Chapter 288 North Does the Laura look at monitor Elder Brother Hai of picture to Zhao Hai said :, what you say them to be able presently?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not to be impossible, even if presently also at most is presently some Bull clan Cavalry some hoofprints and Jackal Race Cavalry claw mark, other anything presently, do not forget, these thing of scene I received, now there eliminates sloppily, anything did not have remaining.” Laura nodded, then smiles said : you to say them, if saw this situation, what will have to respond? More than 5000 Cavalry that the hoofprint and claw mark that suddenly are many, suddenly vanishes, what idea will they have?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : this not to say, you look at their appearances, possibly is thinks that all around has a look to have any clue, now our anything do not do, honest staying in tent on line.” What Zhao Hai their this time lines are realistic was too suddenly, making West King their complete has not thought that must know that pasture that at that time Hercules Tauren Clan these people worked, was to West King large camp, only then half-day distance, this was according to general calculates, if the fast horse ran, be only one hour can arrive. But in that Prairie all around, Cavalry of five thousand Bull clans, Cavalry of these 5000 Bull clans, if frontage charge, even if not drop the wind facing 3000 Hercules Tauren Clan Cavalry. Such military strength, West King is self-confident, even if on Prairie strongest Tiger Race or Lion Race Cavalry carries on attack to them, only then Human Race 5000, they can also defend for one hour, this enough their also reinforcement arrived. But wants faction several thousand Cavalry, silent arriving to West King large camp, only then about the half-day place, that simply is impossible, therefore he believes that these Hercules Tauren Clan people cannot be inescapable. However he does not think that in this world will have Zhao Hai this person, meets doing shortcoming of appears Space this going against heaven's will, unexpectedly really in silent, his more than 5000 Cavalry eliminating. Because don’t know Zhao Hai has such method, therefore West King feels to be startled, his don’t know is who is coping with him, that 5000 Cavalry vanish was also too strange, the scene actually has not left any trace, except for some bloodstains, almost did not have thing that anything was worth look at.

Without any trace, except for that several camp there, the pastures in other places had not even been stepped on the trace, these attack their camp person, looks like a gifted general, suddenly from the Space landing ground, tramples flat his camp, then packs the trash, then flew away. A point clue, this has not made in the West King territory all people have the headache, finally does not have the means that West King to send out all strengths that in oneself clan has been able to send, looks for the clue to all around, but he had actually found Prophet in their tribe. Like the West King tribe, has Prophet to assume personal command, West King in hand has five Prophet, these five Prophet are Water Buffalo Clan. Exactly said that in the entire Tauren race, so long as uses Prophet, generally is Water Buffalo Clan, because Tauren Clan other branch races will not produce Prophet generally, but other races Prophet, will not come Tauren Clan, this is also a Beastman Race tradition, except for true big War Clan like Tiger Race or Lion Race, will have other race Prophet, general ordinary War Clan, is uses in the race to produce Prophet Prophet in branch race. West King this time looks for Prophet not for other, for only wants to know, own tribe in the future how, he has not gone to ask what life-saving is, Prophet is not a god, is impossible to know these. West King under the hand/subordinate these five Prophet, including becoming famous of very in Beastman, this person was called blue Jake, was Water Buffalo Clan makes a debut quite early Prophet, but he most famous place lay, he several years ago the successful forecast on Beastman Prairie will have a time very big drought, but that year Beastman Prairie lived the great drought, this also made him instantaneous become famous in entire Beastman Prairie. Actually Beastman Race Prophet not that mysterious, their most important can use beast Soul Tablet to carry on attack, looks like Magician of humanity is the same, but forecast this matter, 100 times can hoodwink to five and six times were good, but Beastman actually very believes them, like the ancient China people very believes told fortunes. This West King several Prophet as centralized as a tent, his look at several people of said : this Sir Prophet, the situation of our tribe, believes that now several also knew, I do not want to say anything, now I want to ask several to predict that how has a look at the future of our tribe, if our tribe will not be good in the future, how then we should melt this time disaster, please several Prophet must help.” Blue Jake is in several people the status is without doubt highest, he took the lead „the prince to be polite to West King gave a salute said :, shared sorrow for the prince is our duty-bound matters.” This blue Jake wears a cotton robe, looks like looks like black Magic Robe, a wrinkle of face, looks like the age was not small, in his hand is taking Staff, this Staff makes with any Magic Beast beast bone probably, white, but is not that pale color, but like jade same pure white, very beautiful. On his neck is also bringing Skull, altogether 18, these Skull are not the genuine skeletons, but makes with ox horn, and has made into the black, possibly is often the time holds appreciatively with in hand, had been traced the black shiny black, this makes him look like gloomy and grim, if he is not Beastman, certainly will be considered as Human Race Dark Magician. To be honest, West King does not like blue Jake, he thinks that blue Jake was too gloomy, but he has to recognize, blue Jake have real skill, therefore he has to depend on heavy blue Jake. West King one hear of he said that nodded said : that well, several invited.” Said that he preparing good thing took to several Prophet.

Prophet forecast that must have different thing \; first, the skull of Magic Beast, two are the beast blood, if makes the relationship significant prediction, they will even use their blood. Now the ground has suspended five skulls, these five skulls are not the skulls of Argali, but is the skull of raging bull, looks like in Beastman, the skull of level higher Magic Beast, forecast the effect is more accurate, therefore this West King has prepared the skulls of five raging bull. By five barbarian Ox-head bones, is putting five bowls of beast blood, this is also the blood of raging bull, several Prophet know that this is prepares to them, everyone takes one, before having arrived at West King big tent that brazier, has put in the skull the brazier, then starts to close the eye, the mouth starts to read Incantation. These Incantation are the one type of language that only then Prophet can study, Prophet has thought this language can with Beast God hold a conversation, and obtains the instruction of Beast God, therefore all Prophet must study this language. Quick, quick these several Prophet took up successively one side has thought of the blood bowl of raging bull blood, then good stranguria with hematuria in bowl to the skull on. Then several people took from brazier the skull, carefully looked, some little time several people put down the skull, turn the head to bow to West King, West King look at several people of said : several Sir Prophet does not use politely, said.” Several people of complexion are not quite attractive, said : „the prince, from this time forecasting result, the situation in our West King camp feared that is not quite good.” Another several people also so said that only then blue Jake has not made noise, West King looked that he has not spoken, quickly said: Jake Prophet, your meaning?” Blue Jake also shook the head said : to be not quite good, our West King camp must meet time Great Tribulation, but actually the method can melt.” West King one hear of blue Jake said that will meet time Great Tribulation changes on cannot help but complexion, his quickly said: Invited Jake Prophet clear words.” Blue Jake said : from this time forecasting result, we, if thinks pass through this tribulation, only then means that the situation from skull come, is the northern safe meaning, but specific is any meaning, my don’t know, perhaps is goes to the north to seek asylum, perhaps is the north has the honored person to assist.”

The West King knitting the brows head, looked at several other Prophet one, several other people do not have what to indicate that the brow of West King wrinkles was tighter, his understand this north is not any meaning. Must say the north, that place may be too big, but wants them to go to the north to seek asylum, this is also unlikely, 100,000 people of large camp, did not go ahead to result, was adding on now soon in the winter, they were impossible to walk, but must say that northern had the honored person, this arrived is understandable, because of the Bull clan in the north, that this meaning is makes them hire oneself now the Bull clan? Actually this blue Jake's such view, center West King below cherishes, he already wanted to hire oneself the Bull clan, therefore he adopts that many stances, censures to be the slave the Hercules Tauren Clan two princesses, but must set up the trap to deal with the Hercules Tauren Clan person, these are expressed that he must hire oneself Bull clan Patriarch. However before , his long-term does against Patriarch of Bull clan, can say many people in their tribe with the Bull clan Patriarch person to have a grudge, if he directly said now he must hire oneself Patriarch of Bull clan, the people in clan will certainly not comply, therefore he adopts that many stances, is to tell the person in clan, he wants to hire oneself the Bull clan. However this saying cannot say visibly, because he lacks a flagrant reason, but now the blue Jake's predict that has given him a very good reason, he can use this forecast the matter, said that hires oneself Patriarch of Bull clan, completely is the meaning of Beast God, sound of such opposition on will be much smaller. But West King has not thought from the start, not only the north has the Bull clan, Hercules Tauren Clan, Hercules Tauren Clan runs away now the mastiff clansman domain, but the domain of mastiff clan, is compares the Hercules Tauren Clan domain also to toward the northern place. Perhaps West King does not have such thought from the start, in his opinion, Hercules Tauren Clan ended, they impossible in turning over, absolutely does not have the hope race, simply not during his consideration.