Chapter 279 West King camp Not only Beastman Race Milk Wine has not used the craft of distillation, Human Race Fruit Wine has not used the technology of distillation, this makes Zhao Hai very puzzled, but also a little, the Ark Continent here liquor generally is Fruit Wine, Beastman is Milk Wine, simply does not have the grain liquor, this also makes Zhao Hai very puzzled. The Beastman very good liquor, this has relationship with their living conditions, their here to winter time very cold, other three seasons will not feel better that to go, their everyday must live outdoors exits to herd, the weather is ever-changing, sometimes one bag of nice wines can save a life. Because of this, therefore Beastman, not only nice wine, but also by chance strong liquor, but the Continent last present did not have the too fierce liquor, moreover Milk Wine they can ferment, does not need to buy, therefore they mainly by Milk Wine give priority to. Before Zhao Hai , on Earth, will drink some liquor, the majority that but he drinks is the beer or the white liquor, regarding Fruit Wine, he little drinks, therefore could not drink to be good or bad, but regarding him, the white liquor was very good, the number of degree was high, good that if fermented, above, the background cannot be painful next day, he liked very much. However to Ark Continent here, only has been able to drink to Fruit Wine, has not undergone the distillation processing Fruit Wine, to be honest, flavor really not much. Therefore Zhao Hai already wanted to brew alcohol, but he, Green they, Laura these under the hand/subordinate, although will not have many abilities, but they will not brew alcohol, the method that if the light writes according to the book in comes, cannot make any nice wine, therefore Zhao Hai had not conducted the experiment of wine-making. However currently had Ares they, although said that Ares they will not make the grain liquor, but they will ferment Milk Wine, this was enough, do not forget, now in Zhao Hai Ranch, can buy the cow, but the milk production quantity of cow is very astonishing. Moreover Zhao Hai also wants to experiment now, has a look to make the grain liquor, the grain that now in his Space produces are getting more and more, if all release goes, is good the grain market impact on be too big to Beastman Prairie, certainly will bring to the attention of all people, if when the time comes on Continent all national together, simply has not had his such person, at that time his trouble on even bigger, therefore he wants these grain, to turn into another one type of form the commodity, but the liquor without doubt is the best choice. No matter Bamboo rice, is the corn, is the good wine-making material, only then makes the white liquor, after the simple distillation, can obtain more than 20 degrees white liquors, but such liquor in Ark Continent here, was considered as absolutely on is highly the liquor, Beastman will certainly like. Therefore making wine was also mentioned in the program by Zhao Hai, first but this also has plenty difficulty, they now by Milk Wine give priority to, Zhao Hai want to try to have a look at this Milk Wine to ferment how.

Now Zhao Hai has raised 200 cows in own Space, has raised 1000 Argali, like this he wants the milk and milk, wants the wool to have the wool, true can carry on Milk Wine and milk product produce, but can also carry on the processing of wool product, but like before, pure can only by selling the rabbit meat received exchange for gold coins. However these matters need the for a long time preparation, Zhao Hai they have not worried, currently the time has in any case is, they can take your time. Ten days, Zhao Hai can only rush with about four days, because horse carriage is will not stop, these Undead Creature will not feel that is tired and bored, asked them to leave. But Beastman Race these raging bull car(riage)s, are inappropriate with Scaled Wildebeest and Wind-Chasing Horse, finally Zhao Hai is one cruel-hearted, turned into Undead Creature raging bull that these pull a cart, as the matter stands these raging bull can stay up till dawn hurry along. To be honest, turns into Undead Creature these many raging bull all of a sudden, Zhao Hai is very grieved, these raging bull are sells Continent to come up, is not a small income, what is a pity, they did not have anything now the method that these raging bull sell. This several days time Zhao Hai will go to Blood Hawk release, having a look at their nearby to have these small tribes, if any, they unwinding as far as possible, will not go to these small tribe there to disturb, because such words will harm the time. Now Wales most needs information about West King there, therefore Zhao Hai does not think , in these small tribes wastes too many, therefore he decides to bypass these small tribes. although Zhao Hai such does, may make West King feel odd, because they, no matter a share place direction goes to West King camp, will meet many small tribes, by Zhao Hai their these grain of present car(riage) upper garment, should already sell out was right, is impossible to draw to his encampment, the big tribe like them, must buy the grain to have several relatively quite fixed grain merchants, these grain merchants when deliver the grain to them, on the vehicle will insert War flag of their tribe, represents this gives the grain that a that tribe delivers specially, by guaranteeing the safety in group. Like Zhao Hai with the person of that big tribe cooperation, their grain will not have been bought or robbed by the small tribe generally, is impossible to draw to the territory of big tribe. On Prairie, camp of each big tribe, likely is market, every month one day is Human Race Merchant with these small tribes, carries on the time of transaction in camp of big tribe, normally these small tribes generally by the luck, if they have met Human Race Merchant, that calculates them to walk away, they can buy thing that oneself want, if cannot meet, that can only wait till the trading day, bought thing that oneself wanted to camp of big tribe. But West King camp, in Beastman Race cannot be the large camp place, but is also considered as on is medium grade camp, therefore their here also has market, but will be one day every two months.

As the matter stands around these life the small tribes of West King camp, want to buy thing was difficult , because of this, their purchases ** also very intense, like Zhao Hai this caravan, not to the grain that these big tribes transport specially, is impossible such safe transporting to West King camp, either was bought, if were robbed. However Zhao Hai also prepared excuse, he can say that heard here had a big tribe, therefore he has not sold out these grain, but prepared to attain West King there to work as a sample. After four days of hurrying along of watching, Zhao Hai they soon arrived at West King camp finally, Zhao Hai and Laura they also from Iron Mountain Fort there returned to on Prairie. One to Prairie on, Zhao Hai immediately opened the Laura horse carriage carriage door, look at outside Prairie, suddenly has smiled said : I to feel that we did resemble for a long time not to be the same? suddenly felt that this Prairie was also probably attractive much.” Laura they have smiled, this several days several people have been busy the matter of that several factory in Iron Mountain Fort there, now the Black Wasteland there temperature fell, cannot in planting any thing, therefore everyone/Great Clan also concentrated in that several Processing Factory. However their present people are too few, therefore these Processing Factory are impossible to manage, what original Zhao Hai most wants to manage is rations Processing Factory, but afterward thinks that now processes rations, is impossible to sell, Beastman will not buy, Human Race there they have not opened the market, now they can do, only then wool product, this did not need to kill the sheep. However currently they have a better choice, Milk Wine, although said that Beastman Race also manufacture Milk Wine, but they do generally is sheep Milk Wine, does not have the means to compare with the milk simply that the Zhao Hai system uses, what most important is, his Milk Wine after the distillation, the taste certainly compared with good that Beastman Race make. Naturally, this Milk Wine looked like in Zhao Hai, is product of low-end, but can trade many good thing from Beastman there, after all Beastman also likes drinking tasty Milk Wine is not. caravan entered the West King camp range quickly, has been able to see West King camp from their here, this camp was very big, one passed shortly, all was the white round tent, the middle had many people to move in there, Zhao Hai had estimated that entire camp feared will not be less than the hundred thousand person. In this time, one team of Cavalry were flushing from camp, the hoofbeat rumble, arrived at Zhao Hai in front of before long their caravan, possibly saw Zhao Hai on their vehicle that both sides Friendship flag, that team of Cavalry slowed down slowly, doubt looked at Zhao Hai their eyes. Zhao Hai walked out from the car(riage), bows to that Cavalry hastily said : „the brave warrior of respect hello, we Merchant that came from Human Race, but here Bull clan West King camp?”

Knight of that Bull clan looked that Zhao Hai is so polite, quickly said: Hello, the Human Race friend, here West King camp, what matter do you have?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Brave warrior of respect, I am Merchant, coming here naturally to carry out the transaction with West King, moreover is one very in transaction.” That Knight has not felt strange, once for a while will have the Human Race trade to run up to their camp here to trade, no big deal, he looked at Zhao Hai grain car(riage) said : „the Human Race friend, you trade us naturally to welcome, aren't your grain probably many?” Zhao Hai smiles said : hastily „the brave warrior of respect, please feel relieved, these grain are only the samples, so long as you agree to trade, my grain will deliver continuously.” That Knight nodded said : that well, the Human Race friend, please come with me.” Said that leads Zhao Hai they to walk toward camp. In order to fear to cause the misunderstanding of these people, Zhao Hai received these Giant-horn Ox Clan Undead Creature, now his in caravan does not have Beastman Undead Creature, looks like looks like an ordinary Human Race caravan. Zhao Hai they entered camp with this team of Cavalry, immediately presently here with these small tribe different places, did not say that here camp big, like this big tribe, campsite is certainly big, what Zhao Hai said that the manner of here person.