Chapter 276 You won Zhao Hai this plans is nobody opposed, on Continent the school age of child generally is six to about eight years old, six -year-old admittance generally is in the family the environment is quite good, like big Merchant, Noble, but after eight years old , enters a school, generally is family's environment is not quite good, for example commoner. But the school age of Zhao Hai setting is actually four years old , takes in the morning two years old compared with these Noble children, therefore teaches these child some miscellany classes the book, to does not have anything, will not harm their Martial Arts. Zhao Hai also carefully looked at that stretch a map of Wales picture, now Wales they arrived in the horse's head Human Race territory, moreover was very thorough, can look, they really very much catch up now. From the Zhao Hai present position, the position that wanting Wales to be, must walk about five days probably, but Zhao Hai actually does not want to walk that long time, these Undead Creature do not need to rest in any case, asked them stay up till dawn to leave, this can walk about two days to be able probably to find Wales they. But the two days time, they have not met who on Prairie, Zhao Hai have not gone to Prairie there, the Prairie there matter let Cai'er look at, he with Merine they to construct the matter of school is busy. although they now the scale of this school is not big, but also several hundred people, Zhao Hai now present, the number of their teacher person is probably insufficient, but they also really do not have this capable person in aspect now, especially teaches to be literate and teach mathematical, is so. Zhao Hai arrangement teaches the people who is literate and teaches mathematical is, although said that is Undead Creature, does not need to rest, but the child are too many, just by he feared that is incorrect. However the issue is, Zhao Hai cannot take the manpower person to work as these children's teacher now, this lets Zhao Hai is really very awkward, finally Zhao Hai has to extract Undead Creature Magician to teach these children to be literate, but the person who this time he pulls out is Zhao Ga. Zhao Ga is Light Element big Magician, he naturally is literate, but now studies is some Giant-horn Ox Clan children, they are naturally impossible to study Magic, therefore makes him teach these children to be literate is normal, as the matter stands, article aspect can teach Zhao Ga, who teaches the number. But four years old to the child of seven year old section, Zhao Hai in extracting teacher teaches them, but has selected two from the female slave, in chooses being literate from the Giant-horn Ox Clan woman teaches these children, four years old to seven -year-old child is too small, need many attendances, making these careful women teach to be better. Simultaneously another matter also lets the Zhao Hai very headache, was the textbook, the teaching material decides, but textbook what to do? Their in hand may not have that many books, to these child everyone one set of textbooks.

Finally Zhao Hai has to use another means that to these child everyone one stack of white papers, is using the line to subscribe the book, then makes them teach their thing to take the note teacher, although this will reduce speed the study, but actually is also the one type of good means. White paper and words that although as the matter stands, needs on big increased, but this it doesn't matter, on Continent, bought the paper buying the book is easier. Now Ark Continent here, but also does not have the movable type printing technique, they use is very primitive engraving printing, therefore construction cost very expensive, on Continent child of many commoner, when the school goes to school, cannot afford the textbook, the method that they use is also same as Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai is a fountain pen that these children prepare, these fountain pens are Zhao Hai they, when purchases greatly, buys in Casa City there, wants to buy for Beastman, now takes to give these children to use. However Zhao Hai said that making these children probably treasure their in hand pen with the paper, note that every day records, next day teacher must inspect, the fountain pen is also same, teacher everyday must inspect, if presently whose fountain pen has gone bad, that will be punished. Naturally, this punishment is not the corporal punishment, Zhao Hai does not want to let the teacher corporal punishment student, but this punishment regarding child, is very heavy, does not let on them the physical education. Must say in the school, what class is most popular, that certainly is the physical education, because the physical education they can go out to play, but Zhao Hai their here physical education, with Earth on some, their here physical education is not to teach the child practices martial arts or studies riding skill. Such physical education receives the welcome of children, therefore heard, if spoiled the fountain pen, does not let on them the physical education, this is more serious than any punishment, these children naturally are careful extremely. Under Zhao Hai they fully support, the school began school finally, but these Giant-horn Ox Clan children have become the a batch student, but they are only the daytime students, after these children were on vacation from school, in the castle all people, can go to the school there study to be literate with mathematical, this is also Zhao Hai regulation, the counter- orthodox church they are literate with mathematical is Undead Creature, they will not be tired, happen to can makes up for a missed lesson to these slaves and Beastman. The two days time also let Zhao Hai full realizing Beastman Prairie were general, two days two nights of hurrying along not to stop, Zhao Hai they have not met a Beastman tribe on the road unexpectedly, this let Zhao Hai really being startled. Two days later, they entered in the horse's head Human Race domain from the Tauren Clan domain, because here is Tauren Clan and horse's head Human Race domain connection place, therefore little will have the tribe to come to here generally, feared that causes the misunderstanding. However entered to horse's head Human Race domain didn't have long time, Zhao Hai saw not far camp, this camp was not very big, but on camp Hercules Tauren Clan cow king´s flag was fluttering against the wind.

Zhao Hai cannot help but shows a faint smile, he knows that Wales is a proud person, although Hercules Tauren Clan is defeated by the Bull clan now, but he will not hide his identity, he will arrive at there his cow king´s flag high inserting in camp. Zhao Hai has not said anything, but sped up, hurries to toward Wales camp there, but he has not come to release Gasol, but Gasol Cai'er capture, this several days is also by Cai'er control, said accurately Gasol this several days has been at the unconscious condition, Cai'er this several days has drunk the water in Space to him, this has not starved to death Gasol. Actually now Gasol not only has not starved to death, but also live good, must know the water in Space but the fluid of life, that is on Continent the rare treasure, daily such drinks to him, if he can have the matter to be strange. Wales they also saw Zhao Hai obviously very much, camp there ran out of a troop person to come, made that the hoofbeat shocking sound, Zhao Hai look at this situation, showed a faint smile, turned the head looks like to Laura said : Wales Big Brother was really impatient wants to see Gasol, you said how they will treat Gasol?” Laura forced smile can said : treat? Looked that several brothers in my family knew, for that position struggled was life and death, Wales Big Brother, but Gasol has killed his father, he is impossible to let off Gasol, even if when present this correct use person is also same, Gasol is impossible to go on living.” Zhao Hai nodded, meaning of his understand Laura, now Hercules Tauren Clan personnel time, but Gasol is 8th level Expert, such Expert regarding Hercules Tauren Clan, the help is very big, because Wales was too big with the hatred of Gasol, therefore Wales is impossible to put his horse. This enters Wales they already arrived at Zhao Hai, Wales has not attended to overshooting Zhao Hai to salute, immediately/on horseback said : Little Hai, Gasol?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, Gasol on appears in the Wales front, but his vine vanished now, is only also in unconscious. Follows to see Gasol in Wales Mendez, immediately/on horseback roars, carries on the back to jump down from the cow, an axe strikes off toward Gasol. Clang! a loud sound, Wales has supported the Mendez axe, Mendez blood red eyes, turns the head look at Wales, roars said : slightly seven, do you do? I must kill him, I must kill him!” Wales is cold face said : calm point Sixth Brother, his present unconscious, you have been killing him, his don’t know, that was also too cheap he, I must wake him, then has been killing him.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Big Brother, should not be excited first, first goes to camp, I also had the matter to tell you.”

Wales nodded, waved, his under the hand/subordinate immediately/on horseback ran, then a Ox-head revolution, simply has not carried on the back from the cow, worked on the ground Gasol to put own cow to carry on the back, walked toward camp in Wales. One to camp, Zhao Hai saw is standing in tent front Yale, Yale complexion is somewhat thin and pale, how to settle down these Hercules Tauren Clan people looks at this several days he to worry. Zhao Hai and Laura they from the vehicle, salute to Yale, after Yale returns a courtesy, aims at Gasol that the vision the cow has carried on the back, his look very complex, he after is not the Hercules Tauren Clan person, therefore his hatred to the Gasol and was inferior that Wales they are so deep. Wales they also sit the cow to carry on the back to jump down, he decides is staring at Gasol, the mouth actually to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, wakes him?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : to irrigate one bucket of cold water on the line.” Wales he has not irrigated the cold water, he walks up, a foot kicks two meters far Gasol, Gasol also one woke. Just opened the eye, Gasol saw Wales they, looked to arrive in Wales nearby Zhao Hai, Gasol immediately understand what's the matter, but he has not displayed any startled, but has stood slowly, look at Wales, showing a faint smile said : suddenly finally was not you wins!” Wales comes up, a capture Gasol collar, a fist him knocks down, then cursed said : bastard, you can also say this words at this time? Are you Hercules Tauren Clan person? Your this bastard!” Was scolding, while continually has kicked Gasol several feet.