Chapter 286 Trap Laura nodded said : well, but when do we want to save the princess? Must wait till our leave time?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : not to want, when if our leave time in asks the princess, that West King meets immediately to think that was we have saved others the person, so long as we found Second princesses and Third Princess, immediately saved them, like processing Gasol treated them, such West King will not be suspecting us.” Laura one hear of Zhao Hai said that to thinks reasonable, if they just followed, Second princesses and Third Princess were rescued, West King did not suspect that they are fishy, such will bring many variables to them, might as well immediately rescues now, such West King suspects them, was impossible to find any evidence. Meg look at Zhao Hai said : Young Master, you see West King today, smooth? What person is he?” Zhao Hai thinks that said : that is a very fierce person, if you light look at the semblance, certainly thinks that he is one does not have plans uncouthly Beastman, but if you note his eye, presently he is a plans deep person, I go today, to him talked that issue of grain business, this will make him not suspect us.” Laura nodded to smile said : present West King certainly very proud, he does not think that his simply could not wait for us to trade to them that day of grain.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : first to stabilize him, avoid he began to us, plan of such words Big Brother possibly by person present, after we rescued two princesses, in well eavesdropped on the Bull clan there situation, but looked like from all sorts of rumors, the Bull clan there situation did not feel better, no matter what, cooperated with Human Race, this has violated Beastman Race taboo, they will certainly conceal, if I were Patriarch of Bull clan, I will let evacuate Prairie with Human Race that they cooperated first, and other appropriate opportunity in coming back, as the matter stands, them on losing. One big has helped, Big Brother successful hope on even bigger.” Laura nodded said : „, if Wales Big Brother can counter-attack as soon as possible, certainly will succeed, because nobody thinks that he such will quickly counter-attack.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, what has not been saying, but turns the head to Laura their said : „the person contacts of this several days with these Bull clans, what has to feel?” Laura thinks that said : did not have what feeling, but felt that they do not have Spier so to be easy getting along with probably, I do not like them.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : they possibly is too profit-centered, this cannot blame them, their here frequent came the caravan, that can they compare with Spier, ok, considered an ordinary transaction, in any case after us, will not be having any dealings with them.” Laura nodded, several people saw on the attention the screen, Beastman that look at these bustled about, Zhao Hai suddenly sighed said : to look at their busy appearances, was very difficult to imagine, when the war approached, what response they can be.” Laura several people have not spoken, they have not gone through the war, cannot imagine that scene, but after they have seen Giant-horn Ox clansman appearance of camp by Gasol attack, that is only small camp, if outside this large camp turns into that appearance, what is very difficult to imagine can be.

Zhao Hai sighed, a picture revolution, changed to caravan there, caravan also in moving forward, without any accident, Zhao Hai nodded said : I just to receive Bull one fight of wild blood cows, Space Ranch rose 1st level, I have raised 100 cows, was right, was Milk Wine that we made soon also good? A while do we return to Iron Mountain Fort to taste?” Laura they, as soon as listened to Ranch Level Up, very happy, Laura was said : Elder Brother Hai, now did Ranch have 7th level? What change if will have to Level 10?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : who knew, the change of Ranch I may unable to reach an agreement, ok, goes along with him, will keep improving in any case.” Laura smiles said : I also to believe that Ranch there will keep improving, like Farm, I am only has not thought that Milk Wine can such short time ferment, to be honest, most time from the beginning, I somewhat could not have drunk that milk taste, however our milk may really be very tasty, I to taste our Milk Wine really now am any flavor.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, to be honest, he also wants to taste, looked at the time, has the lunch time, Zhao Hai has led Laura their returned to Iron Mountain Fort, camp here to leave Cai'er to monitor, some people come time was calling them also with enough time. returned to Iron Mountain Fort time, Iron Mountain Fort here also just ate the food, general time, the Iron Mountain Fort here lunch is very simple, everyone/Great Clan also has the matter to be busy in the afternoon, therefore the lunch is only simple eating one, then rests, is busy at afternoon matter. Zhao Hai their suddenly comes back, to is makes Green they somewhat surprised, in Zhao Hai their common situations, does not come back to eat meal at noon, the lunch that but they prepares in Green well are also many, did not use in prepares. Has the lunch time, Zhao Hai asked Green, the Milk Wine matter, Green made the person bring a pot to Zhao Hai, then gave a several people of person one cup, everyone/Great Clan tasted but actually. Very tasty, is very mellow, were more than with milk wine fragrance that the sheep's milk fermented Beastman Race, was undergoing the distillation in addition, this Milk Wine number of degree was higher, Laura they have drunk one cup, the small face was red. Zhao Hai they have not drunk, has only drunk one cup, has put the cup, then returned to the camp tent, has gone right to sleep. In the following three days of time Zhao Hai they cross to is calm, they will contact with these Beastman, but this time they not only need trade thing with these Beastman, but is investigating, asks that these Beastman do have any special need thing, if any, they can bring to these Beastman. Let alone, Zhao Hai such procedure, compared with trades thing to be also effective with these Beastman directly, these Beastman truly are thing that has plenty needs, because Zhao Hai in hand has the grain, therefore they do not have the means to buy, now one hear of Zhao Hai said that their naturally happy. However afterward troubled came, Zhao Hai they, as soon as made this start, before long and entire West King camp knew, all need thing people ran up to Zhao Hai camp to look for Zhao Hai, lets thing that Zhao Hai helped them buy them to need. Zhao Hai has presently violated one greatly wrongly, he really should not make this start, as the matter stands they had have been busy, without the means that Zhao Hai can only make them go back first, thing that then needed wrote down, gives him, this did not need him to register one after another. Zhao Hai such does , because his in hand has massively the commodity that buys from Casa City, but these commodities are almost the tour of preparation this Prairie. Therefore Zhao Hai wants through the way of this order, to turn into Argali own in hand these thing.

He had underestimated the Beastman purchase desire, when this commodity deficient Prairie, Beastman cannot buy thing that they want, therefore one, but saw can buy the hope of thing oneself want, their enthusiasms, complete left the imagination of Zhao Hai. The order that finally Zhao Hai receives, suffices him to subscribe several big books, not having the means that Zhao Hai only to drag, their grain team soon went out of the Tauren domain in any case now, wanted to bring thing, waited for the next time. Busy several days time quick on the past, Zhao Hai grain caravan went out of the Tauren Clan domain, Zhao Hai, in ended the grain after the car(riage) upper garment, immediately has taken back own Ghost Staff, then called Blood Hawk, in seeking that around West King camp kept, was wants to find the Wales sister and sister. Now Beastman prepares to winter Ranch time, the big tribe like West King camp, the forage grass quantity that they need, absolutely is astronomical figures, therefore at this time, prepared the forage grass person has plenty, but in these people majority was the slaves. The forage grass that because the preparation winters was one type of very tired living, for a long time cannot return to the tribe not saying that the sky just shone to work, to darkness time can rest, work of such outstanding, even if were strong Beastman cannot bear, therefore the people of big tribe will make the slave hit the forage grass generally, and has decided the quantity, if could not do these to live, that these slaves possibly can by killing while still alive. Is good because of the hawk is quick, moreover Zhao Hai believes that the people of these Bull clans, will certainly manage in together all Hercules Tauren Clan person collections, so long as Zhao Hai found these people on the line. Laura their several people are also staring at the screen, careful is seeking, feared that misses a place, quick, they present target, truly says this target not difficultly presently, because he leaves West King large camp not to be far, only then half-day distance. there has more than 100 Hercules Tauren Clan has is working, has the male to have the female, these people are bringing the handcuff and fetters, those who most make Zhao Hai surprised is, look at they work, really has Cavalry of 300 Bull clans, moreover fully-armed Cavalry. Zhao Hai does not have immediately/on horseback to move, he is observing these Cavalry carefully, around the pasture situation of also in observing these Hercules Tauren Clan working. Really, Zhao Hai present incorrect place, nearby pasture that in Hercules Tauren Clan these people work, many Bull clansman are working, Bull clansman that these work is not Slave Race of Bull clan, moreover true Bull clansman, they are also bringing their Mount, own weapon, moreover they work are present at work obviously do not strive, simply is not working likely, instead to frequently pays attention to need the city Hercules Tauren Clan person there situation, the population of these person about 5000. Saw here Zhao Hai on understand, this was a trap that Bull clansman set up, they want take the bait with Second princesses and Third Princess, when the Hercules Tauren Clan person rescued, they attacked in suddenly, hit Hercules Tauren Clan one to be caught off guard. Sees this situation, Zhao Hai complexion cannot help but sinks, Laura their gloomy face has not spoken, some little time Meg shouted angrily said : to be too shameless, was too not concerned about face, if did not have Hercules Tauren Clan, that will have their today, but you had a look at him to do, he trapped to wait for Hercules Tauren Clan unexpectedly, was too not concerned about face.” Meg little curses at people, today is actually mad results in crack cursed, can visit her is vitality how, Zhao Hai and Laura also very angry, they have not thought, West King unexpectedly shameless to this situation. Zhao Hai can guess that he is thinking anything, West King wants certainly to tell the person of Bull clan with this way, I with Hercules Tauren Clan already thorough has made a clear distinction between borderline.

To be honest, West King after Hercules Tauren Clan the Bull clan expels, wants to hire oneself the Bull clan, this point Zhao Hai is understandable, after all West King representative, not only he, follows his these people, he has to consider for these people. However West King such procedure, makes Zhao Hai feel is angry very much, thorough has enraged him, he knew from Wales there, without Hercules Tauren Clan, has not had West King today, but West King actually treats the Hercules Tauren Clan person with this way now, this makes Zhao Hai unforgiving. Laura has not cursed at people, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, what do you mean?” Laura knows that Zhao Hai is not the person who suffered a loss does not make noise, therefore she such will ask. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this evening to move, setting out Undead Creature to add the hawk, but can not rescue Second princesses and Third Princess, I must make West King that five thousand Cavalry all turn into my under the hand/subordinate.” Laura stares, then her immediately understand the meaning of Zhao Hai, has she frowned said : this to be good? Can by large camp here present? Their there leaves large camp here not quite to be far.” After Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : darkness, was our world, we started to tidy up from Cavalry of these surrounding first, when tidied up these fellows, then in rescued Second princesses and Third Princess.” Laura nodded, has not said anything, truly like Zhao Hai said that after darkness, outside was their world, so many Undead Creature help, tidied up the people of these Bull clans to come, should be very easy. Watched outside weather, Zhao Hai deep voice said : „we have rested first, a while begins, do not wait for the day entire to be black, these time began us only to monitor in here, did not want leave camp, best was makes the people of these Bull clans see us, like this they will not suspect us.” Laura stares, then shows a faint smile said : well, we wait for the dinner time begins, our big sound in a moment was when the time comes good, in once for a while going out tent, they will not suspect like this us.” Zhao Hai smiles said : right, must like this, we probably make this evidence not on the scene, kills them not to think that will have Space such mysterious existence, we are cloudy he, a while I give the hawk Ghost Staff, we intoxicate first, is beginning.” Laura they naturally cannot have any opinion, all people have to hope the day is a bit faster black.