know that Zhao Hai must do, has given Zhao Hai Space Bag, Zhao Hai has not said anything, installs the grain toward Space Bag in directly, six Space Bag all packed. After having packed six bags of grain, Zhao Hai gave Wales said : these Big Brother you to bring six Space Bag first, when you had found your clansman, your immediately/on horseback took the grain, then made Blood Hawk bring Space Bag returned to my here to take the grain, must first standing firm was good the situation.” Wales not polite, received Space Bag, puts out a hand to make an effort has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : brothers, Elder Brother I was not many say anything, today we rest for day in here, tomorrow our immediately walk, have any information, we through Blood Hawk relation as soon as possible.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Big Brother your there, if needs any commodity, although told me that I can make Blood Hawk bring Space Bag returned to in my territory to purchase, now Hercules Tauren Clan to the most difficult time, thing has plenty that needs, you must insist that was right, a while you go back, helping me draw stretch a map, I do not think the full world looking West King.” Wales shows a faint smile said : feel relieved brothers, I will arrange.” Said that he turned the head to look was well-informed in ancient learning their said : not to be howling, stood to me, our Hercules Tauren Clan person has not died certainly, has remembered to me, so long as the Hercules Tauren Clan person undead certainly, we were Tauren Clan Royal Family, forever was.” Well-informed in ancient learning they have stood, they by Wales this saying stirring up a face ominous looks like, Wales nodded, he has now been full of the fighting spirit, because he behind has the support of Zhao Hai, the Zhao Hai grain has become his life-saving grass.

In Beastman Prairie here, so long as there is a grain, can do many matters, just as such that Zhao Hai said that now Hercules Tauren Clan arrived at the most difficult time, they own encampment lost, two Supreme Elder, die wounded, in this case, this Brother Blood Oath, naturally must help Wales well. Zhao Hai looked at Wales one, suddenly has thought a matter, his immediately/on horseback took out different thing from Space, this different thing he installed with the jar, has given Wales. The Wales puzzled look at in hand two jars, in these two jars, in one probably are the water, in another is actually the one type of pink color liquid, his don’t know is any thing. Zhao Hai to Wales said : Big Brother, in these two jars, in one is the fluid of life, is beforehand Yale mister gives me, I cannot use, but Yale mister gives my pot to be very attractive, I was remaining, in another jar was one type of can the wound treatment medicine, just wellly-informed in ancient learning said that Supreme Elder of your clan was injured, hopes that this different thing can help him cure the wound, did not have the support of Supreme Elder, you want to cope with the Bull clan are not that easy.” Medicine that Zhao Hai said that is actually the demon peach juice, previous Green has used one, but also remains one, now Zhao Hai has given Wales. Wales look at Zhao Hai, his real don’t know must say that any was good, Zhao Hai gave his help to be too big, now actually took including the fluid of life, this let him, no matter said anything, did not have the also means Zhao Hai benevolence. Wales received that two jars silently, received carefully, patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, the turn around arrangement person has pitched camp. Zhao Hai has not said anything, turn around arranged to pitch camp, now at this time, said that anything was unnecessary, he must to Wales their time, making Wales they plan well his future. After own camp constructs, Zhao Hai their static sitting in the tent, after Laura to Zhao Hai one cup have been possible but actually sub, frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, now Hercules Tauren Clan has encountered such major difficulty, regarding us, is not the good deed, how do we then want to do?” Zhao Hai has closed the eye, thinks that said : I always felt the matter a little does not suit, before Mendez brought information saying that Gasol at the rebellion, has communicated secret with Human Race Merchant, now the Bull clan copes with Hercules Tauren Clan time, there is Human Race appears , didn't you think activity of nearest/recent Human Race on Beastman Prairie extremely in frequent?” Laura she thinks, but also is really, is their this several times hears Human Race to participate in the Beastman Race matter? This too does not suit.

Meg frowns said : Young Master, this on behalf of what? Has the Human Race influence to want control Beastman to be inadequate?” Zhao Hai shook the head said :not to be impossible, Human Race impossible control to have resulted in Beastman Race, Beastman Race and Human Race meet as an equal these many years, has the reason, do not look that now Human Race is coming control Beastman Race with the grain probably, that is they have to such do, if they do not give the grain that Beastman Race enough they use, Beastman Race will move the war, when the time comes they can snatch the grain, therefore Human Race is impossible to come control Beastman Race with this method, but why nearest/recent Human Race activity frequency of such, I am somewhat do not think understand. Laura also knit the brows said : I a little not to think understand, these Human Race such do, doesn't fear the retaliation of Beastman Race? although said that now the Bull clan has seized Hercules Tauren Clan encampment, however their strengths should be not quite right, calculation that on Prairie said truly, is these big War Clan, but Bull clan type with the way that Human Race cooperates, the big stimulation to these big War Clan, the Bull clan thinks are really one capable of being able to withstand these big War Clan pressures?” Zhao Hai also frowns said : I now also the procedure of do not understand Bull clan, their procedures, may make them the entire Beastman Race public enemies very much, why do they want such to do? Only to struggle that Royal Family title?” Laura they also frowned, why the don’t know Bull clan must such do, if the Bull clan cooperates with general Human Race, that said fortunately, Human Race that but works with them has 9th level Expert, this was changed flavor. When on Beastman Prairie was one's turn Human Race 9th level Expert to act unruly? Believes that these obtain information big War Clan, certainly will react, but how the don’t know Bull clan must deal. Zhao Hai frowns to sit in there, some little time said : now we in here guess that anything is useless, so long as after we to the Tauren Clan domain, inquired that was good, I always felt that this time matter is not that simple.” Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai isn't said : simple? Also can have relationship to be inadequate with us?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „should not, if this matter has relationship with us, that also can only be our enemies wants to cope with us in Prairie, now the archenemy is Markey Family, Radiant Church, Southern King these three, Radiant Church completely is unpopular on Beastman Prairie, Southern King and Beastman Prairie should not have what formidable relationship, only then Markey Family, Markey Family is Merchant Clan, but the Beastman Prairie here opportunity is very big, they are impossible only look at you to do business in Prairie here, certainly also has others to do business in Beastman Prairie here, I want their courage not to send 9th level Expert to run up to Prairie. Copes with us?” Laura nodded, his very clear Markey Family is any appearance, their all only look at the benefit, now Zhao Hai they drew back from Purcell Duchy, regarding them, did not have the means to gain the benefit from the body of Zhao Hai, in this case, they will not pay the huge price to ask 9th level Expert to act to cope with Zhao Hai, that did not serve the Merchant pursue benefit the principle.

However why she always felt that these matters do leave them to be so near? Before they have not entered Prairie, probably in Prairie has not lived such matter, but they, as soon as enters Prairie, all these lived, was this too skillful? Meg frowns said : Young Master, you said that this time can some people want like coping with Xiong Clan tackled Hercules Tauren Clan? Therefore will live these matters?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be impossible, the Hercules Tauren Clan strength does not have the bear clan probably in a big way...... Wait / Etc., to has one type of to be possible.” Speaking of here he to turn the head to look at Laura one. Laura puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai said : „can Beastman Race these years ate in Human Race in hand has owed, be Beastman Race think that were coping with Human Race, but Human Race actually received information, ahead of time sent for Prairie coming up to make wind and rain, wanted stirring muddily the Prairie here water, had no time to dispatch troops to Human Race?” Laura knit the brows said : to be unlikely, the transaction of these year of Human Race and Beastman Race is conducted is very smooth, moreover Beastman Race here has not lived any big disaster, they should not dispatch troops to Human Race to be right, said it, Human Race wants to do the matter in Beastman Prairie, will not send 9th level Expert to come out, such almost equal to looks like Beastman Race to declare war directly.” Zhao Hai nodded, sighs said : to consider as finished, does not guess in any case, we guess is uncertain is right, now we mainly first help Big Brother inquire information, so long as we have tidied up the Bull clan, almost can find out, was Human Race that influence works with them.” Laura nodded, but she thinks that this matter is very difficult, now Hercules Tauren Clan strength/Origin Qi damages severely, the Bull clan had also made a name, wants to eliminate the Bull clan, difficult!