Chapter 269 Giant-horn Ox Clan Green they on appears Human Race matter regarding Beastman Prairie, feels very strange, but they did not know about the Beastman Prairie there situation why naturally cannot guess these Human Race to be able appears in there. Zhao Hai has not thought must their here get the answer from Green, Green their simply has not gone to Prairie there, they to Prairie there all understanding, are he tell Green with Laura them, in this case, Green they, if can guess correctly these Human Race to do, they can draw makeup, goes to the Beastman tribe, when Prophet. Next morning, Zhao Hai they then start off, but this time they sped up, so long as without bumping into Beastman, Zhao Hai wants quickly. He comes to Beastman Prairie here, is not only comes for these chaotic matters , helping Wales, can bring many advantage to him, what he needs, new and odd Magic Beast, has not seen plants, these are his basis. So long as Space Level Up, that all said that therefore Zhao Hai sped up advancing, but his these time has not received in caravan returned to Space, in any case now pulls a cart also is Undead Creature, so long as made them speed up points to be OK. In Prairie here, you do not need to fear that horse carriage will jolt, is thicker than much forage grass the wool blanket, will be the natural shock absorber, vehicle simply will not jolt, the horse that will pull a cart will actually need the even bigger strength, but this regarding Zhao Hai will not be the issue, these that because will pull a cart to Zhao Hai will be Undead Creature. Zhao Hai their has raised, but they very carefully are also paying attention to all around situation, to fear all around in the appears enemy, Zhao Hai these time that two roaring flame bird let out, making them airborne Scouts. Naturally, is only two roaring flame bird also insufficiently he uses, Zhao Hai or release many Blood Hawk came scout, the roaring flame bird is not Phantasmal Beast, Zhao Hai uses not to be inconvenient with Blood Hawk, but roaring flame bird long is very attractive, Laura they like very much, Zhao Hai also their let out, when the pet is raising, if they were seen by Wales, he said that has cured the wound to the roaring flame bird and that's the end. At the same time proceeds to hurry along, the Zhao Hai first successive look at map, simultaneously map area in Space also in unceasing increase, this regarding Zhao Hai absolutely is the good matter, so long as he transfers the extension on Beastman Prairie, perhaps he was first has the person of Beastman Prairie complete map.

Three days of roads, Zhao Hai they only used for-and-a-half days to rush, they arrived at that map superscript to have region of tribe, Zhao Hai have to slow down. On the map has marked, what moves in here is a Ox Clan small tribe, the population should about 1000, Ox Clan also greatly be famous by the strength, their Mount raging bull, but this raging bull is used to eat the meat that raging bull with Continent on not quite to be a little same, this raging bull called Giant-horn raging bull, they were the one type of very unusual cow, most important was because their angles were too big. This Magic Beast pair of steep, looks like the big pillar that two velamens sharpen, length about two meters of each corner/horn, the thickest place have achieved the astonishing half meter thickness . Moreover the ten points of their angular length straight, crosswise is growing toward the left and right of head, looks like, in the head of cow bundled on a root big pillar to be the same. This barbarian Ox Clan in Tauren Clan also very famous, they famously because of their charges, their Mount, Giant-horn raging bull is not quite possibly quick, but they one but charges, is the non-solution, because of their pair of Giant-horn. Giant-horn raging bull when charges, they will suspend a straight line, all Giant-horn link an advancement ahead like wall, is not quick, does not have the slight crevice. However this not representative Giant-horn Ox Clan fighting strength strong, their like this charge although non-solution, but also very critical shortcoming, because the Giant-horn raging bull corner/horn was too big, this lets they change the direction the time not very flexible, therefore when facing Jackal Race such Light Cavalry suffers a loss. Giant-horn Ox Clan is considered as is a Ox Clan branch, fighting strength is ordinary, good that their temperament actually in Tauren Clan became famous, belongs to the disposition of that good-hearted person. Naturally, these are not Yale write on the map, Yale marks there on the map is the Giant-horn Ox Clan domain, in does not have other, but before these materials are, Laura they look up. Zhao Hai actually and other Blood Hawk and information, they entered region of Giant-horn Ox Clan continuing activities now, momentarily will probably meet Giant-horn Ox clansman in here, therefore Zhao Hai made Blood Hawk include in a big way the scout range, having a look at them to have the going astray route. After one hour, Blood Hawk flew, Zhao Hai looked at Blood Hawk one, presently Blood Hawk in circles to sound, carefully looked, Zhao Hai that in sky keeps turns the head front to have abandoning camp to Laura said :, looked like possibly by attack, we had a look.”

Laura nodded, caravan immediately/on horseback sped up, after two hours, they present abandoned camp, in this camp the has plenty corpse, these corpses are the Giant-horn Ox Clan people and their Mount. The Giant-horn Ox Clan person looks like with their Mount looks like very much, is very big, corner/horn even bigger, their angles are thick and long, horizontal and straight, must be longer than the general Tauren Clan corner/horn. Looking from the camp scale, here truly is about thousand people camp, thing that but attack, all has been able to use moved out, these deceased person clothes of were dug up up. Zhao Hai frowns look at all these, sighed, the hand wielded, turned into Undead Creature these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, he only turned into Advanced level Undead Creature one, whose he wants to know their camp from that person of there by attack. Zhao Hai has counted, dying in battle Giant-horn Ox clansman, youngster that altogether more than 300, more than a thousand people of tribe, they can go to battle with , was almost this counts, Zhao Hai has elected strongest, turned into Advanced level Undead Creature him, because he knows that in Beastman Race, strongest one, often was Patriarch of this tribe. Such that really such as Zhao Hai thinks, this was turned into Advanced level Undead Creature Giant-horn Ox clansman to call the abba safe by him, is this named Giant-horn Patriarch of tribe, in their clan altogether more than 1300 people, youngster has achieved more than 400 people, what remaining is the old and weak and woman. These are some ordinary situations, but makes Zhao Hai feel those who are surprised is attack their people. attack their is not others, is Gasol they, moreover attack lives before four hours. Before four hours, in other words before Blood Hawk presently this camp, they just by Gasol their attack, thought of here, Zhao Hai immediately received abba extremely them, then extended the trace that Gasol they were leaving to pursue. Trace that they stay behind from Gasol, the direction that they go to now possibly is also West King there, it seems like Gasol also knew Hercules Tauren Clan encampment there lived anything, but he does not have Wales they to be intelligent, has not thought that must go to the mastiff clansman domain, but wants to go to West King there. Zhao Hai hears this information, cannot help but shook the head, he really thinks now Gasol was not a smart person, he before and West King relationship was not good, went to West King at this time, obviously he settled on West King and contradictory this point between Bull clan current Patriarch, but he has actually forgotten, the situation compared with person, Hercules Tauren Clan was unable to give West King any help now, what manner West King with will come now to them, really did not say, in this case, he must go to West King, obviously was not the one type of wise choice.

However changes mind thinks that he has also felt relaxed, his understand Gasol hardship, can say that Hercules Tauren Clan can get so far as today this situation, all because of his reason, he can find the Hercules Tauren Clan person, perhaps he also has thought of the destination of Hercules Tauren Clan person, but after he went, can be what kind of? He can only be ripped the fragment by angry clansman, simply will not listen in some people his, therefore he can only look for West King. However Zhao Hai does not think that this is a good choice, his in hand now although, only then dozens guards, but from their attack Horns Tribal situation, their fighting strength is very strong, in this case, he should the leave Tauren Clan domain, keep here only to wait for death, even if were he had the support of West King, impossible to produce anything to threaten to the Bull clan, perhaps Patriarch simply of Bull clan has not regarded a threat West King, otherwise he does not dare to begin to Hercules Tauren Clan encampment directly. However these not within the consideration of Zhao Hai, he what idea no matter Gasol has, now he must do is, rushes, capture Gasol, then gives Wales them to deliver a letter, how having a look at Wales they to process him. Now he is Wales Brother Blood Oath, is not Gasol, he naturally must help Wales, Gasol dead or alive, that not in his consideration range. What most important is, he wants to obtain Gasol now their Mount Earth Cow, although he does not have the means to obtain Stoneskin Cow, but there is Earth Cow to be also good. Zhao Hai believes that is leading that many people, Gasol their was impossible to be quick, looked like Gasol their day does not certainly feel better, will otherwise not begin to rob Giant-horn Tribe. Zhao Hai their present may not be slow, Undead Creature that these pull a cart may all be Advanced level Undead Creature, such must overtake Gasol they, should not be difficult. In order to determine Gasol their direction, Zhao Hai in one time sent out Blood Hawk to go to scout, naturally, the roaring flame bird he has also sent, now the roaring flame bird is his Magic Beast, even if saw Gasol will not have anything to respond. Also passed through three hours of chase, finally by Zhao Hai they present Gasol their traces, in two hours, before the darkness, they definitely has been able to catch up with Gasol they.