Chapter 294 leave West King camp look at according to Bell leave, Laura turned the head to Zhao Hai said : Elder Brother Hai, our Milk Wine everyone may produce 1000 jin (0.5 kg) incessantly, why only sold to his 1000 jin (0.5 kg)?” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : good thing to be little valuable, if full Wei are, that is not valuable, now our one month of 1000 jin (0.5 kg), regarding the person in Ikisa Family territory, were really too few, but do not forget, Milk Wine just promoted, the people also needed a process of adaptation, will wait for their demand to increase after a period of time, we were also when the time comes same in the increase quantity.” Laura is also Merchant, what nature understand Zhao Hai hits is what foot intent, she shows a faint smile, what was also not saying, but her does immediately frown said : that we to with depending on the Bell transaction? We may not have Transmission Point in the Ikisa Family territory.” Zhao Hai shook the head said : is we have Transmission Point to be also unusable in the Ikisa Family territory, the people on Continent knows that now we had this ability, if we also did this, quick by person present, our transaction places, must be chosen on Prairie, this let these person of don’t know these Milk Wine is our here exits, only thinks that knew buys from Beastman in hand, we sold after all was Milk Wine.” Laura understand meaning of Zhao Hai, but he knit the brows said : in the Beastman Race here transaction, the risk is very big, moreover here is piece of Prairie, if we in appears , can suddenly by the minute presently? By that time we are less troublesome.” Zhao Hai nodded, but after he is said : this, was saying that we must have a look to the Ikisa Family territory and Beastman Prairie interface point, is deciding to trade in there.” Laura nodded, she has not gone to the Ikisa Family territory, is not ripe to the there situation releases, but she also approves the Zhao Hai words, what they sell is Milk Wine, should better trade on Prairie, this will not have anybody to suspect. although told them according to Bell, Radiant Church in some Beastman Prairie here also strengths, but compared with Beastman Race, the Radiant Church strength missed far, they were impossible to know the matter that Prairie each corner/horn was born, do not say Radiant Church, even if were big War Clan on Prairie is impossible to know. On this day in fact now calm , the Zhao Hai day passes very calm, but West King large camp here, although lost 5000 people, but these 5000 people of missing Yu Mo extremely its were wonderful, they really cannot find out anything to come, can only let it go.

Now camp calm, immediately wants very much after all in the winter, thing that the people need to prepare were too many, not having the time to think other, Zhao Hai does not have what information to be good to collect now, can the acquired situation he collect, nothing was good to do, now he must do, waiting for the a batch grain was transporting finally, then he can leave. Next day time, according to Bell really leave the West King camp, before is said that now immediately must to the winter, winter Prairie be very fearful, not only will have the strong winds and storm, will also have demon wolf pack. Demon wolf pack can be said as the one type of disaster on Prairie, in winter, Magic Beast, because looks for food very difficult, therefore small demon wolf pack alliance will move, some attack Beastman tribes, has plenty Beastman tribe in winter by Magic Beast exterminating the clan. Because of this, therefore Human Race will not winter on Prairie generally, they before the winter approaches, leave Prairie, returned to Human Race inhabited area, when beginning of the spring, they in groups will tie next year probably upwells toward Prairie, this has become the one type of tidal current. In following several days time, Zhao Hai calm, only then once for a while looks for him, Zhao Hai every time sees his time, his face is red, looked like just had drunk probably, this also made Zhao Hai not bear very much, he does not think, because gave liquor, but made turn into a drunkard. However the first time, Zhao Hai will deliver some Milk Wine, no matter what, they are the friends, moreover is Zhao Hai does not deliver the liquor, is the drunkard is also same, delivers not to have what difference. Quick, six days on the past, the Zhao Hai grain team last time arrived at the West King camp, before the grain team comes, Zhao Hai has tidied up thing, when the grain finished unloading, Zhao Hai immediately said goodbye like Beru to subdue|grams, leave West King large camp. Before leave, Zhao Hai has given 50 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine, very happy, but he does not dare to let loose now has drunk, he decided that is keeping these 50 jin (0.5 kg) Milk Wine, has drunk Zhao Hai, in one time arrives at Prairie, what a pity, he can never think, Zhao Hai when one time comes, feared that will be by status appears of their enemy. After Zhao Hai their leave West King tribe, deferred to the past route, walked toward the domain of Pig Race person, Zhao Hai does not want to play suddenly to be missing in the Tauren domain, that was too conspicuous. Zhao Hai after leave West King large camp, immediately has delivered the letter to Wales, told Wales, he came out from West King large camp, quick will look for him.

Then they catch up toward the domain of Pig Race person, but they do not have to worry now, hurrying along is not quick, comes out after West King camp fifth day, they rushed to the domain of Pig Race person. After the domain of Pig Race person, before Zhao Hai puts, walked section of road, person who to determining behind him does not have West King, Zhao Hai then sneaked in Space, lets the flying congregation-zone Ghost Staff, flies toward the domain of mastiff clan. The Wales nearest/recent day, although did not have the grain that Zhao Hai provided to let his pass through well the difficulty, but these grain were not quite sufficient, this made these people in tribe have the one type of pessimistic mood, everyone/Great Clan saw probably the world did not have the date to be the same. Although Wales in also wants to change this situation, but does not have the means that he is everyday ships in the grain from Zhao Hai there, but the Space Bag size is limited, does not have the means mass one transports the grain to Hercules Tauren Clan present camp, they have shipped in the grain, cannot keep, immediately was eaten, under this made the person in camp have one type of to eat under did not have feeling, the pessimism was stronger. Now Wales is hope Zhao Hai how one on appears in his front, although he received the Zhao Hai letter five days ago, said that he will quickly look for him to here, but five days passed by, Zhao Hai has not come, Wales felt that now can with experiencing one day like a year to describe. He knows that now is to counter-attack the Bull clan best opportunity, now the Bull clan in hand military strength are not many, the Human Race helper walked, moreover he also knew from Zhao Hai there, Human Race helper who the Bull clan invited, unexpectedly was the Radiant Church person, this regarding them absolutely was good information, they can definitely use this information, received in exchange for the support of other Beastman Race. although this makes him have confidence to cope with the Bull clan, but if morale cannot raise, that all these are the empty talk, after all he can invite Expert to cope with Expert of Bull clan from other clan there, but actually cannot please don't the clan dispatches troops, otherwise in niu and dou constellations Human Race there, they cannot pass, may cause the resistance of Ox-head clansman. said it, Wales also has own tender arrogant, he hopes thing that Hercules Tauren Clan loses, they can begin to seize, otherwise Hercules Tauren Clan did not wear into Bull Human Race Royal Family. Now Wales is sitting in the tent, Yale and Mendez sits in his side, sits a person in the tent, this person age seems like not small, on face steadily wrinkle, but stature very grandiose, an eye none remaining sparkles, looks is not the affable lord. This person of Hercules Tauren Clan elder, Kony, he is the Wales father's good friend, they grow up from small together, are as close as brothers, can say that Wales their several are his look at grows up, simultaneously he is also 8th level Expert, is loyal and devoted to the Wales father, Gasol after killing the Wales father, reason that was unable to hold on to Hercules Tauren Clan the position of Patriarch, because of his reason.

Moreover this Kony elder, is in Hercules Tauren Clan the famous brave warrior, this Hercules Tauren Clan can preserve these many fighting strength, he also has lasting achievements. However his problem, he is the same with the Wales father, does not believe Human Race absolutely, does not contact with Human Race, does not cooperate with Human Race, more can want Human Race to help him. Wales did suddenly to Mendez said : Sixth Brother, Little Hai deliver a letter to have several days? How to have arrived?” Mendez said : five days, ok, do not worry, Little Hai mentions certainly will come, feel relieved.” present Kony is actually knit the brows said : slightly seven, always do not raise that Human Race, can't we have other means? Wants me to look that we must call now the winter has not come, goes to the cat clansman domain good good to rush ahead several, this not only grain had, but can also help us become friends with mastiff clansman.” Wales that not bears, Kony although is very fierce, is actually a solid militant, now at this time, if in the Hercules Tauren Clan round trip cat clansman domain causes trouble, that advances Bull clan that to go cat clansman, their later days do not feel better. If cat clansman were calling they cope with the Bull clan time, suddenly tidies up their, they really ended, therefore Wales has not thought from the start must attack the opposite party, he can only wait for Zhao Hai now, so long as Zhao Hai came, brought the grain, the morale of troops has stabilized, his immediately can arrange the counter-attack the matter. Yale sighed said : Kony, your few talk nonsense, cope with the cat clan now, wasn't that looks for trouble? Our present most important, must stabilize the morale of troops first, then can counter-attack, now the Supreme Elder injury was good, moreover mastiff clansman is also willing to help us, but Human Race Expert of Bull clan also walked, the best opportunity that we counter-attack, copes with the cat clan now, matter that will only go bad us.” In this time, outside is hearing a rapid sound of footsteps, then has followed a guard side Wales to run, face excited to Wales said : Patriarch, Young Master Zhao Hai.”