Chapter 297 Mastiff clan Patriarch The Mastiff Race person also noted existence of Zhao Hai this Human Race, they looked at Zhao Hai one, Wales explained to them hastily that they were his Brother Beheading Blood Oath. Very obviously, in Beastman Race here, Beheading Blood Oath is a great pledge, no matter that race person who all Beastman Race accept, so long as with Beastman good Beheading Blood Oath, looks like in Beastman Race, he was Beastman. Therefore these mastiff clansman have not had the action of any difference to Zhao Hai, conversely, they to Zhao Hai was warm, because they simultaneously noted, Zhao Hai besides is the Wales Beheading Blood Oath brothers, on his vehicle is also inserting both sides Beastman Race Friendship flag. Friendship flag regarding Beastman Race same important, therefore Mastiff Race looks at Zhao Hai is the Wales Beheading Blood Oath brothers, there is both sides Friendship flag, that naturally to not cope with the ordinary Human Race Merchant manner to treat him. Next noon time, they arrived at Mastiff Race encampment finally, Mastiff Race encampment, were more than West King camp style, their present positions are hill, will not defend in this hill below has creek flow through, the water volume of creek will not be small, the class will be also quick, can become their natural blockades can also become, will be more convenient their water used. In the creek, Mastiff Race has constructed a wooden bridge, the bridge is very wide, moreover strong/sturdy, can make ten ride very much fully parallel, moreover in hill not far place, a piece place appearance of the water very slow, can meet to ford, can say that absolutely is a pitch a camp good place. Naturally, this hill also not very high, can only exempt to look at point fluctuating, but this large camp is very big, entire camp looks like, feared that can hold the more than 1 million person. This more than 1 million person is not get together, Beastman Race large camp possibly is not get together, pasture of such words too to big that destroys, therefore they look like probably are very scattered, distant seems, a big piece of tent, blocked entire Prairie probably. When Wales just can see the mastiff clansman tribe, from mastiff clansman large camp, flushed one team of Cavalry, this team of Cavalry population are not many, be only more than 100 ride, more than 100 riding is quick, moreover does not have any sound, Zhao Hai paid attention to their Mount, their Mount are really very special, is the one type of ten giant mastiff dogs, does not need to ask on knowing, this certain is mastiff clansman beast relative. That team of Cavalry rushed to by caravan quickly, that mastiff clansman look at Wales that leads laughs said : Wales, your this fellow is willing to come to see me finally.”

Zhao Hai is taking a look at this mastiff person, he looks like young, stature very sturdy, comes not to be bad compared with the Hercules Tauren Clan person, compares other mastiff people, the beard on his face heavy, this makes him look like looks like Leo is the same, his body wears a cotton robe, although now the weather is not warm, but he is opening the bosom, reveals fully is the chest of black hair, the whole person puts the unconventional, natural nature. Person temperament of his appearance it doesn't matter, although said that the Beastman Race people are growing a giant animal head, what expression some Zhao Hai time cannot even visit them are, but this does not interrupt temperament of person. Stands the mastiff clansman before Zhao sea surface, he gives the feeling of Zhao Hai looks like an unconventionality, can actually for the courage and uprightness man who the friend braves grave dangers and makes great sacrifices. That mastiff clansman also saw Zhao Hai obviously, he one is the big mouth to Wales said : Wales, this your Human Race Brother Blood Oath Zhao Hai? Good when did I say your youngster with Human Race the Beheading Blood Oath big ritual?” Wales white this mastiff clansman said : Buffon, you little give me talk nonsense, but my this brothers the honest and good-natured person, you are scared him, Little Hai, this is Buffon Big Brother, is Mastiff Race fifth Prince.” Zhao Hai salutes to Buffon hastily, the feeling that but some of his actually types want to smile, because of Buffon this name, before he remembers , on Earth, there is a name of star player to call Buffon, has not thought that can meet one to call Buffon in here. Buffon has sized up Zhao Hai one, laughs said : „, since Wales has had Beheading Blood Oath with you, you are also my brother disciple, Brother, Mastiff Race welcome you.” Zhao Hai smiles said : to thank Buffon Big Brother.” Wales said : I said Buffon at this time, can't you make us speak to you in here? A bit faster asked us to go, I also had many gifts to give to the uncle.” Buffon looked at one toward the following car(riage), first saw many leather bags, looks is water same thing that installs, this made him cannot help but stare, turns the head look at Wales said : I to say Wales, your youngster do not give my father Milk Wine? Do you tease me to play?” Wales stared his said : to have the ability, your a while do not drink, Yang Kaohao? But I was hungry.”

Buffon has not been angry obviously, getting the people to enter camp, enters camp, their immediately walks toward hill on, Zhao Hai saw, on hill, is setting up a flag, is dog head king´s flag, is very obvious, Mastiff Race golden big tent on this stands in there. Really, before long they look at mastiff clansman golden big tent, this tent although looks like very lordly, but there has not actually been equipped with fence like West King with that many guards, besides tent style, there probably is an ordinary Beastman tent is the same, but has two guards in in front of the door. caravan stopped, Wales is bringing Zhao Hai, Yale, several take the thing guard to walk toward big tent there, now when Wales also receives with Buffon cracks a joke that laughing appearance, stern-faced. Zhao Hai also follows in the Wales side, they under the influence of Buffon, walk toward the tent, enters to the tent, Zhao Hai has gawked, because this golden big tent and was inferior that outside looks like that magnificent, tent inside very simple, is similar to West King big tent, the middle suspends a big brazier, the roof is hanging oneself the lamp, a writing desk, old mastiff clansman sits in behind of writing desk, in writing desk both sides are placing rows of chairs, this looks like by here is more like a conference room, except for these, in ornaments on simple many, in not what. Good thing. Wales enters to the tent, immediately/on horseback is about to walk two steps, then bu passes to kneel next step to that old Mastiff Race: Wales has seen Uncle Buzeer.” Zhao Hai also hastily kneels down to salute, Buzeer he he chuckle said : good small seven, gets up, what with me to be polite, I heard that you also did bring many gifts? Brings these thing to do, now you difficult time.” Wales has stood, smiles said : uncle, I bring is some Human Race special products, regarding thing that us possibly may not have, even if filial piety you.” Buzeer shows a faint smile said : also well, you have this heart to be good, was right, this is your Beheading Blood Oath brothers?” Zhao Hai neglects, goes forward to kneel down hastily to Buzeer salutes said : Zhao Hai to see the uncle.” Buzeer nodded, smiles said : to get up, since is the Wales brothers, that is my late lifetime, has not needed to be polite with me to my here, sits.” After Zhao Hai apologized, has fallen back on Wales, Wales walked up at this time, waved, follows in his behind guard, immediately to take a silver wine pot to arrive around Wales, Wales received the wine pot to Buzeer said : uncle, this was Milk Wine that Little Hai fermented, I thought that drank well, has brought to you, you taste.”

Buzeer look at Wales appearance, does not have an appearance of point vitality, smiles said : well, but Milk Wine good thing, our Beastman day unable to leave him, I to am taste Milk Wine that your this Human Race brothers ferment am any flavor, has our Beastman Milk Wine taste.” Wales showed a faint smile, has arrived by Buzeer table, toward Buzeer wine glass but in actually one glass of liquor, just as is such that Buzeer said that a Beastman Race day could not leave Milk Wine, Milk Wine has become in their life the most important part, therefore on Buzeer writing desk, was putting wine glass. However when Wales pours Milk Wine, Buzeer was actually shocked, he has drunk Milk Wine for a lifetime, has not seen this Qing such as water Milk Wine, this made him be startled. However he may not have to suspect Wales is cracking a joke, because he smelled a very very strong milk wine fragrance taste, must know that the nose of Mastiff Race is much easier-to-use than general Beastman. Waited for Wales booing the liquor, Buzeer immediately to take, has drunk one, he drank were not many, like Wales initially, has not done liquor of big cup, he has drunk a small mouth, but that wine fragrance taste immediately made him be infatuated with. Beastman Race loves the liquor, this point is not considered as that ordinary Beastman or Royal Family Beastman is the same, Buzeer also very much likes drinking, but he vowed, he has not drunk such tasty liquor. He has cannot help but closed the eye, careful the flavor of this liquor, has some little time opened the eye, turned the head to look at Wales one, then looked at Zhao Hai one, smiles said : „the people on Continent to say Human Race was more intelligent than Beastman Race, I do not certainly believe that but I believe now, our Beastman Race has drunk several thousand years of Milk Wine, but has not made Milk Wine such tasty, young man, you were very intelligent, thank you let my this old man also to drink such good wine.” His saying was to Zhao Hai said obviously very much, Zhao Hai bowed said : uncle to be polite hastily, this was the material that I used is good, the uncle can like well.” Buzeer showed a faint smile said : to be good, Wales, you did not need to accompany my this old man, small five, lead Wales they to drink, remembers that sent several mutton chops to me, was inviting several elders, gave us to deliver this liquor, this liquor was really fragrant, several of us old fogy drinking of well several cups.” Buffon has complied with one, leading Wales their turn around to walk.