Chapter 281 Presently clue old person calm look at said : „, you should also know that our present situations, the present is very special period, this Merchant appears was too strange, today was they just arrived at camp to come, therefore they were honestly normal, but several days? Merchant does not contact with others? Therefore crosses several days he to contact with the person is normal, if also honest staying in own tent, that represents them to be fishy, we should pay attention, according to me said that does . Moreover, all do not press the treasure on their bodies, the contacts with several other Merchant do not break, we do not dislike the grain to be many.” The meaning of then understand old person, he nodded said : is, the elder, my immediately/on horseback arranges.” old person nodded, turn around walked. The account curtain that old person look at rocks sighed, mutters said : „the prince, you chose like this are really wrong, was Hercules Tauren Clan defeated really easily? The Bull clan invited the Human Race help, oh!.” In tent from new stalemate to silent, is similar to the mood same heaviness of old person. in recent time, because of the failure of Hercules Tauren Clan, West King starts to think how to flatter the Bull clan, the matter that he handled first was, married the two princesses of their tribe Hercules Tauren Clan, sending to be the slave, making them completely lose the dignity. Regarding West King such procedure, this old person does not approve , the help of Hercules Tauren Clan to West King is very big, can say does not have Hercules Tauren Clan, did not have West King today, although saying that Hercules Tauren Clan helped West King, to use West King kept in balance the Bull clan, but you have to recognize, they truly help West King, but the West King present procedure, is not Beastman can do completely likely, to likely was ungrateful Human Race, Human Race that type despised. In fact in the tribe many people opposed that West King such does, however looks like in West King, Hercules Tauren Clan ended, their two Supreme Elder die wounded, what do they have to hope? Moreover they lost encampment, lost almost all properties, in this case, they can only become the vassal races of mastiff clan, let alone has counter-attacked, later can they also returned to Tauren Clan two say, therefore his decisive reduced to the slave the Hercules Tauren Clan two princesses. Now Zhao Hai also don’t know these, after his returned to camp, immediately makes these Undead Creature unload from the vehicle the grain, then made these Undead Creature rush for the car(riage) to walk, simultaneously Zhao Hai also made them carry off Ghost Staff. After completing all these, Zhao Hai returned to the tent, Laura they have followed in the Zhao Hai side, enters tent Laura immediately/on horseback said : Elder Brother Hai, can you sell the grain to give West King really?”

Zhao Hai nodded said : „, do not forget, our present status are Merchant, naturally cannot show a point flaw, said it, we are not did business? Right, tomorrow starts, you did not use in staying in the tent, to camp walked in all directions, had a look to have any special Magic Beast, when the time comes discussed with them, having a look at us to buy.” Laura nodded, then frowns said : that we to inquire Second princesses and Third Princess information?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to need to inquire that you must do now, regards oneself is true Merchant, do not go to tube these matters, for so long as you your benefit are working, I think that this did not need me to teach you, was right, you must pay attention here to have any specially point plants and Magic Beast, these were our basic.” Laura smiles said : feel relieved, these do not need you to teach me, but they are still monitoring us now, we now exiting, is not quite appropriate?” What Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to have not to be inappropriate, do not forget us is only Human Race Merchant, Human Race Merchant does not contact with Beastman Race? That is incorrect.” Laura also understand this truth, therefore she in saying anything, but looked at outside the tent, calm said : how don’t know Second princesses with Third Princess, their day certainly does not feel better now, hopes that West King is a person of being full of gratitude, otherwise their days are sadder.” The weather early, after Zhao Hai they have not eaten thing, in immediately returned to Space, they must also pay attention to these Undead Creature to arrive were good, the meaning of Zhao Hai is, waited for these Undead Creature to go out of the Tauren Clan domain, immediately has packed the grain on their vehicles, was coming back, must pack the grain to these cars that on he brought, must come back, now he has 100 large carts, each car(riage) most can install 5000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, 100 car(riage)s on were five hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg), but he presently the in hand car, the foot has 1000 many, 1000 many. The car, each car(riage) can install 2000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, can install the more than 2 millions jin (0.5 kg), in this case, is only the vehicle attire, their can come back a about 3 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, this digit was not small. But from West King camp here , to go out of the Tauren Clan domain, the most direct road is walks toward Iron Wall Fortress there, like this walks, the straight distance wants about six days, can go out of the Tauren domain, but regarding Zhao Hai, can definitely reduce to about three days this time, in other words he about six days can back and forth come, but these can come back 3 million jin (0.5 kg) grain. One 3 million jin (0.5 kg), one month can about Y15000000 jin (0.5 kg), although unable to reach 30 million jin (0.5 kg) level, but regarding Zhao Hai, this income were also many, was adding on him not to want 30 million jin (0.5 kg) grain to sell to West King, there are 15 million jin (0.5 kg) to be good.

Evening's time, Zhao Hai their early entered to Space in has rested, after they entered to Space, did not have immediately to sleep, but let Cai'er let out of thing that he daytime recorded on the screen. These that Cai'er records and when tent nearby thing that not only they live in now, Zhao Hai along with goes to the tent of elder, the monitor picture will also move, has recorded all the way dismantling thing within Zhao Hai this two kilometers range. Regarding Zhao Hai, this was one in usually the video recording function, but regarding Laura them, was very mysterious, they saw daytime Zhao Hai went to that tent all of process comes forth, bright clearly know these were the daytime had lived, however her feeling was very intense, was very excited. look at their appearances, Zhao Hai also shows a faint smile, has not said anything, this made Zhao Hai remember his first time watched the television, when first time played the computer scene, was also similar to them. Observation that Zhao Hai actually continuously paid attention this all the way all people's responses, this arrives all the way does not have any special matter, after all he has not penetrated into camp is too far, position that he is, but belongs to the camp surrounding. Zhao Hai hear of manages that elder to call the foreign affairs elder, such looks like that elder should be West King here specifically is responsible for long old of external affair. That this elder the tent located in here does not have what strangely, comes the West King camp here bystander, impossible immediately welcome to the camp central generation, certainly to be arranged in the camp surrounding, like Zhao Hai their this, but he is located in here the tent \; first, to facilitate and Zhao Hai their such bystander relations, two can by these scout not thorough camp opportunity. Zhao Hai continuously attention that old person, because Zhao Hai felt that the uncommonness of that old person, his body has Beastman Race not to have the wisdom to feel, this feeling lets Zhao Hai at heart very vigilant. Zhao Hai has been paying attention to that tent, after he presently comes out, entered the tent, but at this time, that tent still in the monitor supervisor area, saw this situation, Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback to Cai'er said : Cai'er, adjusts in the picture the tent, Ok?”

Cai'er nodded said : „.” Said that a picture revolution, and elder appears on the screen, the words that they spoke clearly passed to Zhao Hai their ears. Hears the words of elder, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but changes, he turned the head to Laura said : looks like West King wants to hire oneself the Bull clan, Laura, then this several days time, you must pay attention about Second princesses and Third Princess information, West King want to hire oneself Patriarch of Bull clan, that certainly not will be polite to Second princesses and Third Princess, but do not inquire, only with listening was OK.” Laura they have been used to the mystery of monitor now, one hear of Zhao Hai said that her immediately/on horseback has complied with one, then Laura calm face said : really has not thought that West King unexpectedly is such person.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : „, if he is not such person, initially will not betray Patriarch of Bull clan, this is very normal, I had the mental preparation, has not actually thought that his last face does not attend.” Laura also sighed said : as the matter stands, Wales Big Brother lost one in a big way to help, this regarding him, was really a very serious attack.” Zhao Hai coldly smiles said : to be all right, will revenge, now we collect the information the situation about Bull clan there, I thinks with emphasis now camp here certain has plenty person at the matter of discussion about Bull clan, we must pay attention to listen, is Second princesses and Third Princess matter, must pay attention, has a look at her dead or alive, if they are living, has a look at her present living condition, if not good, we think the means to rescue to exit them, then on looks for Wales Big Brother, we currently have one month in any case.” Laura nodded said : looks like also can only like this, West King here looked like could not count on, I thought that we made Big Brother try to find the solution from other place, was right, Elder Brother Hai, do you want to tell Wales Big Brother the here situation?” Zhao Hai nodded said : that is must tell, if otherwise Big Brother also counts on here, is not trouble, this several days looks for opportunity to tell Big Brother information.”