Chapter 289 information and Merchant Zhao Hai has not certainly paid attention to the West King tent fresh, if he sees this, certainly will be very startled the Beastman Prophet ability. These Beastman Prophet can be considered as unexpectedly, the north is safe, this meaning Zhao Hai understand, that must make West King support Wales, contends for the Hercules Tauren Clan domain, such West King naturally cannot be coped, he was also naturally safe. However what is a pity, West King with simply that Zhao Hai thinks is not a matter, now his full brain is hires oneself the idea of Bull clan Patriarch, how possibly to think that must help Hercules Tauren Clan. Now what Zhao Hai pays attention was these leaves the camp Bull clan to do, these Bull clansman Cavalry, each and every one in hand was taking the flare, has launched the search of carpet type in West King camp all around, naturally, they actually had achieved nothing finally. This evening in so has been restless, to the dawn, the reconnaissance troops of various places returned to large camp, they naturally did not have any present, this also makes entire West King large camp be in the middle of the one type of tension-filled atmosphere. Zhao Hai they naturally very honest staying in camp, but these Beastman also gave to forget them probably, to was not these Beastman looks down upon them, really how was Zhao Hai they to see not like the powerful person, therefore they naturally were shouted slightly. Beru to subdue|grams to is checked Zhao Hai they, but only looked up in looking up, because had an accident, Zhao Hai they are eating meal in camp, has plenty Beastman saw them, possibly was not they do. In following two days of time, camp atmosphere , is not only anxious, but also is somewhat sad, one lost more than 5000 youngster, the people of these Bull clans have the family member, in them the has plenty person, lives in Zhao Hai their camp side, these time all has actually been missing, this makes their family members very sad. Zhao Hai they had not regretted that they for their benefit, must such do, hasn't anything regretted a saying, in the impression of Zhao Hai, the war did not have a good and evil saying, some were only the victory and defeat. Zhao Hai their very low key, West King there does not have what response, he is to hire oneself the Bull clan, but now obviously is not the time, after he prepares to winter, in announcing hires oneself the matter of Bull clan, after all Hercules Tauren Clan just defeated runs away, this immediately hires oneself the Bull clan, in the face is really unattractive. But at this time, living of matter, actually has diluted this sad atmosphere, this matter is, the Zhao Hai grain team came back. Zhao Hai grain team appears very prompt, now the atmosphere in camp is not very good, however Zhao Hai grain team, one has actually diluted this sad and tension-filled atmosphere, making the life of people probably one calm. However was a pity, because the matter in nearest/recent camp are too many, the people of these Bull clans did not have the means to give him to collect Magic Beast and plants, Zhao Hai can only trade some Argali, this Zhao Hai has not wanted the wool product, he also wanted all was Argali, 1500 heads.

Simultaneously Zhao Hai is also in front of these Beastman, has given these Undead Creature one stack of thick papers, this makes these Beastman cannot help but somewhat excited, they know certainly that paper is anything, what that above writes is they must buy thing that. After grain team leave, Zhao Hai presently Beastman Race camp restored calm outward, the people are still hitting the forage grass, even can also hear the intermittent laughter. This makes Zhao Hai feel that accident, Beastman in his puzzled look at camp, turns the head to Laura said : Laura, what are they smiling? Just lost 5000 people, didn't they feel sad?” Laura look at these Beastman, sighed said : perhaps they to be used to it, I heard Beastman Prairie here, the war was very ordinary matter, to compete for slave, to compete for Prairie, to compete for the woman, may live the war, can say that Beastman Prairie here almost everyday will live the war, therefore you looked that Hercules Tauren Clan was defeated, but has caused the stir in Tauren Clan, did you see other Beastman of place promising this matter stir? No, because looks like in these Beastman, this was too ordinary, does not have anything noteworthy.” Zhao Hai sighed, in speaking, turn around returned to the tent, Meg they also with Zhao Hai, after entering the tent, Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : I to think that Wales Big Brother they also soon found their clansman, we prepared to be good to their grain, was right, how many camp here thing of these person of needs can we provide?” Zhao Hai said naturally is these Beastman makes them help for buying thing, these thing has plenty are the identical style, therefore Zhao Hai was calling this several days time, making Laura they help to count, was having a look at itself the commodity that brought from Casa City there, was sufficient. Laura the psychology has known how things stand now, she was to make this before, naturally was familiar and easy, therefore she smiles said : to be enough, but I do not think that one time gave them these thing, that will cause their suspicions, I looked at this, first gave them what kind of 1/10? This not only can ship to them thing, has not occupied grain car(riage) many places.” Zhao Hai nodded to agree. Zhao Hai has not been idling, his immediately wrote a letter to Wales, tells Wales, he already Second princesses and Third Princess rescuing, the person was now safe, invited Wales feel relieved, but also supposed the matter of trap to tell Wales West King, made his thorough lost heart to West King. After completing all these, Zhao Hai on patient is waiting for the reply of Wales, he must determine that the Wales there situation, having a look at Wales there to need any thing. Quick, the reply of Wales arrived, along with the letter outside, that six Space Bag was also brought, these time besides the grain, Wales added thing that several types of he wants urgently needed, simultaneously he also said to Zhao Hai, he in the mastiff clan there situation. This Hercules Tauren Clan defeat is really very miserable, must know before Hercules Tauren Clan, is total number of people 1 million, available military strength has achieved three hundred thousand big tribes, now the Hercules Tauren Clan situation is, population that they run away less than five hundred thousand, but available military strength also has two hundred thousand. When the Bull clan looks like the Hercules Tauren Clan attack, because Hercules Tauren Clan does not have unified command(er), quick on the rout, in the process of rout, was certainly quicker, many olds and weak who these youngster ran, cannot run. Mastiff clansman domain that now these five hundred thousand people live, but fortunately, but also often person who join has Hercules Tauren Clan, can Hercules Tauren Clan person although defeat miserable of, however their fighting strength still, have the ability that wrestles at risk of life. But Wales after the returned to Hercules Tauren Clan domain, logical has taken over the position of Patriarch, has not received any preemption, moreover he has also put out the Gasol weapon, told the person in clan, Gasol had been regarded the rebel to execute by him.

What most important is, he brought the grain, these grain life-saving grains, one made the will of the people in clan stabilize, can say that these grain took over the position of Patriarch to him, played important doing to use. Simultaneously Wales also told Zhao Hai good information, Zhao Hai is very useful to the Wales the demon peach juice and life fluid, Supreme Elder injury in their clan restored, not only restored, sign of breakthrough, one, but breaks through successfully, his strength in previous stair. Naturally, this breakthrough had not meant that one breaks through Level 10 from 9th level, that is impossible, on 9th level Expert, has the division of various grades and ranks, 9th level Expert altogether is divided into nine levels, but originally their this elders are only the 9th level three layers strengths, but this breakthrough, may achieve 9th level five layers, one breaks through two, this regarding 9th level Expert, absolutely is miracle. Zhao Hai has not really thought that the demon peach juice and life fluid of will really have such effect, this is makes him very surprised, but broke through well, such Wales can arrange the plan that counter-attacks. Zhao Hai prepares quickly these thing that Wales needs, has delivered to him, this time he uses five Space Bag to install the grain, what remaining that Space Bag attires is some living materials. In busy day, Zhao Hai grain team three times arrived at West King large camp, these time besides grain, but also brought the people of many Bull clan to make him help buying thing, these thing arrived, making Zhao Hai in the West King large camp status in an enhancement many, he has become one of the here most popular people. Such Zhao Hai collected much information about Bull clan Patriarch there, now West King here regarding Bull clan Patriarch there information, cared, West King although exhibits one to hire oneself now the Bull clan Patriarch appearance, but not explicit saying, has not sent for and Patriarch contact of Bull clan, therefore the West King large camp here person, some senses of fear, how the don’t know future destiny can. This sense of fear, lets the West King camp here person, attention the situation of very about Bull clan Patriarch there, they feared that Patriarch of Bull clan momentarily will hit. However they also know that this was unlikely, now at this time, the forage grass that not only they need to prepare to winter, Bull clan Patriarch there also needs to prepare, moreover many that they need to prepare. In adding on the winter generally is not the day that Beastman dispatches troops, in Beastman Race besides several special races, few that races like dispatching troops in the winter. However that sense of fear exists, therefore in camp rumor has plenty about Bull clan Patriarch there situation, the genuine and fake, lets the person difficult resolution now. However Zhao Hai from these real genuine and fake fake rumors, reached two conclusions, one, the Bull clan reduced to the slave all Hercules Tauren Clan remaining people, total number of people has achieved astonishingly 300,000, second, with Bull clan cooperation Human Race, already not in the Bull clan, regarding these Human Race whereabouts, two views \; first, to say these Human Race had been expelled by the Bull clan \; second, to say these Human Race by Bull clan Patriarch killing, Zhao Hai has been partial in the one type of view. No matter that one type of view, showed an issue, the helpers of Bull clan did not have, only in the helpers of Bull clan , the Wales successful probability will not be much bigger. Zhao Hai immediately told Wales these information that oneself obtained, he hopes Wales can prepare to counter-attack as soon as possible, now immediately wanted in the winter, they must counter-attack encampment in the winter, the time was also very tight, because the war was not that simple. West King camp here although said that is rumor run all over the place, these grain that but generally speaking, the situation, especially Zhao Hai sends to them, making the grain that West King winters today very sufficient, although lost 5000 people, however on the face of people are having the smiling face.

Now Zhao Hai to West King camp more than 20 days, in having about ten days, he can leave, at this moment, suddenly another caravan arrive at West King large camp. This caravan already had the cooperation relationship caravan with West King, their this time, does not deliver the grain to West King, but delivers some living materials. Different to Prairie Merchant of Zhao Hai their such two blades, this time gives West King to deliver the commodity Merchant, is pure Prairie Merchant, pure Prairie Merchant not when quick beginning of winter, but also delivers the grain toward the big tribe, because delivered the grain at this time, was too snatched easily, goes back is unsafe, moreover grain that the big tribe generally at the beginning of winter first about two months, will prepare to be good to winter, therefore transported the grain toward Prairie at this time, the risk is big, easily was undercut the price by Beastman seize the opportunity. In the time, pure Prairie Merchant, generally toward some Prairie lira living materials, this is on Prairie essential thing, will not be undercut the price, regarding these small tribes, these thing, was inferior that the grain has to attract gravitational force. Those who let the person of that caravan not think, they can also see another caravan in West King camp here unexpectedly, but this caravan hits product by grain give priority to unexpectedly. The chancellor of that caravan, contacted twice with Zhao Hai, presently Zhao Hai they probably do not like contacting with him, he in did not hit Zhao Hai they, but through him in West King camp here relationship, side understanding Zhao Hai they. This understood that is makes this Merchant be startled, he has not thought that Zhao Hai one achieved the more than ten millions jin (0.5 kg) grain transaction with West King unexpectedly, this regarding Merchant, absolutely is not the small number, this made him be careful to Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai to this Merchant also very concerned about, this Merchant said that is the Aksu Empire person, named depends on Bell, but he is not the Purcell Duchy person, he arrives at Beastman Prairie from the Ikisa Family territory. Knows regarding Ikisa Family Laura, this is west Purcell Duchy Clan, with Purcell Duchy is the neighbor, moreover their territories are also neighboring with Beastman Prairie, is another Human Race toward Beastman Prairie here smuggling important passage. But this depends on Bell, is in the Ikisa Family territory, most famous grain merchant and daily necessities Merchant, but Laura don’t know this really has relationship according to Bell with West King.