Chapter 268 Mastiff clan With Zhao Hai compared with them, Wales they now headache, what they must face is a crisis, this aspect is not they want to see that but they actually have to face. Wales sits in own tent, his front is suspending big cup Milk Wine, in fact he has drunk five cups, this is the sixth cup. Mendez also very arrives at that to go, in fact he started to drink his eighth glass of liquor, only then Yale is normal, but he also sits in there, a few words had not said. The information that the vast learning brings was really too shocking, how regardless of they have not thought that encampment that Hercules Tauren Clan lived for generations, lost unexpectedly, this made them feel sad. Is good because of Wales is also temperate, he has not drunk, after sixth cup of Milk Wine rinse in the belly, he stopped, but he has not spoken, since three people entered the tent, no one has spoken. Some little time Wales gains ground look at Yale said : teacher, you said that now Gasol is doing?” Yale does not certainly think that Wales is caring about Gasol, now Wales wishes one could Gasol immediately dead in his front, he how possible to care about Gasol. Yale sighed said : this not to say, if I have not guessed wrong, reason that before the Bull clan will cope with us taking advantage of the soldier to Gasol, feared that also had the meaning of eliminating a potential informant, first extinguished us with the hand of Gasol, was making the people of these Bull clans extinguish Gasol, they were taking encampment, when the time comes a Hercules Tauren Clan pillar, naturally cannot threaten the Bull clan, we eliminated Knight of these Bull clans, counter- to has helped Gasol busy.” with a bang sound, Mendez the smashing that oneself front small table pats, his in hand silver cup one was also patted by him flatly, his two blood red eyes look at Yale said : should better not makes me know that he in there, otherwise I certainly personally has hacked him.” Wales take deep breaths, turns the head to Yale said : teacher, will you think the people in clan to go to there now?” Yale thinks that said : „the present two places may go, one is West King there, but I think that they will not go, West King after all is also the person of Bull clan, now the Bull clan potential is big, they go to there not to be unsafe, that only then another destination, mastiff clan.” Wales to is agreed that view of Yale, Hercules Tauren Clan has been very good with relationship of mastiff clan, before mastiff clan on multiple has helped Hercules Tauren Clan, now had the matter, the Hercules Tauren Clan person has naturally been able to run up to mastiff clan there to seek asylum.

The mastiff clan is also a very unusual race, he belongs to a Dog Clan branch, is Royal Family in Dog Clan, Dog Clan is between is race between War Clan and a nationality, fighting strength of their entire clan compared with the Wolf Race incoming messenger, but stronger on some compared with the common nationality, on the other hand, the status be higher than Tauren Clan. Hercules Tauren Clan has been very good with relationship of mastiff clan, mastiff clan multiple has helped Hercules Tauren Clan, now Hercules Tauren Clan died, naturally can go to mastiff clan there. Wales take deep breaths said : that good, our next step is to bypass the horse clansman domain, goes to the mastiff clan.” Yale nodded, the Tauren Clan domain, with the horse Clan, Pig Race, Dog Clan, cat clan these four clans borders on, but Hercules Tauren Clan and Pig Race and relationship of horse clan is ordinary, is not very good, but does not go bad, is very good with relationship of mastiff clan, this very arrives at that to go with relationship of cat clan, because the cat clan one does not cope with Dog Clan likely. But now Wales they in Pig-headed Man and Tauren Clan domain connecting point, they want the mastiff clan, only then two roads, across Tauren Clan own domain, another circles from horse clansman domain, cat clan there they will not go, was too dangerous, now Tauren here also became very dangerous, they cannot walk, therefore the remaining roads, have only circled the past from the horse clan domain. Wales looked at Yale said : teacher, but must trouble you to give Little Hai picture stretch a map, the although time is limited, but is picture as far as possible results in detailed some, how told them to walk toward the West King pasture on the line.” Yale nodded said : this not to have issue, this time has also been lucky Little Hai, has Little Hai in words, our present situations were more difficult.” Wales nodded, sighs said : initially I not to think, but comes out to gain experience one time, actually will live these many matters, but was good to make me meet Little Hai, this was also has must lose.” Yale looked at Wales said : Wales, I think now does not say this time, Little Hai to our help, we, only then has borne in mind, now we should think in the domain of mastiff clan, what to do must, although we are very good with relationship of mastiff clan, the mastiff clan also help us a lot, but do not forget, we before were Tauren Clan Royal Family, but now we were only meeting misfortune Royal Family, the momentum have been not as before, what manner mastiff clansman with will treat us now, has not said.” Wales has also put aside the thoughts, he knows that Zhao Hai to their benevolence, cannot be, Zhao Hai that said can solve in his at heart, was his one's own brothers, was saying that the benevolence looked on as an outsider, just as was such that Yale said that he should think how must face the mastiff clan. Beastman is pure, however will have the politics in the pure races, this is a fact, before Wales , and mastiff clan has the several times contact, but at that time between they and mastiff clans were equal, the although mastiff clan helped them be many, because both sides were the King, although they felt grateful to the mastiff clan, but will not feel that was lower than First Grade the opposite party. This looks like two good friends, a day of good friend feels better, can always help you slightly busy, your although will thank him, but you will not feel that you are lower than First Grade him, before Hercules Tauren Clan with the mastiff clan was this situation. However now all changed, now they are fleeing from calamity, lost fleeing from calamity in homeland, in this case, they did not have with the qualifications that mastiff clansman are treated equally, what manner mastiff will clansman with treat them? This need he thinks over well.

Wales closes one's eyes, static is thinking these, he must calculate own in hand now many qualifications, to be honest, the qualification are not many, his don’t know Hercules Tauren Clan these time runs away many people , the don’t know Hercules Tauren Clan present situation is what kind, commodity also remaining many, some Argali also many, all these his don’t know. Presently the in his hand sole qualification, possibly was Zhao Hai provides these grain to him, the continuous grain, this was he depends upon finally. Wales gains ground look at Yale said : „the present looks like, our sole can take make a move thing, only then Little Hai grain, but we cannot make Little Hai suffer a loss, after I think we arrived at mastiff clansman there, first has a look at them how to treat there clansman, if he is good to these clansman, we Little Hai introduced that to mastiff clansman, lets Little Hai with the mastiff clansman transaction, I think that they very much will certainly be glad, must know that the Little Hai grain is very cheap, if they treat clansman not to be good, that we on giving some of their grain, then leave Dog Clan The domain, arrives at horse clansman or in the domain of Pig Race person to settle down gets down first, teacher do you look?” Yale nodded said : fierce Fire Refining really [gold/metal], the adversity sees the true feelings, if mastiff clansman is the real friend, that Little Hai introduced that was good to him, existence of Little Hai, is all Beastman Race is long-awaited, if mastiff clansman is the real friend, we also want the doing right by friend to be good.” Wales nodded said : now we to the clan is any situation complete did not understand, must wait till mastiff clan there to look that the situation decides, hopes that cannot be too miserable.” Mendez and Yale also sighed, they also know that Wales this was in comforting oneself, was expelled the race of oneself homeland, can be any situation, thinks to know that equal to no all properties, possibly and their weapon also had outside Mount besides oneself, anything did not have. Looked also discussed was similar, Yale on returned to own tent, started to give Zhao Hai them to draw the map, because the time was too short, he cannot draw extremely in detailed, can only section out the West King encampment site, had these quite obvious physical character with this all the way. Next morning, Yale has given Zhao Hai the map that he drew at the same night, Zhao Hai looked at one, this map picture was also good, although did not have what rod and so on, but most at least can assign the direction, had continually has these famous places also to make marking along the way, possibly met these tribes also to write above, was very detailed. Looked at two eyes red Yale, Zhao Hai received map said : thank you Yale mister, Big Brother, you must take care all the way, have any situation, immediately/on horseback inform me with Blood Hawk, so long as you have written the letter, gave Blood Hawk on the line, they can find me.” Wales arrives around Zhao Hai, effort has held his next step: Brother, thanks words Elder Brother I did not say that you must take care, if the people of Bull clan want to move you , should not be impolite, release Undead Creature ties down them, immediately/on horseback sits Alien to run, here is Beastman Prairie, the Bull clan now is Royal Family in Tauren Clan, they will possibly make use of this authority to cope with you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : Big Brother feel relieved, if they dare to cope with me, that delivers under the hand/subordinate to me, my under the hand/subordinate will be getting more and more, I did not fear that good Big Brother, starting off.” Wales nodded, leading his clansman to start off, the Zhao Hai look at Wales back, sighed „the matter that said : Big Brother this time must face to be many.” Laura nodded said : to hope that he can very pass, so long as he very passed, he certainly is the Hercules Tauren Clan best King.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : I to believe under his leadership, Hercules Tauren Clan meets getting better and better, he has any difficulty, we can help him solve, he he, the powerful collaborators, later Beastman Prairie here, was our world.” Laura also very much happy, her understand, Zhao Hai such helps Wales, not only absolutely because of brotherly love, in Beastman Prairie here, you , to do the business, does not have a powerful collaborator is incorrect, now Zhao Hai although is paying, but only on Wales the position, Hercules Tauren Clan has unfolded, the repayment that he obtains will be several times of even dozens times will continue. Watched the weather, Zhao Hai has shown a faint smile said : we also to walk, shouted, to be honest, I also really relaxed, daily their together followed Wales, I felt that wants to return to Space or Iron Mountain Fort there is not very convenient.” Laura and Meg they have smiled, they also felt that is not very convenient, although they daily in the evening in returned to Space rest now, but was inferior one walk conveniently. caravan moving forward slowly, Zhao Hai, in one time inserted Friendship flag of Big bellied Pig Race person on the vehicle, he has not managed Wales to want his Friendship flag, now Tauren Clan here, Hercules Tauren Clan Friendship flag not insert to well. Wales has also thought of this point, to little give Zhao Hai annoys troublesome, he has not given Zhao Hai Friendship flag. Zhao Hai thinks that the quick point found West King large camp, therefore he has not talked circuitously, defers to the Yale picture the direction to proceed directly. The stretch a map although of Yale picture does not have the scale, but on each one type of Prairie the symbolic geographical environment he drew in the chart, among every two symbolic geographical environments must walk the several days distance he also to make marking, therefore Zhao Hai to will not need to be worried about his going astray road. although said that if helps Wales inquire information, but Zhao Hai has not worried, his very clear, present Tauren Clan is very sensitive time, if he braves rashly inquired that information, certainly will be suspected, will not when the time comes do well will live the conflict with Tauren Clan. Beastman Race has very strong vigilance regarding Human Race itself, is adding on this sensitive time, Zhao Hai thinks that must by safe not expose give priority to. Walked for day, Zhao Hai they have not met a Beastman Race tribe, but from the map looked that was also normal, their minimum also had about three days to meet the Beastman Race tribe, naturally, that also guessed that before there had a tribe to move around that for a long time, but Beastman Race will migrate often, therefore in there, Yale cannot be affirmative. The present is during the Beastman Prairie last year the busiest time, because they must prepare to winter now, grain that the forage grass that must prepare to winter, the preparation winters, therefore many Beastman tribes can all around migration prepares to winter with thing, Yale although is Prophet, but he impossible on all tribes to Beastman Prairie to know from A to Z, if he can achieve that degree, he is not Prophet, but was the god. That night Zhao Hai they also returned to Iron Mountain Fort, they discussed with Green the Hercules Tauren Clan accident, Green they also think Zhao Hai did did not have the mistake, now Hercules Tauren Clan was died, good time that but this was giving opportune help, at this time helped Hercules Tauren Clan, they will thank you for a lifetime, compared with improving on perfection to be much better.