Chapter 274 National policy School, not only Human Race here has, Beastman Race there also has, but Beastman Race there school, only then some big War Clan have, most famous, in Beast God City, there has on a Beastman fierce most glorious school, but that school only teaches some high level some War Clan and Prophet, Shaman, Witch Doctor, ordinary Beastman Race is impossible to go to school. For this reason, therefore the school in the Beastman mind, the status is very high, because was old, matter of experience were also many, therefore Ares and Areia listened to others saying that big War Clan managed the main point of school, for concentrated the management the child of this clan with the training, therefore they, as soon as listened to Laura, felt that Laura was constructing one school to be the same probably. They somewhat excited look at Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai looked at Green their said : in the future our here population to be getting more and more, the child will be also getting more and more, as the matter stands, built the school to be inevitable, I think that we should call present our person also few times, the first school managing, accumulated some experiences, later waited for our person many times, in wants to run the school, had this experience, will not be thrown into confusion.” Green nodded is reasonable, the school that said : Young Master said should manage, currently in the castle also has many spatial rooms, should immediately manage.” Kun also nodded said : I to think that we should complete the demon Martial arts school, inspects the child since childhood, favors Martial Arts, teaches them Martial Skill, favors study Magic, teaches them Magic, Martial Skill teacher makes Sergio come, Magic teacher, or makes Meg come?” Zhao Hai actually shook the head said :not to be good, such words were too general, we must run the school now, must handle, runs the school to gain in the experience for later, on the form of that demon Martial arts school according to Continent, definitely is incorrect, we must the school of detailed, this, have many children to count first castle here, then asked that their age, differentiates according to the ages them, my plan is, before four years old, gives the parents the belt, after four years old, delivers to the unification in the kindergarten, please specially the person belt, everyday in the morning deliver to the kindergarten., Meets to go home in the evening, at noon dines in the kindergarten, at this time, carried out the formative education to the child, taught them to recognize some simple characters, carried on some simple arithmetic studies. Has waited till seven -year-old time, starts official attending class, attended class to be divided into study literary, studies the number, the Martial Arts three types, three types must also carry on, for example, studies one hour of article, in study one hour of number, in study one hour of military, with kindergarten, delivers to the school in the morning, in the evening meets to go home, at noon unifies to eat meal in the school. At age 12, official dividing into separate fields, for example had the talent to Martial Arts, must put on Martial Arts and study literary the main energy, if had the talent to Magician, must put study on Magic and study literary the main experience, if did not have the talent to this difference, can wholly-absorbed study literary or the wholly-absorbed study number, we can also at this time please some Artisan the school, specially some teaching child study technologies, like this in the future was they study not the article, could not learn the number, had a technical self-defense, was all these not learn, was most minimum he to be literate, learn kept a promise simply, is this also the good deed, everyone/Great Clan thinks for them? ” Green they have not thought that Zhao Hai planned unexpectedly all, one hear of Zhao Hai said that temporarily does not conceive a plan, because of here surface minute of very detailed, can say that the demon Martial arts institute on Continent did not have school minute of thin of such Zhao Hai said that moreover started from four years old, must know that the demon Martial arts institute on Continent, from six to seven years old started generally, moreover at that time in the demon Martial arts school, was only carries on some simple trainings and recognizes some characters, will not teach thing. Their there knows that Zhao Hai just the school on Earth, changed external appearances only with Ark Continent here.

The school that however they have to recognize, Zhao Hai say is much better compared with the Continent last present school, if has completed, that absolutely is on Continent a unique school, held the beginning of history. Because the person on Continent esteems martial arts, therefore demon Martial arts school generally by teaching Martial Skill with Magic give priority to, the school that but Zhao Hai said is different, the school that Zhao Hai said that main unexpectedly and teaches to count give priority to by teach literary, because of this school, has stressed from beginning to end study literary and study number, this regarding Green them, is the first time heard absolutely. Laura frowns said : according to do this, the fund of that investment Elder Brother Hai you said that will be a lot, for example four years old to seventh these days child is not very good to manage, is adding on teach literary, teaches to count, teaches the military, teaches the demon, sits the food, takes care of the child, these need the person, whom do we make go? Person who goes to must eat meal, their also main point wages, is these money we leaves? Also, you said that these children must unify to eat meal, that this is meal money also we leaves? Now the person little fortunately said that person are many? This investment will be very big, moreover can be a bottomless pit, our Black Soil main points construction, the spending place are too many, like this feared that is not good.” Green they nodded, the meaning of their also understand Laura, according to runs a school that Zhao Hai said that the investment truly was too big, now their person little possibly cannot feel, but person were really many time, that this investment can be astronomical figures. Zhao Hai nodded said : this I naturally to know, therefore the school expense of this school must receive, but cannot receive, is left part by the guardian of student, we are leaving part, such school managed, my plan, did not submit to delimit according to a territory, but planned according to a prospect of country, the school must act to manage by the country directly, cannot give somebody, said it, the person are now few, almost not what trade, but person will be many in the future, definitely will have Merchant, will we have the tax revenue, why these money receive? Is only used to arm the army? I look do not use, we are in the school, can execute the militarized management to the student, such future will live anything to fight, we will not worry not to have the soldier, considered for the Buda Family ten thousand th dynasty that I think the tax that we should the rational regarding tax revenue, collect must use in the place, must honor eight characters, will take from the people, serves the interests of the people.” Laura they were shocked, Zhao Hai such theory they are first hearing, this on all countries with Continent treats the tax revenue the way not to be different, now the country on Continent, the imperator is Imperial Clan, is Noble, the tax that they collect, although takes with the necessary construction, the expenditure of army, in other aspects on investment has been short, even if the demon Martial arts institute on Continent, goes to school in there is also must pay tuition, this situation that Zhao Hai said likely, they have not heard. The people were at once silent, some little time, Kun pats thigh said : well, right that fantastic that said that Little Hai, you said that said was too right, for the Buda Family ten thousand years landscape, should such do, otherwise is leaving that much money, actually threw the landscape was useful, I supported Little Hai.” Green is not experience no person, he was just only had not recovered, because was too surprised, he has not thought that Zhao Hai can think was so far, now one calling to recover by Kun, his face excited said : right, was too right, right that Young Master said that I supported Young Master.” These two such saying, in its main key of matter set, remaining only lay in chooses the place and looks for teacher. Merine said : this place to is good to elect, but elects to find a peaceful point place to the children, but must a little Space, be able to make the children practice martial arts, the child can also come out to play under nursing of Sir, this I look elect by Houbao.”

Houbao is behind a main fort place, there in the plan in original castle, is belongs to some Warehouse, the servant room and horse Si and so on place. there nobody goes for a while, but house is fortunately good, so long as cleans, can make the school to use, moreover is very far from the outwork, and hits the rice mill is very far to the oil pressing plant, very peaceful, makes the good place of school. Now about must say that was Merine that the castle most knew, therefore her such saying, nobody proposed that the opinion of opposition, Zhao Hai nodded said : that to choose Houbao to be good, this address Merine Grandma look at office, below was the teacher candidate, Martial Skill teacher, I looked at Sergio on the line, because the present Giant-horn Ox Clan child are quite many, must make Giant-horn Ox Clan in leaving teacher, Ares, this matter you managed, in your tribe a soldier taught the child, but has remembered, looked for smart, but this taught the child, he. If did not say understand the words, teaches don’t know, that will harm the children.” Zhao Hai knows that Beastman Martial Skill has very big difference with Human Race, for example looks like Giant-horn Ox Clan, they have Beast Soul Technique, can fuse beast soul, moreover in the fight, they will use own some innate skill abilities, for example their head Giant-horn, that is also weapon one type of, does not have the means to teach the Beastman child in this aspect apparently Human Race, therefore Zhao Hai must select teacher from Giant-horn Ox Clan. Ares and Areia actually suddenly looks like Zhao Hai to kneel down, Ares is said loudly: Great Magician Master, your heart is similar to the Prairie same broadness, your strength is similar to the Beast God same omnipotence, your knowledge is profounder than Prophet, your feelings are similar to mother river same goodness, please feel relieved, your explain/transfer matter, I certainly complete.” Said that they have knocked three heads to Zhao Hai respectfully. Zhao Hai they have not thought that really they will do such, Zhao Hai waved, Blockhead and Stone gave to hold them hastily, Zhao Hai look at their said : you must remember, although you were my slave, but I was different from other Human Race, in here, you were equal with Human Race, but you cannot betray me, if you dare to betray me, I will make you in my Giant Spirit army.” Ares bows said : my benevolent Master, please feel relieved, a Beastman clan one, but acknowledged the Master status, life-long will not change.” Zhao Hai nodded, you do not forget to their said :, now Giant-horn Tribe did not have, you must say to your clansman that must adapt to the life of here as soon as possible, what matter has to need to help, looks in of sitting, was right, Friendship flag of your tribe also in?” Ares nodded said : also, Master do you want to use?” Zhao Hai nodded said : a while to bring to give me, I do business to use Friendship flag on Prairie.” This is also Zhao Hai suddenly thinks that Spier gives his Big bellied Pig Race Friendship flag, making him win many Beastman Race favorable impressions, this also let Zhao Hai understand the Friendship flag important place, now Ares is in itself his person, he used their Friendship flag not to be a problem.

Ares immediately/on horseback nodded said : to invite Master feel relieved, after I go back, immediately sends to Master.” Zhao Hai nodded said : to be good, sits down, remember, later called me Young Master, haven't I told you?” Ares and Areia have complied with one hastily, this sat down. Zhao Hai turns the head to Green their said : Martial Skill teacher is Sergio, in chooses one from Giant-horn Ox Clan, now should be sufficient, if Sergio has the matter, lets Blockhead or Stone teaches, but they mainly to practice give priority to now, the Magic teacher candidate, I wants to make Buffy go, although he turns into Undead Creature now, level also reduced much, but before him, after is 9th level big Magician, moreover Advanced level Undead Creature, should be able to deal with.” Merine they, although in does not want to make undead teach the child, but does not have the means that now they not about trial candidate, but they also think that now Buffy goes to also no big deal, on Continent all people know that Beastman Race cannot study Magic, now Buffy is also teaches these children, when meets Magic attack, what response must make. Looked that what everyone/Great Clan has not said that Zhao Hai then said : prepares food this not to be a problem, elects two women from Giant-horn Ox Clan, in elected two women to come out from the slave to be OK, taught these children to be literate, this to was a little difficulty, was right, can make Oroba try, he can teach these children to be literate, but can also teach these child arithmetics, this should be feasible, Merine Grandma did you think?” Merine thought that also can only, their in hand that many manpower, she not to be able to teach like this now, but she does not have that time, now can only according to managing that Zhao Hai said. Zhao Hai looked that several people had not opposed, this to Green and Kun said : Grandpa Green, Grandfather Kun, these matters on give you, we returned to Prairie to come up, has any need you to look for me, Ares, went to bring Friendship flag.” Ares and Areia complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai turns the head many to Merine their said : Beastman Race by meat give priority to, now they have not been for a while possibly familiar with the food habit of our here, the habits and customs must changing well, these let the Merine Grandma multi- look at point.” Merine nodded, in this time, Cai'er is telling Zhao Hai, Blood Hawk comes back.