Chapter 295 Revenge! Revenge! Wales one hear of he said that one has stood, comes to notify well-informed in ancient learning, Wales does one step rush to well-informed in ancient learning nearby said : really?” Well-informed in ancient learning excited said : „, caravan leaves our here not to be far, immediately.” Wales laughs, turn around runs toward tent outside, Yale and Mendez also follows on the heels, but also followed to run after several people wellly-informed in ancient learning, in the entire tent on remaining Kony also sitting in there, had a look at the tent of nobody left. present Kony making to stare by Wales their responses, looked at an air-to-air tent, said : that muttered „did happy do, comes, to have anything to be great.” Said that slowly has stood, walks outward. He just arrived at outside, presently Wales they have actually been riding their Mount, ran toward camp outside, the hoofbeat rumbling, has alarmed in the camp all people, has become the Hercules Tauren Clan person of frightened person, thinks that had the enemy to come, many people grabbed weapon, flushed with Wales. Situation of present Kony by camp was given to have a scare, he knows certainly why Wales they jump outward, but he has not thought that person response in camp such intense, this time he has to face up to oneself clan the present situation, he now in the clan the mood of person is very not presently right. present Kony cannot help but was shocked, now he recalled that the Yale words, in entire Hercules Tauren Clan, only Yale have been able to urge him now, because Yale with him is a person of the same generation, moreover they are the good friends, is adding on Yale continuously very intelligent, therefore Kony has listened to Yale very much , because of this, therefore Yale said that any he had not opposed. However Kony not completely is a boorish fellow, otherwise he also sits less than today's position, the place that in his present clan does not suit finally, these young man in clan, probably turned into the rabbit of arrow now, will be hearing the bow to make a sound will frighten goes all out to run, this Jeance Kony unusual vitality. In present Kony looks like, Hercules Tauren Clan should not fear anybody, they should be on Prairie the fiercest soldier, what enemy no matter facing, they must dare to charge, no matter they were defeated many times, next time in the enemy, they must have the courage of first charge, but obviously, Hercules Tauren Clan these young soldiers, cannot meet his requirements now. Wales does not have mood tube these now, this situation he already knows that does not have the means to change, now he under the leadership, is running out of camp wellly-informed in ancient learning, he saw from afar Beastman Race Friendship flag that both sides flutter against the wind, in Friendship flag below is horse carriage, behind horse carriage is row of long caravan. Wales laughed, has patted his Mount, his Mount advancing was quicker, before long he arrived by Zhao Hai horse carriage, Zhao Hai was standing on horse carriage at this time, look at Wales. Wales jumped down from Mount, laughing has opened the arm, one held Zhao Hai in the bosom, said : my goodness, you may really make me good.” Zhao Hai also smiles said : this to be possible no wonder I, but Big Brother, you in do not let loose me, I must be forced dead by you.”

Wales laughs, has put on Zhao Hai meadow, turned the head to look at one to follow in his following grain car(riage), puzzled look at Zhao Hai did said : how install by car the grain?” Does Zhao Hai show a faint smile said : you not to think such effect possibly? Let your clansman have a look, grain, we have are.” Wales laughs, effort has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, he knows that Zhao Hai such does, to help his stable morale of troops. At this time Mendez and Yale also arrived, they have also arrived around Zhao Hai, held Zhao Hai to laugh, this scene let follow in Wales their behind these people, in there, don’t know what's the matter. Quick Wales on present, behind Zhao Hai their grain car(riage)s, but also about ten thousand Argali, these Argali are Zhao Hai trades from West King there, Zhao Hai knows that regarding Beastman, their in hand does not have Argali, looked like Human Race in hand does not have the land to be the same, always feels at heart restlessly, therefore he these Argali let out, prepared to give Wales these Argali. Wales anything had not said that leading Zhao Hai to enter camp, although in their camp currently also has many Argali, but to a tribe of several hundred thousand people, these Argali was too few, average person of could not cancel, how this let the Hercules Tauren Clan person to feel at ease. However Zhao Hai this these grain of bring, truly were make the person in Hercules Tauren Clan feel at ease much, after camp, Hercules Tauren Clan these people saw more surprised one, saw the grain on grain after unloading light, immediately/on horseback piles of grain on appears in camp, the look at that piles of appears grain, the Hercules Tauren Clan people were baseless silly, there are some timidly even started to kneel down Beast God to pray likely. But stands in nearby Kony also dull look at all these, why he finally understand Wales thinks now Zhao Hai a bit faster came, originally because of this. present Kony dull look at Zhao Hai, he really could not look that came this thin and small Human Race man, will really have such ability. To putting out a about 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, Zhao Hai then stopped, Wales had patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai at this time, jumped in the grain pile, look at encircled in his all around Human Race person, said loudly: My clansman, today regarding our Hercules Tauren Clan, are one year of disaster, our old Patriarch his had been killed, we were expelled our homeland by Bull clan these shameless rebels, the has plenty people have believed that our Hercules Tauren Clan ended, our Hercules Tauren Clan has defeated, but I must say that our Hercules Tauren Clan has not ended, we have not defeated, our Hercules Tauren Clan napped, making some thieves steal away belonged to our thing, but our Hercules Tauren Clan, had the help of friend, we will certainly recapture to belong to all our!” Following person dull look at stands Wales in grain bag, their fires bit by bit was lit, just as is such that Wales said that they when defeated by the Bull clan, the feeling sky collapsed, felt that Hercules Tauren Clan ended, they do not have overnight grain, they do not have Argali, they have not hoped that a future gloominess, all people turned into the good-for-nothing probably. Wales look at his clansman appearance, he knows that his words played do to use, his then said : I must tell everyone/Great Clan good information, our Hercules Tauren Clan Supreme Elder, fully restored, moreover made the breakthrough, he is preparing to these fellow lessons of Bull clan!” Person cheering of these Hercules Tauren Clan, if the grain lets their stabilize at heart, the restoration of that Supreme Elder, has called cardiotonic them, gives in their gloomy road aheads, has lightened a hope. Wales downward presses with the hand, person calm of under slowly, Wales said : Bull clan ignominious rebel, they have not then defeated with own strength our, they are unable to defeat us with their strength, therefore they asked Human Race to help, but Human Race that they invited, was not ordinary Human Race, but was in Human Race the Radiant Church person, all Beastman know that Radiant Church was the Human Race worst organization, they wanted control and slave wholeheartedly our Beastman, currently the Bull clan unexpectedly works with them, this was in betrayal entire Beastman Race, we were absolutely unforgiving. They, but we will not ask others to help, our Hercules Tauren Clan looks like is own enmity, oneself reported that we must revenge! Revenges!”

Following all Hercules Tauren Clan shouted loudly said : to revenge! Revenge! Revenge!......” Wales then said : my Brother Human Race, Zhao Hai, he is my Brother Beheading Blood Oath, my brother is Human Race Merchant, he is formidable Magician, his in hand has is the grain, he is willing to support us to revenge, in the past, Brother Zhao Hai have helped us inquire information in West King there, now he arrived at here, he has brought the innumerable grain, we had the grain, can eat to the full the belly, ate to the full, we had the strength of fight, I order, starting today, all people sharpen your axes, we prepare to go back to revenge at any time, snatch encampment, snatches. Belongs to all our, asked our family members!” Under the stage more and more Beastman gathered, loudly shouted said : to snatch encampment, snatched encampment......” Wales said loudly: My clansman, leads grain, gets back the grain, ate to the full, we must fight!” Said that he waved, his these guard immediately/on horseback divided the grain to all Beastman Race in the past. Now in Hercules Tauren Clan large camp only then 500,000 Hercules Tauren Clan people, but Zhao Hai has actually put out more than 100 million jin (0.5 kg) grain, in other words, everyone can divide to more than 200 jin (0.5 kg) grain, but in these Hercules Tauren Clan people, there are many whole families, as the matter stands can divide to several hundred jin (0.5 kg) grain, this regarding them, were many, even if they do not suffer distress, in the winter, one person impossible minute to 200 jin (0.5 kg) grain. They divided the grain in there, Wales are bringing Zhao Hai their returned to their tent, entered the tent, Wales laughs, Mendez laughed, on the face of Yale was also having the smiling face, Zhao Hai somewhat puzzled look at they, don’t know they were smiling anything. At this time Kony actually look at Zhao Hai and Laura their several people, he was really too shocking, he has not thought that Zhao Hai can bring these many grain to them unexpectedly, was adding on Wales just words, Kony too understand this on behalf of anything, he has been believing that present Hercules Tauren Clan fully restored self-confidently, even if the present makes them counter-attack the Bull clan, they certainly will also agree. morale, one type of cannot see, thing that cannot feel, but this thing can actually decide that a result of war, absolutely does not have the morale army, he is the training in excellent, is impossible to defeat one crowd to take crude weapon, is mad the gentleman such as the rainbow farmer, this is doing of morale uses. But beforehand Hercules Tauren Clan most lacks is morale, but morale came back now, such is mad the gentleman such as the rainbow Hercules Tauren Clan army, even if has met same number of Lion Race or Tiger Race dares to have the charge, do not say a small Bull clan. Some little time Wales stopped, he turns the head look at Zhao Hai, laughs said : brothers, you come was too the time, now our immediately can arrange the matter that counter-attacked.” Zhao Hai shows a faint smile said : not late on the line, Big Brother, did you find the ally now? When prepares to begin?” Wales thinks that said : is quick, now morale is just prosperous, the time grew morale to release, that has troubled, I thought that we wanted immediately to relate Mastiff Race, immediately/on horseback ask their Expert to go into action, was certainly quick.” Zhao Hai nodded said : my here not to have any issue, your army grain supplies give me, right Big Brother, can this time you give Mastiff Race to prepare a ritual? I have not come time, you want to deliver do not have thing to deliver, now I came, you said that delivers anything, delivers many.” Wales has patted the shoulder of Zhao Hai, thinks that said : brothers, this my these clansman had been lucky Mastiff Race can live today, moreover they also give our many Argali and grain, otherwise they cannot support me to come, do you watch this matter?”

Zhao Hai thinks that said : my in hand grain although are many, but if has given them, your days do not feel better, Big Brother, I look at this, we can use Milk Wine, the vegetables, the fruit oil to add on the grain to regard the gift to give to them, do you look what kind of?” Wales stares, the vegetables, fruit oil these he returns understand, but Milk Wine is in itself Beastman Race produces, did Zhao Hai remember with this thing sees somebody off? The look at Wales appearance, Zhao Hai knows that he is thinking anything, he shows a faint smile, the hand turned, puts out pot Milk Wine to give Wales said : Wales Big Brother, tastes, this was Milk Wine that the brothers I made.” Wales although has gawked, but how with a smile received wine pot said : „? Did you also start to ferment Milk Wine? Do you also really want to work as Beastman to be inadequate?” Was saying while takes up wine glass, raised one's wine cup has poured into. in the cup One of this liquor from the wine pot comes out but actually, the person in tent cannot help but has attracted the nose, because the flavor of this liquor was too fragrant, unprecedented fragrance. Wales cannot bear, carries wine glass to come, has done the liquor in cup, but he has not thought this liquor unexpectedly flushing such, one by this liquor choking the straight cough, Zhao Hai actually in there mindless smiling, Laura her also titter in the one side, they already expected to be this result. Some little time Wales is suitable comes pantingly, but he has not actually managed Zhao Hai, but uses one type of inconceivable look look at his in hand wine pot, some little time to Zhao Hai said : Little Hai? Is this Milk Wine? Why doesn't have the color? So is why fragrant? How do you make?” Zhao Hai smiles said : this I unable to tell me, your brothers I also point at this liquor to keep a family, how Big Brother, does this liquor give a present qualified?” Wales thinks that actually shook the head said : brothers, do not deliver, this liquor delivers is drinking to me, this liquor I do not hate to see somebody off.” even bigger sound that Zhao Hai smiles!