Chapter 287 Poisonous! Weather slowly dark, forage grass that because winters in the preparation, time that therefore camp here eats meal compared with according to night before last, quick was black to the day, in camp raises the intermittent smoke from kitchen chimneys. Zhao Hai look at outside Beastman started to prepare food, he cannot help but shows a faint smile said : we also to start.” Laura nodded, they as usual, are preparing the supper in camp, cannot see differently a little. But Zhao Hai has not actually left, he through Space monitor, in observing these is monitoring Bull clan Cavalry of Hercules Tauren Clan pasture, these Cavalry are also preparing food now, moreover their cooked food are very evidently good, in the pot is cooking the mutton, many people put out themselves to be used to install the Milk Wine bag. Zhao Hai saw that this situation to shows a faint smile, this is suiting him to intoxicate, original Zhao Hai wants to plan that makes the hawk from airborne intoxicate, but presently, this was not afterward realistic, the hawk is not aircraft, looks like aircraft throws the bomb unable to guarantee 100% to lose, do not say that made the hawk intoxicate with the way of this raining. Intoxicates with the hawk without the means that that can only use other method, Zhao Hai has thought of another Ultimate Weapon in Space, Blood-Devouring Mosquito. Since Blood-Devouring Mosquito enters to Space, Zhao Hai has not used them, these time had opportunity, but Zhao Hai did not make them bite, but made them intoxicate. These Blood-Devouring Mosquito head are not small, 1 or 2 only can also diving secretly to Bull clansman camp, if goes to be too many, certainly presently, therefore in Zhao Hai first camp has only sent five Blood-Devouring Mosquito. These Blood-Devouring Mosquito underwent the improvement of Space, they do not fear the Space pesticide the toxin, therefore Zhao Hai made each attract a lot of poison, then dived in camp of Bull clan, in spat Bull clansman to cook the meat in poison large pan. Zhao Hai also after asking Zhao Wen knows that these mosquito have such ability, he to has not thought really that these mosquito can also drawing the water in belly unexpectedly spit, this was really too strong. Original Zhao Hai wants to make these mosquito fly in the pot directly, comes suicide surprise attack, but looks like does not use now, this is better.

Zhao Hai in these monitor in Bull clan camp of Hercules Tauren Clan pasture to intoxicate, has not intoxicated in Hercules Tauren Clan pasture that camp, he feared that such can injure to Second princesses and Third Princess, such words he really did not have the means with Wales explain/transfer. Poisonous a while, at this time Laura they have prepared food outside, today they have also made delicious, mutton, in Prairie here, the people do not eat the mutton daily, regarding ordinary Beastman on Prairie, Argali is they most important property, they will give how possibly up to eat the mutton. The herdsman on Prairie, their normally most often things to eat actually Bamboo rice, when to coming across special matter, will eat the mutton, Laura they also knows certainly this point, therefore their normally things to eat, by Bamboo rice and large flatbread give priority to, will not eat the mutton. However today is a special day, therefore Laura they have prepared the mutton, and has supported large pan in camp outside, in the pot cooked the mutton, several people of laughing preparing food. In three people, most can prepare food was Meg, she helped Merine prepare food frequently, therefore the cook was very good, but Laura and Ni'er, they will not prepare food, Laura was the genuine young lady, her there will prepare food, Ni'er has followed in the Laura side, naturally cannot. However they to have not been idling, has followed in the Meg side, laughing being more of a hindrance than a help, made that Meg is also thrown into confusion, charmingly angry not by. Zhao Hai sits in the tent, look at three people of appearances, shows a faint smile, they can such peaceful being together, regarding Zhao Hai be the good fortunes, if his backyard is on fire, his trouble was big. Zhao Hai in paying attention to that several camp situation, was looking that these Bull clansman in camp started to eat meal, Zhao Hai also prepared to move, quite far camp that he has chosen leaving first began, the flash his in hand Bull clan Cavalry and Jackal Race Cavalry let out, flushed away toward that camp. However Zhao Hai has to recognize, the bodies of these Bull clansman very be really good, they after eating included the poison mutton, actually does not have immediately/on horseback to be poisoned, but also is drinking Milk Wine, but existing person of aggressive came to them, their immediately took up weapon to prepare to meet head-on. However poison under Zhao Hai is not easy to cope, one type of that after that is fuses many poison, has made to mix poison, very overbearing, the people of these Bull clans do not have what feeling most from the beginning, when they rode Ox Bei, started the time issue of war on appears . They standing by, naturally will speed up flowing of blood, like this on in addition absorption of toxin, makes toxin by quickest entered in their hearts, therefore Cavalry of these Bull clans on just Ox Bei, ran is less than 100 meters, felt own whole body was incapable, the arm hemp, then at present one black carries on the back to plant from the cow.

But at this time Jackal Race Undead Cavalry, so long as came up the harvesting human life to be good, Zhao Hai also immediately Undead Creature of these Bull clans receiving, because these Undead Creature of Bull clan ran the sound to be too big, was heard by other camp Bull clansman easily. The remaining matters were simple, these Jackal Race the people and their Mount of Cavalry also Bull clan have all killed, later Zhao Hai turned into Undead Creature them, this camp has 1000 people, Zhao Hai were also many 1000 under the hand/subordinate, is second camp. First camp here , because the people of these Bull clans just had eaten the meat, toxin has not done, when Zhao Hai prepares second camp there time, there Bull clansman was poisoned to fall to the ground, so long as they came up to make up a blade on the line. Five camp, almost useless Zhao Hai how long all has solved, after having cleaned the battlefield, Zhao Hai Undead Creature let out of all fight of year clans, has pressed toward Hercules Tauren Clan that pasture there, but presently in his hand six 500 Bull clan Undead Creature, these also 5000 are West King under the hand/subordinate. Zhao Hai lets taking the lead of that 5000 West King, that 1500 Cavalry that he received walk in behind, walks toward that pasture that Hercules Tauren Clan is. Hercules Tauren Clan pasture there these West King under the hand/subordinate also present their changes, they first are very anxious, but then looks is the people on one's own side who encircles, on feel relieved, but also prepares to go to greet. In here, their actually suddenly present, their these clansman had the charge to them, when they have not responded, Mace has pounded on their heads. 6500 cope with 300, in having the without any preparation situation, this result does not need to look also knows, therefore these West King under the hand/subordinate, simply has not responded what's the matter, had been slaughtered cleanly, but these were being forced working the person of Hercules Tauren Clan not to respond that dull look at all these, they were really don’t know here lived anything. However afterward their suddenly felt own first corona, then on any also don’t know, before long all Cavalry vanished in originally, all Hercules Tauren Clan people also disappeared in same place, in these camp all commodities also vanished in same place, Prairie one became peaceful, to cannot in the peaceful situation, anything not live peacefully probably. But their here made such big move, West King camp there naturally also heard, because the distance was not far, therefore West King camp there immediately has sent out ten thousand people of Cavalry, threw toward Hercules Tauren Clan pasture there. But Zhao Hai their time does not have don’t know these probably, they will eat the mutton outside of tent, midway Meg are also looking for these Beastman to trade Milk Wine, the reason was their Milk Wine drinks up.

The dinner eats outside the tent, this regarding many Beastman Race is very normal matter, before Zhao Hai them, has had the several times food meal outside the tent, especially their monitored that several days, Zhao Hai such does, to let these monitors their people to see them, therefore that several days evening they do not have returned to Iron Mountain Fort or enter Space to have the supper, but eats outside the tent. Afterward monitored their person although to withdraw, but Zhao Hai has had a supper outside, this regarding the Beastman Race person, anything, everyone/Great Clan simply had not suspected. However at that night camp was not peaceful, midnight time, Zhao Hai heard outside has resounded the sound of intermittent bugle, their immediately/on horseback pretended the startled appearance to run from the tent, presently entire camp has actually seethed with excitement, the people of all Bull clans walked out from their tent, almost all men have taken up weapon. However is good because of these people have not entered to Zhao Hai their camp, is only in their camp outside, were many Cavalry of many Bull clan, is going on patrol outside their camp, don’t know to protect them to monitor them. Zhao Hai pretends restlessly walks back and forth in camp, the appearance that probably is afraid very much, in this time, was coming, Zhao Hai sees, immediately moved forward to meet somebody, face startled said : „did Brother, what matter live? Why did suddenly dispatch troops?” look at Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai, you put in great inconvenience first, do not leave camp, just we had been missing in one team of Cavalry suddenly of outside dozen of forage grass, the prince is angry very much, is tracing, do not exit, now your camp I have sent for protecting, in camp you pass through to are safe.” Zhao Hai pretends startled said : hastily good, I do not exit absolutely, thank Brother, my this returned to the tent.” Said that to gave a salute, returned to of turn around half step in the tent, immediately has assigned out monitor picture look at. This monitor is the hawk takes Ghost Staff to pat in sky, can therefore see camp all around situation, now the teams of fighting year clan grown men, have taken up their weapon, rode own Mount, toward rushing of camp, the appearance that a war approached.