Chapter 278 Needs Lunatic Yale nodded said : I to think Little Hai said is very right, hates sometimes is the strength that cannot be estimated lightly, if we can very good use this strength, we not be are impossible to defeat the Bull clan.” Mendez also restored at this time, he also nodded said : „, moreover this time we have also taken the advantage of suddenly nature, nobody thinks that we just routed dare to counter-attack, the Bull clan has not used this suddenly nature, robbed our encampment?” Wales frowns said : these to be reasonable, but the issue is, Supreme Elder of our clan was injured now, only then he, feared that very much formidabe has also resulted in Supreme Elder of Bull clan? said it, didn't the Bull clan invite Human Race 9th level Expert?” A Wales saying, everyone/Great Clan was so silent, no matter what, existence of 9th level Expert, is their a piece giant stones, to cope with the Bull clan, does not have 9th level Expert is incorrect. Zhao Hai turns the head to Wales said : Big Brother, you look at us to use the grain, the vegetables, fruit oil these thing, whether please Mastiff Race 9th level Expert make a move? You should better ask that other races, look can also pay these thing, invited their 9th level Expert make a move, moreover Big Brother do not forget, in Prairie here, Human Race 9th level Expert, if were too rampant, these big War Clan will not comply, so long as we can please the 9th level Expert help of other clans, that have the stratagem which ensures success, was adding on me to give your fluid and the demon peach juice life, could cure Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder, like this our stratagem which ensures success on even bigger.” Wales frowns said : „the 9th level Expert wound is not that easy good, if can cure the Supreme Elder wound, my immediately arrangement counter-attack, if cannot, we only be able to endure first.” Zhao Hai nodded, regarding Wales this discrete disposition, Zhao Hai very appreciates, he had not been hated clashes the corona brains, but also is very calm, this is very good. His immediately/on horseback said : good, so long as the Big Brother there need, the grain I have the matter, was right, I have the vegetables and fruit oil, told them, was fresh, was absolutely fresh.” Wales nodded, turns the head to Mendez said : Sixth Brother, kills raging bull, today we eat to roast the entire cow.” Mendez turned the head.

Zhao Hai somewhat is surprised, must know that Beastman Race will not kill the cow generally, the cow regarding them, the use is very big, generally when is receives cordially the most honored guest, will kill the cow to entertain guests at a banquet, has not thought that today Wales must kill the cow unexpectedly. His quickly said: Big Brother, does not use, do oneself brothers, you such politely do.” Wales showed a faint smile said : to result in Little Hai, I was polite with Elder Brother anything, thinks, since ran into you, has not asked you to eat one time to roast the entire cow, I feel to restlessly, happen, Elder Brother I reported the big enmity today, we drinking well.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, today Big Brother happy, our not going back without getting drunk, HaHaHa.” Said that several people of together have arrived at outside, outside cow Ox Shahao, has been preparing to roast. Laura they have not been idling now, helping these guards suspend thing, this is also Zhao Hai lets, he now with Wales is Brother Blood Oath, is not considered as in here the bystander, should help. After Zhao Hai they sit down, has been discussing the matter of counter-attacking, although said Wales very conservatively, but was seized encampment by the Bull clan, his nest catches fire at heart, but he now is Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, cannot make the wrong decision because of temporary Fire Qi, therefore he so will be careful, if a little possibility of counter-attack, he will do. Before is him said that so long as the Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder wound type were good, matter that his immediately prepares to counter-attack, this is actually his aspiration. In the evening Zhao Hai has gotten drunk, does not have the means that Wales today's very has mixed feelings, really needs to drink, Zhao Hai has to accompany, the final several people were drunk not the awaking human affairs. However this Zhao Hai has not actually been drunk not the awaking human affairs, he beforehand already explain/transfer Cai'er, if he in getting drunk, makes certainly Cai'er feed him to select Spatial Water to drink, makes his as soon as possible sobers, he does not think that with Laura their several big tent with sleeping, although that feeling is good, however speaks the truth, is very awkward. If some people know Zhao Hai with the fluid of life, when the antialcoholic drug drinks, certainly will choke to death him, fluid of such precious thing life, was regarded the sobering up toxin unexpectedly, this who can bear.

Drank the fluid of life, Zhao Hai although had sobered quickly, now the day is not too late, Laura her was sitting in tent chats, looked at Zhao Hai to awake, Laura immediately/on horseback said : how Elder Brother Hai? Good? Isn't the headache painful?” Zhao Hai smiled said : to be all right, is not painful, yesterday we must the returned to Tauren Clan domain again come up, wants all things to be careful, I feared that the Bull clan will receive about our information.” Laura has gawked next step: You were said that feared the Bull clan will receive us to have contact information with Wales Big Brother? Can't? Our has contacted all the way aren't the Beastman tribe many?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : to be careful, our try not to inquire any information, so long as normally paid attention to listen to be good, do not inquire on own initiative that such will arouse suspicion.” Laura they nodded, Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Wales tent one, sighed said : Hercules Tauren Clan this injured the strength, even if were their snatching again returned to encampment, the insult that this time received forever will also keep in their history, became their forever pains, what most important was, this encampment was snatched, to their prestige was a deathblow, such dominant Tauren Clan of Hercules Tauren Clan before the imagination was impossible, can appears more and more Challenger.” Before Laura, is superior, nature understand this truth, that time she by attack, Markey Family immediately is wanted to capture his business, at that time her under the hand/subordinate had much also had two hearts, finally afterward by her be relentless cleaning up , because of the card plan of this type of iron hand, making her be possible to be able the complete independence beside Markey Family. Now Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that cannot help but nodded said : „, Hercules Tauren Clan of this time matter to attacks in a big way is their prestige, they later in want to rule Tauren Clan difficulty.” Zhao Hai nodded, said : that two eyes cold light sparkles „, if I am Wales Big Brother, I will use the strength of entire clan to counter-attack, must snatch encampment within the nearest/recent time, then chases down the people of all Bull clans, must exterminate the clan them, only then this can play doing of frightening to use, making all intention illegal people feel the fear, must know, the person in this world, most fears does not haggle over Expert of success and failure, but is Lunatic of not idea success and failure, now Hercules Tauren Clan on needs Lunatic like this.” Laura knit the brows said : „, but as the matter stands, isn't Hercules Tauren Clan in the wound adds the wound? How do they also rule Tauren Clan?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : that Tauren Clan branch race not to dare with Hercules Tauren Clan dead to spell, they put together Hercules Tauren Clan, can hold on to the Royal Family treasure to sit? Hercules Tauren Clan only then snatched that position, nobody can easily drove away them, so long as, they can resting and building up strength well, not have any issue.”

Laura nodded, a sometimes race also really should like this, with temporary frantic, after receiving in exchange, is longer to enter the peace, such does is very necessary. Zhao Hai sighed said : to consider as finished, in any case I was not Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, said these to be useful, natural not early, we rested, tomorrow must hurry along.” Next morning, Zhao Hai they said goodbye to Wales, sets out to hurry to toward the West King place, now the West King trend, has appeared very heavy wanted, if he is still willing to support Wales, that Wales they defeated the hope of Bull clan on even bigger, naturally, the premise is they must in the controllable range, Wales does not want to train another Bull clan Patriarch West King. Zhao Hai to feels to this West King now very curious, he thinks that this West King certainly is a very able person, he does against with Patriarch of Bull clan, actually by Patriarch of Bull clan tidying up, him has been able under the support of Hercules Tauren Clan, to meet as an equal with Patriarch of Bull clan, finally also the Bull clan splitting, this is not a simple character, if no ability, he cannot do these matter, now Zhao Shenghuo wants to know really that what he is person. From their present positions, must go to West King encampment, takes about ten days, the middle will also pass by several Beastman Race small tribes, but Zhao Hai has not wanted to go to these small tribes hitting to stand now, he must speeding up, therefore he inserted on Friendship flag and Giant-horn of Ox Clan Big bellied Pig Race person friendship clan his horse carriage, kept caught up toward West King encampment. This all the way Zhao Hai their majority of time in Space and Iron Mountain Fort there pass through, the school have set up now, effect ten good, these Giant-horn Ox Clan children have gone to school in the school, although their some too have not adapted, however under Ares their management, to does not dare to run all over the place, school already being on the track of slowly. Now Zhao Hai they must do, mutton Processing Factory and wool Processing Field office as soon as possible, simultaneously Zhao Hai also has another idea, is makes Ares they establish Milk Wine Processing Factory. Milk Wine is Beastman Race unique one type of liquor, their main materials are various animal breast milk, the craft of processing also not very complex, because present Beastman Race Milk Wine has not distilled this craft, therefore their Milk Wine are very not easy to preserve, the number of degree is not high, therefore you can notice that Beastman every time drinks, drinking that can a big pot big pot keeping.