Chapter 277 The best opportunity of counter-attacking Continually kicked Gasol several feet, Wales stopped, Gasol has not actually resisted, but Wales these feet were heavy, Gasol has spat two blood. Wales does not want such to kick Gasol, therefore he stopped, look at Gasol said : in your head attire what thing is? Is Yang Fen? You thought that the father has treated unjustly you very? Your meritorious military service is biggest, you for have rendered meritorious service in the clan, can actually 't become Patriarch?” Gasol coldly snorted, has not spoken, he is agreed these that very much obviously Wales said that the Wales look at Gasol appearance, suddenly has the impulsion that one type of wants to smile, he wants to smile Gasol to be too stupid, to this time actually has not thought that understand why his father does not pass to him the position of Patriarch. Wales shook the head, sighs said : Gasol, I have thought before you is a smart person, I know now that you is a fool, stupid cannot in the stupid fool, you not have presently, in these year of clans were the foreign war getting fewer and fewer? Didn't you have youngster these years in present clan to be getting more and more? A few years ago the father also with you were the same idea, wanted through going on an expedition to show that our Hercules Tauren Clan was the one type of clan in Tauren Clan, was afterward what kind of? Afterward father present, each inferior going on an expedition, although obtained many Slave Race, but the effective strength of our clan also in consuming, these years youngster in our Hercules Tauren Clan were getting fewer and fewer, because Bull clan all the year round has not gone on an expedition, youngster in their clan were getting more and more, the father was present this point, therefore met has not been resorting to arms, wants to let in our clan resting and building up strength well.” Speaking of here he to look at complexion big change Gasol, he decided to openly express the words with Gasol today, avoid also feels the special injustice Gasol to the present. His take deep breaths, then said : presently the Bull race's threat after our clan, the father reduced has resorted to arms, simultaneously started to support continuously with West King that Patriarch of Bull clan did not cope with, making West King come out to support oneself, this weakened the strength of Bull clan, you think that didn't have father's support, why West King with Patriarch fight of that long time of Bull clan?” Gasol complexion was uglier, these he who Wales said that has not looked unexpectedly why his understand his father should not be more intimate than to Patriarch of Bull clan to West King, for this reason he also to is Patriarch of Bull clan airs a grievance, therefore he supports Patriarch of Bull clan frequently, can say that the Bull clan can such quickly on regain one's strength, cannot separate with his support. The Wales look at Gasol appearance, coldly snorted said : „does what? regret now? The father supports West King, you cannot look unexpectedly that must support Patriarch of Bull clan, was said by their a few words word of praise could not find the way, laughable, depends on this point, you match, when Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch? What a pity, really has been a pity, because the father is lenient, had not truncated your military authority, otherwise Hercules Tauren Clan not to today's this situation.” Gasol one ran got up said : your talk nonsense, your talk nonsense, fake, father simply has not thought that these were you arrange.” Wales coldly snorted is said : I arranges, your understand, to obtain that position, your crazy, unexpectedly dares to kill the father simply, now drags near to become zhang (3.33 m) the abyss the people of entire clan, after I think you died, do not have a face to see Beast God.” Beastman has believed that after oneself died, will see Beast God, Beast God with according to the matter that you handle your entire life, was deciding that your next generation is to live is Beastman lives is beast relative. Gasol one hear of Wales said that complexion already completely pale, he was at the brink of collapse, now basically collapsed, the mouth kept was reading: fake, is fake!”

The Wales look at Gasol appearance, turns the head to prepare the white flag to his under the hand/subordinate guard said :, the Sixth Brother, you begin.” The white flag is the Beastman Race one type of tradition, is the rebel who Beastman Race gave dead specially binds the body to use, Beastman Race had the one type of legend, said the Beast God most repugnant white, therefore a person of dying had been bound the body with the white flag, he directly by Beast God turning into beast relative. Because of this, therefore Beastman in the rebel to own clan has used such execution law, they must let the rebel next generation, when beast relative repays the debt that this whole life is. As soon as Wales these guards listened to Wales to make them prepare the white flag on understand are any meanings, immediately had one to run to prepare, but Mendez has actually taken up his big axe. He now the tenderhearted meaning, how he possibly is not tenderhearted, is the present man, has killed his father, has killed his brothers, harmed them to lose Hercules Tauren Clan to live several thousand years of encampment, now Mendez wished one could to accept uncritically Gasol, possibly to be how tenderhearted. But Gasol probably completely lost the will now, his complete has sealed up oneself, around simply don’t know lived anything, when Mendez catches him, his response does not have. Quick, the a piece plain white cloth prepared, Mendez not polite, an axe has chopped the head of Gasol, Gasol simply rebel did not have. After Gasol dies, these guards on his corpse with white cloth wrapper, but at this time Mendez actually threw the in hand big axe, howls. Wales sighed, the eye was also wet, he felt really very sorrowful, Hercules Tauren Clan such destroyed unexpectedly in Gasol in hand, later was they can recapturing encampment again, the status in Beastman Race will also drop sharply, this regarding them was really bad cannot in bad information. look at these people tidied up the Gasol corpse, Wales sighed, beckoned with the hand said : to find a place to bury.” The guard grasped lifts the corpse to walk. Wales actually felt one one lost all strengths probably, he staggering entered his tent, is taking the silver wine pot big mouth has drunk. although said that he has now revenged, but he does not have a point happiness, conversely, he felt that very sad, that sad mood, lets him at heart soon crazy. Yale and Zhao Hai also noted the Wales mood not to be right, several people entered the tent hastily, looked at the Wales appearance, Yale cannot help but sighs, he knows that the Wales nearest/recent pressure was too big, the Hercules Tauren Clan matter looked like a piece Stone, has pressed on his body, although said that now he has revenged, however killed was actually own brothers, but Wales was a person of heavy affectionate righteousness, his present certain very difficult receives at heart. How Zhao Hai also don’t know must urge Wales to be good, he may not have to experience these, now said that anything is tasteless, therefore Zhao Hai has not made noise, but sighed, sat side, has taken up nearby another silver pot, to oneself one cup of Milk Wine, has drunk one but actually, turned the head to Yale said : Yale mister, sat, I happen to had the matter to you tell.”

Yale looked at Wales one, nodded said : you to say.” Zhao Hai said : I meet Gasol in Giant-horn Ox Clan that Giant-horn Tribe there, he just had robbed at that time that tribe, almost all youngster were killed, he is bringing thing that is snatching, must go to the West King territory, his these guards had been killed by me, feel relieved, I have buried them, to fear this vanishes to reveal, I send for these Giant-horn Ox Clan people, has gotten so far as other place, they not in appears in the Tauren Clan domain.” Yale did not have understand Zhao Hai this saying most from the beginning is any meaning, afterward changed mind thinks, his immediately understand, his grateful look at Zhao Hai said : thank you Little Hai, if you, that Hercules Tauren Clan did not have to hope to recapture the position of Royal Family.” Yes, Little Hai, Elder Brother I, your words, Hercules Tauren Clan ended thank you.” At this time Wales has let loose the wine pot, grateful look at Zhao Hai, Mendez also came from Mendez. Wales worthily is the hero character, quickly has tidied unexpectedly such up own mood. Actually this also wants thanks a lot Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai mentioned this matter, Wales was impossible such quickly to tidy up the mood, came compared with Gasol, he will care about the Hercules Tauren Clan future. Wales their very clear, if makes other Tauren Clan know that Gasol has robbed Giant-horn Ox Clan at this time, that consequence will be what kind , after Hercules Tauren Clan, in do not want the support of Tauren Clan branch race. Giant-horn Ox Clan, in Tauren Clan, the status is not very high, fighting strength is not very strong, but they always by the hospitality, the temperament temperately become famous, the person Yuan in Tauren Clan is very good, if makes the person know that Gasol snatched them at this time, that will certainly arouse public discontent. Now the Bull clan had just expelled Hercules Tauren Clan, the following these branch races definitely refuse to accept them, moreover these year of Hercules Tauren Clan have the attendance to the following these branch races, these will of the people turn toward Hercules Tauren Clan, this them very heavy regarding Wales wants. Person who if lets these branch races knows that Gasol has robbed Giant-horn Ox Clan unexpectedly, they will have dislike to Hercules Tauren Clan, in turning toward them, then regarding Hercules Tauren Clan, absolutely is a catastrophe. The Bull clan wants to handle the matter that cannot achieve, personally will be given to achieve by Gasol. Thinks of here, Wales cannot help but in time shaking the head, when his real don’t know Gasol started becomes such stupid, he remembered the beforehand Gasol probably not such stupid that. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Wales said : this is my luck is also good, can bump into Gasol, otherwise the matter troubled.” Wales sighed, shook the head, turns the head to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai, went mastiff clan there with me, your in hand good thing to be many, has been able to help the Elder Brother my stability there aspect as soon as possible to there.” Zhao Hai has gawked, look at Wales said : Big Brother, are you earnest? That West King there? Doesn't the situation of Bull clan understand?”

Wales sighed, actually don’t know must say that any was good, he wants to understand that the Bull clan there situation, wants to know the West King there situation, but he felt that he could not leave Zhao Hai, this let his contradiction. Beastman Race Faith Beast God, but looks like in Wales, Zhao Hai is Beast God sends to his honored person, he does not trouble the section these days, but was Zhao Hai helps him solve, therefore he wants the Zhao Hai belt in the side. The Zhao Hai look at Wales appearance, showed a faint smile said : well Big Brother, all right, do not think that we deferred to the original plan, you went to mastiff clansman there, I went to West King there to have a look, inquired information, then immediately/on horseback went to mastiff clansman there to look for you, did you look what kind of?” Wales nodded said : also only to be able like this, tonight keeps here, we drink well, tomorrow are walking.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, does not have the issue, was right, I have thing to give you, comes with me.” Said that walks toward outside. Wales they puzzled look at Zhao Hai, but with Zhao Hai to outside, after outside, Zhao Hai these commodity let out that obtains from Giant-horn Ox Clan there, is pointing at these commodity said : Big Brother, these commodities are that Giant-horn Ox clansman that Gasol snatches, these thing are has used, cannot sell in Prairie here, you take away to use.” Wales has patted Zhao Hai shoulder said : thank you brothers, the unnecessary words I did not say that walks, enters the tent to accompany Elder Brother I to drink two cups.” Several people entered the tent, after sitting down, Zhao Hai look at Wales said : Big Brother, what idea do you to counter-attacking encampment have?” Wales has gawked, to be honest, he did not have what idea, now he thinks that but how to go to stabilize these Hercules Tauren Clan people, simply has not thought must counter-attack encampment. The Zhao Hai look at Wales appearance, knows that he has not thought toward this aspect, his cannot help but said : Big Brother, I think you should think, now although Hercules Tauren Clan caused heavy losses, but they have been also full of the hatred, so long as Big Brother you have the grain, they can eat to the full, their first will think to revenge, was adding on the Bull clan just to seize encampment now, was not deep to Tauren Clan control, these branch races should the heart toward your, this you also be able to use, if necessary, you can also invite the mastiff clansman help, at the worst gave them some grain to be good, if. Has given Bull clan enough time, their coming to a stop foot root, but your clansman will be also disappointed to you, when the time comes you in want to revenge are difficult.” Wales static is listening to the Zhao Hai words, he first time thinks of these, right that but he has to recognize, Zhao Hai say, Beastman Race is this, they worship Expert, but the Bull clan one is not quite likely good because of the Tauren Clan reputation, they too combative, in adding on Hercules Tauren Clan has ruled Tauren Clan these many years, the majority of branch race in clan supports their, the best opportunity at this time truly being to counter-attack.