Chapter 273 Child issue Laura their together comes, presently Zhao Hai has handled the matter, look at Zhao Hai full is the eye of blood thread, Laura cannot help but grieved said : Elder Brother Hai, hasn't your night rested? Rests quickly.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to be all right, you go to Space to comb the hair and wash the face, I give Wales Big Brother to write a letter, told him the here situation, with him approximately a place, was giving him Gasol, always keeps our in hand Gasol is not a matter, moreover these commodities that these time obtained from Giant-horn Tribe there, was some Beastman uses, mostly we could not use, when the time comes also while convenient gave Big Brother to be good.” Laura nodded said : well, we comb the hair and wash the face, you gave Wales Big Brother to write a letter, finished have believed you to go to Space to rest, we were good outside look at, in any case not going astray road.” Zhao Hai nodded, turn around writes a letter, Laura her immediately entered Space to comb the hair and wash the face, in the evening yesterday they also rested was very late, now needs sober well. Zhao Hai gave Wales to write a letter quickly, the letter was not long, but told him, he has met Gasol, and Gasol to capture, how asking Wales must process. After having written the letter, Zhao Hai on returned to in Space, has given Wales in that five Blood Hawk to call him, prepares to give Wales this letter. These Blood Hawk are actually Space Phantasmal Beast, no matter they walk far, Space can contact with on them, but Zhao Hai is Space Master, naturally can also all order to these Blood Hawk under through Space, moreover disregards the distance. After under Blood Hawk ends the order, Zhao Hai on returned to Ranch Space, yesterday he received two new Magic Beast, he must have a look at these two Magic Beast to depend on many levels in Space. To Ranch Space there, Zhao Hai immediately Giant-horn raging bull let out, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback has also transmitted said : presently variation bull shape animal, appraises animal, animal is Level 10 animal, the mature time is 12 hours, may produce the son six times, produces son six each time, eats the feed two points each hour, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Similar to such that Zhao Hai thinks, this Giant-horn raging bull level is not high. Zhao Hai has not cared, in later Space also had one type of new Magic Beast in any case, this was enough, then his immediately/on horseback Earth Cow let out, the Space prompt sound in one time transmits said : presently bull shape variation animal, appraises animal, animal is two ten 5th level animal, the mature time 20 hours, may produce the son eight times, produce son five each time, eat the feed two points each hour, animal have the mild control earth element ability, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Said that was not having as follows, Zhao Shenghai has not worried, he Ranch here Level Up is presently more difficult than Farm, now he has gotten so far as many animal to enter Space, can present Ranch here also be only 6th level, it seems like oneself want the Ranch liter Advanced level, is not really easy.

Zhao Hai sighed, he has not thought immediately raised Earth Cow and Giant-horn raging bull, raises this different now is not useful, might as well raised worthwhile that Argali and raging bull came, after all Argali and raging bull can change into money in Human Race there, but Giant-horn raging bull and Earth Cow, to Continent there, did not have what to use greatly. Comes out from Ranch there, Zhao Hai arrived at Farm there to have a look at Laura they, they have washed to comb now, appeared energetic. Zhao Hai looked at three people of one, smiles said : I to think that you did not use, was staying in Space, was good through monitor look at outside, when some people time you were exiting, making Undead Creature drive a cart, will not go astray, if were really bored, can return to Iron Mountain Fort to have a look.” Laura thinks that at the appointed time agreed that the scenery on Prairie her has been sick in any case now, might as well wants in Space comfortable, wants to lie down is lying down, wants to sit sits, moves Space even more larger, outside made these Undead Creature rush for the car(riage) to walk slowly. Looked that three people of girls agreed that Zhao Hai in saying anything, after arranging all, Zhao Hai on returned to bedroom sleeping of Space well. Feared Laura she dull is really greasy, therefore Zhao Hai told Cai'er, if Laura they want to return to Iron Mountain Fort there to be also good, when the time comes made her help to pay attention to outside matter, if had any matter, but he was sleeping, Laura they in Iron Mountain Fort there, made Cai'er awaken him. Actually Zhao Hai does not have understand Cai'er doing of too to use now, but now Cai'er Space here management good of , Mu'er the Ranch there management is also very good, he did not need to hold, he was also glad with ease, had any matter to tell that Cai'er did, he did not have to the present presently, he made Cai'er make anything, but Cai'er said that could not do. Zhao Hai very clear, Cai'er and Space unified in together, he was Space Master, that was Cai'er Master, the matter that if Cai'er could not handle, will certainly tell him, but did not deceive him, therefore he to Cai'er feel relieved. Satisfactory sleeping, Zhao Hai then felt one were more energetic, must say Zhao Hai now most unsatisfied was own body, so long as tired point on complete mention spirit, weak pity. Gets up after washing, Zhao Hai arrived at the Space Villa living room, looked at one toward outside, does not have anything, horse carriage still, these Undead Creature also guards in horse carriage side, looked at a route, probably not wrong. Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback returned to Iron Mountain Fort, he just had not seen Laura in the villa they, immediately has assigned out the Iron Mountain Fort there image, really saw Laura they, they are working in the people of command(er) these Large-Horned Raging Bulls clans.

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the personal appearance moves, appears in the Laura side, Laura suddenly felt that the side are many a person, turn around looked, is actually Zhao Hai, her immediately/on horseback smiles said : Elder Brother Hai, you awoke.” Did Zhao Hai nod, looks at these to move thing Giant-horn Ox clansman said : what kind of? Are they also obedient?” Laura nodded said : to be obedient very much, is a little life of not too suitable here, but I believe that before long, Elder Brother Hai, you will look at the children of that many Large-Horned Raging Bulls clans, nothing, such runs around like crazy daily is not a matter, what matter do we look to make them do?” Zhao Hai nodded, he really has also thought this issue, when Qi Hexi marries Zhao Hai has thought this child's issue, in Ark Continent here may not have a birth control such saying, how many here people able to live to live how many, in the future their here meets the has plenty child, what to do can that these children? Daily puts them to put the surface to run around like crazy? Unsafe did not say that does not have any advantage to him. To solve this problem, has means that the school! Their here now was an independent kingdom, these matters must plan, had in that country not to have the school? The school enhances a national element qualitative important unit, must construct. Moreover at this time built the school, was on the track, later was the person were many, there is an experience, school under-construction are many on convenience. China has good that words said that the great project, is education-based, their Buda Family wants to unfold, the educational problem cannot fall. Zhao Hai looked at these Giant-horn Ox Clan person one, turns the head to make them to Laura said : work first, they called Grandpa Green, we went to the living room, something want to discuss with everyone/Great Clan.” Laura nodded, told that followed to call the person in her Ni'er, Zhao Hai said : was right, called Ares and Areia.” Ni'er complied with one, turn around ran. Zhao Hai and Laura walk toward the living room in main fort in shoulder to shoulder, all the way these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, with look look at Zhao Hai that one type of dreads, Zhao Hai has not cared, but turns the head to Laura said : Laura, you thought how can solve their child's problems?” Laura thinks that said : school, we can also run a school.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to think that with me together went, I also want to run a school, constructed some school not only these child people to look, after they grew up, we and many many talented people.” Laura nodded said : this time we come out, has bought many books, happen to be used to teach these children, when they have grown up, even if cannot learn Martial Skill and Magic, can help us a lot.” Zhao Hai nodded, at this time they entered in the fort, now in the fort had many people, is these married, married, Zhao Hai not only restores their commoner status, so long as they want, Zhao Hai can the fort arrange a house to them, naturally, this house is not the room in main fort, but is in these servant room in fort. They just arrived at the living room, Green they came, besides Green, Merine, Kun, Meg, Blockhead, Stone, Sergio, Ares, Areia also came, his these people now could be said as the entire Buda Family management. Zhao Hai makes all people sit down, only then Ares and Areia feel somewhat restlessly, sitting cautiously in there, Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, has not said anything, but turns the head their said : today to call everyone/Great Clan to Green to come, wants to say the Giant-horn Ox Clan these children's issues.” Green they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura, that meaning was to let her said that before Laura showed a faint smile said : „, in our castle the person were few, did not have the child, therefore everyone/Great Clan had not attached importance to this issue, now because of Giant-horn Ox Clan join, in our castle one were many many children, but these children nobody look at, everyday run all over the place in the castle now, any thing could not learn did not say, was unsafe, after all outside of castle also had the moat, if they ran up to the riverside to play, was very easy to have an accident.” Green they stare, then nodded, Ares and Areia actually look at Zhao Hai with Laura, their although is Beastman Race, is not very intelligent, but was old, the person said that person old essence, ghost old essence, their was also to the person old fine level, nature understand Zhao Hai their what is this, looked at Zhao Hai their appearance, probably must run a school to be the same to Zhao Hai!