Chapter 296 Half War Clan On somewhat withered and yellow Prairie, a enormous car(riage) in moving forward, this caravan total is only crossing 2000, including more than 1000 the large cart that is person Beastman Race uses, remaining 1000 are the cars of Human Race use. Has one team about ten thousand Hercules Tauren Clan guards Cavalry in the caravan surroundings, in the caravan forefront, is actually one sits horse carriage of person, on horse carriage is inserting both sides Beastman War flag, at the same time Big bellied Pig Race, side is Giant-horn Ox Clan. In this horse carriage surroundings, with a troop Hercules Tauren Clan person, the cotton robe that these people wear, looked that is the status is not ordinary. Zhao Hai sits on the vehicle, look at horse carriage nearby Wales, helpless said : Big Brother, you cannot little drink, a while you raised one's wine cup to drink up, we gave a present with anything.” Wales is taking a leather bag now, is not filling the liquor toward the mouth, made that Zhao Hai is very helpless, since drinking Milk Wine that Zhao Hai took, Wales has almost not stopped, no matter, in hand is taking a liquor bag, this made Zhao Hai don’t know say any good. Wales stared Zhao Hai said : who to make your youngster have such good liquor not to drink to me, snort|hum, but must see somebody off, I must drink under cost price not to be possible.” Wales one said that Laura they have smiled, rode Mount to walk in horse carriage nearby Yale has also smiled, he also knows that Wales was cracks a joke, but said , the liquor that Zhao Hai brought was really too fragrant, the person of Yale this type of non- addicted to drink somewhat was greedy. Does shaking the head of Zhao Hai not bears, turn the head look at Wales said : Big Brother, in the family there only keeps the Sixth Brother to assume personal command to be good?” Wales shows a faint smile said : not to have the issue, the Sixth Brother regarding arranging logistics matter very adept at it, feel relieved, will not have the matter.” Zhao Hai nodded said : this time winter to move, I looked that should better prepare some liquor, in the winter was too frozen, no matter person or Magic Beast, before the war best little drinks liquor, avoid ruined by freezing.”

said : that Wales two eyes cold light sparkles feel relieved, I arranged, these time at risk of life has wrestled, I ordered, making them in all Argali the clan kill, made rations, simultaneously from now on will execute the prohibiting alcohol command, all Milk Wine control got up, only waited for us to make war centralized control, if this time we cannot snatch encampment, then my rather Hercules Tauren Clan vanished on Prairie!” In the Wales words is having a flavor completely, just as him said that this Hercules Tauren Clan has spelled, now their entire clan waits eagerly up and down, moreover put together oneself all family properties, if this time cannot succeed, that Hercules Tauren Clan was not having turning over opportunity. Zhao Hai presently Wales also really has a gleam of madness that but this is the present Hercules Tauren Clan need, did Zhao Hai sigh said : sister and sister does have to say Big Sister and sister there situation?” Wales nodded said : „saying that died, was ordered to execute by Patriarch of Bull clan, not only they, all have executed with their servants, when these defeat the old and weak who has not run with enough time, had been caught by them, reduced to the slave, this time I must kill all heights to cross the Bull clan man of wheel.” What Zhao Hai to has not said that he knows regarding Beastman, such slaughtering is very ordinary, but he is said : Big Brother, when copes with West King, doesn't need such to do?” Wales has gawked, then nodded said : West King there truly to keep a sentiment, but West King must die, Little Hai, all dying the people of Bull clan, you must turn into undead them, becomes your slave.” Zhao Hai forced smile said : Big Brother, that is several hundred thousand people, do you want to do really?” Wales nodded, said : maliciously does not do, is difficult to disappear hate of my heart, Brother, you must promise me.” said : that Zhao Hai not bears Big Brother, this profits probably is I? Has given me these people, my fighting strength was more formidable, this was busy at me naturally helping.” Wales has not said anything, he thinks that Zhao Hai in comforting him, he has certain finding to Dark Magician, he knows, if Dark Magician rules many Undead Creature, regarding Magician is a very serious burden, the common black demon imitated command(er) several hundred Undead Creature is very great, but he made Zhao Hai do, actually must turn into Undead Creature several hundred thousand people, this request really was a little excessive. His don’t know Zhao Hai is only false Dark Magician, regarding Zhao Hai, Undead Creature simply is not the burden, just as was he said that increased the strength to him the tool.

Wales now already complete regards own one's own brother disciple Zhao Hai, exactly said that should also kiss compared with the one's own brothers, no matter what, the one's own brothers have not achieved Zhao Hai this degree. Wales has thought that if their these time has taken the Bull clan, he gives Zhao Hai to work as the slave the people of Bull clan, must give Zhao Hai several hundred thousand only Argali. However these words he has not said that he prepares when the time comes to execute, he believes that Yale and Mendez they will not oppose, because does not have Hercules Tauren Clan today without Zhao Hai. This time they give mastiff clansman to give a present, Zhao Hai does not want with, but Wales actually must draw in Zhao Hai, because he thought that should Zhao Hai introduce to mastiff clan, such one is to let all people knows that the Zhao Hai status and status, two want to make Zhao Hai do business with mastiff clansman, this not only Zhao Hai profits, mastiff clansman also profits. caravan moving forward slowly, they now to Mastiff Race large camp are not being very far, mastiff clansman delimited a block in own domain, to the big Strength God Ox Fang person housing, had the meaning of protection and attendance, this also let Wales very touched. Regarding the Hercules Tauren Clan person, can help their people now, is they most faithful friends, this time disaster, it can be said that the a piece touchstone, one can try these people are the genuine friend, these people feed not the ripe wolf. From Hercules Tauren Clan camp to Mastiff Race camp, requires two days, Wales has not worried, slowly proceeds. Before he in obtaining Zhao Hai passed on about the Bull clan and Radiant Church cooperation information, he first told Mastiff Race, in Beastman Race, the Mastiff Race status be higher than on some Hercules Tauren Clan, he told Mastiff Race this information, Mastiff Race can pass to Tiger Race or Lion Race this information immediately, such big War Clan knows that this matter, entire Prairie feared must carry on great purge. Must say that Beastman Race most loathes regarding Human Race that organization, that only then Radiant Church, just as is Wales said that in the Beastman eye, Radiant Church is in Human Race the worst organization, they everywhere suppress Beastman, talked into Beastman is a barbarian, moreover to the Beastman war, was they selects repeatedly. What most important is, before this, they have several times to want the control Beastman Race tribe, making the Beastman internal strife matter live, this made all Beastman be full of the hatred to Radiant Church. When Wales obtains information from Zhao Hai there, what said helps the Bull clan is the Radiant Church person time, serious of his excited, because he knows, so long as this information passes on, that Bull clan ended.

Wales believes that now Lion Race or Tiger Race received believing of Mastiff Race, they should take an action, as the matter stands snatches the Royal Family throne to them is also very helpful. However Wales does not hope that can snatch this Royal Family position by Lion Race or the Tiger Race pressure, because in that case, them the prestige in Tauren Clan will drop sharply, this after them rules Tauren Clan disadvantageously. That night they pitched camp on Prairie, Wales they in main have not made widely known, but ate simply has selected thing to rest, now they place all energy have prepared on, the matter that therefore enjoyed all stopped. For this time preparation, Wales they have pressed all, this journey, they also brought some simple grain, does not have the belt including Argali, before is Wales said that he ordered, all Argali in the tribe made rations. Next day then moving forward time, they have been able to see the cutting grass team that the mastiff person puts, cuts grass now, therefore on Prairie can see Beastman Race that cuts grass everywhere, Mastiff Race naturally must winter for oneself prepares, therefore they are also cutting grass, not only the people in their clan are cutting grass, but also has plenty Slave Race is also working. Can say this is in one year the Prairie busiest time, these Mastiff Race people also saw Wales they, but can look, the Mastiff Race person really very much has the love regarding the Hercules Tauren Clan person, many Mastiff Race people run over with Wales they greet. This also made Zhao Hai first time see the Mastiff Race person, the Mastiff Race person body was very big, had about 2.5 m fully, although compared with the Hercules Tauren Clan person on short, but did not have short are too many, their statures very sturdy, a giant mastiff head, in the face and neck the side place, was living the one layer very long wool, this made them look like likely the Leo same overwhelming power. Their sound very low sink, but has the penetrating power that a difficult word wants, letting the person can feel imposing manner from their sounds, an aggression. In fact on Prairie, mastiff clansman is truly famous, even if force War Clan on Prairie, Wolf Race, Tiger Race, Xiong Clan, Lion Race, does not have that to be willing to annoy Mastiff Race, they are very fierce, same number of Mastiff Race, do not drop the wind with the lion Human Race confrontation, with Tiger clansman to war, but drops the wind slightly, with the Wolf Race person to the war, the Wolf Race person defeats, with bear clansman to the war, the bear clansman defeat, such success, making Mastiff Race on Prairie the most famous race. However because in Dog Clan the has plenty race, their strengths are not good, therefore Dog Clan can only be the nationality now, however looks like in all people clansman, Dog Clan should be War Clan, as the matter stands on Prairie also some half War Clan saying, but obtains half War Clan this title, only then Dog Clan this, was not having other race.