Chapter 282 Can start A night does not have the words, next morning, after Zhao Hai they will get up, will start to move in camp all around, but they will do also will not be very obvious, but will carry out some simple transactions with these Beastman, and will have a look at these Beastman in hand to have any good thing, they can trade by the preferential price. Zhao Hai currently has the time, they have one month inquired information, naturally not eagerly for a while, therefore they must do now, eliminates these Beastman vigilance, how can eliminate the vigilance? Regarding Beastman Race, is not you asks him to chat, or helps them work, moreover sold to them the grain by the preferential price. Zhao Hai they such do, the transaction that very covert that but they make, they make, will not make people feel that absolutely they in flattering desirably, absolutely do not have the Merchant duty. Monitors Zhao Hai their these Bull clansman, presently Zhao Hai they display was too ordinary, the basic technique did not have what to be good to monitor, to determine one did not have making a mistake, these monitored Zhao Hai their Bull clansman, they and person traded completely in Zhao Hai, they will look for the opposite party, wants to know that Zhao Hai said anything to them, what made their disappointed was, Zhao Hai was only carries on to trade with them simply, has not spoken a few words. Four days later, these people lost monitored the Zhao Hai patience, the foreign affairs elders agreed relaxed to the request that Zhao Hai they monitored, Zhao Hai their returned to camp time, can see through the screen that around their camp could not be seeing that many people always gathered round the scene that their camp transferred, this also made Zhao Hai feel relieved many. However he is not impatient is inquiring information, he is everyday moves in camp, range even bigger that just moves, moreover slowly is thorough toward the camp center. In they arrive at West King camp fifth day, Wales Blood Hawk to Zhao Hai here, Zhao Hai here situation very detailed has written, then gave Blood Hawk to take to Wales. He told Wales, do not count on that West King here, West King had feared must hire oneself the Bull clan, reason that he also kept here, wants to inquire that the Bull clan there situation, wants to know Second princesses and Third Princess situation, if they were suffering distress, if he wants the means to save them, then in converged with him. After believing, Zhao Hai was also removes the bottom feel relieved, simultaneously he also looked at a laager progress, tomorrow has been able official entry to camp, these time altogether drew a about 3 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, this has not been considered as that a small number. Zhao Hai saw this situation, immediately had found, most that these days Zhao Hai and contacted, although he knows that was that long old-fashioned person monitors his, but he initiative contacted with, this enabled to eliminate vigilance, if he is always hiding, was impossible to relax on such several days to his surveillance. Mainly responsible is this piece of camp security, therefore he does not need to herd like other Bull clansman, the matter that his everyday must handle goes on patrol, therefore Zhao Hai was very easy to find him.

This several days in Zhao Hai under becomes friends with especially, was good with his relationship, therefore sees Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback smiles said : Brother Zhao Hai, what are you busy at?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Brother, I am looking for you, I have a matter to need your help.” Stares, is knowing said : Brother Zhao Hai, do you do with me politely, said that any matter, so long as I can help, I will help.” Zhao Hai nodded said : Brother, tomorrow our caravan must come to camp, this time they drew many grain, I must find a place to put, you must arrange a good place to be good to me.” Has gawked, then changed countenance said : such quickly to come back, Brother Zhao Hai, your under the hand/subordinate management was quick, how much jin (0.5 kg) grain these did time come?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : „about 3 million jin (0.5 kg).” Stares, then a face is startled look at Zhao Hai said : that accommodates Brother Zhao Hai, you say 3 million jin (0.5 kg)? Isn't three hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg)?” Zhao Hai laughs said : Brother, how I possibly take this matter to joke with you, is 3 million jin (0.5 kg) not wrong, therefore needs a very big place.” Looks at affirmation that such Zhao Hai said that quickly said: Brother Zhao Hai, you return to camp to wait first, my immediately/on horseback reported the elder, a while gave you to answer.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to gave a salute, turn around was walking. look at Zhao Hai back, immediately/on horseback revolution of Ox-head, lives the tent of foreign affairs elder to walk. To the tent of foreign affairs elder outside, could not give a thought to the notification, rushed in the tent directly, is good in the tent also nobody, only then foreign affairs long in there processing account book same thing, looked that has come, foreign affairs elder discontented said : of „can't you calm? Such Sir, but also is so rash.” Cannot attend to saluting said : elder, just Zhao Hai looked for me, said that made me help him prepare a place, tomorrow his a batch grain must arrive, altogether 3 million jin (0.5 kg).”

The foreign affairs elder stares, two eyes bright is said : so then quick? Has 3 million jin (0.5 kg) really?” Nodded said : „, Zhao Hai said ten points affirmation that he said.” The foreign affairs elder has closed eye gently, muttered said : „the grain of 3 million jin (0.5 kg) half price, this may save many matters for us, you gave him to arrange the place, arranged a good place, when the tomorrow grain arrived, you helped to unload the grain, how had a look at the quality of that grain.” Complied with one, turn around walked, exited , the foreign affairs elder opened the eye, muttered said : such quickly to ship in? Does he have the stopover station in Prairie here?” Human Race Merchant constructs the stopover station in Beastman Prairie here, is not the strange matter, some big Human Race Merchant will construct a stopover station in Beastman Race here, generally this stopover station with some medium or large-scale Beastman tribe cooperation, they puts that Beastman tribe there thing, then pays the Beastman tribe commission, like this they can quickly more convenient shipped own cargo to them the place that wanted to transport. The foreign affairs elder has not cared, he is thinking Zhao Hai grain, to be honest, the Zhao Hai grain is very cheap, even if these often with Merchant that they cooperate, to Zhao Hai this price, these Merchant grain was almost a price, 1000 jin (0.5 kg) traded Argali, but Zhao Hai grain enough compared with these Merchant cheap half. What is the cheap 50% grain representing regarding West King camp? On behalf of more grain, this regarding them, is really being one good cannot in good information. Most from the beginning Zhao Hai looks for his time, his some have not believed Zhao Hai, therefore he made Zhao Hai , etc. transport the grain, they were giving him Argali, he has not actually thought that the Zhao Hai grain arrived was so quick. Next morning, huge caravan looks like West King camp slowly walks, getting closer and closer, they stand in camp side, look at this only caravan, this only caravan is comprised of more than 1000 car(riage)s, what taking the lead is on 100 Prairie the commonly used large cart, behind is actually Human Race commonly used that small horse carriage, Zhao Hai stands in the work outside, in this caravan is some Undead Creature, actually simply does not need him to worry, but this time they stand in there are waiting for the grain car(riage), look at that long row of caravan, Zhao Hai also is very at heart excited, this caravan is his, all these are his, how he can not be excited. After caravan, Zhao Hai and immediately is leading caravan, toward looked that open area there walks, there is they arranges they to deposit the grain to Zhao Hai specially, now beginning of winter, Prairie here was soon impossible to rain, therefore grain open-air existence, does not need to be worried to meet the heavy rain. Has actually been paying attention to the grain bag on vehicle, these grain bags look like very ordinary, does not have anything specially, observation that actually continuously been careful, he wants to know Zhao Hai this grain of shipping, how the quality.

Quick arrived at that stretch of open area, Zhao Hai is thinks command(er) these Undead Creature unload the grain, has not actually thought that other people run to help, Zhao Hai embarrassed does not comply, must agree. Takes up one bag of grain time, has actually gawked, because this bag of grain are very heavy, did not mean that he takes motionless, but said that wants on seriously compared with the grain that other grain merchants ship in many. This made stare, then complexion sank, he has encountered this situation, these grain merchants, in the ginseng sand toward the grain, making the grain change heavy, this was the one type of cheating method that most disliked. His motionless voice and has taken up several bags of grain, the bag is such weight, this made complexion uglier. After he grain takes, pretends not the careful appearance, falls down one bag from the shoulder, this grain uses, but the cloth sack, after such long time transportation, that cloth also not necessarily can go strong/sturdy to that upward is falling from the body of this guy, bag immediately split. The grain in look at that bag, wants to satirize Zhao Hai a few words, but sees that grain, he was actually shocked, the grain in bag is most high grade grain, grains are dodging the gloss probably, if such grain cannot be called most high grade, before them, these grain that eats, can only be the inferior rice that has not grown into, what most important is, in this grain has not seen grain of sand, very clean. Dull look at that bag of grain, other Bull clansman have also encircled, the look at ground split the grain bag, the expression with the same splendor. This type of falling and breaking grain bag, is looking intentionally for the Human Race Merchant troublesome matter, the people of these Bull clans have not done little, so long as their present grain has the issue, will do, this can seize the opportunity keep prices down, looked such does, everyone/Great Clan has prepared creating a disturbance, but sees the ground the grain, all people lost the voice of speech. Zhao Hai look at their appearances, show a faint smile, he knows, from now on, can carry on own plan.