Chapter 283 Peculiar requirement Shout! Opening that the curtain of tent made an effort, then a person's shadow flushed from outside, foreign affairs elder cannot help but knitting the brows head, he knows certainly is, except, nobody dares such to rush in his tent, he puts down oneself in hand fountain pen, gains ground look at. This looked that he has cannot help but gawked, because present in hand is taking a grain bag, face excited look at he, the elder knit the brows said : how, what matter has?” Breathed heavily several tones, has put the in hand grain bag, then a face excited look at elder, slowly opened the grain bag, fell down Bamboo rice in bag. Elder look at movement, afterward his vision by ground Bamboo rice attracting, this is this whole life has seen best Bamboo rice, he could not be sitting still, has stood, before arriving at that Bamboo rice, grasps with the hand, has put mouth chewing gently. Good rice! Do the elders gain ground look at said : this are the Zhao Hai rice?” Nodded, long Old Daoist: All is the same?” Nodded, elder immediately/on horseback said : asked Zhao Hai to come.” Betas had not said that turn around outward runs. The elders have sat down slowly, however his eye did not have leave ground Bamboo rice, such good rice, is this has not seen for a lifetime, if Zhao Hai takes is such rice, let alone is the half price, even if the multi- double price he is also willing to want. Before long outside the tent hears the sound of footsteps, then entered the tent with Zhao Hai, this vice minister experienced and reliable is very polite, he has stood up the body, bows said : to welcome mister to Zhao Hai, mister please sit down.” Zhao Hai does not dare to pull rank, returns salute hastily, then arrived at the right hand of elder to sit. Human Race takes Zuo as, Zhao Hai sits near the right hand has the modest meaning, this is the elder to his impression good reason, after Zhao Hai sits down, elder look at Zhao Hai said : mister this time can send such high-quality grain to us, I am really deeply grateful that.” Zhao Hai quickly said: Elder was polite, can enter the discernment of elder, is being honored of Zhao Hai.” The elders have not actually cared about the modesty of Zhao Hai, look at Zhao Hai said : that but decides „can the mister such good grain, why buy by the so low price for us? Asked mister to speak.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to have anything, this actually has two reasons \; first, because these grain are in my territory produce, therefore the cost is very low, two are because I just arrived at Prairie to come up, needs to open the Prairie market, therefore the grain price so will be low, naturally, after this has not represented me, will rise in prices, invites elder feel relieved, my grain price will not change.”

Elder look at Zhao Hai, nodded, Zhao Hai the excuse to is passable, can he then how much jin (0.5 kg) grain that mister this year transport to Zhao Hai said : to our tribe?” Zhao Hai frowns said : „, only then about 15 million jin (0.5 kg), now my in hand transport capacity is limited, moreover most can only trade this month, after one month, must since the winter, I returned to own territory, unable to transport the grain toward here. The elders to are nod of understanding, in Human Race after all returned to their domain, impossible to winter with Beastman Race together, their impossible custom that life, 15 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, does not calculate that was short. Does the appearance of Zhao Hai look at elder, show a faint smile said : elder, don’t know I fortunately sees West King Your Majesty? Discussed that matter that next year cooperates?” The elders have gawked, then thinks that said : this I cannot take responsibility, I can Prince to report, tomorrow give you to answer.” Zhao Hai nodded, look at long Old Daoist: „A matter must discuss with the elder that now my grain team had finished unloading the grain, immediately must walk, you looked that can pay me the a batch grain funds? Like this after avoid me, must special transports these thing to go back?” The elders have gawked, nodded said : this to arrive is not a problem, but these thing, we have not prepared now, you must wait for day, what does mister want? All wants Argali?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not, actually I just want the elder to tell that this matter, in our family has several elders, they are the Alchemy Technique gentleman and Alchemy Master, you also know that their such people, especially like collecting some special thing, therefore I want some special points Magic Beast, special point plants, if were your tribe unique Magic Beast that were better, naturally, Argali, the wool product, elder look at has also managed the line.” The elders to have not thought that Zhao Hai will have such special request, his look at Zhao Hai said : „the meaning of mister is, if we use Bull in our clan to trade the grain with you, you can pay the high price? That Soul Beast?” Zhao Hai quickly said: Same, can pay high price, invited elder feel relieved, but these two Magic Beast quantities I cannot want were too many, after all these Magic Beast I feared that could not support.” The elders to are agreed that the view of Zhao Hai, he nodded said : this, I can you Bull of ten our clans, ten wild blood cows, this difference I hope that mister can trade with each cow 10,000 jin (0.5 kg) grain, remaining I can throw sufficiently with Argali and wool blanket, do you look?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : this arrives does not have the issue, ten Bull, ten wild blood cows, I can calculate that in addition exempts a two hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain, that also remained 200 eight hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain, 200 eight hundred thousand jin (0.5 kg) grain, if changed into Argali, can trade to 1400 women's hairdos, this, I took 1000 Argali, remaining I took 600 wool blankets, what strange plants if you also had, this digit can also decline, how did you look?” The elders nodded said : to be very fair, I agreed that tomorrow mister can attain thing that you want, now we did not have the time you to collect Magic Beast and plants to mister, now the time is too short, moreover to the winter, many plants must quickly lose plant, can only and other next year.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to have anything, the elder can call this several days collects, has also met in several days my second batch of grain, when the time comes we can carry on to trade, plants that just lost plant did not fear, so long as undead too long time on the line, best not to have taken one month.”

The elders nodded said : well, we as far as possible, mister please return, if tomorrow West King Your Majesty must see mister, I will inform mister.” Zhao Hai expressed gratitude, turn around walked. Looked at Zhao Hai to exit, cannot help but to long Old Daoist: „Does elder, why give him beast relative and Soul Beast of our clan? What if makes his research leave to come really what to do?” The elders show a faint smile said : not, feel relieved was good, Human Race these year of research Soul Beast also few, what their did research leave to come? You think that we not to them, didn't they have the means to get so far as Soul Beast? The greedy person has is, why we do not need Soul Beast to trade more grain to us.” Nodded, was not saying anything, the elder turned the head to said : you made clansman as far as possible to collect some odd things some plants, if who can hunt for unusual Magic Beast to be also good, but has remembered, must live.” Complied with one, turn around walked. Zhao Hai walks toward own tent, while is thinking just he with elder's dialog, fortunately, did not have what flaw, likely is ordinary Human Race Merchant. He just on therefore the image elder proposed that wants the request of Magic Beast, because of his very clear, he cannot be too low-key now, Human Race Merchant is impossible to be too low-key in Beastman Race here, in very special period, he cannot be too low-key, otherwise, instead attended the meeting to cause the suspicion of opposite party, because in the impression of people, the spies is very low-key, can not stir up trouble not to stir up trouble, conversely, if your high-sounding talk makes widely known, instead will suspect you to nobody. Zhao Hai although extremely will not make widely known in high-sounding talk, but he cannot too the generation move, therefore he with the elder proposed that wants some special Magic Beast and plants, this actually is also the behavior of one type of high-sounding talk. Meanwhile he also in likely the elder disclosed that an information, I do not get so far as these thing in other place. Now Zhao Hai very clear, West King most fears is not Wales, in their opinion, Hercules Tauren Clan was expelled, the Wales potential, at this time his Tauren domain does not dare to return, but also there is anything to be good to fear that what they fear is with Bull clan Patriarch that they have a grudge. But Zhao Hai after passing important place Bull and wild blood cow these two Magic Beast, gives an information like long teacher, I with Patriarch it doesn't matter of Bull clan. West King here said strictly, is the branch of Bull clan, Magic Beast that they therefore use is the same with Bull clan Patriarch there, their beast relative are Bull, this Bull is the one type of entire height the black short wool, temperament very hot tempered bull shape Magic Beast, this Magic Beast height about three meters, they will not use any Magic, however their strengths are very big, in cow class Magic Beast, is arranges enters top ten, moreover they have the one type of very special ability, violent anger! The violent anger is also the one type of very unusual ability, because of one, but the strength of violent anger, their strength and defense capability significantly will be increased, moreover is not the opposite party is any level Magic Beast, they dare to have the charge, this point strive to excel compared with most Magic Beast. Magic Beast level is very stern, like Bull, can only be 6th level Magic Beast, generally 6th level Magic Beast, if saw 8th level Magic Beast, will be frightened does not dare to move, whatever 8th level Magic Beast slaughters, but Bull is different, they did not fear, no matter 8th level Magic Beast or 9th level Magic Beast, so long as Bull carries on the violent anger the condition, they dare actively charge. But wild blood cow, is the one type of Darkness blood is Magic Beast, level has 5th level, simple Blood Demon method, but this Magic Beast actually most suits the Bull clan. The wild blood cow should not call this name actually, because of the different Blood Demon law of his meeting \; first, the quick restoration, second is absolutely gloomy.

These two Magic belongs to auxiliary Magic, restores to be able quickly by oneself wound, compared with normal quick several times of even dozens times restores, but absolutely gloomy is actually Black Magic of one type of energetic department, this Magic use, can make the person the absolute reason, looks like a robot, what the simply don’t know anger is. These two Magic most suit the Bull clan, the short temper of Bull clan, a word will not hit make a move at earliest convenience greatly, but their Mount Bull are also similar, one, but has used the violent anger skill, completely will carry on the wild with rage condition, no matter the good person unprincipled person, does not divide the enemy and ourselves, only knows the charge, this in the battlefield is very fearful. But these two skills of wild blood cow happen to can suppress this violent anger the condition, has absorbed beast soul of wild blood cow in the people of Bull clan, after practicing Beast Soul Technique, their Beast Soul Technique will have two very special abilities, quickly restores oneself wound, second can make them be at the calm condition, not only they, their Mount are also same. But reason that wild blood cow called this name, was because they all over the body were the blood reds, but their eye normally were ordinary black and white two eyes, but arrived at the fight time, will turn into the blood red, looked like the person becomes the violent anger is the same, therefore was given such a name. The Bull clan before can only be in Tauren Clan an ordinary race, because their temperament are too bad, in adding on their Mount is not very obedient, one, but is at the violent anger condition a little unable to distinguish friend and foe, therefore in Tauren Clan not very popular. Afterward they passed through dozens generations of effort, finally found wild blood cow type most to suit their Soul Beast, this made their fighting strength become the rise of geometry shape, now they are that in Tauren Clan became famous fight the race. Human Race these years, have had Alchemist and Alchemy Master in research Beastman Race Soul Beast and their beast relative, want to discover the to break method, how having a look at Beastman Race to obtain this mysterious strength, but they do not have one time to succeed, Beastman Race is still using Soul Beast, but Human Race is still using Battle Qi. Human Race drool regarding Beastman these two abilities to for a long time, if knows why his Beastman Race will have beast relative, Might big increase of Human Race Cavalry, if knew Beastman Race Soul Beast what's the matter, fighting strength also big increase of Human Race, what is a pity, just as was Beastman said that these two abilities were Beast God bestow their, except for Beastman, other races did not have the means to use. Before Zhao Hai them, knows that some Human Race Merchant, will spend the high price to buy some Beastman Race unique Magic Beast, then transports the returned to Human Race domain to carry on research, but unfortunately, these Magic Beast finally mostly have died of illness, even if undead, Human Race does not have the means to leave any thing from their research. Because knows this point, therefore Zhao Hai like the elder will propose that must buy Bull and wild blood cow, because he will know Daoist priest old certainly to sell, moreover can eliminate the vigilance of elder, so many advantage, with happy, but will not be. A returned to tent, Zhao Hai immediately opened monitor, after assigning out he walked, the words that and elder speak, one hear of they said that he then relaxed, he knows that now the elder to his vigilance, basically disappears.