Chapter 293 Milk Wine cooperation Zhao Hai always does not think one is a sage, he is only an ordinary petty bourgeois, but also is a little selfish, he has not thought works as any hero, has not thought one day will become a sage, he wants by comfortable, will let , will therefore also cross with own person who own easy life will have comfortably. Laura also knows Zhao Hai such idea, but she had not thought that what Zhao Hai such idea has not to be right, can cross well by own person, is not just a responsibility of man? If you own family member does not look after not well, that diligently is still helping others, you are not the sage is a hypocrite, but these two person not suitable become the husband. Laura nodded said : „the present also only to be when lives any matter time, how we are deciding to move, hopes that the result should not be too bad.” At this time Meg also brought the pen and paper, Zhao Hai started to give Wales to write a letter, the situation that today he obtains was very important, wanted to tell Wales one. After writing a letter lets Blood Hawk Wales sends, Zhao Hai they have also rested, after all weather not early, but their don’t know, according to a Bell returned to own tent, immediately sobered. Installs to be drunk, the one type of basic skill of any Merchant metropolis, according to old fox of Bell this market can also certainly, and skillful incomparable. Merchant will not drink how possibly, although said the Milk Wine number of degree that Zhao Hai takes is very high, the person but who the looks like depends on Bell this spirit test, quick adapted, but he must pretend itself to get drunk, good returned to own tent. returned to in the tent, has drunk several cold water according to Bell immediately, this felt that a point, he immediately/on horseback has then eaten several fruits, the brains were thorough sobering. Cassie has stood, looked that stopped according to Bell, Cassie said : Old Master, Zhao Hai spoke to retain to you, you asked his many issue he had not replied, why you also do want to tell him that many information?” Shook the head said : Zhao Hai not to trust me according to Bell to be also normal, I can affirm, if I am not the person of alliance, Zhao Hai simply will not come to contact with me, perhaps also will cope with me, he is not the friendly stubble, moreover he also has such ability, now entire Aksu Empire, except for a small number of people, almost all Great Noble wants to cope with Zhao Hai, let Zhao Hai and Laura has to give up them managing many years of industry, this hatred was impossible to cancel, can say that now Zhao Hai does not trust anybody, he can look for me, was very good, said it, he did. The matter is favorable for the alliance, why I cannot tell him, moreover although he has not told me his secret, the matter that but he handles truly was considering for the alliance that look at, this Radiant Church had difficultly, they the influence on Prairie, will be attacked unprecedentedly.”

Cassie to had not opposed that according to words that Bell spoke, he knows what said according to Bell is right, Zhao Hai will not let off these time to attack Radiant Church opportunity, he with the Radiant Church enmity is very big. According to Bell calm did a mood, turn the head you also to drink to Milk Wine that Cassie said : today's Zhao Hai takes? What has to feel?” said : that Cassie two eyes golden light sparkles money!” Was teased by Cassie's appearance according to Bell laughs good that said : you said that is money, a lot of money, HaHaHa, this liquor is a incomparably huge opportunity, I believe that Zhao Hai looks certainly in me is in the alliance in a face to me, otherwise he will not give me such good business, that Milk Wine flavor was really too fragrant, you looked at these Beastman appearance, feared that was their this has not drunk that good Milk Wine for a lifetime, they have not thought possibly, Milk Wine unexpectedly tastiness such.” Cassie the mouth, to be honest, that Milk Wine is really this whole life has drunk the best liquor, although is not he drinks the custom that Fruit Wine, but that flavor is makes him want to stop but cannot. According to the Bell look at Cassie's appearance, showed a faint smile said : not to think that many, tonight rest well, tomorrow we with Zhao Hai well chatted the matter of Milk Wine cooperation.” Cassie nodded, takes care after Bell goes to sleep, he has fallen back on outside the tent, Cassie according to Bell absolute trusted aide, he knows according to Bell all matters, in fact, he with depending on Bell together grows up , because of this, therefore he to depending on other Bell not your person of such, every time called Old Master, he with depending on the Bell speech was very casual. Next morning, has not gone to look for Zhao Hai to discuss that according to Bell the Milk Wine matter, camp first has lived it up, not because of other, because the Zhao Hai fourth batch of grain arrived at West King large camp. look at that big row of grain car(riage), to has not felt anything according to Bell, he toward in West King camp delivers the grain the time, the quantity of grain car(riage) much are only more than Zhao Hai, but he has not thought that these Beastman so will welcome Zhao Hai. Zhao Hai transports to the West King large camp here grain, simply does not need Zhao Hai to arrange the person to unload, these Beastman noisy crowds same clashes, before long all grain were snatched up. The grain did not have, the Zhao Hai immediately harvesting grain team walked, in camp outside, Argali has prepared, waited for him to take.

According to Bell also present in Zhao Hai caravan is Undead Creature, this also lets envy according to Bell, in his caravan has hired many people, but these people are to ask for money, that looks like Zhao Hai here, in caravan simply nobody, is Undead Creature, using feel relieved not saying that but also the one cent did not need to spend, meal money saved. Cuts the grain price regarding Zhao Hai the matter, has not cared according to Bell, the Beastman Race want grain, Zhao Hai these grain invested Beastman Prairie, the simply successive select the spray unable to turn, moreover knew according to Bell the Zhao Hai status, he thinks Zhao Hai such did, to inquire information, therefore he has not cared. To be honest, these Milk Wine that after drinking Zhao Hai brought, almost wants to give up transporting the grain according to Bell toward Prairie here, because transports the grain transaction toward Prairie here, the risk is very big, but also very laborious, but Milk Wine this thing, that may absolutely be on Continent unique, such business thinks that does not make money difficultly, therefore has prepared to put on Milk Wine according to Bell entertaining feelings of business now. However the grain team just walked, came, this lets want to look for the plan of Zhao Hai according to Bell to in time postponing, this also lets according to Bell very helpless. Naturally delivers these seasonings to Zhao Hai, this seasoning of bring also really many, except for minority several types, in Spier there has seen beside, other Zhao Hai have not seen, after he throws into Space these seasonings, he somewhat failed, Space although has the prompt sound to transmit, however evaluation level is not high, naturally impossible or level, this by Zhao Hai depression. However he has given Milk Wine, no matter what, is good to him, he wants to make this friend, therefore he one gives 50 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine. After sends off, according to Bell immediately looks for Zhao Hai, he fears and has who to disturb them, sees according to the Bell appearance, Zhao Hai cannot help but wants to smile. They in the tent sits down, Laura to them has offered the tea with milk, smiles said : according to Bell to Zhao Hai Brother Zhao Hai, I thought that your life to the Beastman here is also very familiar with, now the successive may Yadu not drink, changed to drink the tea with milk.” Zhao Hai smiles said : I very to like the tea with milk the flavor, but the Beastman here tea with milk I have unable to drink, this was I afterward manufactured, you taste.” Smiled according to Bell, tastes the tea with milk that Zhao Hai makes, let alone, the flavor is truly good, according to Bell also present, this does not mean the Zhao Hai craftsmanship well, but is he uses ** good, that ** is not the sheep's milk, but is one type of he has not seen the Magic Beast milk, the flavor is mellow, very good drinks. After putting down the teacup, smiles said : I not to be impolite with you according to Bell, I come to chat the matter bosom of Milk Wine with you today, said that how many Milk Wine can you provide to me?”

Zhao Hai smiles said : this, by words that the present progress calculates, one month almost can have about 1000 jin (0.5 kg), although are not many, but this is the limit.” Smiles said : to be many according to Bell, this quantity was as expected my, must know that I am equipment build the high-quality route Milk Wine, you looked how this price does calculate?” Does Zhao Hai smile said : you to look? I to wines price am not completely understand.” Smiles said : I to look according to Bell on three gold coins one bottles, one bottled one jin (0.5 kg), do you look what kind of?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : well, calculation that this price you said that I look at this, I sold to you by two gold coins one jin (0.5 kg) prices, you by three gold coins prices toward betraying, do you look what kind of?” Has gawked according to Bell, then shows a faint smile said : well, that such manages, to be honest, I felt that I had profited probably, one jin (0.5 kg) can net gain gold coins, was right, how do I want to receive the goods?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this first should not be anxious, I look at this, now I do not have time returned to Human Race there to go, when tomorrow beginning of the spring time, our transactions in the official start, when the time comes I will tell you to take the goods to there, do you look what kind of?” According to the Bell knitting the brows head, he thinks that at this time was a little long, but he also knows Zhao Hai to give Wales collection in Prairie here, therefore he has not said anything, but nodded said : well, that such settled, I’ll wait for you information, my tomorrow went back on the preparation, when the time comes you should find me to the Ikisa Family territory very much easily.” Zhao Hai showed a faint smile said : I also to want thanks a lot you to give my many information, was right, I had a matter to you tell, can you in your business, help my mercenary duty? duty must collect rare plants and rare Magic Beast, the more better, must live, price liberally.” these days knew according to Bell the custom of Zhao Hai, he has not said anything, but nodded said : not to have the issue, your feel relieved was good.” Said that said goodbye with Zhao Hai, Zhao Hai has delivered to outside the team the tent.