Chapter 291 Secret According to Bell look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, aren't you will be cracking a joke? Are you really Wales Brother Beheading Blood Oath?” Zhao Hai nodded said : „, therefore I need to know that now Bull clan Patriarch there situation, is Wales counter-attacks the Bull clan to make the line.” Has stood according to one that Bell shouted, transferred two on the ground, the mouth muttered said : fantastic, Heaven's Will, the decree of this real god.” Zhao Hai their puzzled look at face excited depending on Bell, don’t know according to Bell in excited anything, some little time depends on Bell calm to get down, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai their puzzled appearances, cannot help but laughs said : Mr. Zhao Hai, you are really a lucky star, our Dark Magician Alliance big lucky star.” This to made Zhao Hai unable to feel the brains, his puzzled look at according to Bell said : what's the matter according to Bell mister? Should I say understand to me?” According to the Bell look at Zhao Hai appearance, showed a faint smile, sat, has drunk red wine, let out a long breath, this said : slowly Mr. Zhao Hai, you because of just join Dark Magician Alliance didn't have long time, what knew to the matter of here surface was too few, in fact this Hercules Tauren Clan fresh matter, was some contests of Dark Magician Alliance and Radiant Church, one time contest in another one type of level.” Zhao Hai stares, then his look at according to these Human Race Expert that Bell said : the Bull clan did invite is the Radiant Church person?” Nodded said :well according to Bell, that person Radiant Church person, in fact Radiant Church already thinks that extend the hand to Beastman Prairie comes up, they have been breaking control these tribes with the hand of one type of commercial, but Beastman here continuously Faith is Beastman, several times that they make has not succeeded.

Afterward this matter was known by our Dark Magician Alliance, we naturally must destroy, if let Radiant Church extend the hand to Beastman Race here, our troubles on even bigger, therefore we in paying attention to them in the motion of Beastman Race here, afterward Radiant Church person present contradiction between Bull clan and Hercules Tauren Clan, therefore they thought the means close Bull clan, our several times wanted to destroy, has not succeeded, finally finally they succeeded has drawn in relationship with Patriarch of Bull clan, we want also to draw in relationship with Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch, however Hercules Tauren Clan Patriarch was Beastman of tradition, he does not want to accept the help of Human Race, Therefore we have not succeeded. ” Speaking of here he to look at Zhao Hai one, then said : „the following matter you also knew, they sent out 9th level Expert to help the Bull clan unexpectedly, making the Bull clan expel Hercules Tauren Clan at one fell swoop, has become Tauren Clan Royal Family, can say that they invaded Prairie first to succeed, moreover we actually accomplish nothing now, now you became Wales Brother Blood Oath, can help him flagrantly, but you behind were standing, but Dark Magician Alliance, even if were Radiant Church 9th level Expert, we did not need to fear, in the alliance will send out 9th level Expert to help your.” Zhao Hai has gawked, he has not thought really that Dark Magician Alliance and Radiant Church battle, was in this situation unexpectedly, but he shook the head said : not to be good, this matter should better not makes alliance take part come, must know that Beastman can meet as an equal these many years with Human Race, they are not that simple character, Tauren Clan in Beastman Race can only calculate that measures is a medium grade nationality, and no big deal, therefore these big War Clan can not care, but if by these big War Clan presently, had Human Race to want control Beastman, that no matter a that type of organization, must withstand the Beastman anger, does not do well to be able. Directs the war, our Dark Magician Alliance participates in not a point advantage, moreover I am also preparing with this information goes well to tidy up the Radiant Church person, therefore this Dark Magician Alliance said that anything cannot participate.” Has gawked according to Bell, then his look at Zhao Hai, nodded said : well, let's do it according to your advice, it seems like that the rumor said that you have a grudge with Radiant Church real.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, the hand wields, wear white Magic Robe Undead Creature appears in his front, he to depending on Bell smiles said : to know that Radiant Church, White-clothes Bishop, the present was my servant.” That White-clothes Bishop Lindsey Becker, this fellow also is very famous in Dark Magician Alliance, who lets his father is Red-clothes Archbishop, therefore Zhao Hai his let out, must look like depends on Bell to show that he has a grudge with Radiant Church. Also knows Lindsey Becker according to Bell, therefore he looked that Zhao Hai release Lindsey Becker has gawked, then his face inconceivable said : „do you achieve? Did not say that Light Magician can't turn into Advanced level Undead Creature?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, waves, Lindsey Becker vanished in same place, his then said : my Magic Staff can make Black Magic produce variation, he he.” Does not speak according to Bell, he knows that each Magician had own secret, he should not ask too, but he nodded said : not to think that you compared general Dark Magician to suppress, unexpectedly directly on kill White-clothes Bishop.” Zhao Hai smiles said : is not same, when is five, the light five White-clothes Bishop bring 18 bright Cavalry to come attack I, was extinguished by me, at that time Marut mister also on the scene, was good, did not say that this, said Bull clan there information that you know.”

Nodded according to Bell, deep voice said : Bull clan, for these time copes with Hercules Tauren Clan to prepare for a long time, but these time to Hercules Tauren Clan attack, makes them lose is not small, total Human Race of their original tribe has eight hundred thousand about, available military strength has achieved two ten fifty thousand about, if counted including Slave Soldier, their available military strength can achieve four hundred thousand about, but Hercules Tauren Clan is 1 million people of big tribes, the available military strength of their this clan have three hundred thousand about, is adding on Slave Soldier, total military strength five hundred thousand, but Hercules Tauren Clan has not thought that the Bull clan dares to move them, moreover their 9th level Expert. Defeats, has very tremendous influence to their morale, in adding on Gasol struggles the position of Patriarch to kill own father, has killed own brothers, this makes the Hercules Tauren Clan will of the people not steady, when the Bull clan attack, Gasol was not, they do not have a complete person command(er) system, therefore was defeated, but they also made the loss of Bull clan achieve about the fifty thousand person, now Battle Soldier of Bull clan clan are most, only then about two hundred thousand, in adding on Slave Soldier, always Human Race also three hundred thousand, but before , helped their these Radiant Church person, leave, they in keeping here, Will certainly be chased down by Beastman Race 9th level Expert.” Zhao Hai nodded „the military strength that said : also in other words now the Bull clan may deploy, only then three hundred thousand about, moreover these have hundred thousand is Slave Soldier, this arrives is good information.” When does Wales prepare to counter-attack according to Bell look at Zhao Hai said :?” Zhao Hai shook the head said : „the present to return don’t know, the loss of this Hercules Tauren Clan is very big, this is very sad in the winter, do not say other, I am responsible for helping Wales Big Brother collect some information, other is busy at me not being busy on, Wales is similar to his father, is very traditional Beastman, they do not hope that the Human Race participation are too many.” According to Bell to had not suspected that Zhao Hai words, he nodded said : I to want also to be, must otherwise Hercules Tauren Clan old Patriarch not want to pass to Wales the position of Patriarch, Gasol sharply will not be beginning, was right, your when returned to Human Race domain? Perhaps when the time comes we can cooperate.” Zhao Hai look at depends on Bell according to Bell forced smile said :, are you earnest? Can you know me in the Aksu Empire present situation? It can be said that everybody shouted has hit, if made these people know that I worked with you, did not have a point advantage to you, you instead attended the meeting into Southern King and Radiant Church suppression object, makes status not probably to expose, I think that now you are keeping your status, to Dark Magician Alliance help even bigger.” According to Bell look at Zhao Hai, nodded right that said : you said that but your in hand good thing to be possible really to be many, if gives me, I can gain to a lot of money.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : I also know that my in hand good thing to be many, but these good thing, therefore makes me be chased down by the entire Aksu Empire person now, don't you want also to turn into my this? Right, we to can do another business, this business is absolutely good.” Stares according to Bell, puzzled look at Zhao Hai said : what business?”

Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : Milk Wine, do you want to buy Milk Wine in Human Race there? I know that Beastman Race preservation of Milk Wine not easy long time, however my Milk Wine is different, my Milk Wine can the long time preservation, will not change the flavor, I think that should have Human Race to taste.” Was shocked according to Bell, to be honest, although he arrived at Prairie to be inferior, but he could not drink Beastman Milk Wine, because of too the mutton smell, that flavor general Human Race could not bear, his understand why Zhao Hai did not speak of his Milk Wine, appearance that but also was infatuated with generally, was this fellow Beastman? Zhao Hai look at according to the Bell appearance, showed a faint smile said : you to taste my Milk Wine to know, was right, we should also celebrate, did the friends in our these two alliances meet? What kind of? Takes to roast your Argali? I take Milk Wine.” The look at Zhao Hai appearance, laughs according to Bell suddenly, he thought that Zhao Hai also is really very interesting, in these Dark Magician compared with most pledges is interesting, his immediately/on horseback beckoned with the hand, by that servant said : Cassie to him, kills a sheep to roast, asking Captain also to come, we today drinking well.” Cassie complied with one, turn around exited to arrange, Zhao Hai smiles said : that I to prepare some vegetables and Milk Wine, a while on our camp sees.” Nodded according to Bell, Zhao Hai was leading Laura and Meg their three returns to own tent.