Chapter 290 People on one's own side According to Bell appears is an accident, before Laura with also had some cooperation according to Bell, but is not thorough, they have not met, but has heard the name of opposite party. But reason that Laura with depending on Bell has the too thorough cooperation, the most important reason is, according to Bell this person in Human Race there rumor is not good. With according to all sorts of rumors, Laura knows that this according to Bell and Thompson is the same person, to achieve the point resorts to all means that is because of such disposition, therefore Thompson makes Markey Family on Continent famous Merchant Clan, but according to Bell also through all sorts of methods, became by oneself according to Sack Clan territory in biggest the grain merchant and daily necessities Merchant. Because of according to Bell such style, making Laura feel very repugnant, therefore she with depending on Bell not too many cooperation relationship. Zhao Hai sits in the tent, the picture on look at monitor, what now in the picture demonstrates is according to the Bell there situation, in leaving a they not far tent lives according to Bell, obviously is West King they specially constructs in this piece of tent, prepares to Human Race Merchant, all Human Race Merchant came, will live in here. Zhao Hai in hearing after the Bell disposition, felt that this is a formidabe person, therefore he now attention centralized to according to the body of Bell. Must know that these time depends on the person who Bell comes, is many Expert, according to Bell is in itself not anything, is only 6th level Warrior, but his in hand two 8th level Warrior, 7th level Dark Magician, five 7th level Warrior, 6th level Warrior has 20, but 5th level and 5th level following Warrior has 500 people. A such squad, their strengths or does not allow to look down upon absolutely, the strength of this squad, if the light looks at the surface, may compared with Zhao Hai they on many. However Zhao Hai they did not worry that can look for their troubles now according to Bell, they do not dare, now they on Beastman Prairie, all are calculations that Beastman said that causes trouble in here, then hits the face of Beastman on equal to, they will not agree. Zhao Hai knows that now the status in these Beastman hearts are not low, his low price sold to these Beastman grain, he helps these Beastman buy the living materials . Moreover the price is not high, all these make these Beastman feel very good to him, therefore if now adds Bell to dare to look for his trouble, that can die is very ugly. However has not actually done according to Bell anything, saw that Zhao Hai is still friendly, thinks that according to the fat face of Bell that circle, Zhao Hai is at heart uncomfortable, he has thought of a word, the person with kindly face and cruel heart. In the Zhao Hai eye, according to Bell is a person with kindly face and cruel heart.

Because of this, therefore Zhao Hai the special attention depends on Bell, looks at the West King appearance in any case now, will not have any sound, that Zhao Hai simply attention centralized to according to the body of Bell, how he to wants to have a look to cope with him according to Bell. Must know that now Zhao Hai grain team immediately wanted fourth time to enter to the West King camp, by that time depended on Bell to fear was wants to cope with him. On monitor according to Bell static sitting in the tent, in his hand is taking one cup of Fruit Wine, the front is suspending unexpectedly is fruits, must know on Prairie, this thing is very difficult to see that Zhao Hai paid attention, these fruits are presently frozen, looked that should not have Space equipment according to the body of Bell. Is depending on the Bell front to sit a person, this person Zhao Hai and Laura they have not seen, a appearance of this person of servant, very ordinary, the age looks like over 30 years old, but actually face the color of wind and frost, to the feeling of person, looks like an ordinary groom. Zhao Hai turns the head to Laura said : Laura, does this person you know?” Laura shook the head said : not to know that possibly according to Dead-soldier that Bell raises.” In this time, was speaking according to Bell, his deep voice looks up to that person of said : how?” That person has determined to additional Bell ritual said :, not wrong, what comes is Zhao Hai and Laura, is not others assumes a false name, they buy for the Beastman Race grain, is the Haven meter, only then our grain 50% prices.” Takes wine glass to sigh said : according to Bell careless and wasteful use of nature's products, the Haven meter sells on Continent, will not compare here to be cheap many, has been a pity, Radiant Church these bastards, Southern King that idiot, their this immediately/on horseback die.” That person then to depending on Bell said : present Aksu Empire there is still tracing the Zhao Hai family background, but is actually one group of messes, anything cannot look up, can only affirm that Zhao Hai possibly from a Great Noble family, his in hand has Space Equipment, is strength very strong Dark Magician, other could not find out anything to come.” Nodded said : this to be very normal according to Bell, this Zhao Hai conduct method can look, he does not want to make others pay attention to him, the matter that but his sometimes handles makes the person have no alternative but to pay attention to him, said that should call the low key rampant, to be honest, I very like this person, my reputation is too bad, the present achievement is also not limited to this, was right, what in the alliance has to vanish to transmit?” That servant suddenly smiles information that said : in alliance transmits to have a few words, three characters, person on one's own side!”

Stares according to Bell, then laughs said : I to know that these old fogies in alliance will not let off Zhao Hai one to be so powerful, moreover makes with Radiant Church specially to fellow free and unfettered, will certainly haul in the alliance to come him, good, the person on one's own side is good, perhaps he he, I must chat the matter of cooperation with him.” Did that servant look he will have believed you according to Bell said :?” Shows a faint smile said : I to have this according to Bell.” Said that puts out the a piece small badge, is the Dark Magician Alliance ID Card badge. Zhao Hai and Laura saw that here was shocked, they have not thought really that according to Bell this successful Merchant, can be the Dark Magician Alliance person unexpectedly, this arrives makes Zhao Hai be really very surprised. Zhao Hai turned the head to look at Laura one, then showed a faint smile said : „the strength of alliance really not to accommodate underestimated, like depending on Bell successful Merchant, can be the person in alliance unexpectedly, surprised people.” Laura shows a faint smile said : „, is really the accident, we must see him, since he is the person in alliance, happen to inquired Bull clan there information with him.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile, stands got up said : to walk, we saw him.” Said that walks outward, Laura her three follow on the heels hastily. Has a dream according to Bell has not thought that the words that oneself just spoke, actually all they were heard by Zhao Hai, before he has not moved, Zhao Hai first moves. According to Bell with under the hand/subordinate that oneself most trust was discussing when must see Zhao Hai, suddenly Mendez has transmitted sound speaking sounds: Old Master, Mr. Zhao Hai leads Miss Laura, Miss Meg, Miss Ni'er to seek an interview.” Gawked according to Bell, turns the head to look at his servant said : they to come first, you said why they did come?” That person shook the head said : „unable to guess, Old Master you saw not to know.” Nodded according to Bell, immediately/on horseback said : invited quickly.” Servant complied with one, turn around invited the person. Had also stood according to Bell at this time, prepares to greet Zhao Hai, at this time the tent curtain was shouldered, Zhao Hai and Laura they walked from outside, saw Zhao Hai to come, „the Mr. Zhao Hai undercarriage visits according to said : that a Bell immediately/on horseback face wore a smile, really let be favored to annoy below startled.”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : to take the liberty to disturb the rest of mister, below is not, apologized to mister in here.” Said to depending on Bell gave a salute. According to Bell quickly said: mister was too polite, you can come are my being honored, mister please sit down quickly.” Said that made Zhao Hai sit down, then that to the servant who he spoke, immediately walked up, to Zhao Hai and Li Lan their but actually one cup of Fruit Wine, with putting out a fruit tray has put on Zhao Hai their front small table. Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, turns the head looked at tent in front of the door to stand that two servants, turned the head to depending on Bell said : according to Bell mister, I somewhat important matter must tell you that can invite them first leave.” Said that Zhao Hai casts aside some tent in front of the door have been standing that two servants. Has gawked according to Bell, then looked at Zhao Hai one, nod of gently, before that continuously to the servant who he spoke, immediately/on horseback to standing waved in in front of the door that two people, that two servants bowed to draw back. Zhao Hai looked that two servants drew back, this turned the head look at this time to look for mister according to Bell said :, wants to ask mister to look at same thing.” The hand turns, that Dark Magician Alliance badge appears in in his hand. Has not thought according to Bell that Zhao Hai will look at this badge to him unexpectedly directly, he has gawked, then deep looked at Zhao Hai one, laughs said : mister really to undergo the evil, in such quickly knew my status unexpectedly.” Said that he also took his badge, they look at each other, laughs. Some little time two talented person calm, additional Bell look at Zhao Hai said : I really have not thought that you can such quickly know unexpectedly my status, how you do know?” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : just to know that you with West King cooperation for a long time? Besides West King here, do you have the cooperation with others?” Stares according to Bell, look at Zhao Hai puzzled said : what meaning? Mr. Zhao Hai, what matter do you have?” Zhao Hai nodded said : according to Bell mister, the truth tells you, I with present Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, original Hercules Tauren Clan Seventh Prince Wales, am the Beheading Blood Oath brothers, reason that I still move on Prairie now, to help Wales Big Brother investigates the situation about Bull clan, but you also know that I am the first year Prairie, therefore regarding the intelligence collection of Prairie here, I is also has a mind to be incapable, therefore wants to ask you, having a look at you to be related in the information in this aspect.” According to Bell look at Zhao Hai, the information that Zhao Hai brought really has shocked, must know that now had not heard that Beastman is willing to carry on Beheading Blood Oath with Human Race, but Zhao Hai Beastman Prairie has achieved unexpectedly in the first year, this was too astonishing.