Chapter 284 Calls on West King Next morning, found Zhao Hai, told him, thing that he wanted prepared, ten Bull, ten wild blood cows, 1000 Argali, 600 good wool blankets, prepared, he momentarily can move away. Zhao Hai arrived at outside with, has installed on the wool blanket the vehicle, but Argali and Bull also wild blood cow, then has put camp outside, Zhao Hai looked at these wool blankets at will, is very good, is the high grade wool blankets, can look from this point, Beastman Race works very much stresses the good faith. Zhao Hai after has expressed gratitude, makes caravan leave, to camp outside, has made these Undead Creature catch up with these Argali and Bull also has the wild blood cow. Same, Zhao Hai gave them to carry off Ghost Staff, otherwise these Argali anything may not have the place to put. After all do well, Zhao Hai returned to his tent, he still and other information, had a look whether today to see West King, he to this West King to is very curious. After his caravan walks, these grain that Zhao Hai ships in also calculate official has exchanged ownerships, the elder has given Zhao Hai the grain funds, these grain naturally were not being him. Zhao Hai also experienced this big tribe to consume the grain the ability, their caravan leave was less than Zhao Hai for one hour, 3 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, vanished in same place, could not be seeing one grain, such made Zhao Hai feel very shocked. Zhao Hai returned to the tent, had not actually seen Laura, he knows that Laura exited to trade thing with these Beastman, now Zhao Hai in hand although did not have what grain, but his in hand also had much Fruit Wine that brought from Human Race there, this type of liquor in Beastman here not very popular, because Beastman liked the Milk Wine flavor, most Beastman traded Fruit Wine, to entertain the friend used. Beastman also has the vanity, therefore has lived also calculates that in good Beastman family, will prepare some Fruit Wine, to entertain some quite specially has the status guest. Zhao Hai has not cared, he does not prepare to exit today, he must in here and other information, if West King must see him today, he actually exited unable to find the person, that will annoy the person to be angry.

For those not Zhao Hai fears West King, but is he needs to see West King now, needs to know that what person West King is, like this he can make the corresponding deployment. The picture on static look at monitor, now above Beastman also in busy, what nearby several days is different, now outside in has not monitored their people, did not have, this is starts from this morning, this also made Zhao Hai affirm own idea, the elder has not been regarding a spy him, result that this Zhao Hai most wants to see. Sitting of Zhao Hai calm in the tent, simultaneously he also paid attention to these Undead Creature caravan to arrive at that he feared that had Beastman to snatch their caravan, therefore his looking like specially wants West King War flag to insert on the vehicle today, believes that in this area, did not have that tribe to dare not to give the West King face. To has not said anything, after having asked the elder, the elder also agreed that the grain that after all Zhao Hai ships in is very really cheap . Moreover the quality is good, if this was unable to use West King War flag, that other Merchant did not have the qualifications. However to insure, Zhao Hai took in Bull and a wild blood cow Space, then delivered to Ranch Space animal, Bull just entered Ranch Space, Space prompt sound immediately/on horseback transmitted said : variation bull shape animal, level two ten 5th level, the spiritual force level was unstable, testy, improved the animal shortcoming, the animal mature time, 20 hours, may produce the son six times, produced son six each time, consumed three grains of forage grass each hour, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” variation bull shape animal, special capability is resiliency, enhances the animal special capability, animal is two ten 5th level, the mature time 18 hours, may produce the son eight times, time produce son six, consume two grains of forage grass each hour, animal digitization, may purchase in Spatial Shop.” Space meets the Level Up requirements, Level Up is 7th level, increases breeds the animal quantity, presently Space may breed animal, 1300, look at the Host many efforts!” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, good, finally in time Level Up, his immediately/on horseback has put out 100 cow offspring, bred in Space, then turned the head to Mu'er said : Mu'er, Space here to hand over give you, has remembered, maintained the quantity of Argali and cow.” Mu'er has complied with one, in this time, Cai'er is telling him, came, immediately must arrive at outside his tent. Zhao Hai moves at heart, immediately appears in the tent, walked from outside at this time, sees Zhao Hai immediately/on horseback said : Brother Zhao Hai, saw the elder with me quickly, the elder main point you sees the prince.” Zhao Hai nodded, walks with outward, West King this title, is he seals actually, he does not dare to call the emperor, therefore can only say that crosses satisfying as the prince, but this prince actually likes keeping up appearances, likes others calling him Your Majesty, this point Zhao Hai is knows that therefore his yesterday, when sees the elder, the elder told that requests to see West King Your Majesty, West King there has the qualifications is called Your Majesty. They arrived at outside the tent of elder quickly, led Zhao Hai to enter the tent directly, the elder saw Zhao Hai, immediately/on horseback stands got up said : „the request of mister, the prince, asking mister to come with me.” Said that leads Zhao Hai to walk outward.

Zhao Hai to Beastman this neat management way to is appreciation, also not polite, outward follows the elder, to outside one looked that Zhao Hai has cannot help but gawked, because outside of tent is stopping an ox cart, this ox cart is very big, but also has the carriage, this is rides instead of walking to them very much obviously. Zhao Hai little saw that has Beastman is goes by car, they generally think that rides carries on the back in own Mount, going by car is more comfortable , the elder also saw the Zhao Hai thoughts obviously, he shows a faint smile said : Old Man was old, rode is motionless good, can only go by car, mister invited.” Zhao Hai returns salute hastily, this boarded the ox cart. The ox cart is very big, is much bigger than Laura that ox cart, inside ornaments obviously is inferior to Li Lan that but has two to suspend the simple chair in the both sides of vehicles, above covered with beast skins, simply to nearly crude situation. After Zhao Hai and elder sit down, ox cart slowly moved, after the elder boarded, has closed the eye, maintains mental tranquility in there closed eyes, it is immediately apparent that does not want to speak with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai does not have the means that has peaceful sitting in the car(riage). About a half hour, the vehicle stopped, Zhao Hai that almost falls asleep settles to wake, he opens the eye, saw faint smile eyes, Zhao Hai Ding calming down, looks at the elder, he embarrassed said : embarrassed elder, I almost fell asleep hastily.” The elders have not actually cared, what smiles said : not to have, on the road was too bored? Walks, do not make the prince become impatient.” Zhao Hai has complied with one, with elder from vehicle. Zhao Hai got out to stare, he thinks that got out to arrive at outside West King big tent, now he has presently made a mistake, after he got out, position, was together outside the wooden railing, but West King big tent in the inside of railing. This is Zhao Hai first time sees this situation, outside Beastman Race camp does not have the railing generally, outside West King large camp does not have, but brought a railing outside his tent, probably gave to rear in a pen to be the same. Naturally, West King has definitely not thought that he wants to demonstrate with this way the differences of other he and people, however looks like in Zhao Hai, this looks like shuts in Houzi/Monkey of basket oneself, demonstrated one and different same laughable of humanity. Is standing two guards in in front of the door of railing, saw that the elder and Zhao Hai got out, immediately/on horseback bows to the elder, the elder beckoned with the hand, leading Zhao Hai to walk toward inside.

Walks Zhao Hai while looking is measuring West King the Wang Zhang, this Wang Zhang to the first feeling of Zhao Hai is magnificent, very magnificent, in tent outside open area, two teams of Cavalry back and forth is going on patrol, these Cavalry put on leather armor, in hand is taking Mace, killing aura is full, obviously is having fought many battles the gentlemen of Elite. West King big tent all over the body is white, very clean, only then the position of roof is the golden color, above is inserting West King War flag. Zhao Hai considered as finished to understand, originally this was golden top big tent, was very magnificent, the elder has not actually stopped, has led Zhao Hai nostro account in front of the door to walk. From the outer gate to the distance about 100 meters of tent entrance, they have arrived probably quickly, the account in front of the door surface is standing eight guards, is placed to dispel in the tent entrance two emperors, stares to size up Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to has not cared, he follows to walk toward the tent in the side of elder, to tent gate here, the elder stopped, please notify one to in front of the door guard said :, the foreign affairs elder Beru to subdue|grams brings Human Race friend Zhao Hai to seek an interview the prince.” Zhao Hai first time hears the full name of elder, but he actually felt that is at heart uncomfortable, this type is uncomfortable meant that he has any discontented to Beru to subdue|grams, conversely, what he is discontented is West King, this West King now in Tauren Clan at most is also a medium grade tribe, such tribe's don’t know on Prairie has many, but this fellow not only says as the king, was called his prince or Your Majesty, most important is, his stance/framework/shelf was also too big, this suspends the spectrum that comes out simply to be much bigger, likely is not Beastman Race, to likely is one. Human Race Noble is the same, making person ask for wickedly. Zhao Hai don’t know, West King such does actually intentionally, his first time must see Human Race Merchant time, will exhibit such weaponry, quite makes Human Race Merchant before seeing him, imposing manner was weak first three points. However he has not thought that oneself such sitting faction, making Zhao Hai increase several to his dislike, Zhao Hai has even been able to affirm, this West King simply was not one can become the person of important matter. When own strength is not much, dares to exhibit such big spectrum, such person, even if can accomplish, that also limited, simply insufficient is the worry, why he also understand initially Hercules Tauren Clan old Patriarch chooses West King to cooperate now, because West King simply does not have the means to bring the threat to Hercules Tauren Clan.