Chapter 292 The feeling has the matter to live Zhao Hai and Laura returned to own tent did not have immediately/on horseback to exit, Laura curious look at Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, you did not tell according to the matter that Bell Wales Big Brother immediately must counter-attack, feared that revealed information?” Zhao Hai nodded said : according to Bell although is also the person in Dark Magician Alliance, but we also cannot do without a point protection to him, careful a little for good, the plan that no matter what, this Wales Big Brother counter-attacks is indestructible, this Wales Big Brother must counter-attack, the biggest superiority is the suddenly nature, if made others know when he counter-attacked, his attack was impossible to succeed, therefore this matter do not say with anyone.” Laura nodded, to be honest, if according to Bell is not the Dark Magician Alliance person, their simply impossible with depending on Bell contacts, after all depended on the Bell beforehand reputation is really too bad. Meg turns the head I to look that to Zhao Hai said : is good according to the Bell person, moreover he also told us that type secret, Young Master why also in against him?” Zhao look at Meg and face naive Ni'er, have smiled bitterly, shaking the head of Laura also not bears, person who Meg and Ni'er are that type not to have the plans, who to them good, they will regard the good person the opposite party, if this disposition nobody protects, feared that had been sold, but also for population money. Zhao Hai not bears looked at their said : to be good according to the Bell although person, moreover he was also the Dark Magician Alliance person, should not be disadvantageous to us, but this matter was less people knows is better, no matter what, you must remember a few words, the heart of injuring someone cannot have, can't against person's heart not have, remembers?” Their earnest nods, but look at their appearances, Zhao Hai has the impulsion that one type of must hit the wall, looks their such, if their energy remembered was really fishy. Zhao Hai and Laura have looked one, shaking the head of not bears, concentrated on preparing on things to eat, this whole life they did not count on that Meg and Ni'er learn injured someone. thing that they must prepare are not many, so long as prepared some Milk Wine and vegetables has been OK, Zhao Hai has not put out too many vegetables, he has prepared some simply, can the vegetables of long time preservation, he not want to make Beastman be jealous to his Space. Before long four people prepare walked out of thing from the tent, but outside the tent the bonfire has selected on, Argali also roasted, this made Zhao Hai have to admire kills the sheep according to Bell under the hand/subordinate. Zhao Hai in hand took that to give his sheep knife for scraping hides Spier, although said that Mendez gave his magnificently, but Zhao Hai this that liked Spier delivering, because he felt that Spier delivered him this counter- blade is the sincerity, but Mendez delivered his the blade, inside on the ingredient of has plenty utility, moreover was too magnificent, and not suitable brought the use, the collection. Will really enjoy compared with Zhao Hai according to Bell, he has prepared small table, wine glass, the tray, all ate thing that the mutton used to prepare, and other Zhao Hai came, Zhao Hai these time not polite, has put out several big pot Milk Wine directly, must know that his big pot may be Beastman is all used to install the Milk Wine big pot, first pot minimum can install about five jin (0.5 kg), but Zhao Hai this time one takes six pots.

After Zhao Hai raises one's wine cup puts away, came, he does not have empty-handed, in hand is taking big pot, inside installs unexpectedly is the beef. Greeted them to sit down according to Bell immediately/on horseback, after several people sat down, Meg and Ni'er immediately/on horseback gave them to pour the liquor, this liquor one came out but actually, felt according to Bell and this liquor differences, this liquor was too fragrant, fragrant somewhat excessive. What most important is, this liquor very limpid, does not have point impurity, looks like the water is the same, however the fragrance and mellowness of liquor, the milk fragrance actually greets the nostrils to come, making you keep off cannot block. At this time Cassie just cut to put on the table the beef that brought, and have not actually paid attention to that beef according to Bell simply, the eye are all staring in front of that wine glass. take deep breaths, then gains ground according to Bell look at Zhao Hai said : Mr. Zhao Hai, is this your Milk Wine?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile, nodded said : to taste, has a look Milk Wine that I make compared with how, Brother who Brother they do, you also taste, but I may probably remind you, this liquor is very spicy.” simply don’t know what is polite, his immediately has carried front wine glass, has drunk, then Zhao Hai they changed appreciate a splendid performance, play Mu of performance called to turn hostile, performer, performed the process, making the face change red in the flash. This cannot blame, their former there drank the excessive number such high liquor, although Zhao Hai their liquor has carried on the simple distillation, but the number of degree also had almost 30 degrees, but Milk Wine that before Beastman drank, accurate, can only call the alcoholic beverage, the simply not big number of degree. The look at appearance, stares according to Bell, then he also has been careful, has carried wine glass, sipped one lightly, in mellow wine fragrance, clamped the milk fragrant flavor to attack his mouth, that flavor was really too fragrant. Has closed the eye according to Bell, because only this flavor was too fragrant, in this liquor although also milk fragrance, but that absolutely is not the rank odor, that flavor makes people not feel uncomfortable, instead to letting liquor mellow flavor rich, such fragrant liquor he first time drinks. But at this time breathed heavily uniform of air/Qi, already impatient to oneself the second glass of liquor, he even had not commended but actually one, but was another has drunk up the liquor in cup, but his face was redder, probably must drop bleeding. Zhao Hai looks at also to but actually the third cup, quickly said: Brother, no rush, we may not taste the beef that you bring, you will not be think that will get drunk oneself?” Then responded, but he gave back to his wine glass to fill to the brim the liquor, then to right that Zhao Hai said : Brother Zhao Hai said that come, tastes the beef that I brought quickly, this was just boiled, on unique seasoning with our Prairie, tastes quickly.” Zhao Hai and were teased by his appearance according to Bell laugh, but they taste the beef that brings, let alone, is very fragrant, that flavor is really on Prairie unique, Human Race there cannot make that flavor.

Zhao Hai to is curious to these seasonings that said that therefore he turns the head to said : Brother, can give me your seasonings a point? If there are live was better.” Knows certainly that Zhao Hai collects the plants matter, but he has not thought that Zhao Hai this thing collects continually, one hear of Zhao Hai said that his immediately smiles said : good Brother Zhao Hai, this is not a problem, tomorrow I to you send the seasoning that can find, moreover living as far as possible, but my request, you must deliver me several pots your Milk Wine.” Zhao Hai laughs said : not to have the issue, Brother feel relieved, even if you do not give me the seasonings, I will also deliver you several pot Milk Wine, this is not anything.” Said to laugh, laughs with Zhao Hai according to Bell, he more and more likes Zhao Hai now, simultaneously his also understand, why Zhao Hai in such a short time, can in West King large camp to like him so much. According to Bell don’t know Zhao Hai is also bringing that both sides flag is Friendship flag, this cannot blame him, in Human Race that on Beastman Prairie does business, majority understand Friendship flag is not anything, even has not heard, because they cannot win the trust of Beastman, Beastman naturally cannot give them Friendship flag. But is this, still to Zhao Hai in saw the different place according to Bell from these manner of Beastman, these Beastman like contacting with Zhao Hai probably, moreover contacts with Zhao Hai time, with he contacts, completely is two appearances. According to Bell most from the beginning understand this is not anything, but he sees the Zhao Hai appearance now, his understand, his understand why these Beastman have liked contacting with Zhao Hai, because respects. although does not think recognize according to Bell, but he actually has to recognize, he look down upon Beastman, he looks down upon these days only to know to graze sheep, made that sheep rank odor Beastman, he thinks that these Beastman are some uncouthly boorish fellows, with him completely is two people. His normally with Beastman contacts time, is merry, the politeness is sufficient, but he has to recognize, he be short of some respect to these Beastman, were many a arrogance, but this mood, therefore makes him is difficult to be true in Beastman Race hand over the friend very much. Cannot help but sighed according to Bell, why he is understand Zhao Hai can become Beheading Blood Oath brother disciple with Wales now, because Zhao Hai respected them. This meal several people of eating very happy, not only because of the Zhao Hai liquor, but also because of according to Bell fruits, Zhao Hai vegetables, beef, Cassie's roasting Argali. Ate afterward, this surroundings had much with Zhao Hai familiar Beastman join in, Zhao Hai busily have also made Laura she take out many Milk Wine to drink with everyone/Great Clan together, finally in camp had keeled over drunk unexpectedly more than ten Beastman, to did not say that they have drunk how much liquor, the polarity, they drank were not many, just drank was too anxious, therefore oneself getting drunk. However Zhao Hai to has not drunk many, he regarding drinking the liquor is very highly experienced, the liquor undrinkable too will be highly anxious, drinks too will be anxiously certainly drunk, but this Milk Wine will look like in Zhao Hai, cannot be highly the liquor, drank Earth Zhao Hai on altitude white liquor, although this Milk Wine, was the feeling flavor is too pale. On this day all happy that very comes the camp people to drink, first time sees such Beastman according to Bell, first time saw that has Beastman such to be intimate with him, he really somewhat admires Zhao Hai now. According to Bell also very happy, therefore he was lifted finally also the tent by Cassie, but Bell say nothing, first keeling over drunk is he.

When the people in camp walked, Zhao Hai their returned to own tent, Zhao Hai today has also drunk are not many, therefore he also very sober, did not need to drink the fluid of life to sober up. Laura looked at Zhao Hai one, smiles said : looks like these time with depending on the Bell Milk Wine business makes a final decision.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : not to have the issue evidently, moreover I think, we will also come up in the West King camp here Milk Wine sales volume, was a pity that West King camp here cannot have too long time.” Laura does not speak, her really don’t know must say anything, if this Wales counter-attacked the Bull clan to be successful, certainly will not let off West King, when the time comes the West King camp arrived to encounter the flames of war. The Zhao Hai look at Laura appearance, knows that she in thinking anything, he sighed said : this not to have the means that ok, was right, came out with the paper, I must an information write down today to Wales Big Brother send, making him early prepare, I want Radiant Church to participate in this information, regarding him, certainly was very important, he can definitely use this information, invited other Beastman Race help, these people also were certainly glad to help.” Laura nodded said : I to is thinks that this matter these big War Clan possibly already know, in Prairie here, these big War Clan strengths does not accommodate underestimated, but why they want look at Hercules Tauren Clan to be hit, my don’t know.” Zhao Hai smiled said : this also not necessarily, these big War Clan are not the gods, their impossible anything matter to know that I thought this matter they not necessarily know, although Hercules Tauren Clan is very famous in Beastman Race, how however to say that they are also a nationality, not necessarily can obtain the attention of these big War Clan.” Laura nodded said : hope so, I always felt that nearest/recent Beastman Prairie and Human Race there will have any matter fresh, this feeling is not good.” Zhao Hai sighed said : „, no matter lived anything, so long as we ensure the security of our territory was good, I have heard a few words, called to reach and Jinan world, poor, then cultivated one's own moral worth, meaning in other words, we wanted, when able helped others, if did not have the ability time, was not being done the misdemeanor by oneself, was a man of great integrity, we also can only be the poor people now, if on Continent lived any matter, we also can only be completely own helped others on be good diligently.” Laura nodded, she also thought these words said is reasonable, now their status on Continent very sensitive, especially Aksu Empire here, Zhao Hai and Laura status, is street Old Mouse that will belong chase down, at this time, they want to help others unable to help, will not do well also to expose own secret, their troubles on even bigger. Laura sighed said : what, if Beastman Race had to move, their wanted target certainly is Aksu Empire, because they and Aksu Empire were neighboring, they should the cross-ocean not go to attack Rosen Empire, that is not realistic, if Beastman Race lived the war with Human Race, we what to do? Gives back to Beastman Race to provide the grain? Such words were we unfair to Human Race?” Zhao Hai headache touches own forehead, some little time sighed said : to consider as finished, do not think these, now has not hit, when hit saying that no matter what, Wales was also my Brother Blood Oath, to be honest, I did not have what favorable impression to Human Race, naturally, this refers to Human Race High level, Human Race commoner was the same with Beastman Race commoner, I did not hope to live the war, what to do but we can, these matter not be we can control, we can only be as the observer, static look at, in can help, adds on one, this. Also was we have performed the maximum effort.”