Chapter 271 opportunity does not give Gasol now is Lunatic, calms down, wholeheartedly only to think completely going all out Lunatic, such person is most fearful, because they link up with another word directly, this word is abnormal! Gasol now somewhat was abnormal, his once for a while need murder gives vent to indignation, therefore his attack Giant-horn Tribe, moreover this all the way also often murder, so long as he is reprehensible, he will kill. His attack Giant-horn Tribe, another point, prepares the gift to West King, he anything did not have now, if empty-handed sees West King, he thought that has ** share, therefore he must prepare the gift to West King, but these Horns Tribal people are he give the gift that West King prepares. Naturally, Giant-horn Tribe is not the sole gift, Gasol wants to be able the attack tribe to turn into the slave all them who this they run into all the way, then regards the gift to give West King the people of these tribes, what unfortunately is, Giant-horn Tribe has become the first sacrificial victim. Now Gasol these guards somewhat fear him, because present Gasol looked like too gloomy, before not being able to see a point, completely that high-spirited appearance. Day although was black, these Horns Tribal person although are very tired, but they do not dare to stop, even does not dare to walk slow, because wants them one slowly, the whips of these guards will greet their bodies, if they fainted, that was waiting for them, only then these Hercules Tauren Clan axes. Must say before , Ox Clan very much believes to Hercules Tauren Clan, these small tribes of Hercules Tauren Clan to Tauren does not bully, if they have encountered the difficulty, Hercules Tauren Clan also helps. However now they actually felt that this Hercules Tauren Clan, simply is not Beastman Race, but is the devil, their was too scary, because is incapable rebel, they can only accept such destiny. In this time, a hoofbeat is transmitting, this hoofbeat very has the rhythm, very neat. Hears such hoofbeat, Gasol stares, then complexion changes, said loudly: Standing by.” Army that his very clear, can leave such hoofbeat, that certainly is the well-trained Elite army, at this time, a well-trained Elite army, suddenly appears in their surroundings, can have any good deed. These guards were also veterans of having fought many battles, immediately understand what's the matter, their immediately/on horseback has gathered the Gasol side, looks direction that the hoofbeat was transmitting. Very what is strange, they have not seen a point flame, hasn't the opposite party ignited? Is thinking, hoofbeat getting closer and closer, getting closer and closer. The although Darkness weather affected vision, but Gasol they listened from the hoofbeat, the team of Cavalry that came were many, minimum had more than 1000 people, this made their complexion very difficult look. Their very clear, when hears the opposite party hoofbeat, in wants to run to fear that was without enough time, now they want to know that the opposite party was who. Slowly, a distant place piece of giant shadow, their here has pressed toward Gasol, before long one team of Cavalry appears in Gasol their front. Sees this team of Cavalry, the eye of Gasol one was red, because this is Cavalry of one team of Bull clans, one team is arranging neat square-shaped formation Bull clan Cavalry.

In this time, side a suddenly Gasol guard is calling out in alarm one, Gasol has gawked, then turns the head maliciously is staring at that guard, he thinks that guard has been afraid, this is he cannot endure. However maps to his view, is that guard pale complexion, his eye tight is staring at a direction, probably saw the live ghost is the same. Gasol looked at one in that direction, presently there is standing a person of Bull clan, this person full body armor of broke, in addition is not having other. Gasol coldly snorted said : called anything, little gave me to lose face.” However complexion of that guard is very ugly, he turns the head to Gasol said : Patriarch, that person I knew that is previous time chases down seven few people with us, he had been killed by these Undead Creature, how also to meet appears in here?” Gasol one hear of that guards said that his complexion also changes, because his immediately has thought one type of is possible, their previous time with Wales to war, now by undead Mage defeating, these should die Bull clansman , did appears in here, what this explain? This indicated that undead Mage pursued. Thinks of here, Gasol cannot help but deep voice said : Wales, did you come? Comes out to see me!” His voice just fell, Undead Creature Magic Beast crawled, this made Gasol affirm own idea, his look at this shape somewhat strange Undead Creature Magic Beast, why don’t know can appears such thing. At this time a that Undead Creature big mouth, person's shadow appears in the mouth of that Undead Creature, that person slowly had then arrived at outside, stood in that Undead Creature front, look at Gasol that decided. Gasol also static look at that person, that person puts on black Magic Robe, in hand is taking Magician, looks is typical Human Race Mage, looked that this person is not old, about 20 years old, long general, most at least does not have what characteristics in the Beastman Race eye. Comes the person naturally is Zhao Hai, what Zhao Hai wants to have a look at now Gasol is, finally saw, Gasol gives his feeling now, only then two characters can describe, gloomy, however in his eye is actually flashing the frantic flame, this makes Gasol look like particularly fierce. Zhao Hai has not actually cared, he shows a faint smile, bows said : to see Gasol Big Brother to Gasol, below Zhao Hai, is Wales Big Brother Brother Beheading Blood Oath.” Gasol stares, look at Zhao Hai said : that he decides you said that you are the Wales Beheading Blood Oath brothers?” Is Beastman Race, Gasol naturally knows that Beheading Blood Oath means anything regarding Beastman, he is only has not thought that currently on Prairie unexpectedly also some people use Beheading Blood Oath . Moreover the object is Human Race. Zhao Hai is smiling said : „, previous Gasol Big Brother comes time, the little brother cannot come out to greet, really has been disrespectful, asking Gasol Big Brother to forgive.” look at Zhao Hai said : that Gasol sneers Human Race is false, is kills obviously my, actually must exhibit one to meet the happy countenance, look at I am disgusting.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : Gasol Big Brother to be serious, you should know that fierce of Beheading Blood Oath, I was am impossible to make matter that did a disservice to Hercules Tauren Clan, to was don’t know Gasol Big Brother, met touching with you these Human Race is who? Does the Bull clan help the line that you pull?”

Gasol one hear of Zhao Hai said that complexion one cold, then said : little wasted breath, Wales? Asked him to come out to see me.” Zhao Hai smiled said : Wales Big Brother to go to the mastiff clansman domain, heard that Hercules Tauren Clan clansman in there, he must go to there to settle down clansman, therefore not, but made the little brother I go to West King there to see two Elder Sister.” Gasol stares, then his look at Zhao Hai said : looks like Wales really very much trusts you, makes such important matter give you unexpectedly, such looks like, do you accidentally meet my? Do you want to do?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to do, Wales Big Brother has been looking for you, but they have the matter unable to come, I had found you, naturally must retain you for Wales Big Brother.” Gasol stares, then complexion changes, coldly snorted said : that must have a look at you to have that skill.” Said that his hand suddenly proceeds to wield, wipes bright flashes, hatchet flies toward Zhao Hai. Gasol this attack suddenly, also very covert, complete not any omen, this hatchet also very has the characteristics, is not that hatchet that Tauren Clan uses, but is small hatchet of palm of the hand size, it seems like that this is one buckles in hand hidden weapon specially. Zhao Hai has not thought that really Gasol will use hidden weapon unexpectedly, but Zhao Hai is not a fool, he had already guarded, therefore Gasol moves, Zhao Hai behind Alien proceeds to put on, one has blocked Gasol hidden weapon, afterward Zhao Hai vanished in same place, but Cavalry of these Bull clans also they pressed toward Gasol. Gasol they have not actually managed these, but is turn around must run, but they just turn around, actually presently their rear guards have been given, broke their escape route, is Jackal Race Cavalry. Jackal Race Cavalry is a little different from Cavalry of Bull clan, Jackal Race Cavalry Mount is Brilliant Wolf , Brilliant Wolf is one type of carnivorous animal, but carnivorous animal has characteristics, on their feet long is not the hoof, but is the claw, on the claw also has the meat pad, this lets the time that they run, the sound is very small, Zhao Hai they attracted the Gasol attention in front, behind these Jackal Race Cavalry, the nature on can run, they gave to encircle Gasol. This is also why Zhao Hai made today's Undead Creature by the Zombie appearance appears reason, on Zombie also retain the meat pad on Brilliant Wolf claw, this must be able to achieve the effect that Zhao Hai wanted. Saw that appears has gawked in their behind these Jackal Race Cavalry Gasol, then his face inconceivable look at these Jackal Race Cavalry, he can affirm that these Jackal Race Cavalry certainly are also Undead Creature that Zhao Hai release comes, Jackal Race Cavalry that but previous time he sees but the skeleton shape, these did time turn into this appearance? He has not made understand what's the matter, these Jackal Race Cavalry flushed, simply has not given Gasol their any opportunity. However this Zhao Hai has also gotten down Death Command, they can only kill people, cannot injure to arrive at Earth Cow, similarly, Gasol cannot receive any injury. These Hercules Tauren Clan guards, Zhao Hai killed have also killed, but if he has killed Gasol, that Wales did not meet at heart comfortably, no matter what, Gasol was Wales Big Brother, among them had any grievances, that was their matters, Zhao Hai cannot meddle. Gasol regarding the converging attack of this both sides, is notably underprepared, when they want to counter-attack time already late, these Jackal Race Cavalry and Cavalry of Bull clan, has all killed his dozens guards, only then their Mount are also remaining, then all people encircle Gasol in the middle, static look at Gasol. Gasol sees this situation, cannot help but has smiled bitterly, holds up the in hand big axe, must carry on the last charge of oneself life. However at this moment, vine suddenly appears in his, one hit in his head bag, Gasol felt that a first pain, then on anything don’t know, the body shook shaking, carried on the back to plant from the cow, as soon as he fell the ground, immediately tied down by more vines, then flashed with brilliant rays vanished in same place.

Then Zhao Hai wields in hand Magic Staff, received these Earth Cow, weapon also received, the corpses of these guard Hercules Tauren Clan, Zhao Hai also with Earth element Magic burying, him knows that Wales does not like seeing the Hercules Tauren Clan person was turned into Undead Creature, therefore Zhao Hai such has not done, he does not miss these under the hand/subordinate in any case. After processing these, nearby Zhao Hai turn around look at these Horns Tribal people, these Horns Tribal people, have not then run, they dull standing, some Horns Tribal children frightened cry. Zhao Hai arrives around these people, look at these person of said : I am undead Mage, I called Zhao Hai, starting today, I was your Master, you can call me Young Master.” Alien that these Horns Tribal person one face panic-stricken look at Zhao Hai, he behind bluffed and blustered, invincible Gasol they, in the Zhao Hai front, did not have to be eliminated including rebel opportunity in their eyes, they can also make anything. Zhao Hai wields, follows in these Bull clan Cavalry and Jackal Race of his side Cavalry, instantaneously was turning into the skeleton shape, suspends neat square-shaped formation to stand in his, but this makes these Horns Tribal people feel the fear, many women have cried, in many old person eyes has revealed desperate radiance. Zhao Hai such does intentionally, he must frighten these Horns Tribal person, making them listen to his arrangement honestly. Zhao Hai look at their said : a while I will send you to a place, you later live in there, must listen to the words of there person, if who dares not to be obedient, I turn into undead him.” These Horns Tribal person dull look at Zhao Hai, they somewhat cannot make a turn, but the matter can actually affirm, they this fearful Human Race Magician do not want to kill them at present probably. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, deep voice said : looked for several coming out of leads to speak to me.” A crowd tumult, two Giant-horn Ox Clan old person was then elected, their stature although is very big, but the waist actually somewhat bent, head huge ox horn, presses them unable to gain ground probably, they stand in Zhao Hai, old person open the mouth and said: Young Master, I called Ares, was the Horns Tribal elder.” I called Areia, was the Horns Tribal elder.” Zhao Hai looked at these two old person, nodded said : well, concentrates your clansman, I must send you to a place, you later lived in there.”