Chapter 275 The worry of teaching material This was Blood Hawk second time came back today, the first time time, Zhao Hai was sleeping, but he giving the Wales letter has given Cai'er, let the color and gives Blood Hawk, making Blood Hawk take to Wales. This Blood Hawk comes back, that has certainly brought back to the reply of Wales. Really, Zhao Hai arrived in Space, saw Blood Hawk is standing in Cai'er, looks at Zhao Hai appears , this only Blood Hawk arrives at the Zhao Hai side, with the curved hook same mouth, has rubbed the face of Zhao Hai gently, expressed affectionate. Zhao Hai has patted the big end of Blood Hawk gently, at this time Cai'er also delivered to Zhao Hai in hand a letter, Zhao Hai opened the letter to look that Wales appears somewhat excited, this can look from the character on letter, that character a little toward Kuangcao the meaning of direction show. However Zhao Hai looked at understand, Wales was makes him delivering Gasol, in behind of letter, a very simple map, moreover made Blood Hawk guide to him. Zhao Hai to does not have what opinion, but late goes to West King territory several days, he is not special worry, he received the letter, returned to Iron Mountain Fort. Now Green they were discussing that handles the matter of school, now the Iron Mountain Fort here person are luckily few, this school manages to be very easy. However the meaning of Zhao Hai is, cannot, because the person are few, is only simple deceives, must build first stance/framework/shelf, this can make a model, if later the school under-construction, can carry on with this pattern. At this time Ares and Areia also came back from outside, their in hand was taking War flag, what on this War flag drew was one is growing huge ox horn Ox-head, was Giant-horn Ox Clan Friendship flag. Zhao Hai received the flag, looked at one, has given nearby Meg, turns the head to Ares said : Ares, you must as soon as possible having many children counts, discovering teacher as soon as possible, the school must manage as soon as possible.” Ares and Areia complied with one, Zhao Hai turned the head to Green said : Grandpa Green, here on give you, we must go back Prairie to come up, just I received the Wales letter, he made us deliver Gasol.”

Green nodded said : Young Master feel relieved, now castle here all are normal, nothing lives, in the winter in the fever firewood also prepared, did not have what to be good to worry.” Zhao Hai smiles said : that to be good, actually castle here has not needed too much firewood in the winter, Cai'er these flowers can be hot, to winter time, in the castle will not be cold, eating that the grain we were unable to finish eating now, the meat did not lack, now I thought we must as soon as possible ran the rations factory, happen to currently has Ares their join, they will make rations, this should be very easy, moreover now we do not lack Argali, ran the rations factory, the winter big time family also a little matter did, did you look?” Green nodded said : Young Master, how many Argali these did time altogether obtain?” Zhao Hai looked at Space one, nodded said : to have thirty thousand many probably, all obtains from Ares their tribes.” Ares they any discontented performance, they have not been to belong to Zhao Hai now, do not say these Argali, but Ares knit the brows said : Young Master, I remember that our Giant-horn Tribe altogether has fifty thousand many only Argali, how to turn into thirty thousand many?” Zhao Hai has gawked, thinks that said : possibly is when I they fight with Gasol ran, did not have relationship, three on thirty thousand, enough we have used, it seems like, we must raise to select Argali, Blue Eye Rabbit that now our here Blue Eye Rabbit Ranch there produces almost can supply Purcell Duchy there, later we must to raise Argali give priority to.” Green nodded said : this to be very good, was right, Young Master, we can also open wool product Processing Factory, this can also ask Ares they to have the person, is making these slaves study study, Young Master do you look?” Zhao Hai nodded said : to handle these matters, Ares they are most adept, your look at arrangement was good, wool anything does not need to be worried that Pi Liao processes, these we can carry on, have Ares their join, before we undoable matter, can be done now.” Ares and Areia cannot help but very wainscot, Beastman Race such pure, after they arrived at Zhao Hai under the hand/subordinate, had feared Zhao Hai looks down upon them, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that they feel very happy. Zhao Hai looked at their one eyes, turns the head with a smile to Green said : Grandpa Green, looks for the a piece open area outside, the special achievement Cavalry training ground, Ares they are Beastman, their riding skill are very good, is impossible to make them forget one's origin, we have the place in any case, prepares a training ground to them specially is not the difficult matter, these children go to school, must have a riding skill class, this riding skill class teacher, makes Ares they find the person to work as, Grandfather Kun can also direct their, after all Knight of humanity also has own unique point.” Kun smiled said : well, I will teach them well.”

Zhao Hai nodded, looks at weather said : I to go to Prairie there first, changes the advancing route, a while is coming back to eat meal, Laura, you keep this, I went on the line.” Laura nodded, Meg actually said : Young Master, I go with your together, I remain in any case also nothing.” Zhao Hai has not opposed, nodded, leading Meg to walk. After Prairie on, Zhao Hai immediately Blood Hawk let out, then explain/transfer these Undead Creature of driving a cart, having let them with Blood Hawk, oneself were bringing Meg returned to Iron Mountain Fort. Looking from the semblance, everyone presently this caravan has any different place, Laura the carriage of that car(riage), but the hermetic, cannot look to have the person from semblance simply. In the evening Zhao Hai they were returned to in Space have rested, this was Laura compulsory requests Zhao Hai such to do, because she knows that Zhao Hai drank Water of Nothingness, but in Space to the body of Zhao Hai had the advantage, therefore everyday slept in the evening, Laura will request Zhao Hai to go to Space to rest. Zhao Hai also knows that Laura this is because cared that he such will request, he had not opposed that instead is sleeping in Space, regarding Zhao Hai, is very good, nobody disturbs in Space, without any static, he can sleeping well. Laboratory of originally Karen in Space, has moved to Iron Mountain Fort there to go now, original Karen wants continuously in Space here, but afterward Laura really could not bear him, rushed to Iron Mountain Fort there him. Karen to does not matter, so long as prepares Laboratory to him becomes, moreover to be honest, the Iron Mountain Fort there environment is also very good, he naturally is also glad to move. In the following several days time, Zhao Hai their majority of energy put run on the school, these time with Giant-horn Ox Clan child altogether more than 200 that they came, altogether over 12 years old had more than 40, seven years old to had more than 100 12-year-old, but four years old to seven -year-old had more than 30, below four also had more than ten. Zhao Hai they have planned now, the child over 12 years old, mainly by the study literary character and Martial Arts give priority to, seven years old arrives 12-year-old, wants study literary, studies the number, but also wants Martial Arts, but four years old to seven years old, mainly favors them, teaches them to recognize some simple characters, carries on the simple body exercise. However now actually issue, is the issue of teaching material, does not have what fixed teaching material in Ark Continent here, generally is the teacher teaching lives is literate first, then in starting to put out some Magic or the book of Battle Qi foundation and so on, teaches these children to recognize the character entire, almost on Continent all schools like this teach.

However Zhao Hai actually thinks that this method is not quite good, the children are active, but like the Magic foundation, the book with Battle Qi foundation, is some arid tasteless thing, the common child is very difficult to be interested to study, therefore Zhao Hai thinks that such book, and not suitable brings to work as the teaching material. Zhao Hai has not thought wants to compile the teaching material, that too wasted the time, they can only seek from the existing book, have a look to have thing of suitable child study. However looks for later Zhao Hai to know that originally the spiritual life of this world people so deficient, the book of this world is divided into four categories, one, the Magic kind, this type of book including the Magic foundation, the Magic skill, Magic contemplates, Magic Formation strict research, low, Advanced level Magic application method and so on book, was not having, you little can see the Magic attainments of some Advanced level Magician, because of such book, generally Magician is the non- to divulge to an outsider, they will leave own Direct Disciple the book. The second kind, Martial Skill kind, including the foundation Battle Qi, Martial Skill of foundation, weapon utilization method and so on book, was not having, attainments of these Battle Qi practices and so on book, is the same with the Magic practice attainment, must leave own Direct Disciple. The third order, the alchemy Alchemy kind, this class book is few, the person who looks are few, the person who writes are less, inside is some alchemy and Alchemy elementary knowledge, alchemy attainment anything does not have. The fourth kind, the miscellany class, this kind of book mainly by some travel notes give priority to, many briefs the local conditions and social customs on Continent, about some unusual fables, this kind of book has plenty, but has not formed any system, generally is by Magician, or some Advanced level Warrior, write down their some experiences and stories, Zhao Hai very much likes this type of book, because reads this type of book, can know on Continent the unusual folk customs. However if you want to select one type of from these four kinds of books, when teaching material, obviously no matter that one type of is not quite suitable, finally selects, Zhao Hai decided finally that four years old to seven -year-old child, they mainly to be literate and study mathematical give priority to, but teaching material that is literate, is the travel notes class book, in this class book introduced all kinds of fantastic story amusing things, should be able to make the child like, seven years old to 12-year-old child, on some according to foundation classes books give priority to, but can also study some travel notes and so on book, but the book of travel notes class is not main, after 12 years old., After must think him spanwise, in definite teaching material.