Chapter 272 Not simple Human Race Merchant Ares and Areia look at Zhao Hai appearance, looked at Zhao Hai behind these Undead Creature one, must lower the head to summon own clansman. Before long all Horns Tribal people were concentrated, now entire Giant-horn Tribe only remaining more than 900 people, youngster has more than 100 people, remaining is the olds and weak. All person gingerly look at these Undead Creature, these Undead Creature fierce located they to experience, like Gasol these guards, they may all be Expert, lowest had the 6th level Warrior strength, was the strength, during these Undead Creature charges, wiped out, but these Undead Creature actually did not have what casualties, what concept was this? Horns Tribal these people have the experience fool, their very clear, if these Undead Creature strengths are not strong, is only Gasol these dozens guards, can definitely tidy up several hundred Undead Creature not to be a problem, but their has not coped now, had been tidied up by Undead Creature, this can only show that these Undead Creature have is not weak in the strengths of Gasol these guards, but such Undead Creature, more than 3000, how this lets them with it opposing the enemy. Cannot be hostile, can only be obedient, all Horns Tribal people very honest, their careful get together, the woman gets the child to stand in the middle, old person stands in the surrounding, youngster stands in most surrounding. Zhao Hai looked at these person of one, then in hand Magic Staff wields, one group of Dark mist have encircled all people, this lets a these Horns Tribal person anxiety. However quick Dark mist diverged, these Horns Tribal people presently they are standing outside a castle, this is a true Human Race castle. Beastman Race little can see the Human Race castle, but they have actually heard, now the Horns Tribal person finally saw, but they have not responded for a while, dull look at at present outside this castle and castle are standing person. Right, is the person, is not Beastman, but is true Human Race, this makes the Horns Tribal person somewhat unable to respond at once, their really not understand, oneself how appears among suddenly in here. At this time Zhao Hai sound suddenly transmitted said : to be good, after here, was your living place, has remembered, you now were my Zhao Hai slaves.” These Horns Tribal people one sobered, is out of sorts is looking at Zhao Hai, they really think understand, Zhao Hai do not achieve, why can he get so far as this place these many people from Prairie in a flash?

Zhao Hai has not managed them, but then said : this is my Manager, Green, this is also my Manager, Kun, they will arrange the place that you live, also speaks my here custom with you, has remembered, if who dares to act unreasonably in here, I turn into undead him.” Zhao Hai is certainly frightening these Horns Tribal people, he has to such do, if he does not make these Horns Tribal people feel the fear, when these Horns Tribal people make the matter to come, person who he must kill are many. In order to let these Horns Tribal person to settle down of as soon as possible gets down, Zhao Hai has not worried returned to Prairie to go, he has waited in here, look at Green they to arrange these Giant-horn Ox Clan people. Green they already had to prepare, before adding on they frantic in Casa City rush to purchase, now their in hand does not lack the commodity, to settle down has these Giant-horn Ox Clan people to come, does not take time. What most important is, this Iron Mountain Fort is not small, before Zhao Hai they can only use part, after all the population are too few, now the person arrivals of this about 1000 people of Giant-horn Ox Clan, happen to were make the castle live it up a point. Where these Giant-horn Ox Clan person although don’t know are, but they do not dare to violate the Zhao Hai words, in adding on a completely strange environment that sense of fear, letting them only gingerly in Green under their arrangement, has been admitted to the castle. In the castle has prepared using of eating to them, so long as they entered stay have been OK, in had Zhao Hai to assume personal command in addition, all carried on very smooth, in these Giant-horn Ox clansman eyes, Zhao Hai was a Law Force boundless devil, otherwise he so many Undead Creature army, the impossible flash not to have gotten so far as here from Prairie them. Zhao Hai gets certainly so far as here to come them with Space, for does not make them see the situation in Space, therefore Zhao Hai, when allows them to enter Space, has used the Dark mist technique, making them unable to see outside situation, is adding on the rapidness that he shifts, therefore these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, only felt that the Dark mist technique just surrounded them, then they went to another completely strange place, this makes them feel incomparable frightened to the Zhao Hai ability. Giant-horn Ox Clan is in Beastman Race a very temperate race, is the good-hearted person disposition, such disposition also makes them a little spiritless, in obeys Expert in addition is the customs on Beastman Prairie, therefore they to are very honest. When their to settle down ends, the sky has almost shone, Zhao Hai immediately returned to Prairie there, currently Prairie there also has many matters to wait for him to process. Gasol they have defeated Giant-horn Tribe, their all commodities they were also given to snatch by Gasol, including Magic Beast, grain, large cart, tent these Beastman Race most commonly used thing.

But just Zhao Hai had processed Gasol they , the Horns Tribal person delivering to Iron Mountain Fort, other thing had not moved in Prairie there, now her is being led these Undead Creature look at by Laura. Zhao Hai just arrived at Prairie here, immediately entered Alien within the body, presently Laura they have fallen asleep, has not awaked, Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, has not disturbed her, from Alien within the body walked out, looked at outside thing. These thing are Gasol they snatches from Giant-horn Tribe, Giant-horn Tribe is more than a thousand people of small tribe, but is a such small tribe, their thing are also many, is only used to install the thing large cart to have several hundred. Must know Beastman Race large cart compared with Human Race mostly, Zhao Hai their these attire grain car(riage)s, only has installed vigorously 1000 jin (0.5 kg) grain each car(riage) to Prairie here, but Beastman Race these large carts, each car(riage) can actually install more than 5000 jin (0.5 kg) grain. Zhao Hai careful counted, Giant-horn Tribe altogether had large cart 500, 300 number upper garments was thing of some tent and daily expense, what remaining 200 car(riage) attires was the grain, but Zhao Hai also looked, the grain on these large carts have not packed, each car(riage) has only installed about 2000 jin (0.5 kg), above with beast skin careful was covering, obviously their attach great importance to these grain. In the side hitch of each car(riage) some Magic Beast, Zhao Hai carefully was looking, these Magic Beast have three types, Giant-horn raging bull, ordinary raging bull, Argali. Giant-horn raging bull very obviously is these Giant-horn Ox clansman Mount, but ordinary raging bull is used to pull a cart, these Argali naturally are they most important properties. Careful counting the number, Giant-horn raging bull altogether had 1500, ordinary raging bull 1100, remaining Argali were too many, has not counted to come. Beastman Race copes with the plate clearly very much to have the means that yesterday that big sound, these Argali have not run in the evening unexpectedly, now the dawn, these Argali were in there leisurely and carefree grazing. Zhao Hai thinks that first received these Giant-horn raging bull, then also received the car(riage)s of these attire commodities, finally received these Argali, has only left behind several hundred outside, puts the commodity the car(riage), has left behind two, one is to install the tent, another is to install some daily necessities, although these thing are these Beastman Race uses, but was used to put on an act enough. Zhao Hai with Wales they chatted knows in the past few days that he was too simple, Merchant that on Prairie Merchant on Prairie thought that their life styles were more like Beastman, they were bringing the massive grain car(riage)s, but also in the car(riage)s of some car(riage)s and attire commodities of belt clothing tent, because they were majority of time wanted to construct camp, impossible everyday to be able to find the Beastman Race tribe to seek lodging for the night.

Moreover after Human Race arrives at Beastman Prairie here, general time also will wear the beast skin clothes \; first, this can make these Beastman have the favorable impression to the person, two are the beast skin clothes is most suitable on Prairie. Zhao Hai also knows to the present that originally Merchant on Beastman Prairie like this lives, he asked curiously Laura, Laura has the business in Beastman Prairie here normally, he should know to these. That knows that Laura shows the whites of the eyes to tell him, the Beastman Prairie here business, before was Kun in managing, simply did not let her and Prairie here these people contacts, had given afterward Ah Tai, therefore she dealt with the issues in some accounts, the specific matter she did not manage. But their these time comes out, Kun, the main point does not do business, moreover gets so far as some Magic Beast and rare plants, therefore he they have not said to Zhao Hai to this aspect too, said it, has Space, simply does not need to handle these many matters, Kun has not thought let Laura really on these Merchant living outdoors like Prairie, he may not give up. However Zhao Hai leaves behind these tents and commodity anything, does for show, will not use, after all they rest to arrive in Space. Reason that he keeps outside Argali , because must conform to his Merchant status, must know on Prairie, by Human Race Merchant caravan with a troop Argali that is very normal. Horns Tribal grain car(riage) Zhao Hai to has not received, later he prepared to install the grain with such large cart to trade, this was also the Human Race Merchant convention, after all that type only installed 1000 jin (0.5 kg) grain the car, was really too small, not suitable uses on Prairie. After processing, Zhao Hai release Undead Creature of 500 Human Race Undead Creature and 100 Large-Horned Raging Bulls clans, making them protect in side of grain car(riage), this received remaining all Undead Creature, Laura horse carriage also let out, her called Laura, they must hurry along.