Chapter 270 Lamentation Gasol However after present Gasol, Zhao Hai instead to does not worry, started to slow down, after two hours, he can catch up with Gasol, but at that time day also not black, regarding Zhao Hai their attacks very disadvantageous, must know how Gasol in said was also 8th level Expert, Zhao Hai in did not use Zhao Wen and in the Cai'er situation, was tidies up very much difficultly in a short time his. How simultaneously Zhao Hai also in thinking them must process these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, these Horns Tribal people, lost majority of youngster now, this regarding their tribes absolutely is a disaster. Like them, they are given to carry off by Gasol now, finally will certainly degenerate into the slave, but if Gasol they no matter now these people, the days of that these people also not necessarily felt better that to go, immediately wanted in the winter, they without majority of youngster, did not have means preparation enough forage grass, but they have not migrated to the winter nest that can winter, in this case, they feared was very difficult endured this winter. Zhao Hai sits in the car(riage), frowns to Laura said : Laura, what to do did you say must? How can these Giant-horn Ox Clan people arrange?” Laura knit the brows said : „the present these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, is the slave, even if were we have rescued them, their days will not feel better that to go, conversely, if they were meeting other tribes in here, their final destinies will degenerate into the slave, this matter was very not easy to do.” Zhao Hai sighed said : really that Prairie had the Prairie rule, has not thought to defeat on Prairie became the tribe of slave, sometimes instead to their sole life opportunity, what to do can these person of we? Regards the slave to put Iron Mountain Fort there to go directly?” Laura also knitting the brows head, this time situation buys the slave to be different, these slaves who with them buys, they are the slaves, naturally does not have anything the loyal issue, but this time they must face, just defeated the person who degenerates into the slave, in this case, many people are willing to become their slaves, that really did not say. Laura frowns said : Elder Brother Hai, or we bring to go to West King there these people, gives West King them, like this can't they winter safely?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to be good, what manner now our don’t know West King is also raided to Hercules Tauren Clan is, we had found West King, must observe their first, cannot immediately contact with other people, at this time, we brought Giant-horn Ox clansman to go, can explain their origins? If snatches from others in hand, whose in hand that is from snatches? Snatches? said it, can West King think that we like the Human Race helper who the Bull clan invited, must know that Prairie had the Prairie custom, we braved having a hand to meddle in rashly, not necessarily was the good deed.”

Meg this enters open the mouth and said: Young Master, thinks that many to do, they do not have the place to go now, moreover can say that their present status are the slaves, that made them our slaves was good, put Iron Mountain Fort there, they could not be inescapable, have the grandfather their look at, what matter also will not have, we also had enough grain to raise them, what did this have not to be good?” Zhao Hai has gawked, Laura actually nodded said : this to arrive is the best means currently speaking, Gasol their attack Giant-horn Tribe, they became the slaves, we have defeated Gasol, obtained the Gasol spoils of war, they were our slaves, how we processed other people, but Iron Mountain Fort there was a close environment, put there happen to make them them adapt to the life of there, so long as they did not run do not have the issue.” Zhao Hai nodded, he finally presently Ark Continent here with the Earth there different places, in here one, but was determined was the status of slave, their equal to turned into the commodity, can process at will, oneself regarded them in personnel person equality that vision, was not good. Zhao Hai is thinking after having saved these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, but also wants to put them, has not actually thought that they are the slaves, is person who can deal with, no matter they do want, they now are the slaves. So long as they were the slaves, that Zhao Hai processed not to have any difficulty, delivered to Iron Mountain Fort there them directly, had Green their look at, had Cai'er to stare, these Undead Creature were defending outside, do these Giant-horn Ox Clan people also want to run? That is almost impossible. Zhao Hai nodded said : that well, such manages, gives Grandpa Green them to process them, wants to come them unable to be inescapable.” Laura nodded said : I to look informs Grandpa Green they, making them make a preparation, that is more than 1000 people, these many people must arrange to be good well.” Zhao Hai nodded, turns the head to Meg said : Meg, you went to say one with Grandpa Green, making them be ready ahead of time, when the time comes do not make that was thrown into confusion.” Said that has fed in Space Meg, has delivered to Iron Mountain Fort. Zhao Hai they have not stopped, then slowly pursues in the Gasol direction, Zhao Hai knows after Gasol impossible until darkness, hurries along, they will certainly stop the rest, so long as they as soon as stops, that Zhao Hai their immediately will attack. Weather slowly dark, Zhao Hai they in advancing, Blood Hawk still they are still carrying on tracing in sky to Gasol, Gasol possibly is thinks earlier to the West King territory, therefore they, when the darkness gets down, has not stopped, but then proceeds, on all vehicles hits to be on fire.

This although somewhat stems from the anticipation of Zhao Hai, but also made tracing of Blood Hawk facilitate, because general Beastman will not hurry along in the night. Watched the weather, complete getting dark, Zhao Hai also knows motion time arrived, currently in having Beastman Race will run, presently fight between they and Gasol, no matter Gasol will be hurrying along, will be unimportant regarding them. Zhao Hai they sped up, with him these Undead Creature let out, this Zhao Hai does not have release these Magic Beast Undead Creature, because these Magic Beast Undead Creature still protect in Black Wasteland there, what Zhao Hai release comes is obtains 1500 hundred Bull clan Cavalry and two thousand Jackal Cavalry that newly. But Human Race mercenary Undead Creature Zhao Hai does not have release to come, they belong to Infantry, is inferior to Cavalry to be quick, Zhao Hai also received caravan, he and Laura they sat Alien within the body. Because this time does not have Wales they in side, therefore besides Alien, other Undead Creature Zhao Hai lets them by Zombie appearance appears . Gasol gloomy face sits in own cow carries on the back, his these guards in maintaining the order of team, because in this team of troops, majority is the olds and weak, therefore moves is not quick, in just, Gasol because also Giant-horn Ox Clan old person was old, could not arrive, but has killed that old person, this lets the other Horns Tribal person angers of , actually feels indignant but not daring to speak out. Giant-horn Ox Clan the custom on person understand Prairie, they now are the Gasol properties, the life and death was decided by Gasol, only if they are capable of defeating Gasol, otherwise must accept this status. Gasol felt one soon crazy, he really wants crazy, why his understand matter will not turn into this appearance, before also to the Bull clan that well he said that suddenly dispatched troops to attack and occupy encampment, Gasol heard this information the time, was mad at the scene spat blood. To this time Gasol understand, he from has fallen finally into the Bull race's under covering most from the beginning to him, is the Bull clan helps him arrive gradually today, he knows that he ended, oneself were impossible to return to the Hercules Tauren Clan tribe to go, therefore he wants to look for West King. The conduct of West King discontented Bull clan Patriarch has made the wind, therefore with the support of Hercules Tauren Clan, he has been separated from the rule of Bull clan Patriarch, has done against Patriarch of Bull clan, Gasol is hopes that can use this point, can from West King there taking advantage of a soldier, fight to the end with the Bull clan.

Had regret to present Gasol finally, he regretted really one should not begin to kill their father, should not chase down Wales they. Now Gasol understand, the Bull clan taking advantage of his 1500 has also ridden, if they were not given to extinguish by Wales, feared that became the person who wanted him to assign. Gasol is not a fool, he had been charmed the eye by the authority, greedy was been sane to fainted, now before he recalls, dry these matters, remaining, only then endless lamentation. However now Gasol does not have the face to see Wales, he wants taking advantage of a soldier, is moving suicide -type surprise attack to the Bull clan, hopes that can make up for the crime that he violates. Present Gasol looked like lost all the gamblers of property, now his remaining, only then assigned, his sole can do, went all out with own enemy. Reason that must look for West King to borrow the soldier \; first, because he knows that West King and contradiction between Bull clan Patriarch, looks West King to borrow the soldier, is most likely to borrow the soldier, second is because, he wants to weaken the West King strength, this failure, making Gasol sober completely, before he present many, matter that has not noted, his understand, West King not really reliable, if day of West King sat in a big way, might threaten the rule of Hercules Tauren Clan, therefore he wants to pass this time borrowing soldier, weakened the West King strength. As for can borrow soldier issue, Gasol has also considered, but the matter was in this situation, he can only refuse to abandon hope, can borrow the soldier to be best, cannot borrow the soldier he not to have very huge damage, but he thinks that can borrow the possibility of soldier is very big, if after all does not attack the soldier of Bull clan, that West King day does not feel better. West King will not exit to go all out with Patriarch of Bull clan, he is willing to go, West King should be happy.